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Found 5 results

  1. So, how do you guys feel about Loremasters (Chanter + Wizard)? The concept seems extremely cool from a fluff standpoint, but I can't discern if this mix actually translates into anything worthwhile in-game. The fact that it seems to be one of the least popular and discussed multiclasses doesn't inspire a lot confidence for me. Is it a case of two very different classes pulling the character in completely incompatible directions? Is there anything even close to a synergy for this particular combo? Is there any way to make it work? Please say yes.
  2. I thought i'd open a thread here for the lighter and better side of humanity to be demonstrated as opposed to all of the war, migrants and demonisation of ones fellow man that are currently in vogue. Nothing controversial or negative, just simple examples of some good being done. To open I thought i'd start with a little story my good lady wife pointed out to me the other day, a potential rapist in Sheffield (the wifes home town) was left beaten and battered by his intended victim and shortly after picked up by police. The lesson learned, one should probably not try it on too much with nor
  3. Purely in the interests of parity and fostering a positive attitude we grumpy old curmudgeons may sometimes be a little short of, I suggest a thread outlining ones hopes and dreams for Pillars of Eternity: What features are you particularly enthused over? What drew your eye to the Kickstarter? I suggest this as a sister thread to Sophos' critically thinking thread, not out of any malice (indeed who could do anything but admire such a befeathered and striking Landsknecht?) But out of an honest desire for blatant positivity and juvenile enthusiasm, partaking in the Christmas and Thanksgiving
  4. Will there perhaps be some way my main character could have a cool glowing body like Haer'Dalis in BG2?
  5. So I'm of the ilk that loves BG:2, thinks PS:T is good, and like the other infinity engine games, but don't think they really quite compare to the first two mentioned. The reason, I think, is that my RPG experience is defined by characters and stories. More than the other IE games, these two games have a compelling/interesting overarching storyline. Perhaps judged on the storyline alone, PS:T wins, but that's kind of moot. What I really think takes them beyond the others is the party interactions and characters, and they are the chief reason why BG:2 comes across as better the PS:
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