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  1. "Minsc and Boo stand ready (squeaksqueak!)" or "This quest is vain!..." and one of faves..... "Ooooooh!.... shiny ones..."
  2. Well, personally.... if there were some steampunk elements, that'd be pretty rad. Besides the modron in Planescape: Torment fits a steampunkish theme... also, from what I recall of AD&D 2nd edition there were weapons such as the "arquebus" were included (even if it were up to the DM to have them in game or not).
  3. Will there perhaps be some way my main character could have a cool glowing body like Haer'Dalis in BG2?
  4. I believe I read on the Kickstarter page and/or the eternity.obsidian.net page that "Yes" you'll be able to pick one of each. They'll ask us what we want and provide.
  5. As far as I knew modding wasn't up in the air unless you're just referring to 'modding for multiplayer'. The way I found out about this whole kickstarter thing was through the nexus website, and they're supposed to be the premier modding support community.
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