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  1. Loving this record, it's full of really dense, alien textures with just enough of that pluralist fusion of the likes of Future Sounds of London or the Blade Runner soundtracks, to create that sort of compelling futurist experience, and with added spirituality to boot. Worth seeking out the full record (which, for Spotify users, can be found here).
  2. It smells like a cash grab, considering how the Wachowski sisters' last few projects have done and so on. That said, this is a cool video on the Matrix sequels:
  3. Quite enjoy the Sun Ra-isms to this record.
  4. Ideally they could have both systems implemented, just like with Deadfire at this point. The question is how much that would take from a resource perspective and so on.
  5. Speaking of new albums, did I link the new album by Lingua Ignota before? Caligula's quite extraordinary, blending the harshness of death industrial and power electronics production with dense orchestral arrangements to create a pretty harrowing, mastodonic experience, with her undeniably powerful declamatory voice at the forefront of it all. Truly one of the finest vocalists around. Again, you can listen to the full thing here.
  6. Yeah, both his albums and those with F--- Buttons tend to have this very expansive, maximalist "wall of noise" approach to them, but it does feel like he's taking this particular record farther with the noise and death industrial influences than his previous work. It feels harsher and more aggressive, and in a way it reminds me of Ben Frost's A U R O R A as well. But whereas I feel A U R O R A suffers a bit from all the noise and compression somehow drowning out the lower frequencies and making the record feel a little tinny, Animated Violence Mild does have that weight to it and I think it makes its very crunchy "cosmic bulldozer" sound quite appealing. I quite like it.
  7. The new Blanck Mass album, Animated Violence Mild, is out today! I'll give it a proper listen, but very much looking forward to it. For those interested, you can listen to it here.
  8. A couple of tracks off Sarah Kirkland Snider's Unremembered, a pretty interesting and lush chamber pop album with strong Benjamin Britten overtones: Also rather reminiscent of John Greaves' Songs:
  9. Here's a really good and in-depth interview to the founder of H2K regarding the business side of esports. Though a lot of the conversation stems from League since it's a League talkshow, a lot of what is discussed is applicable to all esports and they do discuss cases like CS:GO, DotA 2 and Overwatch.
  10. For what it's worth, I do think the dearth of R-rated "A movies" was a greater problem a few years back than it is today, in great part thanks to Deadpool's success and the subsequent string of mid-budget R-rated successes and so on, what with Logan, John Wick, It, the Jordan Peele films et al. A24 is also progressively pushing its way into wider releases whilst always offering some interesting alternative to the all-too-familiar mainstream landscape. Whilst I wouldn't suggest the mainstream has sufficient diversity in the films they offer, I do hope the upwards trend of these continues.
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