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  1. I'm surprised by your distaste for South Korean films in particular, as it's been an especially thriving scene throughout the past twenty years. If you don't mind me asking, which ones have you seen?
  2. There's no doubt a degree of sexism involved in the performance of films and cutural artifacts that seem aimed more squarely at young female audiences than young male ones - I do think the former sees much more vitriolic criticism than the latter even before the films are released, and people seem way more open to entertaining a film like Shazam as a good one than, say, Twilight, High School Musical or Pitch Perfect. That said, I don't think "featuring female characters" = "aimed at young female audiences" (case in point: Tomb Raider), and I don't think Birds of Prey seems a particularly "female-oriented" film to begin with. I'd figure just as many if not more people went to see it because Margot Robbie is smokin' as Harley, than because of any representation value, and it likely flopped *not* because it's a more "female-leaning film" but because Suicide Squad is absolute dog**** and the rest of the DCEU with it (sans Wonder Woman and Shazam).
  3. Uh, no? It's simply the best film of the year, regardless of what ethnicity the director is. No one who's seen or is even mildly aware of the film would even begin to think that, though some bigots who read bad faith into every win by a non-white might. And it's not the first time a film was nominated for both Foreign Language and Best Picture - just last year we had Roma for example (which should've won, btw) - but it is the first time a film in a non-English language wins BP.
  4. YES. YES. YES. Oscars are based tonight. Possibly the best Best Picture win ever. GO WATCH IT, EVERYONE.
  5. Can endorse RPG Maker as a starter option, or even the Neverwinter Nights games if you'd like. For the former, there's even several resources and tilesets you can use to make a more Western-looking isometric RPG if you so wish, which you can find at their official site.
  6. This is very good considering a lot of people also ended up playing the game via GamePass instead, which wouldn't be factored into this number. Congrats Obsidian!
  7. I absolutely disagree. I found the satire to be quite witty and poignant, and never intrusive when the story required to take itself seriously. I don't recall ever feeling the silliness took me out of the experience or undercut an otherwise grim and dramatic moment - heck, the tone was often outright sardonic. A lot of the humour had a very gallows quality to it - you laugh, but you can't help see how they so often mimick the increasingly absurd reality we live in. In comparison BioWare's never felt this brazenly political and declamatory.
  8. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is free on the Epic Store next week!
  9. I don't know about this. These 351 pages have three tweets per page, that means 1050 tweets across an indefinite amount of time (could be years) that he might have not even written himself and merely liked or retweeted (that's also what the search was after), and which based on the content of the few examples given looks to cover a very broad array of flags and interpretation of the same. And as Azdeus says, there's a lot of time to kill if one is unemployed. I agree that in general we ought to spend less time in social media in general and be more careful or have better judgement about what we upload to it, but at the same time this sort of twitter background check feels very extreme to me.
  10. Today in "The Outer Worlds is a documentary":
  11. Watched Parasite at the movies with a group of five, we all absolutely loved it. As usual with Joon-ho Bong, it's an expertly crafted, fascinating and unpredictable blend of genres that results in a film with appeal both to arthouse enthusiasts and mainstream viewers alike, with a clear sociopolitical backbone throughout. It's his High and Low, an utter masterpiece. Much like @Hurlshot, it's my turn to stan this movie and tell everyone to go see it right away!
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