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  1. Modwyr isn't recording the damage I do... https://pasteboard.co/IbVBXzj.png Here I just hit for 27 + 6 damage and still it says I have done nothing of the 1500... I also just killed aload of other monsters before that didn't update modwyr stats. I'm using the latest version of DF
  2. In normal mode (not TB), my Paladin's IT doesn't work anymore - is this a known bug?
  3. Use the PoE1 system so that there are a set amount of spells (priest and druid) but maybe tailored to their subclass. Wizards should have a grimoire but just get rid of the idea of swapping them... neve did in PoE1 and am never going to in PoE2. It's a stupid idea.
  4. As well as giving everyone deep pockets everyone should also get an extra weapon set slot Get rid of grimoires completely and go back to PoE1 style spells... lots of spells never get used as they are too situational to make worth taking Mage-slayer should have a lower spell resistance for friendly spells, on PotD it can be really hard to keep them alive - I can't see why a MS woldn't want to be healed if they are dying. Or allow potion usage... I mean essence bombs work so why not potions. Potions aren't magic any more than essence bombs
  5. Glad I still have my dictionary from 1790 otherwise I would have trouble knowing what you want! A circular wall would be useful
  6. Yeah that dragon is hard... and whats worse - you can't leave until you kill it I went there too early and didn't know this, by the time I found out loads of autosaves had been overwritten and I had to go back to save from two hours before. I found it best to use Arcane Dampner on it to bring down it's buffs. I'm disappointed with the DLC, it seems to require min-maxed characters that are designed to exploit game mechanics or require a chanter to spam skeletons for 40 minutes. This content isn't for people who RP or who don't min-max, it's for people who have the time on their hands to spend a whole day on one fight or for people who want to test out builds. Personally I don't. They should have given it away to all the arch-mages on this board... most of the DLC I will never see as it is too hard. Yeah I could start a game on veteran but then a lot is too easy, plus it's another 60+ hours of playing just to get to the DLC
  7. This is super annoying... but at least I'm not the only one. I find toggling stealth on and then off again fixes the problem
  8. I find the game on PotD quite hard enough but I don't min-max and build partys around role-playing... if you want a real challenge try the DLC. If it is still too hard try not min-maxing. I really don't want the game any harder. veteran is too easy - potd just about ok - except the DLC which is just insane and not very fun. I remember playing BG and BG2 / IWD etc and never found them as hard as POE is on PotD. The fire dragon with Carsomyr was a piece of piss compared to the adra dragon. the alpine dragon or the two with llengrath are harder still.
  9. I have me (Fighter 2h sword), palagina, aloth, xoti, maia. My big problem is I don't have any way of causing confusion... aloth doesn't have that spell and I don't have anyone who can charm either. Its my 2nd time on PotD in deadfire (upscaled) and I find it too tough - I don't min-max, maybe that would help? I might try and play potd with upscaling off a few times until I get used to it. Towards the end of the game the fights are way too tough! I just thought I would go kill nemnok - he wasnt too hard on veteran, but at level 19 on potd its bloody crazy. There are about 30 people with him that surround me and kill me in minutes. What makes it worse is seeing people solo him on youtube
  10. My party is level 19 (potd upscalling all) and just landed for the first time on the island proteced by the plant god. The two massive boars are really tough and togethr with all the other animals and druids are too hard. Anyone got any tips on how to beat them?
  11. This looks fun but not sure if I will try it. At first I wanted 6 but now I'm used to 5! Still at least you could have exactly the same party as in PoE1 with this mod! That is cool!
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