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  1. ikky, this is clearly a matter of personal taste, but for ME, I'd find your party build too heavy on spellcasters. When (not if, but WHEN) your paladin PC or Eder aren't able to hold the line against the enemy, everyone else seems a bit on the squishy side, except perhaps for Durance, who can be a decent mid line off-tank if built and equipped right. That said, I suppose that you could also build and equip GM (the cipher) or Hiravias (druid) to be strong enough to off-tank. Personally, I'd just feel uncomfortable with such an arcane heavy party. Too much spellcasting micromanagement. Not enough ability when it comes to physical combat. Just for comparison's sake, my own current party is: First Line: Eder (fighter) and Pallegina (paladin) Second Line: Durance (priest) and Kana (Chanter) Third Line: Grieving Mother (cipher) and Alastyr (my Rogue PC) Durance and Kana are both capable as off-tanks. And as a chanter, Kana requires little in the way of micromanagement. Thanks for answer Crucis.... Yeah, you're right... I would equip Durance to be an off tanker in second line.. he will start with gun weapon and when required change to shield + weapon... But.. yeah, he would be alone in second line :/ A ranger don't fix this problem. but the pet can tank 1 or maybe 2 (if it was a bear, right?) And about Rogue... how much squishy they are?
  2. Thanks Balthazar... In this party : Paladin PC (Tanker or offtanker) Eder (main tanker) Durance (priest) Aloth (mage) Cipher Druid were would you put the ranger? Change cipher or druid ?
  3. Hi Guys, First, i'm sorry for my poor english, it isn't my main language and i'm trying to not use google translate; Second, i'm very noob; - Well... i can't decide how to build my paladin, don't know if i go to shield + weapon to make him a second tanker to fight side by side with Eder, or make him a off-tanker dps with 2handed or dual wielding (what is better?) ; - If i build a party with: Paladin PC (Tanker or offtanker) Eder (main tanker) Durance (priest) Aloth (mage) Cipher Druid I'll have a lack of dps ? How should i build this druid so he can be a really good damage dealer ? Rangers can be a good damage dealer before get Stormcaller ? Who is the best DPS in the game ? Thanks for attention.
  4. Thanks ! So.. 2H cipher is worth ? O.o i've thinking about the 2H DPS fighter becouse on my mind he can stay more on fight, without so much problem. They can get """""""many"""""" hits before down.
  5. What is the power of this build ? What are the pros and con ? 2H DPS Fighter vs DW rogue comparation ? How much damage can do a 2H DPS fighter? (seems important to me) *anyone have a demonstration of damage with 2H Dps Fighter?* Thanks again, and sorry for many posts.
  6. And about a dual wielding melee rogue ? Sneak/backstab attack only income with sneak mechanics ? Or.. Cripple, knock down, flanked will count as sneak too ? I'm thinking on take Rogue instead a 2H Dps fighter...
  7. Okay, so... 1 Tanker Fighter 1 2H DPS Fighter 1 Eder 1 Druid 1 Cipher 1 Priest. I just doubt who will be my main character. (the Tanker Fighter or the 2H DPS) :D THis party it's ok now ?
  8. So.. i'm thinking i'll go with: - Balanced warrior as my main char (shield + sword or something like that); - 2H fighter (DPS melee); - Tanker figher (probabblu Eder); - 1 Ranged Cipher for damage; - Druid for damage area / caster; - Mage for CC or Priest for supp (which one is best?) ; I'm thinkin on my 2 tankers (eder + main char) bloking all for the 2H dps and Cipher melt it.. (using the dps to hit flanked targets).
  9. I saw that. I think my question it's... what build / character (excluding rogue) i use to do high dps melee damage.... and the best caster damage (wizard vs druid) ? I've seen a lot of topics and can't decide that. Some people say that rangers are good (hiting 81 on crits at lvl 4...) some people finished the game solo at highest dificulty with a 2h pally build , some people say that pallys are poor class... i'm very confused
  10. I'll play at normal dificulty first... And thank for your help :D (How can be the wizard tank ? O.o That's scary hahahaha) I was think to make my main character as a fight tanker or some really badass dps. any idea ? 2H Fighter with for example Estoc is good throughout the whole game. I had one with Wary Defender and he could facetank decently while dishing out lots of damage. Thanks for your help Razor, :D I'm thinking about a 2H fighter to my main. (Heavy armor + Greater weaopons looks really badass)
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