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  1. What I meant is that additional attacks are from main hand. I understood that Elric was concerned that Inner death will proc another inner death.
  2. I remember it being somewhat inconsistent but as for now it works with scrolls, Thaos' Headdress too if you can flank first (+5ac +5%dmg) edit. arcanist balm it's another +2 arcana
  3. Potions with hit to crit(mercilles gaze, perfect aim)? Magistrate Cudgel for +10acc(but you have to connect with it first). You can wear Deltro helm and try to hit him with essence interruptor (force attack with other char) during casting for decent shock lash.
  4. There is a short clip of helwalker/bm (with abilities and items) in that topic, build was for solo but should give you an idea.
  5. Slaying Face's hunt for the Titan Heart if I remember correctly., you get that fight when you collect some item (each Face have 3 of that optional fights tied to certain items scattered across deadfire). And You can pick all paths but be a champion just for one Face. I think you first need to win 2 fights from Face path to get that optional quests.
  6. just use healing hands gloves (lesser lay on hands 1 per encounter) with wall of draining, worked like charm on helwalker/bm for me (with 10 wounds 50% more dmg from sacrifice vs 30% more healing)
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