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  1. Haha, yes you can say that I kinda jumped into the deep end of the pool and i'm splashing around trying to find a momentum (not drowning just can't move) Thanks for your advice I understand its hard to explain the workings of a development department/company. I'll start by writing out my idea on Paper/Word and then break it down to its basics before writing any code. When you write your code into a file like a DLL (not done this yet) do you make a DLL for each class or each project? i'm trying to understand if the DLL's contain multiple class's in a DLL file or if it's separate?
  2. Hey Fenixp, Thanks for the info I know my questions were a bit simplified, so I apologise for that. I am just curious on how a gaming development company works as I’ve never worked in one before nor visited one before, so it peeked my interest. I've managed to build a block buster game using the Gamedev.TV Udemy courses and those courses are really good! I’m hoping to build a tank battle game on my own using what I learnt from the course and adding in physics for the tank shot to drop (bit like Worms) then add in wind resistance est est. I do have some development questions thoug
  3. Hi all Just like many others in the world I have a life goal this goal of mine is to Design, Build and Successful implement a computer game, so far i only have designs and some content while i still learn how to code in C# using Unity and Visual Studio 2017. My name is Colin Hardwick and I am a new Junior T-SQL Developer on the small island of Jersey in the Channel Islands. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jersey I am an avid casual gamer and I have always appreciated the complexity and hard work that goes into making Indie and AAA games ever since I played 'Hero Quest' on the Am
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