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  1. OMG no!!! I hate turned based. I wouldn't want a turned based only game... there's always baldurs gate 3 if PoE3 becomes turned based. Still would be depressing
  2. Most other classes have items that give back / give extra resources but I haven't ever found anything for Bond. Is there anything like this in the game?
  3. If I have a fighter with sword and shiled style and two weapon style would a bashing shield benefit from two weapon fighting?
  4. I like the evasive roll - sort of like escape for rangers which lets me keep my ranger out of melee range. I took evasive fire as it sounded cool but I not seeing much benefit from it. Is it worth having? My ranger primarily uses an Arquebus - if I have just fired and then use evasive fire to move, can my ranger actually evasivly fire or does my ranger have to reload first?
  5. Just cleared out the old city and realised I don't have the first conch. I tried to leave via the lift but the lift is not there, even though I came down in the lift. How can I get the lift to re-appear?
  6. Hylea seems displeased and now my ship is fitted out with bird**** hull and sails. How did this happen? How can I avoid it in future, if i just swap my sails will the new ones become bird****ty?
  7. So you never level up??? That would be the only way to play the game without special skills
  8. They resist everything, even pistols and such that should be viel piercing. Aloth even fired off TofTV a few times and it did nothing. How the hell do you kill them? I tried crushing doom, storm of fire, meteor shower, nothing seems to affect them, no weapons that I possess seem to harm them.
  9. Never heard of the word before but consensus suggest it means a stupid good looking man. Unless I remember incorrectly, eder has an intelligence of 10... which makes him average which is not stupid, maybe if you min max and set his INT to 3 he may qualify ... but then again, is Eder good looking?
  10. I'm not able to get all the fragments of the sould. Some of them ony have the leave option. Is there a guide somewhere about how to complete this quest... it's getting really annoying using the sundial.
  11. Every time I try and use quick items my paty members cancl the action and do something else. I have to turn off AI to be able to use quick items or special abilities of my choice
  12. I like rangers but I think they are better single classed. Otherwise the pet is too vulnerable as you don't have the ability points spent on it to make it tough. Also it's a "pet", not a substitute tank... if you put on the front line with eder he will die often. Stalker is best if you want to fight hand-to-hand
  13. Where the robe, then you dont' need to fight anyone and do the quest much earlier
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