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  1. You're right on the money! We've already seen what Obsidian's capable of doing. Grounded was developed by just fourteen developers, FOURTEEN!!!! And that was a big, open-world survival game. If they're able to do that, then they can sure as hell develop POE 3 with much less effort
  2. Well circumstances are different now. Josh stated that Pillars III will happen only if they're excited to make it, and they don't require any external validation for development to happen. Source: https://gamingbolt.com/pillars-of-eternity-3-will-happen-only-if-obsidian-are-excited-about-making-it-says-series-director Currently they're burned out after making Pillars I and II, but give it time and they'll be inclined to return to the franchise once again. Now that Obsidian is owned by Microsoft, you have to understand that they're not creating games in the pursuit of sales, they're m
  3. For my take, the reason why Deadfire sold poorly is due its lack of marketing. DOS II generated its crowdfunding from kickstarter, the most prominent crowdfunding platform in the world. This allowed the game to generate a wider exposure to the gaming community. On top of that, the turn-based system in the game appealed to a wider array of gamers. Kingmaker was able to attain success due to the fact that the Pathfinder franchise was already famous, and this game provided a long return to the beloved franchise. Sadly, Deadfire hosted it's crowdfunding in fig.co, a platform that i
  4. JUST IMAGINE: Tim Cain, Leonard Boyarsky, and Josh Sawyer team up for this one,,, along with that sweet Microsoft money. "FANGIRL SCREAMING"
  5. Obsidian is located in California, which is the social justice capital of USA. Don't expect beautiful, straight, feminine looking women anytime soon. Just look at the women in TOW
  6. What if Obsidian continues their cancelled Aliens RPG? The game was said to be a horror version of Mass Effect. Source: https://www.gameinformer.com/2019/04/16/obsidians-cancelled-aliens-rpg-was-aiming-to-be-a-horror-mass-effect This isn't the only time Obsidian decided to continue one of their cancelled projects. They were once working on a RPG called Stormlands for Microsoft back in 2013. But in the end, Microsoft decided to pull the plug and Stormlands was cancelled. Source: https://mspoweruser.com/stormlands-obsidians-cancelled-xbox-one-exclusive/ Obsidian then decided
  7. Well, ever since they joined Microsoft, gamepass certainly opened a lot of doors for them. They don't have to create streamlined ARPGs with the intent of selling millions of copies. Since their main objective is to diversify gamepass' library in order to attract more people into the platform, they can create niche, isometric RPGs without the fear of going bankrupt. So it's entirely possible that another isometric CRPG is currently being developed over at the studio. I'm highly confident that Obsidian is planning on releasing a third installment to the Pillars franchise.
  8. Didn't Feargus state that he wanted to make a Skyrim-like Pillars game sometime in the future. With Microsoft's money, that's definitely a possibility. Heck since they're releasing Outer Worlds before Bethesda's Starfield, they might as well release a Skyrim-like Pillars game before the release of Elder Scrolls 6
  9. Y'all are just salty. Think of this exclusivity as EGS beta-testing the Outer Worlds for us. By the time TOW releases on steam, several dlcs and bug-fixes will be available. And not to mention, the Outer Worlds modding community will be much more lively.
  10. After the exclusivity deal, all the hype for this game is gone. No one cares about "more" Outer Worlds gameplay anymore. I terribly disappointed with Obsidian
  11. Maybe they should choose their partners better and actually communicate with them regarding decisions also affecting them. Thats one upside with Microsoft. Its set for the future. You've got a lot more confidence in Microsoft than I do. They've cancelled a number of games over the last few years and were one of the leaders in trying to force anti-consumer features onto gamers during the XB1 launch. Some of us have not forgotten their history. Yeah, but back then the executives who controlled the the Microsoft games division were different (that idiot Don Mattrick comes to mind). N
  12. How do you feel about GOG.com exclusives? I'm actually okay with GOG exclusivity since GOG is a secure platform, unlike the Epic Store which is a spyware for the Chinese
  13. It's actually a good thing TOW is coming to steam a year later. By that time, all the bugs will be ironed out and the game will be exponentially cheaper. It seems like the Epic Store is basically beta-testing the game
  14. I don't think it was Obsidian's decision to make TOW Epic Store exclusive. Private Division is the one that's pulling all the strings. If you're gonna blame anyone, then blame Private Division/Take-Two. I'm not entirely surprised that this happened since Take-Two executives are a bunch of out-of-touch, hypocritical, greedy individuals who only cares about monetary gains. It's sad that Obsidian didn't have any say in this exclusivity decision.
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