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  1. Epic is a symptom. The problem is DRM. Suppose you buy the game on Steam or some other service that requires DRM. Suppose that Epic's exclusivity gambit pays off big and they buy the service you bought your games from. Now you are Epic's customer. It doesn't matter whether you want to be Epic's customer. You don't have a choice (well, you could attempt to pirate all of the games you thought you owned, but that isn't a good choice). Your game library goes to whoever bought the service. If they now have a monopoly (a common tendency in tech. - consolidation to the point of monopoly), the
  2. In all fairness, that's not what he said tho. Saying, what do you know? And then you're right, is contradictory and weird. Its comical and confusing and being called out as such. When he says "What do you know?" it means something like "Well, how about that?" or "Well, that's surprising." It isn't really contradictory, but the reading makes it sound like he may have literally meant "What do you (as in, the guy he just shot) know?" In the last sentence, I meant 'literally' literally (sigh - maybe someday people will stop using 'literally' when they don't mean it and we can go
  3. im reminded that there was a precedent for this. kara from phantasy star III becomes an entirely different character depending on your choices in prior generations. obv implementing this in an obs style crpg would require herculean effort on devs part, while PSIII has to change relatively little. is still amusing that it once happened. there prob other, more recent, examples but this was the first that came to mind. It could probably be done with about the same level of effort as the other companion characters. They have the reputation system. Vela could start the game wit
  4. I would like to see Eder, Ydwin, Rekke, Fassima and, of course, Vela. Whichever characters we see again, there should be some evidence of character arc. E.g., if Eder only wants to pet the rabbits, I think an opportunity will have been missed (not that he shouldn't want to pet the rabbits, but he should want other things too). Fassima should lose her defeated outlook and turn into a major badass etc. We had a whole thread on Vela already. I think Pillars 3 needs to happen if only just to realize the events outlined in the Vela thread.
  5. If cloud gaming is the future, then gaming is not in my future. I suspect that there are enough people to constitute a market for single player, story driven games.
  6. Thanks. Upvoted on GOG. There are 3 kinds of games, DRM-free and interesting, DRM-free and uninteresting and DRMed therefore uninteresting. This one looks potentially interesting, so I hope there will be a DRM-free version of it.
  7. That might work, but I think that would fall under work not done by the library staff and not be in accord with the legal decision. Maybe one of our resident lawyers can give a more informed opinion than I can though.
  8. See the video for the gory details. The tl;dr version is that libraries are trying to get exemptions from copyright law to allow them to bypass DRM on old games in order to preserve the games. The Library of Congress has given them a partial ok - libraries can do this but can't enlist volunteers to help. That essentially means it won't get done because libraries don't typically have the people to do what is necessary. In three years this will be revisited. If you care about what happens to old games when the DRM servers go dark, you might want to be aware of what's going on. https
  9. Welcome back, Matt. (Cue Silvio Dante imitating Michael Corleone: "Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in") In addition to the responses you get here, there is a list of builds in the other sub-forum that people have tried out and posted about. There is a pinned post with the full list. p.s. Single class monk. Weapons, we don't need no steeeenking weapons.
  10. Congratulations on the acquisition to the good folks of Obsidian. Best of luck with the new arrangement. Thanks for the great DRM-free role playing games for the PC platform. If you are able to continue doing what you have been doing, I will continue to be a loyal customer.
  11. Pretty sure she's already been feathered. Yeah. At first, I thought that she was an avian godlike, but she probably just annoyed a bunch of people.
  12. Heh. Good call Gromnir. The level of toxic bitterness is (almost) high enough. Of course, it's missing disingenuous concern for the welfare of Augustus Octavius and accompanying poor career advice for same. Nevertheless, a clear improvement all around.
  13. You can turn off your party AI and kill everyone except Kaali. At that point he will no longer be hostile and you can send him back to the village.
  14. Presumably they didn't intend to rip you off, but, rather, came at this from the perspective that downloading is easy. Since that is not the case for you, you might want to DM one of the devs and see if they can help you.
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