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  1. My class was a Ravager (Shattered Pillar Monk/ No Subclass Barbarian) So i finished the game on POTD with stats : Might: 18 Con: 11 Dex: 10 Per:10 Int: 10 Res: 19 the game went fine using robes and light armor, Mohora Tanga and Tuotilo's Palm. I spec into both two weapon fighting and sword + shield fighting. This makes me very tanky. Only issue I ran into was missing a lot of my hits. I had enough life and i was attacking more than fast enough. A lot of people don't know this, but with Shattered Pillar Might is just the way to go. Dex is good, and it yields superior dps but you're already fast enough and the extra might gives you the single hit damage to gain wounds more easily. Also used Lord Darryn's Voluge and went barehanded. Darryn's works great for crowds and synergizes well with primary attack abilities but it lacks dps vs single targets until you get off that first disorient. Barehanded had great dps versus single targets. Both weren't defenseless but werent tanky enough for me to be comfortable. Mohora Tanga and Tuotilo's Palm did nearly as much damage as barehanded but they had the added benefit of making me very tanky. So the build felt better overall. As i mentioned before my only issue was not landing enough hits. On my second play through I plan to use the same armor, weapons and class. My stats, with Berath's blessing have changed to: Might: 18 Con: 10 Dex: 10 Per: 18 Int: 13 Res: 19 Any thoughts? Also I am considering specing into Blade Turning/Dance of Death. Has anyone tried that? Can you tell me if it works?
  2. Well to be fair I actually like this story better than many others. The narrative of poe 1 was over-complicated. BG1 had a good but over-complicated plot as well . BG2 and its expansion are some of the best story lines in gaming. Icewind Dale 2 was good as well. Some of the characters are bland and caricaturish in Deadfire but the story is good overall. My main criticism is the end. It really sucks the life out of the adventure but the direction is okay and i loved the way they explored sociopolitical themes.
  3. So i loved the ride to this game but that ending was awful. 1st of all, we never get any answers about what the world was like before the wheel. Travel through Ukaizo was so fast. All they would have needed to add were maybe some murals or some lines of dialogue but we dont even get that. The beast of Ukaizo. Gives us this confusing explanation involving outsiders and old ones. If the beast is going to be using our language why would it name the the Engwithans and Huana something we cannot readily identify? The last big problem is the final confrontation. It puts the protagonist in the position of standing and watching. The inactive protagonist is a common mistake among amateur writers. It makes the audience question why the protagonist is even around. Frankly, it makes me wonder why we even needed to use the Audra statue at all? Would have been better for Eothas to just take control of another Waidwin type figure who instead takes control of the statue. Then we could at least have someone to fight. I liked most of the game leading up to the end but the final confrontation just fell completely flat.
  4. I want to save her, you just know her love died at sea or something and shes just trying to fill an empty heart with strange men.
  5. Seriously, go to the Wild Mare and talk to her. Literally the most attractive NPC in a CRPG i have ever seen. I dont even like girls that skinny either. Doll has a sexy voice, loves poetry and is wild. Lol yeah i know its random. Just saying bro...
  6. If this is true, what devil did he deal with to be good at both? CAN I DEAL WITH IT AS WELL?! You guys talking about Brandon Sanderson made me think: do they have Highstorms in Rauatai? Does that mean Ukaizo's a conduit for Stormlight between the cognitive and physical realm? Is animancy the study of Investiture? THERE'RE SO MANY POSSIBILITIES HERE! also, inb4 the gods turn out to be some weird shard offshoot Or a Shard comes to show what a "real god" looks like. huh lolol i hadn't thought of that
  7. If this is true, what devil did he deal with to be good at both? CAN I DEAL WITH IT AS WELL?! Lol Sanderson says he can do both but i really feel like he is more of a worldbuilder himself
  8. So in my last post I complained about how badly the characters, namely Pallagina and Xoti, were written. To balance things out i wanted to complement this game on its worldbuilding. The factions and cultures are extremely well drawn. I have trouble deciding whose vision to side with. It all seems very realistic and there is very little if any bias weaved into the narrative. Brandon Sanderson once said something to the effect of 'there are two kinds of writers, worldbuilders and character writers. I think Obsidian must just do a better job at he worldbuilding. There are noble natives with backward traditions; a monarchy with good vision but strong feelings of entitlement and ethnocentrism; there is even a republic run by business interests with a reckless bend toward science. All well conceived, and made to make the audience think, yet still relevant to current philosophical discourses. I havent finished the game yet but I am very impressed with this aspect of the game so far.
  9. Also happens at poko kohara. Wurms again i think. Does anyone know if the beta patch fixes this?
  10. Right now its 10 base +might bonus. Which means like 13 if your might is at 18... I think it would be fair at something like 15 base + level + might bonus. Might seem strong but again that's losing you a helmet.
  11. i dont need it to be like it was in poe 1, but right now its practically useless. i think its just a flat 10+ might modifier from what im seeing.
  12. I tried *SO MANY TIMES*. Literally like a *dozen* times, couldn't manage to do it. They run up to him to damn fast, I couldn't even get close. Position Aloth and Xoti in the front of the party. Use Aloth's Call to Slumber to sleep the three guys near Giacolo. Rush Xoti forward and have her cast Withdraw on Giacolo. U have to pause fast right after the conversation. Do it manually because it has to be faster than the game's default.
  13. Think they will bother to buff the Silver Tide? Ill be sticking with this race, but the amount is so small i cant see a reason to pump might.
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