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  1. Eothas incarnate priest level 9 summon day/night specs: 3 summons with different weapons - fighter types.
  2. Rymrgand incarnate priest level 9 summon day/night Specs: melee + pull of eothas
  3. Magran incarnate priest level 9 summon spec: fighter/mage with fire and weapon aoe attacks
  4. I wanted to make this post because im being blocked from the wiki and I cant find any pictures of the actual priest level 9 summons, so I tried to take some pictures after testing them out. Generally the summons are not great in any sense. They cant be controlled, which means it will lower their usefullness. Wael incarnate priest summon day/night (level 9) Specs: range attacks and magic lightning attacks
  5. Ciphers are either to glasscannon or they simply lack that damage spike you need. Ranger solo class is also one of the worst classes.
  6. I think the reason for this is so you can't charm an enemy and then beat them to death.
  7. As the titles suggest, It would be great if the model in game could be customized a little bit more. Pallegina is a godlike too, but she has more human like features, because of her backstory. But there must be other godlikes who has slowed the transformation and I would like more customization options to reflect this.
  8. You can only experience something once truly for the first time. I savor it, I drink down that sweet experience, which means reloading every conversation. I also suffer from rerolling too much, but that is entirely my own fault!
  9. You are also a very seasoned combatant, and your party members are too (mostly). Yet you can get SURROUNDED by a group of nobodies. Ambush itself is fine, but the fact that some random pirates are able to surround your veteran group is dumb. Hey sorry for wanting some RPG in a RPG ;p Those guys are not hostile unless you choose to attack them. Do you always roleplay Charnames who attack people on sight if you don't like the way they approach you? Not really the point and the reasons most people gave in this thread are not really either. Ambush is fine, but making it so you bend over to have a 64 inch greatsword shoved up your backside, it just breaks immersion for me.
  10. As the titles explains certain situations in this game leaves me completely baffled, how the main character can be so retarded. In the city I get a quest with a satchel, I go and get the satchel and on the way to the other destination I am waylaid by a group, with a leader named Talfor. But the funny thing here is that I was completely surrounded, no space to get away or reposition. This is just one example of how my glorious main character got rerolled. A warrior would always leave room to retreat, otherwise he would be a **** warrior. I changed him to the retarded wizard/rogue with the voice of Grog, because it was the only way I could ever believe a Watcher would let himself get surrounded like that. (lets just build this fence around you while you stand still) So now I just don't care what the circumstances are, because I already play my character like he is borderline retarded. I get stuck in some water, BAD GROG!! I pull 3 large groups, sounds like something grog would do! Keep going even with almost full injuries. Grog dosn't get slowed down.
  11. I dont wanna know any story part but I am conflicted about if I should hire adventurers early or keep the gold for keep. I played the game before and made it to level 8 or 9 and I noticed that hiring adventures at level 8 and above cost a fortune. Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. Most people abuse the combat system by using whisper of treason items (dominate) or just running away until the creatures stop following you. They usually pick fast runner talent from the start so they are faster and later get boots of speed so they can escape anywhere.
  13. Any class can finish the game if played correctly. In any case you should play with the story characters on normal if this is your first time. Classes you dont get unless you make them in the inn. (" Barbarian / Monk / Rogue ) Barbarian gets carnage which deals damage to secondary targets when you hit your primary target - AOE melee dps Monk can get insane attack speeds - mobile melee dps Rogue gets sneak attack and later backstab - Melee debuffer with good damage. Any class can do dps. The reason I am being vague is because its better to experience the game head on. You get 8 story characters Edér ( Fighter ) Aloth ( Wizard ) Durance ( Priest ) Kana ( Chanter ) Hiravias ( Druid ) Grieving mother ( Cipher ) Sagani ( Ranger ) Palleginna ( Paladin ) And you can make 8 custom built characters in the Inn.
  14. Learning the "stats" of this game will help you figure out what you want to build and how to handle certain situations. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Class Whats important to understand is that you get no accuracy from any of your stats only your class. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Accuracy
  15. Priest / wizard / Cipher are pretty good in any party. But its how you build those characters, for instance you can build a melee wizard with so much deflection that he will never get hit. (150 deflection) Druid spells are good but they have been nerfed slightly while the wizard was buffed slightly. ( what ? ) I would go for 1 wizard (tank) 1 fighter (tank) priest (melee / range / maybe pike so he can stay in the middle) cipher (range) chanter (range). Last choice would be between ranger or rogue or another wizard but they should be range. This is a endgame party, it will struggle in the beginning but become godlike during the end if you build it right. All range characters should be wood elf and all melee should be Fire / moon godlike or heart orlan. Focus heavily on accuracy in the beginning as hitting anything will be tough. Debuff / buff spells help alot. Paladins are good at the start to mid game but become almost worthless near the end. Fighters are tough but they have zero utility therefore I recommend only 1 per party. I recommend lore for your main characters (dialogue son) and any fighter/rogue/ranger/monk/ because they have very few abilities so they have the time to fire some scrolls off if you want. While wizard / druid / priest / ciphers should stick with mechanics so they can detect traps because they have alot of things they can do. main character should have max resolve/perception/intelligence because of dialogue and also lore as mentioned earlier. Edit : sorry you didnt mention what difficulty you wanted to play on.
  16. well the reason commentary cuts early is because you have fast travel on. ( I know its kinda stupid ) But if you have normal speed on when you trigger it it should not cut out.

  18. Chanters are way to slow and I would never have one in my party. They do indeed need a way to speed up chants in general. Like talents that give chant speed 20% or something.
  19. As I said I personally don't agree with starting focus change at all, as it makes the class a little bit more dull, while not impacting overall power all that much. It also makes class even more dull for lower difficulties where battles are super fast. Moving spell a level would make it tricky to apply to existing characters, so I don't think they'll do it in a patch (maybe in an expansion). Soul shock nerf was also completely uncalled for tbh (and it's not even that much of a nerf since it's usually used on a tank surrounded by enemies anyway) Here's my personal balance list for cipher: Spells: Starting focus changed back Soul shock and mind blades changed back Ectopsychic echo and antipathetic field damage reduced by 20-25% Psychovampiric shield buffed to +20 deflection Mental binding - aoe removed, only single target paralysis now Phantom foes changed to fast (it needs some buff, no other ideas) Recall agony accuracy increased by 15 Fractured volition and secret horrors accuracy increased by 15 Pain link needs some rebalancing too, but I'm not sure what's the best way to do it atm Soul ignition damage buffed by 30% Silent scream 3 sec aoe stun Pain block reduced to 7 DT, heal reduced as well Ringleader duration reduced by 30% Tactical meld combat only Detonate damage buffed by 30% Wild leech allows you to select the stat or smth, too random to be useful atm Mind plague duration reduced by 30% Amplified wave aoe reduced to 5m, cast time increased to average Disintegrate cast time reduced to average, range increased Talents: Greater focus changed to 2*level - If this change is implemented, starting focus can go down a bit, as it is now or to 1/3rd Psychic backlash changed to at will (basically it's still much worse than retaliate mod). Might also generate some focus when triggered Draining whip - I like the new one better, but since there are clear winners in terms of dps between weapons, it will remain unbalanced until weapon types are balanced Devs, if you get any ideas from this, please don't cut the list to nerfs only No MadDemiurg! this would make the cipher class get closer to the "fun" range again. Many people in here would be angry at you if ciphers could cast more then 1 spell at the beginning of the fight. Infact its complete heresy.
  20. Amen brother. Sadly this is the MMO-generation where everything needs to be the same or its simply too OP. But what these weird folk dont realise is once you make everything balanced you also run the risk of making everything boring. Hey Odd Hermit if you think wood elf racial is too good just dont use. Or better yet play a fighter with 2 daggers in cloth armor on path of the damned, it should give you the challenge you seem to require. Also there will always be one thing that is better then the other. Must be frustrating for you Odd Hermit....
  21. But it did make them useless/boring in the beginning of the game, while almost not hurting them in the mid to late game where they should have been nerfed. Try reading my post next time.
  22. I think obsidian might have made a mistake on the nerf to ciphers. Im talking about their starting focus of 1/4 instead of 1/2 which I believe was totally unneccesary. Infact that change only made it so that ciphers basicly has to go with the blunderbuss or melee fire retal build. But the reason I think the nerf was alittle to much was that it dosnt really take away any power from the cipher late-game, but instead makes the start of the game even more boring. They should go for nerfing ciphers at the endgame instead of making them so bad in the beginning that no one wants to play them as a main character. Infact you are better served making a custom companion very late in the game that is a cipher. And I dont understand the people who are applauding the retaliation removal. Its like if its in the game you have to use it ( but you really dont ). But you have to remember this is a singleplayer game, I dont understand the need for such balance when the user of the game could just aswell completely ignore it if they wanted a harder time in the game. Infact all those people who wants retaliation gone or nerfed should just make a wizard with all offensive spells and only use 2 daggers for close combat and then complete the game solo on iron mode / path of the damned. See what I did there I just made the game so hard you couldnt even begin to beat it and I did it without removing anything from the game.... And ofcourse people will find easier ways to beat the game without the ciphers or retaliation and if this is any indication Obsidian will proceed to nerf that into the ground also. And a last question will you remove the achievement for those who completed the game savescumming iron mode or ...... no didnt think so.... Stop trying to balance a singleplayer game as an MMO or you will alienate your customer base.
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