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  1. What I always liked best as an RPG is the way it used to be, e.g. World of Warcraft Classic has gameplay / animations / game speed / controls / skill bars / combat speed and content-wise games that are restrictive in terms of classes and convey this in a very motivating way. So you really fill a role and see this one character as who you are, but still find yourself in a group RPG. The NPC companions, however, have their own souls, i.e. in combat, with their own character trait including history. But I don't just take it with me, but it develops from the game and the story, around its charac
  2. Oh, the problem with RPGs today is completely different. They are a little far from the core. Today you don't really play immersively anymore, today it's painting by numbers and too much cinema film. Today you have miserably fluffy romances and constant interruptions through cut scenes and conversations. In addition, you are only briefly held in the game world and sent like a stupid from A to B and all of this is a juxtaposition of events. You used to fight your way through a zone for hours, explore a cave and live the game, perceive the zones and were not caught in a hose game, a
  3. Hello I would say that the game looks a bit dry and cumbersome overall, like Part 1. The whole scene was always not so engaging and inviting. I think more fantasy, like it e.g. Pathfinder Kingmaker brings, pulls more. Softer animations and a fight that feels more like an MMORPG from the old days also come across a little better if you stay in real time, which I welcome when it is well implemented. Lap mode can also be offered. Then don't become so political, just dig out the old school of fantasy. One should also consider localization. There is a lot of text to read and if the ga
  4. Hello. I wanted to express my thanks to the developers for the game, but especially for the game mode turn based. I completely forgot how it felt and it's great. I remember playing games like Ambermoon, Amberstar, Albion, and I loved that back then, and it was not without reason. PoE 2 and also part 1 were good games in this sense, but the turn-based fight has only provided new shore for me. That's the way classes that I do not like to play get a whole new impetus and offer me what I've been looking for. In real-time or hand-made breaks, this feeling is completely su
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