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  1. I have completed SSS a few times before but not for a while... I found a load of spiders in the forrest at the Kōhatekana Expanse but I can't for the life of me hurt them. I cannot remember how to hurt them but they are regenerating faster than I can inflict damage. My party is all 20th level (POTD upscaled).
  2. Apart from Eder's Armour? I'm playing a barbarian with the item's that give you immunity if you have injuries, so I want to use second chance to revive my barbarian. Is there any other item that gives you this ability or am I stuck wearing eder's armour the rest of the game?
  3. I have the same issue: ubuntu 20.04 game used to play on older versions, I haven't tried it for a year but now it doesn't start
  4. How do you mean use a "cipher for healing"??? What healing do they have apart for the healing effect of pain block.
  5. You mean afflictions to upgrade the armour/shield? Go to the undercity in the gullet and just stand on the dead bodies for 5 minutes... also the wind in the final map of BoW also applies afflictions I think
  6. Most of dev costs seem to be reinventing the wheel... I'd be happy to get a new game using the current deadfire engine as is. Just new quests etc. Obviously that takes time too but if they didn't change the engine and combat system probably not as much.
  7. So Pathmaker didn't spark joy??? Cheese translations are not just the domain of games
  8. Yeah, I tried it but it didn't really appeal to me, I think it was TB too though? I watched a few YT channels playing it and I didn't feel like it was my kid of game - also the brightly coloured outline around each character was distracting. Also there was an annoying bug (maybe Linux related) where each character I pressed was entered twice during character creation. So if I called my PC "Rimmer" his name would be "RRiimmeerr", I liked all the classes and options but I found the interface overwhelming. Also it didn't work well on my intel HD 520 integrated GPU... if I ever get a more p
  9. Just in time for my retirement... hope I can afford the computer needed then to play the spiritual success to pillars of eternity. I'm hoping a games company will start a new kickstarter project creating a baldurs gate style crpg, as someone who played the original BG games when they came out I shant be playing BG3 since I don't like TB, but may watch others who play it on YT.
  10. When is this fix coming? Two of my characters have perm slog zoneWhen is this fix coming? Two of my characters have perm slog zone
  11. Can anyone help. I'm playing a priest and want the boots. Also how do I find locations usng the wiki? It gives locations like this: 8° 4' S, 56° 56' E. but I have absolutely no idea how to find this location. I see the numbers change on the map.
  12. I have to reduce the resolution to 1600 and turn off as much extras as possible but it is playable: 830+ hours so far
  13. I hope it still runs on my Intel integrated 520 graphics card like PoE and Deadfire!
  14. Most weapons are not effective against people with armour, the idea that swords can chop through plate or chain over gambeson is propagated by hollywood. If armour were so ineffective it would never have been worn. I would recommend you signup to the scholagladiatoria channel on youtube if you want to learn more about the realities of weapons and armour. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCt14YOvYhd5FCGCwcjhrOdA Here are some good videos about english armour with Dr Capwell from the wallace collection https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=DE+0%3A04+%2F+25%3A39+Capwell+%26
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