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  1. I did not read everything but I think: brilliant: either it just gives 3PL or it recovers one use of the lowest used spell level. That means if you cast withdraw to keep vela save and you did not use a lv1 spell it will only recover one use of a lv2 spell. One problem is that it recovers ALL spell levels at once. It would also recover only one used resource for (multi) classes that have several resources. It would be a nerf, but I am not sure if this was enough. Salvation of time: It does not stack with itself. You can increase the duration of any effect only once. If you have increased the duration of an effect once, SoT does nothing to this effect and it has to run out and you have to apply it again if you want to increase the duration again. No idea about blood mage and draining wall.
  2. I agree. Both systems can be fun and both can also produce lots of problems. I think PoE 1+2 has the advantage that it is relatively easy to get into the game and understand the basics for new players. It gets complicated if you look deeper, but if you play it with a full party on normal it is enough to select stuff that seems to make sense. On the other end are the pathfinder games PM and WotR. Some forum members say they are the new god and everything less is dumbed down, no matter if it is DnD 5E, PoE or something else. Sure, PK was a great game and I believe WotR will be great too, but the system is so very complicated that its very hard for new players to understand it. I play computer RPGs since the mid 90s and even I have problems there. For every buff you have to remember what type it is because only different types stack. There are some combination of feats and abilities that make you god while other stuff does not work even if your commen sense says it should. There are many powerful builds, but it is also very easy to make a completely useless character. The game knows endless ways to show the player the middle finger. You got a good armor and shield, well the next enemy surely uses touch attacks. Later in the game come tons of enemies that can paralyze your whole party every round just by looking at you. I hope you have learned freedom of movement. Sure, the game gives you the tools to deal with such situations, but some things are very hard to find out if you are not a complete nerd. BTW: In DnD you can make a wizard that swings a greatsword well, just like you can do other things that are possible in PoE or classless systems. Its a bit more complicated than just giving him a weapon, an armor and some spells, but almost everything is more complicated there anyway. regarding factions: I do not like that in PoE2 many companions are related to a faction and they will leave you if you side with another one. Its bad when you have your usual party through most of the game and suddenly half of them leave you. But the idea of having several opposing factions to join, support or fight is not bad.
  3. I voted both because I think it is good to have a choice. I do not care because I like both real time and turn based games. The new pathfinder game will have both and you can switch between combat modes while playing. They said its balanced for rtwp, but the TB mod for PK was very popular and it makes things easier for some players. PS: What is the difference between rtwp like in PoE and rtwp like in BG? Do you mean 6 second rounds vs each action has its own action and recovery time or something else?
  4. Nice, but I will use steel garrote paladin instead of unbroken fighter, as in this build The fighter has more engagement, mob stance and more powerful disengagement attacks, but the paladin has higher defenses and I heal myself with almost every attack I make. With the shild you mentioned and the armor suggested by thelee your defense would be really high. In the best case I just stand there and drink tea while enemies die around me and I get healed. I do not play on PotD or upscaled, so I do not know how well a tank can survive there. But for other difficulties it should be more than enough.
  5. WOW. This means its the first one without brilliant+barring deaths door+salvation of time? Its impressive that the ultimate is possible at all and now they do it without the immortality trick. I am not an expert, so even with the video I cannot tell for sure whats going on.
  6. @Foxd1e I do not know what other people think, but at least I do not care who made the game. I just want a good game. I have played lots of adventures and RPGs, both JRPGs and western ones. If I only play things from people I know I would have never played Pathfinder or Disco Elysium, some of best games lately and I have never heard of those studios before the game was on the shop page. The people you mentioned are famous among gamers, but even they have started their career at some point. Several crowdfunding games were funded made by a single person or a small team nobody ever heard before. If players buy only stuff they know there would never be new successful games. If you want a good RPG you need one thing patience. Unless you want to be a beta tester wait some month after release before you start playing. RPGs are the largest and most complex type of games and more complexity means also more potential for bugs.
  7. Does she act significantly different if I give the souls to her in PoE1? If I ever play the game again I will probably use my steel garrote/trickster tank and role playing wise it would make sense if a paladin of her has supported her in the past. This is a really big IF. I have a full time job, I like doing sports, there are so many games in my library I have never installed, soon Trails of cold Steel 3 will be released, I am interested in BG3 and I have just backed the new Pathfinder game.
  8. In PoE1 she was not there and Thaos wanted to use the souls to bring her back. I did NOT use the souls for her, I strenghened the souls of the dyrwood for Galawain. In PoE2 she is among the other gods and the other gods seem to accept her as one of them, like she was never gone. Also she explains all kinds of things to me via the book and she is not angry that I killed her best agent even though she is the god of vengeance among other things. By DnD standarts I would consider her lawful evil. Even if she does not kill me because I am the herald of Berath, I expected her to hate me unless I gave the souls to her at the end of PoE1. She is even very nice to me considering how her followers deal with heretics and that I do not agree with her about anything. I think Eders comment at the end of PoE2 is correct: The gods are not greater beings, they are a bunch of kids who mess up things while the parents are gone.
  9. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/112610-armchair-theories-on-why-poe2-didnt-sell-super-well/ Here you get 13 pages of speculation what other people think about it.
  10. Update: I did not get all achievements I had before. I got only all achievements I did in my current playthrough. All achievements from former playthroughs (such as finish the game with huana and VTC) are gone. After finishing SSS as champion of the slayer, I can select the fight to become champion of the survivor, but not the other faces. Not sure if this is related to the freeze bug.
  11. Version 5.0, Windows 10 PC I have defeated the huge crocodile at the end of SSS. Then I traveled with my ship to port Maje. When I arrived I selected the tavern on the city map, the map loaded and the game froze. The computer did not react at all and I had to reset it. I loaded the latest save (quicksave somewhere on the ocean) and the next minutes I was flooded with one achievement message after the other. I did not get any new achievements in this playthrough, I have already got them long ago, shortly after all 3 expansions were released.
  12. She also gets some lines in BoW, in the beer brewing quest. I guess she drinks everything as long as there is alcohol inside.
  13. Thanks for your answer. I donĀ“t want to get answers NOW and I do not care who gives me an answer as long as its correct. When I read interesting stuff in the forums I realize that there are many other things I do not know. I guess that many other players do not know this as well and it would be helpful for them, so I ask. I am a scientist and thats science: There is a question, somebody finds an answer and this answer produces tons of new questions.
  14. I do not play PotD, especially not up scaled with mega bosses. At the moment I play turn based on normal for the first time and its very easy. Maybe I use this char on veteran next time. I lack the masochism to make my life harder just to say that I have beaten a game on the highest difficulty level. Having high defenses plus some form of passive healing should make things easier in any case, that why I made this build.
  15. some questions about barbarien/cipher: - Does carnage generate focus? - Does blood thirst remove only recovery for the attack that killed the enemy? I am confused by the "for 10 seconds" part in the description. 10 seconds (plus int bonus and maybe power level) without recovery sounds extremely powerful. - Does brute force work for all attacks against deflection, including spells? - Do the frenzy upgrades (bleed on crit, staggered on hit) work with spells? If yes, does it work for spells that do not deal damage? If the usual berserker problems (self damage + low defense in melee) plus casting in melee range does not kill or interrupt you, berserker/ascendent looks good. Off topic: While writing this I came up with a different question: Does self inflicted damage (berserker frenzy, sacred immolation, maybe something else) generate wounds for monks?
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