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  1. I'd love links to this. The story in 1 was "meh" but 2 felt worse overall.
  2. Had no idea Pathfinder was over, good to know (I missed the official announcement, if there was one). Maybe things with Paizo didn't end up being all that great (although lack of financial success would contribute to that).
  3. I wish there was one forum that consolidated the bugs across the different ports - not a lot of people would be aware that Paradox did them, only that Pillars is an Obsidian game.
  4. Yeah, Obsidian washed their hands of the ports (the Outer World ports to a lesser extent). I don't think it's helped either franchise by them doing so, though - and I'd like to think Obsidian would want to protect the quality of their franchises, regardless of what platform it is on, but this just seems like "give us money, you go do ports, leave us alone." It can be difficult to refund Switch games, there was a lot of Reddit posts on the Pillars Switch port where people had to argue with Nintendo for the refund, even though it was clearly a broken game, which sucked. This whole expe
  5. I feel like without some developer support, the chances of PS4 compatibility mode for titles is an iffy thing, and I know Obsidian has distanced themselves from their own console ports and didn't work on those anyway (or really support them much, especially with VS EVIL as the publisher).
  6. Deadfire definitely raked in the cash (although that's technically pre-sales, and that money was used before release, which contributes to the "low sales" aspect). I think Fig was smart about gathering all the major Kickstarter moneymakers, but I don't know if it helped those same moneymakers with getting their products' message out and funding, which is ironic. Also, I always felt like Fig was a dodge so these same developers had more freedom with what to do with their crowdsourced projects, which isn't a bad thing, but comes across as kind of shady... at the least, it's unfortunate that
  7. I've really been hesitant to check this out (I was disappointed when it was revealed), but I'm trying to take in the positives for it. For those who have played it, how does it compare to Obsidian's other games in terms of character advancement and narrative? If I like Obsidian RPGs, would I have a chance of liking this, or is this more of a Rust experience?
  8. It would be nice if the outstanding questions and the hanging plot of POE2 was resolved, for sure.
  9. If he just writes companions, yes, but I wouldn't want him writing the plot after Pillars 1. Also, feel free to hate on this, but I thought a lot of the companions in Pillars 2 got worse even when the same writers were present, and Eder was no exception. Still, I'd trust Eric more than some of the other writers.
  10. I don't think anyone dislikes Sawyer. For me, him not being on Avowed was actually a big negative because there isn't any positive reason why he wouldn't be. I know he's been pretty down on Obsidian management since 2018, so maybe he just got burned out - and also with one of the Obsidian executives in charge, he probably wouldn't be able to make an impact on the game.
  11. Sawyer isn't involved with Avowed, right? That was my big negative about the reveal (although I thought the trailer was very "generic LOTOR" which was another clear sign Sawyer was not involved). I also don't think his role allows him to dictate anything, especially when one of the company executives is the project director, so good luck regardless.
  12. Regardless, as long as EA holds the franchise, I don't think Obsidian will get another shot. They'd be more likely to give it to Respawn and they likely wouldn't even want to "waste" money on an RPG vs. something they think has a wider audience.
  13. Fair enough. I think Grip Digital's been under the radar for a while despite the fact I think they are the ones primarily working on it, maybe VS EVIL and Obsidian are just filtering bugs for them (although Obsidian seems to have tried to distance itself from the VS EVIL ports).
  14. I think that is significant yes, Fig does not seem to have an effective marketing department (although they claim that's one of the important things they bring to the table). I did like Fig's premise of allowing players to invest in the game, but if their own presence jeopardizes sales, that seems like they just shoot their own company philosophy in the foot (and it definitely backfired on the POE2 investors). Is Fig still around?
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