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  1. I love that genre too. This is boding very well for some nocturnal sanguine extraction ex-sepulchre, as it were.
  2. Now, Marelooke and I are Keyrock's out-of-game Conan Exile thralls.
  3. Conan Exiles is still going for 50% on Steam, up until May the 20th. I took a chance on it, and I really like the game.
  4. Indeed you do. So far, my two first characters have only eaten insects and eggs.
  5. Yah, I just took a gander at the Custom settings, and there were a handful of tabs. I had no idea that this was separate from my choosing the difficulty. So, I went ahead and tweaked like Marelooke and yours (Keyrock) combined, as well as having the thirst meter go at half rate. Heh, I even noticed the nudity setting. A few months back, I recall Melkathi playing a Conan the Barbarian 2D side scroller game on Steam, and let's just say that I've changed this setting to match his more lewd preference. I have no problem at all starting over, and my picking that Northerner look was me thinking that the spawn point environment was different each time, but now I realize that you start in this desert, so I created a new character, more Nubian-Egyptian, fitting of this Set religion of hers, without any weirdly clipping three-feet ponytail. Here she is at the very start:
  6. Hmm, these are interesting tweaks to the game, you've made there, guys! I'm also on Normal difficulty, and I do manage to kill three human opponents around a campfire with just a stone maul and some dodging. Having just started and getting used to the keyboard mapping, I should perhaps start over. What I like about Keyrock's setup is the disabled dropping loot on death, and the Purge invasions could perhaps be something I could live without. And Marelooke's two time-saving tweaks to crafting and thrall-breaking seems neat as well. And Set is a really cool God outside the Conan universe lore too. Arrows sounds really useful, especially since I love archery builds. A lot to consider.
  7. Well, the copycat in me got the better of me again. I've begun my own Conan Exiles quest, and what I've done is turned off all in-game helper markers, and I haven't watched any video or read any tutorial. I'm going in blind. And my only Conan knowledge is the ancient first Arnold movie from decades ago. I declined Battleye, and I'm playing solo on a server, pretending it's a mix of hardcore Minecraft and The Long Dark. I picked a Khitan sorceress with Ymir as her god, in a desert, heh. I love that contrast! Here are a few of my total noob pics. I've died 3 times so far, twice of thirst by the way (until I learned that I just could dive in a body of water and get my thirst quenched), and I suspect there will be heaps and heaps more of bizarre deaths coming my way: My first night. Moments later, some weird zombie imp killed me in the dark. Pretty scary stuff. Here's me boxing another imp to death until I learned a weapon recipe and had the right amount of components. The mood and atmosphere is pretty neat in this game, although some animations lock up, with frozen baddies for a sec or two, and my loong pony tail has bad model clipping. It goes straight through her chest when she's squatting. I managed to hit this imp with my primitive sword so hard that it fell off this cliff, and it worked like a charm. Stiff falling imp animation, though. Crashing down a huge stone hammer has a nice oomph to it, and you do pay a price gravity-wise after a huge right-click swing. Here's the moment when I realized that I could drink water by diving into this little pool. Neat fish by the way, but they seem to be saltwater fish, and yet I drank that water, no problems.
  8. Ouch! I've been looking forward to trying this out but just this annoyance mentioned here puts me off, and learning about the slight changes from the beta - which I've read have had plenty of issues regarding balancing the system for TB-play - forces my hand away from the play button. A pity - this TB ambition felt really great.
  9. Overall, I'm very happy about the changes to the forums. Thx for all your hard work! I've tried them on two different computers, and on this one, where I use Chrome, it all looks swell, but when I use Windows Explorer, the forum UI doesn't entirely fit, so there's some bad clipping going on. After having read a number of posts now, I'd love to read with just half of this new looooong line width. Is that at all possible under my settings?
  10. Aha! That old, huh? Then, if anything, Borderlands may owe a bit inspiration from this board game, but certainly no the other way round.
  11. Those Dark Future pics involuntarily demonstrate how I played like half of Borderlands 2, and the general look really reminds me of the Borderlands aesthetics, including UI and such. Cool!
  12. Thanks for the heads up! I got it. And that meant bad things and eventually a good thing. It made me realize that all of my Ubisoft games were Steam-linked ones, so when I opened Uplay, I had no Store. My Uplay was some barebone Steam Untermensch version of Uplay. But now, thanks to your tip, all of the sudden I do own a Ubisoft-bought game, and, according to this twisted logic, it means privileges I wasn't privy to previously. Still, my new game didn't appear in my Uplay. Why, I wondered. Well, after some tips on Reddit, I realized that if I didn't use any Uplay shortcut linked to my Steam usage, and just dove into the Ubisoft folder directly and made a shortcut of the Uplay.exe file there, I'd get a clean version of Uplay to appear, and lo and behold, there it was, with store, warts and all, including new pop up window features and other functionalities I haven't had access to earlier, like hidden games and such. Incredible. Now I see the extent of Ubisoft's hatred for Valve, 'cause on the surface of it all, you'd think Uplay is just Uplay, but it's not, it's a digital game distribution caste system.
  13. Pokemon Gó - and then only hunt those pesky in-the-middle-of-the-street pokemons at rush hours in your nearest city...
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