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  1. no, just trigger it outside combat(like with 2 pairs of missile gloves ) and use other armor for fighting, for stacking switch for smth else and save/reload edit. not true, i messed up smth when testing
  2. if you can somehow figure how to grab gipon prudensco you can mitigate a lot of deflection/reflex targeting dmg, "no fool,i" stacks with itself when triggered out of combat ( like with missile gloves), ps. we need "cheese" thread... edit. this is cheese thread , thought i am in "ultimate" thread
  3. if I had to guess it's because of reforge (it was always there when i triggered it) don't ask me why, I don't know I just tinkered with it a little to check if there is workaround from it
  4. If you incur any recovery phase (attack, cast, weapon switching etc) you will be unable to do anything, that's why you need blade cascade first (otherwise you can't do anything besides walking). For weapon switching you need black jacket and quickswitch or do what Vic explain few posts up.
  5. nope, you can knock yourself out while triggering it via scroll or rakhan boots, especially if you have a lot of lash from deltro etc
  6. -blade cascade on -trigger reforge and extend it, if you knocked yourself out you will stand up and won't be paralyzed, otherwise save/reload and you good -any recovery will be permament (that's why blade cascade should be triggeret first) so no weapon switching or black jacket + quick switch, wizards are f@ckd ? (nothing reduces to 0 grimoire switch recovery ??) all out of combat with cheese
  7. reforge the flesh from belt - 10hp/3sec -85%dmg, paralyze can be worked around unstable coil(least)? is liquid adra (prize from Neale, SSS) combat only?
  8. Ok, btw the other mortar is easy to get with solo challange (you can hire all companions, they will stay on ship where you can kill them for loot)
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