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  1. ok. Why no Cap of Laughingstock? No funds? Or wantend rekvu's with wound? Since you melee mostly that essentialy +10acc
  2. @Tenray hey. Watching it now, did you try writ of war on 2nd stage Hauani? I am wondering if it prevents merge (but WILL may be to high too land...)
  3. It would be nice to know how much content you want to solo but if you want to scratch that megabosses itch SC nalpazca is the safest pick.
  4. I've used hylea's bounty on 90% of my chars early and no matter how many save/loade cycles I did defences were always supressed by safeguard or borrowed instinct. edit. quick test on monk and indeed after reload glazed chops stacked with might inspiration. It looks like some food can be exploited like that.
  5. You have to raise your INT and lower RES of enemies. But on monk I can only think of left Hand of Obscured and Endre's Flog of Obedience to do it (lower res). Or enfeebled, but that's hard to get if you're not a FF monk.
  6. Healing? It's scales with might. But can you just ignore Vela and go fist+hand mortar+hylea talons to just chain WotW and stunt in AoE until everybody is dead?
  7. Is there so many enemies that can't be stunt? Did you try how long will hand mortar last there? edit @thelee you need cpt banquet if you use cloak for brilliant, simple confusion can strip you of it. edit quoted wrong chap
  8. You can use rakhan field boots + essence interrupter+blunting belt to trigger deltro, but that's quite a challange for pathing the run.
  9. You can lose buffs on scripted ship events too and on 2 of 3 places on Kazuwari island, on Ultimate it looks like you don't really need it but (depends on pathing) it's possible to grab it on way from Dorudugan to BoW. Hylea bounty it nice just early, it doesn't stack with others defence buffs. Most gamers use Cpt. banquet or shark soup for no rest run. edit. I usually on no rest run rush exp/Ashen Maw, then start SSS to lose buffs and then start proper no rest run.
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