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  1. According to "Blood, Sweat, and Pixels" (which was written by a journalist) he did. it's the Pillars chapter, obviously. It's possible the author was misrepresenting Feargus, but that seems out of place. Not that threatening to fire someone is any better, though.
  2. I'm confused - are you a dev or are you just copying and pasting a support response? Is there any word on when the patch is incoming? This is a pretty crappy situation, we've basically paid for a product that doesn't work, and I had hoped Obsidian had gone beyond releasing untested games (the history of Obsidian's broken-on-launch titles is pretty long, but I had hoped this would be fixed when they got bought by M$, but apparently not).
  3. I normally give developers some slack, but this is crazy - I can't even play this DLC without it crashing. What a waste of money. A glance at these forums show it's a wider problem... I'm not trying to be rude, but was this DLC actually tested before Obsidian released it? It feels like these crashes are so prevalent I don't know how testing would have missed them (especially the Microsoft ones, considering you're owned by them).
  4. It doesn't sound like there's a POE3, so not sure how much canon matters. The TTRPG might make some canon choices but reactive RPGs are notoriously slippery to pin down the "actual" ending for everyone (as POE2 proved both design and technically since a lot of the choices initially didn't work and wasn't correct with what had happened in POE1).
  5. I thought there were Obsidian people on this and it was an Obsidian product, but my apologies, I got it wrong. I would not rule out crowdfunding, a number of developers do crowdfunding when there game or product is at 75% (or whatever point the TTRPG is at, it seems to be in limbo).
  6. I think you can't argue with having a feeling - if you didn't enjoy it/it hurt the experience, then that feeling is genuine, and sometimes you have to dig for the facts and reasons why - but those facts and reasons don't often change your feeling on the matter.
  7. This last sentence sums it up perfectly. I felt like I was playing some history book trying to make a historical point, but I didn't want a lesson, I wanted to play a role-playing game.
  8. Agreed on this. I felt these characters didn't really transition well to PoE2 (although I never liked Aloth). I felt like some of them were phoned-in and some were just written strangely, as if the tone from PoE1 to PoE2 got lost somewhere along the way. I know the original writer for Eder left and was on contract for PoE2, so that may have had something to do with it.
  9. I think they alienated the company doing the port (Grip Digital). I'm just really disappointed in how these ports were "farmed" out and the companies they went to clearly are going for cash-first, patch-later to an extreme degree. It could have been a great chance to showcase the franchise on other platforms and instead we get these crappy poorly-ported wrecks (including Outer Worlds).
  10. I don't think there's a release date for it, it's just "whenever." If they did crowdfunding, they'd probably have to use Fig because the CEO is on the board (it's why they used it for Pillars 2, despite problems). Lords of the Eastern Reach (6.5/10, I noticed) was Kickstarted, though, although I didn't even realize it was out and likely wouldn't get it except for the Pillars tie-ins, otherwise seems pretty forgettable.
  11. Yeah, (i) watching a TV series and getting inspired to play the game that's a lot like what you just watched vs. (ii) playing a game then going back to an earlier, cruder (isometric) version is more comparable to the Fallout 3 scenario and then gauging how many people got curious to try F1 and F2 (I doubt it was much). Witcher is also just more accessible than Eternity was, and even if it has generic tropes, it still manages to find an identity because it has a protagonist for people to relate to (plus, it doesn't hurt that Henry Cavill is the face for Geralt on Netflix, which is a huge plus, I imagine).
  12. Good to hear, I thought there was some hints he was getting back into the Obsidian games, which from a manager standpoint, isn't always a good thing. I thought they had pitched the idea to Microsoft before and got shut down.
  13. Fair enough - there's an argument to be made that if you enjoy something, maybe not look at the underpinnings too closely.
  14. Obsidian pushed the port work to VsEvil, which was responsible for the first Switch port of Pillars 1, which wasn't well done, and as I understand it, still has numerous issues to this day. Both companies encouraged pre-orders of a broken product, and I for one, am not going to give any money for another poorly-done port that both companies don't even seem to care about getting right. The fact they are doing pre-orders on Deadfire Switch when the first port doesn't work, is really questionable. I seriously doubt you'll see it until Pillars 1 Switch is "fixed," which is likely to be never.
  15. Yeah, for a player to care, it needs to impact them or they need to see some danger/effect on the world to care (preferably a change that affects them). It seemed like in Deadfire, no one really cared in the first place, and the Eothas "chase" isn't very urgent, so the revelation kind of loses its strength. The fact the gods aren't actually gods doesn't change the fact they have considerable power (so much so you can't even fight them without a Godhammer bomb, and even that doesn't quite work).
  16. Seeker Slayer I largely avoided because I didn't really want a "combat challenge" DLC for a game that's story heavy (it's why I hated the Foundation DLC for Control and thought it was a bad move - like Deadfire, it takes the worst aspect of the game and forces you to engage with it at an obsessive level). For those who liked Deadfire combat, though and enjoy super hard difficulty, knock yourselves out.
  17. I wasn't aware they'd done any more recent patches, I avoided it mostly because I heard it was pretty buggy at launch (but so was Deadfire, so maybe should give it another shot).
  18. So I was browsing Reddit for Bloodlines 2 news and saw a post in the /vtmb forum (not going to link it in case that violates the rules), but someone went through the Paradox ex-employee reviews on the net and found a weird comment from one of the Paradox ex-producers claiming there had been some incident of sexual misconduct with regards to a Pillars 1 marketing event... and both Obsidian and Paradox had covered it up/went silent on it. I found some references on the net, but I didn't realize that this had happened at an Obsidian event. Does anyone know if the marketing manager (Shane DeFrest?) involved in this incident is still at Obsidian? The fact he was retained for a good amount of time after what happened makes me uneasy.
  19. It is not. The tabletop game is something else (no release date), this is a board game, although this forum is dead, so good luck with news.
  20. DLC1 seemed to take forever - are we expecting a big a wait for the 2nd DLC? All I can find online is "2021" which isn't very helpful.
  21. I don't mean this as a negative, but with regards to the quest and writing, there's definitely been a sea change in writing at Obsidian, and what you've seen might be the result of more female writers on the project that can bring their perspective to the table, which is a good thing. I don't think this is a bad thing - the only time I have a problem with representation and diversity in media is when it hurts or undermines the plot (to explain this - if you watch the Netflix's Old Guard, a vague spoiler: Again, no judgments, but Outer Worlds may also have that issue, where they may be course-correcting too much and not letting the narrative flow naturally for the sake of addressing gender imbalance.
  22. Same! I'm not familiar with any of the Directors listed - did any of them work on New Vegas or Outer Worlds? (I'm more interested if they have New Vegas experience, Outer Worlds isn't quite as relevant).
  23. While it's arguably good Avowed is its own thing, I mentioned in another thread that POE2's story isn't benefitted by not having a POE3, so not sure what's going to happen there - without a POE3, there's really no point to 1 or 2, since neither one "concludes" the major arc. "Deathmarch" = Sounds (?) like a long, hard development road, which is consistent with the POE1 dev tales. Also, considering that the head creatives Josh and Adam (?) were threatened with being fired over POE1 by Feargus (I think I read this in a Kickstarter success stories book), I'm not surprised - and even POE2 shipped with a ton of bugs. I just game companies would take their time and not shoot themselves in the foot with their own releases. There's no "point" to a deathmarch if the initial release is a hot mess and there shouldn't be a deathmarch anyway.
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