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  1. Gald to be asked that... no one seems to take an interest when I mention that game. Of all the isometric cRPGs out there I feel this one has the best D&D ruleset implementation of them all. Turn-based (done right) feels great. And the 3.5 rules are complex enough to give a good amount of replayability to the game, even if the campaign is quite restricted in its storyline. But what gets me on that game is that there are very few generic encounters. Every combat seems to be very well balanced and feels very challenging without seeming like the developer just threw "more minions" at you
  2. I wouldn't say wrong genre. I mean... Everything mentioned was in perfect balance in a game like the BG series. And that is as close to the same genre as I can possibly conceive to Deadfire. It was a design choice that I happened not to enjoy. Actually, every other isometric cRPG I've played had this in check, it is just Deadfire that made it different. For reference, I still believe the best isometric cRPG to date is Temple of Elemental Evil. And my mistake was comparing the two games. I get that Deadfire is a different beast. But far from a different genre.
  3. Different players have different preferences you know. It is a game after all and there is no wrong way of enjoying it. Some people like story mode, others hardcore mode, some like min-maxing, some don't care for it. There is no "wrong approach" the way I see it. And I am fine admitting that the game has not been fun for me with my approach. Some games lend themselves better to this sort of thing, and Deadfire just hapenned to be the worst yet at it. As I said before... feels like a design choice, not really a flaw or mistake. And it just ain't my cup of tea. But hey! Been pla
  4. LOL. I mean it all in a good sense. I am sure I will give the game another shot later on after the burnout fades. Maybe slowing down XP gain could improve the experience. But my main complain really is about equipment and resources. Being a thorough player means that after visiting dunnage and neketaka with high mechanics & stealth there is enough money, enchanting supplies and powerful items to go around. By that time you are likely to have at least a few end game weapons, armor and accessories. It feels great at first you know... "hell yeah, fully upgraded crit machine by level 10" (minu
  5. So, yeah. I tried hard to love this game. And there is much it got right: My first impression was amazing, it truly felt like the natural evolution of Baldur's Gate. The Storytelling bits with skill checks are IMO the best translation of a real tabletop RPG feel to a cRPG. You can tell the developers really tried to make a better successor to the BG games. And I think they came really close. But the game just bored me out really fast. Faster than any game before it. It is easy.... painfully easy to get great equipment (just max mechanics and stealth and you may grab most stuff
  6. So, after a lot of fiddling with multiple builds I decided I could not bear playing just ONE character I wanted and instead chose to play a custom party of 5 hired adventurers and... ...It just made the game SO MUCH EASIER that I wonder if it is going to be fun. Now I have (in TB mode): 1. a 100% boring AF Unbroken/Shieldbearer crusader with spear and board for maximum engagements and lots of HP. Moon Godlike as well for auto-healing boost. 2. My Death Godlike Sharpshooter/Assassin for DPS 3. a Nature godlike SingleClass Lifegiver for AoE and Healing
  7. I would specifically be interested in seeing how the bonus to critical hits was applied to Streetfighters and I would like to add a bonus to a class while invisible and could learn from studying the implementation of the Streetfighter's bonuses while Flanked.
  8. Hello, I am very new to modding and would appreciate some guidance: I have the intention of giving a class a passive trait that increases the power level and/or increases "Hit to Crit" only while the character is invisible. No matter the source. So I don't want a spell to do that, I want a generic passive trait. I have figured out that I might need to do something to "StatusEffectType" to get those effects but cannot figure out how to apply that exclusively while the character is invisible (note that it is INVISIBLE, and not applied while STEALTHED). Alternatively, I could als
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