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  1. never tested it @thelee but that's quote from @Kaylon from his sniper build thread: " Hauani O Whe remains the only weakness so far - from all abilities/weapons able to destroy the target on kill, the only one able to prevent the split 100% of the time seems to be Disintegration. " he's pretty legit in that matters so I assume it's true edit . now that i found that post it looks that it works 100%
  2. If you want to beat all megabosses there is not that much to pick outside of wizz multiclasses, priest multiclasses (and single classes of them), monk, herald and maybe inqusitor(idk how reliable is disintegration in killing hauani) , big Ooze fight mechanics is the limiting factor imho and cipher/rouge falls short here. Maybe if you gouge her and retreat to finsh her off with disintegration?? But thats even more boring cheese. thats way classes with resource regen or ability to uphold brilliant shine in solo confrontations with them,
  3. still stacks for me with regular escape and with the cape, it wont show in char screen only in combat log because it's conditional bonus (against non veil piercing)
  4. One upside I can think of is stunning surge, you can spam it without damaging weapons for triggering blade cascade or using smth like fist+grave calling in certain fights (average to low deflection hp sponges like guardian of Ukaizo, fire dragon or big ooze but that fights are auto win for brilliant priest so it doesn't really matter and idk if it increases dps but having stunning ability "on demand" helps while fighting second stage Hauani).
  5. It's affected by all dmg bonuses, like potion of final stand, human fighting spirit. Theoretically you could add some from items (like chromo staff)but it's hard to pull off.
  6. Yep, tested before it and it looks nicelly. Death godlike bellower is a bit silly with wall of draining
  7. It's great, don't get me wrong, but does not bring anything new on the table for helwalker or nalpazca. But looks spicy for FF. Against who it will riposte???
  8. It's extremaly good combo, espacially for FF but helwalker can spam WotW with melee weapons just by equping hylea talons
  9. I don't think your problems(bekarna&godseed) had anything with starting FS without invitation. Most of the time I did it like that (no invitation) and never had anything like what You descibing.
  10. What Ontarah is saying is that to have full start to FS (Llengrath invitation) you need ship capable of reaching Ukaizo and that's correct as far as I know from my experience. Idk if it was intended or that's a bug.
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