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  1. There is a mod, Una's Rarities. This will allow Una to restock valuables like gems and adra ban perdiodically. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2147062446
  2. Same here, actually I only recently played a rogue in PoE for the first time as I also dislike them. 770 hours so far on PoE and 1200 on Deadfire and only 1 rogue in each game! The cunning duelist is the continuation of my PoE rogue. It is fun now I'm 12th level but early on he kept getting knocked out (I guess those illusion spells of the trickster help keep you alive). I still have to learn how to play rogues, but I like the chant abilities and with just a single one-handed weapon he crits like crazy! I'm still not sold on multiclass, I prefer single class - I hate having to decide which abi
  3. I just started a play through with the Cunning Duelist (Rogue/Chanter). I'm a normal rogue instead of a Trickster but it is pretty fun especially once you hit mid level. I'm taking a few other abilities, not just using as described.
  4. All the animations at happened at the same time, like everything swings it sword at the same time
  5. It's a shame that Obsidian don't license their engine... everyone keeps re-making the wheel. I'd be happy if PoE3 was just new rendered BGs and items for the current deadfire game - I don't need a completely new engine every version.
  6. Black Geyser looks a lot like pillar but the combat needs work, all the creatures attack at the same time... might keep an eye on this
  7. Yes, community patch. Maybe I'm getting to close - I wasn't sure when I was within 2 metres so I just clicked to move right next to the Boars and then started the attack. Maybe this is causing the BS to fail. I shall try initiating the attack when there is still some distance between myself and the target.
  8. After reloading about 6 times I managed to get backstab to work once... combat log says "with backstab for additional effects...". This doesn't seem to be very reliable, the description says it works if you are within 2 metres and my attacks always hit at point blank range. Do they need to crit? I tried dual wielding, I tried a single weapon - same result. How do you reliably land BS? What is the point in it if it only works one it 5 attempts at sneak attacking at the start of combat? Does it need to be an attack on the back of a target?
  9. I just finsihed PoE for the first time ever as a rogue and wanted to play the same character in Deadfire. Backstab never seems to take effect. My rogue sneaks up on the Boars on the first island and makes an attack from stealth before combat has started (which then starts combat) but I never see backstab listed in the combat log when I view the details of my attack. I'm using dual weapons. Shouldn't backstab apply to this first attack from stealth?
  10. I think if you target a body it should explode... it should also highlight any enemies near the body that will be hit by it... at least that is how I remember it. I don't often use it that much because like you I found it to be not very effective PS: Turning off gibs also benefits garden of life which also needs dead bodies
  11. I tried Tyranny but can't get into it - I hate playing evil. So what games are you all playing when you want something different to PoE? Don't mention BG3, I played the first 2 when they first came out and won't be playing BG3 as without RTwP it won't feel like the same series. I also dislike DOS which is another reason not to play BG3. I have seen demos of BG3 and don't like what I see.
  12. Is that the one that causes dead bodies to explode??? If yes, I think if you plan on using that you need to turn of the exploding body effects so that there are actually enough bodies around to make the spell work. WIthout bodies around it does nothing I think
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