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  1. Pallegina will leave permanently if the player sides with the Huana during The Coming Storm and Pallegina is in the player's active group (the queen asks her to leave) or if the player frames the director on the fire at the powderhouse (by taking the quest from the director but frame him/her in the hearing at the palace). Did any of that? Dance with Death is a prereq for starting The Coming Storm. I think you can still switch sides after that...
  2. This also happens randomly with fights in Neketaka on real time with pause, so it's probably not a bug with just turn based. Since the game is no longer in support this will likely never be fixed.
  3. Hi, game keeps crashing when trying to exit Hall of the Unseen on the Black Isles. I've tried this a few times with no succes. Validated game files with no success. Don't really know what's up. This never happened to me on any other save. I just cleared the ruins. Game crashes and tells me oops here's an error report stored in game location. See attachment for error logs. 2019-11-24_000606.zip
  4. Reloading it 4 more times got me through the cutscene and advanced the quest... Sheesh.
  5. Interesting. I did have a save game from not long before the battle so I decided to go through that one. This time it was different. The cutscene for the Wood Man played. He "almost" appeared. Then the cutscene ended and he wasn't there. No dialogue, nothing. Game still broken.
  6. So finally decided to get through MOTB timer hell and try to complete it. I just completed all of the Ashenwood quests and finally dealt with Nadaj and the Genius Loci. After the battle nothing in the quest log was updated and nothing happens. Everything is cleared there's no interaction possible anywhere. I read in a walkthrough that the Wood Man is now supposed to show up, but he doesn't. Game broken. Anyone else got any tips. Any console commands I can use to advance the quest?
  7. Well Ciphers have been nerfed in PoE II when compared to PoE I, and other spellcasters have actually been buffed due to the per encounter system. So they feel less strong. I disagree that they're only good for multiclassing. Although the level 8 and 9 spells are a bit underwhelming a pure Cipher spellcaster Ascendant is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Beguiler and Psion have their own specific playing style which perhaps not superstrong makes for an interesting twist to the class. Soul Blade arguably is the subclass that was made for multiclassing with a figher style class. But going single class Cipher still is very powerful and fun.
  8. Imagine playing Total War games with Turn Based individual actions.
  9. The trickster class has deceptive description. It states that sneak attack is significantly weaker. This is not the case. It lowers sneak attack by a fixed 10%. So a character that would sneak attack for 60% for instance would sneak attack for 50%. The extra abilities you get by far outweigh the loss of 10%. There's no reason to go normal rogue over trickster.
  10. A character with a strength/might of 3 probably has issues wearing normal clothing. Let alone armor or any type of weapon. But sure hand them a greatsword and since he is very perceptive he can still hit enemies with it. RPG logic.
  11. I think it's different from motion sickness as most people know it. My wife has a severe case of motion sickness. She cannot be on a boat. She hates driving because it makes her nauseous. Anything with actual motion has her feeling queezy. She does however play a ton of 1st person video games and never ever gets motion skickness. I'm making some assumptions here, but I think the "true" motion sickness in real life has to do with actual motion while in video games it's solely what your brain tells you. Ie. how your brain is fooling you. In both cases your brain gives you faulty information on what's going on, but with actual motion the motion is an external factor while in video games it's an imaginary one.
  12. I got bored. Maybe someone elses opinion will help you: https://danielagnewauthor.com/2017/07/20/knife-vs-sword-do-you-have-a-hope/
  13. Thanks for posting stuff about dagger as a back-up weapon for close combat in modern army. I'll reach for my gun while you charge me with your dagger. We're not talking about modern day soldiers that wear no protection vs bladed weapons. Of course the weapon is effective in that scenario. We're talking about fantasy reference to medieval times where people wore actual protection to the weapons that were primarily used. Bladed weapons. Swords do not exist in modern combat. Why? They are bulky as a backup weapon. Why backup? Oh wait people use guns nowadays. Please stop man, you're just embarassing yourself.
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