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  1. Thats not true anymore but anything in "beneficial effects" is enough(like immunitiy or smth). For regen lesser lay of hands from gloves with Wall of draning works nice, its one per encounter.
  2. Better skip efficient anguish for lesser wounds, on helwalker with high enough strenght (21-22 out of combat ) and hylea talons dot from it gonna be above 8dmg even without thounderous blows and generate wounds , with enduring dance you can chain cast WotW like nalpazca. Would be good to fit clarity of agony and heartbeat drumming too. By lv 20 parting sorrow and long stride are useless IMHO on helwalker, ajamuut stalking cloak is a must. For armor I would take effigy husk for PER immu (at lv 20 only defenses you need are immunities/resistances and concetration to fire up first WotW.) For weapon any combination of fists, grave calling, magrans favor, scordeos edge is good, I prefer Axe (modal) +scordeo for non slash immu for extra stacks dots- modal doesn't influence recovery of WotW and scordeo gives extra acc for more crits( and more hits with main hand thanks too heartbeat drumming) rust poingard and mortars are really good too
  3. 20 start57 level15 paladin 50 escape from cape 50 veil from hood 25 from max resolve 20 safeguard 6 weapon and shield 8 large shield 10 mythic shield 8 Cadhu bonus 10 armor (casita, furrante or gipon- you can "preload" bonus by hitting yourself with missiles before combat) 15 Duskfall 7 bracers 2+2 rings 305 deflection, memory failed me , I don't know how Wizard Double would stack with it (+20??) with WotEP should be 262? so you can bash some heads while casting
  4. Arcane Knight can go much higher(don't remember exact number but somewhere 310ish) with Wall of draining and items .
  5. check @thelee guide, he explained there how blood sacrifice work https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/227477-pillars-of-eternity-ii-deadfire/faqs/76599/wizard voidvard just reduce raw dmg try to give bm some healing over time (like robust or lay of hands, or even lesser lay from gloves) and grab with wall of draining few enemies to prolong effect, then you can spam sacrifice to get spells you want
  6. aa ok in that case, I vaguely remember that invis was breaking on dot but i don't have any experience with community patch yet. I like persistent because penalty to def is passive and stacks with stunned.
  7. Thats breaking on any DoT so if you want to spread them boots are pretty useless. No persistent distraction?
  8. ok. Why no Cap of Laughingstock? No funds? Or wantend rekvu's with wound? Since you melee mostly that essentialy +10acc
  9. @Tenray hey. Watching it now, did you try writ of war on 2nd stage Hauani? I am wondering if it prevents merge (but WILL may be to high too land...)
  10. It would be nice to know how much content you want to solo but if you want to scratch that megabosses itch SC nalpazca is the safest pick.
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