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  1. This would also make sense in terms of trying to respond to a player's choices in the first game, I reckon. Considering how widely the state of the world can vary at the end of the first game, leading up to outright apocalyptic scenarios for Halcyon, it might make sense to account for whatever the player chose as part of the universe's greater lore than to directly follow up on it.
  2. Hope the "XBOX console exclusive" at the start doesn't mean this won't be on Windows PC after all. Edit: Ah, never mind, website says it'll be on Win 10 PCs too.
  3. Strong AOTY contender, and some of the best prog in a while (starts at 6:39).
  4. Ran across a third 150 locked chest. This sort of loot feels really underwhelming given the skillcheck:
  5. What's funny is that a lot of players felt like they weren't gated enough when the game first released. They felt they could essentially be good at everything and pass all skill checks rather easily just by improving most grouped categories and such - gave less clear strengths and weaknesses in the character builds and such. I don't mind not being able to specialize all at once (even if I absolutely would love to ), but a problem I find with the way skillchecks are implemented in the base game now is that the difficulty often feels completely arbitrary, and 150-point checks feel like they ar
  6. Might want to give them a go! Planescape: Torment at least. I feel like Avellone is quite fantastic at the top of his game, and some of his work recently has been very good, but he's in a rockstar state of mind at the moment. Feels like he's only coming in to put his name on something moreso than much of what makes his better work special.
  7. There's probably a good presentation to be made somewhere in comparing Pillars' design with Kingmaker's. Pillars improves a lot on the RTwP base provided by the Infinity Engine games, not least by offering rather extensive tutorialization, by planning out a learning curve and intuitively introducing players to core mechanics and systems and the likes, and largely leaning away from the very binary "puzzle boss" encounter design where not having X in your arsenal is the whole difference between impossible and a cakewalk. Pathfinder feels like it doubles down on a lot of the faults of RTwP and of
  8. Shame for Rian Johnson not getting a full trilogy to his name (would have been very curious to see a full trilogy with him at the helm, considering The Last Jedi easily had some of the most interesting ideas and aesthetic choices out of any of the Disney Star Wars so far), but at the same time I'm looking forward for more Knives Out films.
  9. Incredible album through and through, that.
  10. Re: Obsidian and crunch, I think Josh mentioned somewhere that Neverwinter Nights 2 was a deathmarch, and it was during that period that he also decided to change the work ethic at Obsidian and avoid crunch at all costs. In that talk he does mention some specific people during Fallout: New Vegas may have crunched, but he avoided the practice where possible and for the most part that game and others since have been done with no crunch.
  11. People seem to be mixing up overtime or sprinting with crunch. Overtime isn't crunch, and is also not really the problem when used appropriately for sprints or the likes. Crunch is overtime spread over a long period of time, to the point it becomes detrimental to the workforce and production. So, for instance, two weeks working 60+h per week isn't crunch, that's a sprint. 60+h per week over the course of three months isn't a sprint, it's crunch.
  12. RIP to a master. One of the most unique and out there vocalists.
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