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  1. Ciphers are either to glasscannon or they simply lack that damage spike you need. Ranger solo class is also one of the worst classes.
  2. I think the reason for this is so you can't charm an enemy and then beat them to death.
  3. As the titles suggest, It would be great if the model in game could be customized a little bit more. Pallegina is a godlike too, but she has more human like features, because of her backstory. But there must be other godlikes who has slowed the transformation and I would like more customization options to reflect this.
  4. You can only experience something once truly for the first time. I savor it, I drink down that sweet experience, which means reloading every conversation. I also suffer from rerolling too much, but that is entirely my own fault!
  5. You are also a very seasoned combatant, and your party members are too (mostly). Yet you can get SURROUNDED by a group of nobodies. Ambush itself is fine, but the fact that some random pirates are able to surround your veteran group is dumb. Hey sorry for wanting some RPG in a RPG ;p Those guys are not hostile unless you choose to attack them. Do you always roleplay Charnames who attack people on sight if you don't like the way they approach you? Not really the point and the reasons most people gave in this thread are not really either. Ambush is fine, but making i
  6. As the titles explains certain situations in this game leaves me completely baffled, how the main character can be so retarded. In the city I get a quest with a satchel, I go and get the satchel and on the way to the other destination I am waylaid by a group, with a leader named Talfor. But the funny thing here is that I was completely surrounded, no space to get away or reposition. This is just one example of how my glorious main character got rerolled. A warrior would always leave room to retreat, otherwise he would be a **** warrior. I changed him to the retarded wizard/rogue
  7. I dont wanna know any story part but I am conflicted about if I should hire adventurers early or keep the gold for keep. I played the game before and made it to level 8 or 9 and I noticed that hiring adventures at level 8 and above cost a fortune. Any advice would be appreciated.
  8. Most people abuse the combat system by using whisper of treason items (dominate) or just running away until the creatures stop following you. They usually pick fast runner talent from the start so they are faster and later get boots of speed so they can escape anywhere.
  9. Any class can finish the game if played correctly. In any case you should play with the story characters on normal if this is your first time. Classes you dont get unless you make them in the inn. (" Barbarian / Monk / Rogue ) Barbarian gets carnage which deals damage to secondary targets when you hit your primary target - AOE melee dps Monk can get insane attack speeds - mobile melee dps Rogue gets sneak attack and later backstab - Melee debuffer with good damage. Any class can do dps. The reason I am being vague is because its better to experience the game head on. You g
  10. Learning the "stats" of this game will help you figure out what you want to build and how to handle certain situations. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Class Whats important to understand is that you get no accuracy from any of your stats only your class. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Accuracy
  11. Priest / wizard / Cipher are pretty good in any party. But its how you build those characters, for instance you can build a melee wizard with so much deflection that he will never get hit. (150 deflection) Druid spells are good but they have been nerfed slightly while the wizard was buffed slightly. ( what ? ) I would go for 1 wizard (tank) 1 fighter (tank) priest (melee / range / maybe pike so he can stay in the middle) cipher (range) chanter (range). Last choice would be between ranger or rogue or another wizard but they should be range. This is a endgame party, it will struggle in the
  12. well the reason commentary cuts early is because you have fast travel on. ( I know its kinda stupid ) But if you have normal speed on when you trigger it it should not cut out.

  14. Chanters are way to slow and I would never have one in my party. They do indeed need a way to speed up chants in general. Like talents that give chant speed 20% or something.
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