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  1. That's weird. Only time I got to fight the guardian was one playthrough where I skipped that quest entirely, other times I assumed that's why he doesn't spawn. Just so we are clear, the boss we are talking about is a dragon and not the faction representative + cohorts.
  2. Won’t play it out myself but Aloth’s is the only one to feel like a romance and not just a fling since he actually stays with the watcher afterwards.
  3. That new 6 party members mod got me reconsidering my comp again, being able to bring serafen means watcher won’t need to be a cipher. Any thoughs on watcher as barbarian/chanter? Thinking that might work even better with willbreaker than Eder due to spirit frenzy & the weakening chant. Might even go with zerker if i find a way to deal with confuse... The alternative would be a herald or solo chanter build with sasha’s scimitar, so Eder would end up covering whichever role watcher doesn’t.
  4. Am I correct that there is no benefit to dual wielding two guns vs gun / one handed melee weapon if no abilities are in play and you just autoattack at range?
  5. Telehu as a druid/barb with darryn’a voulge would be another fun combo, put him in deltro’s cage to boot for a ton of thunder power while frenzy compensates for the speed issue.
  6. You can generate a new save by picking choices individually, though it's at the very bottom of the options menu and has to be done before starting char creation. Both "banished but reinstated" and "never banished" endings have her join you at the palace, you should be able to determine which of those applies by talking to her though.
  7. I tried giving Eder unbroken and street fighter before, but found unbroken too restricting and street fighter too finicky to trigger. Next run I'm thinking of turning him into a devoded(morningstars) & bleakwalker. I also want to turn Maia into an arcane archer but afraid it might mess up her bird, tried looking into how that dude on the nexus does it but was kind of overwhelmed just looking at the files. Obsidian added this: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107923-tutorial-adding-new-abilities-to-a-class-v410/ with the new patch so I'll see if I can figure something out with that.
  8. That's interesting. I never played PoE 1. I just select the "benevolent" history at the top. But wouldn't the benevolent history be the one where she is "never exiled"? The thing is that in poe1 she's ordered to make a trade deal with some guys that will **** over the local dyrwoodians. She doesn't want to do it because she thinks they'll retaliate against the valians once they realize what they have done and it will cost them more in the long run. You can convince her to do follow orders anyway and make the deal or not. If she makes the deal then she's in good standing with the republic - and this is what I assume you would need to do for her to remain with you. Her other ending is not making the deal and getting exiled. Then alternatively still, if in the game's ending you use soul stuff to make the dyrwood stronger, the republics eventually realize she was right and pardon her. This is not enough to make her remain with you though, already tried.
  9. I saw some mods that do things like add gunner/driving flight into the rogue's level up tree, is there any guide or writeup on how that would be done? What I'd like to do is somehow combine gunhawk and arcane archer - so that Maia can get the imbue spells while keeping the bird/gun bonuses.
  10. Don’t want to spam threads so just gonna ask here again - is shattered pillar still bad or would the nerf to duality’s burn lash make it no longer matter?
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