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  1. Oh, the problem with RPGs today is completely different. They are a little far from the core. Today you don't really play immersively anymore, today it's painting by numbers and too much cinema film. Today you have miserably fluffy romances and constant interruptions through cut scenes and conversations. In addition, you are only briefly held in the game world and sent like a stupid from A to B and all of this is a juxtaposition of events. You used to fight your way through a zone for hours, explore a cave and live the game, perceive the zones and were not caught in a hose game, although open world didn't work due to the difficulty of the enemies, which was good .. The char and your group was the focus and the politics went by the way. Today you are the action hero, everywhere you make a decision and manage your fortress as well, which is on my mind. I also don't necessarily want to lay every elf in my team and have any love relationships. I want to slowly experience mysterious worlds again and grow with my char. I don't want to fight through 3 scenes and then I stand in front of the camp where I am told that the villain is in there, go kill him. I go in, fight 4 fights, kill the boss and get a reward and get sent away. Fast trip on, 3 scenes further, chatting again with the conversation scene and he sends me somewhere again. 3 fights and 2 cut scenes further, filled with a conversation with my group mate who tells me about his childhood dreams, I stand by the commandant Y who tells me that spider king Z is waiting in there. I stand 3 fights further in front of the cattle, hoe the 8 legs and carry the mandibles to the commander Y .. And so it goes on and on .. that's garbage .. This is damn desolate and robs the RPGs of their good old design, which used to be fun. I don't want to replay a film and just be transported from one scene to the next. I used to walk hours much slower and deeper through the world, sometimes with a little survival factor, but I wouldn't inflate that too much. Then finally arrived somewhere in the swamp, you spent half the day incl. In the dungoes and somewhere deep down the spider mom after a tough struggle, completely exhausted. The world became a real world and home, it got values and content, excitement and motivating highlights. Zones were exciting, character development was noticeably important and interesting also through trainers and finding new magic, everything was exciting ... In addition correct fantasy food no politics cheese and still manage your own fortress with country simulation .. what's that? I want real RPGs again ... It has to slow down. I have to feel the world again than this and I have to find more puzzles in dungeons. I have to stay there. In general, this must be lined up and the rapid succession of events must be dampened, exchanged for immersive and longer, localized dwell times in the areas. The zones have to get bigger, the paths a little further, the number of fights increased a little, but not become a nuisance. It shouldn't feel like an arena, but like a more authentic zone in a world. We pass everything too quickly and rob ourselves of the depth. I want to feel far away somewhere as it used to be. A real bond with the Chars, correct division of roles in combat. Usable AI, companions that I don't just bag, but that first ask me for a quest. There are so many points that need to be touched up. The games have mixed too much. I don't need simulation, I don't need love film. I need a valley somewhere at the end of the world, nobody has returned from there .. I need the Werewolf Gorge, but it also has to feel like everything and not be easy to downplay short scenes .. I have to when I get there , dive into another world and adapt myself .. Don't be an overhand and just work through everything. I need good class development, fixed classes, no spongy do what you want. I want classrooms, coaches who are difficult to reach anywhere in the world. Simply a certain motivation in the development of my char, combined with class quests, specializations and upgrading to final class depending on your choice ..
  2. Hello I would say that the game looks a bit dry and cumbersome overall, like Part 1. The whole scene was always not so engaging and inviting. I think more fantasy, like it e.g. Pathfinder Kingmaker brings, pulls more. Softer animations and a fight that feels more like an MMORPG from the old days also come across a little better if you stay in real time, which I welcome when it is well implemented. Lap mode can also be offered. Then don't become so political, just dig out the old school of fantasy. One should also consider localization. There is a lot of text to read and if the game is heavy, the texts in the corresponding language will do better. You just get in better and go better. The pure quality of PoE and PoE2 were really very strong and absolutely recommended role-playing games. It's all the details, setting (pirates like that, managing ships), combat, etc. I e.g. has never been a big fan of managing a castle or anything, at least not when I want to play an RPG. I also showed it in Pathfinder Kingmaker, completely and automatically activated with never failing. I rather seek adventure in RPGs, strange lonely zones, deep crypts full of undead Lich Lords, a nice character development through tasks and specializations, decisions and ways. Back then, for example, very good Might and Magic Part 7. Decision according to good or bad, the UI has been changed to different classes in the factions with specialization to the final class, a nice fantasy world. The castle dabs there too, but it was rather a minor matter as a hanger for the story. Nor am I a fan of it when the hero groups are all superheroes and you start too big. I always liked to be the little gnome somewhere and then go on a big adventure and master many dangers. I love e.g. Movies like Battle of the Titans (the classic from the 80s). A wonderful atmosphere, little hero, big cinema behind with Zeus and who scurries through fantastic adventures, has to cut off the head of a Medusa and break into vast and unreal areas. A little fairy tale, a little adventure and a lot of excitement. You went with it, you were in it and wanted it to experience much more .. That's how the RPGs should be again. And then a good control and appropriate gameplay, nice classes, development and localized in the mother tongue, bug-free and what goes with it in a really inviting atmosphere. I actually like PoE 1 + 2, but it was always a little boring and a lot to read. I also somehow lacked a contrast in the game. So that you had to choose something, apart from a few quests, but a choice of good and evil including classes and then only accessible zones etc. So something that promises more belonging and brings spice, but not in superhero scenarios drifts. I would very much welcome a PoE 3, but I also see that with the same paint and process, you will not tear much more than before. PoE always gave the impression that it was a great game, but something is missing here and there .. It never really pulled. I also feel e.g. addressed in a Pathfinder Kingmaker more than PoE, but as I said, I don't like the simulation of my own fortress either. I hope you find a good way and can continue. Because the game generally has a lot of potential and, as I said, was always of absolutely high quality. If you can flip a few switches and hit the hearts of gamers more, PoE is able to do a lot. Maybe a complete change to a completely different new game will help, which you can then do differently. Good luck to you. Ps. My english is so-so .. i wrote it with google translator. Hope it is understandable
  3. Hello. I wanted to express my thanks to the developers for the game, but especially for the game mode turn based. I completely forgot how it felt and it's great. I remember playing games like Ambermoon, Amberstar, Albion, and I loved that back then, and it was not without reason. PoE 2 and also part 1 were good games in this sense, but the turn-based fight has only provided new shore for me. That's the way classes that I do not like to play get a whole new impetus and offer me what I've been looking for. In real-time or hand-made breaks, this feeling is completely submerged, where it really comes into its own in turn-based mode. Well, I can only say, in the next part or game again builds such a turn-based mode, it is definitely worth it and it has friends as you see me. PoE2 without the mode I would probably put aside early, I play it actually only in this variant. I always feel good in real time if the game speed is generally manageable and feels like old MMORPGs, for example. Dark Age of Camelot, or the Classic WoW, or a game like Dragons Age Origins. Then healer classes are fun, even if they are singleplayer games. I loved playing a healer in DAO and I always like to play this class design. Sorry for my bad English. I wrote it with a translator. Above all, this post was about thanking you for the great tactical game mode and expressing that this has become rare but brings great joy, please, more of it. Bye
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