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  1. Coming in here after a year away, and Boerer is still going strong. Good to see you're keeping this sub forum going man!
  2. Like the most of this forum, I hope PoE III is secretly in production now. But it kinda seems like the team behind the games needed some time from it all after the second one finished. So a break was/is probably needed. I hope Microsoft will bet on another PoE game for their game catalogue, since it was OE's poster game when they bought them. I personally think they should do a third part as isometric game in the same style as the first two games. If they, god forbid, wanna do a MMO type game in full 3D with the IP, they should keep it apart from the Watcher Saga, imo.
  3. Yes, what incentive would a company have to deliver a well received product. You haven't thought this through or you would soon realise, that a company does not live in a vacuum where it's just the now that matters. A poorly rated game will affect future projects chances of getting financed by publishers, crowfunding, or whatever. Besides Obsidians history with bugs, which has already been discussed, there is no monetary, or practical gain in sloppy game design. It hampers the game development, trust in the company, and damages sales when the game is released.
  4. I agree. Walls are pretty hard to get right in the game. Just like in real life.
  5. I'm still doing my first playthrough, halfway through currently at BoW. Game is really awesome, but is Vela ever gonna do stuff? I mean, she had her own ending slide in PoE, but she's just hanging around being a brat. I understood from the ending, that it would complicate things.
  6. Gonna go through the full game for the first and probably only time starting in 1 hour.
  7. Oh noes! The humanity! Call PETA! Also, that has to make Eder leave for good. ^_^
  8. To me having romances in the game is really about if someone on the development team is having passion for it. Nothing is more stale than having "obligatory" romances in games. But the best written ones are plusses for me. With Outer Worlds 'm happy with no romances, but I expect it in the second game, where Microsoft wants it included.
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