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  1. So You have to wait for brilliant to trigger and immediately engage? Super lucky with Blade Cascade but siiick, he went down fast. BTW since you have thaumaturge in play could you check if you can trigger brilliant when at 1hp(BDD)? Edit. Wall of draining was nerfed many moons ago, and in 5.0 they nerfed it more, it hits barrels etc just once when not in the fight, so no more triggering brilliant out of combat and pumping it on barrels.
  2. Whole FS should be fairly easy(depends how OBS look at it). You need to trigger brilliant from cloak just once and pump it( once I did whole splinter reef with thaumaturge like that, got brilliant on first ambush fight, SoT into hours). You can lure first vithrak, flank wit spiritual ally(brilliant from tactician) , and wait for cloak to trigger. Only Arcane Cleanse can mess you up.
  3. Few minutes, noticeable difference is that numbers don't pop up above head when you shoot yourself with missiles. Before 5.0 they did, I have it on video from with sage beating big ooze (edit, I wrote Belranga)
  4. It looks that there was a silent nerf to BDD / potion of final stand. You can't trigger brilliant from cloak when you are on 1hp. I suppose because you don't take damage At least I couldn't, maybe just bad roll.
  5. Are reaching lv16 would be hard? Temporal cocoon is there for sc blood mage and you can cast it on companions.
  6. Why would You need skaen priest with bloodmage? Wall of fire is bad for triggering cloak because it can miss, only 1st lv missiles (autohit).
  7. Sun and Moon flail ( or something like that). You can spam soul annihilation all the time, first hit will dump focus, second regenerate it. Monk shield in the other hand (pick two weapon fighting, weapon and shield and monastic unarmed training), dmg with it is decent with all rouge bonuses and you still can execute full attacks from time to time.
  8. SC bloodmage with lay of hands and physicer belt with 15 might is pulling around 24hp/3sec and have access to temporal cocoon. Big burst, leave 2 enemies, fill back spells, finish off with phantom. Wall of draining all the time. But Dorudugan and Auranic can be next to impossible. Just thinking. Edit per encounter items are still per encounter?? (gloves of lay of hands)
  9. **** it self cast, but You can bounce it back (cipher brilliant), I've tried it with companions,
  10. Cipher/blood mage, cast spell reflection on Vela, cast brilliant on her should bounce back, voila. Wall of draining etc. You know the drill. Loose toilets thoughts.... Bonus points for extended ascension
  11. I think I was still in Maje when the patch went live. Besides I've just reloaded save from before Neketaka to check, went there and hull and sails are in Zamar's stock.
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