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  1. The game was crashing at startup today, after playing the game with no problems yesterday (no computer restart or major changes in between). The crashes stopped after I restarted Steam, and I haven't been able to reproduce. I've included the dumps and my dxdiag info in case you find something. dumps.zip DxDiag.txt
  2. Adding a launch option in Steam only makes Steam pass a command line argument to the game. You can do the same thing by adding -popupwindow to a shortcut pointing to PoE's executable. But an in-game option is obviously the best.
  3. I do agree with you. The problem if you want to call it that comes down to some players perception of it. I've posted this in other forums for ARPGs such as D3. I think a lot of players get caught up in a "Viable" vs "Efficiency" dilemma. Group 1 views it as such... Viable = Can complete all content Efficiency = Doing the content the fastest/most optimal This group tends to be ok with varied time/effort put into achieving said goal....not to say they would be ok with option A taking an hour longer than option B....but they can live with "less than optimal" play as long as it can fin
  4. There was no texture popping in RAGE on the consoles, even though they are not as fast as modern computers. Why? Because you don't have the graphics driver + Windows overhead. Plus, the Unreal 3 engine has a similar texture problem on some configurations and it doesn't even use megatextures. Since the backgrounds are 2D and the maps are loaded completely (I assume) before being displayed, there shouldn't be a problem here.
  5. And we all know beta software is exactly the same as release software. In any case, it doesn't change the need for future proofing. If you're right, in fact, it would make future proofing even more important.
  6. Guys, none of you actually get what I'm saying. I'm not saying "add mod support" and "add multiplayer". I'm saying "design the game so that multiplayer and modding support is easier to implement later down the road". And as far as I know, no one on the dev team said they were going to officially support modding, for example by releasing their tools. Any game can be modded if you make your own tools or in this case by using the Unity tools (as long as they don't modifiy the engine too much). But being able to mod a game doesn't mean the game supports modding. The old Infinity engine is a ca
  7. I was just reading a thread about adding a replay functionality to the game and it made me think about future proofing. The devs have said that multiplayer will not be included in Project: Eternity, but we all know that the Unity engine already includes all the necessary code for it. Modding support is also up in the air. So why not future proof the game by designing every feature/change with future network functionality and modding in mind? Since the devs will be learning the Unity engine from scratch anyway, why not do it right the first time? So that's the first thought. Next, I remembe
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