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  1. I had blast with one (ascendant/bm) on solo run, just ascend with kitchen stove and WoD it and it is like with Oprah, "You get a disintegration, You get a disintegration, You get a disintegration...."
  2. For second stage HOW monks use Ajamuut cloak and WotW, ez (as long as you use abilities for attack weapons will not degrade, monk can spam WotW fairly easy)
  3. @Shai Huludno mods, Doru was "easy" on sc monk (naked) with long pain and resonant touch
  4. @mjo2138 if I remember correctly I went with orlan for +2PER to see hidden cache with key to trunk with Iridescent Scale (in Dunnage) so I could steal it (was broke) and I wanted Raider background (stealth, mech) so White that Wends (+1PER) was no go
  5. @Shai Huludsc bloodmage is easy mode past lv16 just don't dump resolve and start fight by casting coocon on yourself (just sneak close to enemy), paralyzed is shortened by RES, untargetable not (beneficial) so you will have few sec to extend it with WoD. Throw some healing from gloves and you're guccci.
  6. Mine run, yes it's SoF exploit (briliant, no recovery, lash from helm and tenacious are the buffs mostly). But i think SC has potential for clean (no SoF) solo run(not ultimate) with resting, brilliant from wit, going ham on arcana and managing one time buffs for megabosses edit. it's perma invis with SoF too
  7. that hat will not benefit (immu to RES affliction) or harm (-10 deflection) char that wores it, you need a summon with it to have a effect (phantom, monk duplicates)
  8. (wtf is wrong with quoting, cant write anything in post with quote) just retrain on departure from Maje @Shai Hulud
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