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  1. I think heart seeker needs to be foe only, because of its targeting and the size of the cone it’s currently impossible to not also hit your melee when you use this.
  2. Ironically seems spiritshift would be worst on pure druids, then? Though they could proc avenging storm a lot with it so that's something. Also Tekehu seems to get the short end of the stick there too with just dex immunity. I'm now playing around with a cipher build for Ydwin and death of a thousand cuts just seems weaker than disintegrate, ticks for about half as much while costing 30 more focus. I guess the idea is to cast deathof1000 then keep proccing it with something cheap like mind wave?
  3. Two more questions, thoughts on pierce the bell vs devastating blow? And is there any point to a druids spiritshift? As far as I can tell you loose your weapon (which includes stuff like the storm power level from daryn’s voulge) and all you get in return is a lash?
  4. Speaking of escape, is invisibility considered the same as stealth for purposes of triggering effects like assassinate, or the stalking cloak?
  5. If you are using a mod for subclasses anyway why not making him a Streetfighter and profit from mortars + Powder Burns for a constant "Heating Up" bonus? I forgot about that interaction. Wouldn’t this make him hit friendlies, though? Thanks, good feedback overall.
  6. It’s been so long I feel a bit rusty on the mechanics plus unsure about what got patched, just wanna see if this party would still work. I’ll be using mods/cheats only to modify companions as below. Plan to run veteran and do everything including the super bosses. Eder unbroken/shieldbearer sword and shield tank - simple enough Aloth wizard - ditto Tekehu watershaper/barbarian darryn’s voulge - do carnage and the storm spells still proc static charge? Also seems like the only dif between static charge and static thunder is an additional affliction so it would be better to bind to druid for the storm pl, right? Serafen wildmind/rogue dual mortar or some pistol/saber combo? I don’t remember did mortars aoe not proccing afflictions get fixed? PC as monk - stick with fists or whispers for the endless path for some aoe shenanigans, assuming that also got fixed?
  7. To get the ending where Pim turns the principi into a transport company - you need to go huana and have both Aeldys and Furrante death. Last time I followed their quest by siding with Aeldys until Furrante got hanged then just went back and right click attacked her, now I’m wondering if there is a more elegant way to turn on both?
  8. That's weird. Only time I got to fight the guardian was one playthrough where I skipped that quest entirely, other times I assumed that's why he doesn't spawn. Just so we are clear, the boss we are talking about is a dragon and not the faction representative + cohorts.
  9. Won’t play it out myself but Aloth’s is the only one to feel like a romance and not just a fling since he actually stays with the watcher afterwards.
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