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What the hell is up with all the crashes? (Xbox)

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I normally give developers some slack, but this is crazy - I can't even play this DLC without it crashing. What a waste of money.

A glance at these forums show it's a wider problem... I'm not trying to be rude, but was this DLC actually tested before Obsidian released it?

It feels like these crashes are so prevalent I don't know how testing would have missed them (especially the Microsoft ones, considering you're owned by them).

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I just wanted to elaborate. As I believe that this is an issue that has been in the game and the DLC has only exacerbated the issue.

*Massive lag spike when large amounts of items move in/ out of inventory.

*This is cleared when moving to another area.

*Everything clears up for about 15 minutes and then like clockwork there is a crash.


That's my two cents.


Also there is another forum that I believe you are a part of discussing this.




The devs are usually decently quick to resolve these issues. 

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