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  1. Dearest Obsidian: Whatever decisions you may take designing the game, be they more or less popular, the thing you must keep up with is not doing a full voiceover for the game. Some important sentences for important NPCs, like in Planescape: Torment are enought to make the player read the rest of the conversation with the right voice in mind. An alternative may be to record some random nonsense babbling with different emotions for each character, to show it's predisposition towards you. Not having a full voiceover lets you, developers, way more resources (both time and money) to spend on making the game objectively better. You can make: - Way more conversation choices. - More flexibility on making adaptative changes on text (depending on less important things like your sex or name, or more important things like factions, friendships, quests done/failed). - More valuable text with more different characters. - Forget about complains about having only 6 voice actors for 500 npcs (the Oblivion Effect), having spent on that half your money, development time, effort and most of the release delay. - Late moment changes So, whatever you may choose to do for Project: Eternity, the thing that MUST NOT be even remotely contemplated is having a full voiceover. Maybe you guys already had this in mind, nevertheless I just wanted to be sure. Thanks for the attention, A caring fan. --- As a reference: http://www.reddit.co...wards_for_rpgs/
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