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  1. maybe it benefits from sneak attack bonus dmg? blinded ends-dot dmg drops ? wild gues, I never tried to do reaserch why rouge dots dmg fluctuate
  2. but if you rest during run you can have 14+7(empower)+2(sacrifice from marux amanth)+15(85 sec of brilliant from wit of death herald) = 38 guile, thats over 2 minutes of invis, assassin can do alot of dmg during that time, especially with max arcana/scrolls on some harder, non resetable encounters
  3. it's off topic but it looks like grabbing easy xp (smth like 5k, thats what i did) in sandswept straight out of Maje is beneficial in long run on eothas challenge i've did a quick check on vods (bm/skaen for me) and Vic reacheas Ashen Maw on 1st Late Spring (lv 9) abot on 5th ( he is lv 16 which he gets around 1st Late Spring from what i can gather and giant grub is dead) mine bm/skaen on 2nd (lv 16 maybe day earlier and already killed Concelhaut) but i suspect Vic path has more potential for improvment (didn't see it all yet)
  4. it was not only me who found about strand of favor cheese, i saw one other player doing it on twitch before i finished and post the run and chat with other one who was trying to do ultimate with assassin with that trick but was behind me in terms of progres( i was almost done if i remember correctly)
  5. From my experience i am almost 100% sure something change with the last patch (es?). Pre "Ultimate" having hylea food+ adra potion to stack( but only +skill part) was always matter of F5/F8 for me but when i started toying with with ultimate runs i was having decent fail rate. I'll tried to dig into it but couldn't figure was what the trigger. On the different runs that were almost mirrors( difference of 2-3 h ingame time, minutes of real time with the exact same pathing and quest order) it was stacking sometimes just after drinking adra potion or after save/reload, or changing zone with/wit
  6. no, just trigger it outside combat(like with 2 pairs of missile gloves ) and use other armor for fighting, for stacking switch for smth else and save/reload edit. not true, i messed up smth when testing
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