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  1. On my first play through of PoE1 I jumped down the pit... that was a mistake and nearly killed my progress. The xirups there were so hard compared to my party at the time I almost gave up and started again.
  2. I use scrolls and postions a lot but my biggest reason for them is NOT that they don't do much. It's because: a: The AI intterupts you all the time when you are 10 milliseconds away from finishing consuming a potion and decides to attack someone on the other side of the screen b: You are limited to 4 slots... every one should start with 6 slots (and while at it 4 weapon slots), I don't see why a talent is needed to give you one extra slot. Why the limit?? I can carry every suit of armour in the world and every weapon, and every piece of clothing plus unlimited numbers of pets, pick axes and rope but for some reason I can only carry 4 types of potion I find I use potions and scrolls more often long fights where my characters may run out of resource points.
  3. There is a potion that can remove wounds - lumenous adra I think it is. I use that a lot.
  4. My priest of berath normally does corrode damage with his summoned great sword but if a paladin uses FoD with Shared Flames his great sword does burn damage instead. Why not both?
  5. I seem to remember on my very first play through breaking into the vault via a window. But now I can't find the entrance anymore - does something trigger this? How can you enter the vault via the window?
  6. Are there any console commands that could maybe spawn the Oracle of Wael and Dorudugan and have them fight each other?
  7. Cool! But surely they should block the exports of enchanted items. You could create many such adventurers with all your end game gear and just export them.
  8. I killed the thing in the assembly of echos and used llengraths scroll. then I came to the scriptorium and went to the temple but all doors get closed. How do I open them again?
  9. I'm playing a ranger now - no subclass on potd upscaled and don't find that my wolf dies to often, if ever. Withdraw is sometimes useful but I need that for other characters too sometimes. I would guess that 80% of fights he never even in danger of dying. I spent points on the pet early to toughen him up - I don't consider points for pet only abilities to be wasted points. Mid level I got mostly passives and only started getting pet actives later in the game. Playdead & deadly surprise - better than wasting points on heal or revive with so little health that he dies again straight away - it's like your own version of withdrawl. I also like bonded fury a lot and sometimes furious call is usefull if enemies get through the front line. I think if your pet dies too often you are using him like a substitute Eder
  10. Where is the 4th soul? I have completed BoW a few times but can't remember exactly where the 4th soul is. I have cleared out and explored the whole of the drowned kingdom and still can't find him. Thanks!
  11. OMG no!!! I hate turned based. I wouldn't want a turned based only game... there's always baldurs gate 3 if PoE3 becomes turned based. Still would be depressing
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