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  1. A superb player, and a backbone to the Africa 70. His solo stuff is also quite good.
  2. This is a pretty sweet album.
  3. This. This false equivalence argument needs to stop.
  4. This is some excellent tango/klezmer fusion.
  5. New Moor Mother album kicks serious ass. This could be a Dischord release.
  6. Been on a Sun Ra roll these last couple of days, mostly checking out some albums of his I hadn't yet gotten around to. For the most part they were... Fine. Not the best of his I've heard by a mile, and mostly consisting of novelties, experiments, and some stuff that was perhaps tamer than I was hoping out of him. That said, however, Astro Black was the clear highlight, and it is pretty damn great: And this tune is some great P-funk on his behalf:
  7. You "don't like people or characters that don't like themselves and wallow in self pity" but the only character you liked was Grieving Mother? What?
  8. New Fiona Apple album is very good indeed. Check it out, people!
  9. Playing Fallout for the first time in over fifteen years, and oh boy, is this game a tough pill to swallow nowadays. To say it's aged badly is an understatement, there's things here that almost feel designed for the express intent of obfuscating basic mechanics and frustrating the player. At the same time it's somehow a lot of fun on that level too - it's fun to do something akin to a post-mortem run of it, to break down all the places where the game could be improved in the modern day and think about all these flaws. It's one of those cases that feel very rewarding as a case study of what not to do. Of course the game still holds in a fair few departments and is overall quite fun in spite of its age. Mark Morgan's score especially does a lot of heavylifting throughout.
  10. Not Coronavirus-specific, but how about we add one more impending catastrophe to this ****show of a year? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/11/world/europe/chernobyl-wildfire.html
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