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  1. The GoT ending was fine.
  2. Reminds me of Dan Olson's video on FOMO mechanics in Fortnite and so on:
  3. More like government "plans" and "renovations" and "credits" and the likes. All fake, or heavily overestimated. Or just straight-up bribery too.
  4. A lot of money, basically, which they've stolen over twelve years.
  5. Gross domestic product (sort of forced a translation as in Spanish we call it "producto bruto interno" and that appeared to be alright in some sources - but I think GDP's correct).
  6. So the previous administration in our country led by Cristina Kirchner, which stole the GDP of an entire *year* (estimated at around U$S 300 billion), is preparing to postulate themselves for the next turn a muppet as president who will be there only to bypass the law that presidents may not pardon themselves of a crime, in order to pardon Kirchner - who herself will run as vicepresident - and then capitulate so as to let her take over the government again. And continue stealing this way, of course. This is the country I live in.
  7. @injurai If you haven't heard this album yet, give it a spin. It might be of your interest.
  8. You may as well ask why people play games in the most challenging mode possible. The reward isn't meant to be the real incentive behind completing the Ultimate, it's just an extra to those who have fun trying to crack such near-impossible achievements, a way of further recognizing them beyond the general personal reward of "having done this". As to whether you find it rewarding or not, it's really up to whether you enjoy playing games in this fashion; but if you're not, then you're not the target audience for this challenge. But again, fun is the main objective here, not whatever "compensation" is ultimately offered.
  9. Re: GoT, this made me chuckle.
  10. Holy ****, GoT just went full Come and See in that episode. Some superb stuff mixed with some somewhat confusing character decisions.
  11. I never hid the fact that I thought he was a fascist, bigoted prick, but following that martyr's speech I'm even more inclined to say "good riddance".
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