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  1. That's one sad cow! (or African buffalo) Still, remember folks. The numbers printed on bills or prices per se are not that important, even if it sure feels like it at the end of the month, sitting there settling your account. Money is nothing more than a gift commodity/medium of exchange like all of the others humanity have used over the millennia - arbitrary and sometimes laughable agreements.
  2. @Gromnir I just read that US lawyers are looking into the possibility of suing Donald in civil court after he (hopefully) steps down as president, holding him liable for his role before the Capitol Hill debacle and even during and after it. What is the outlook for this legally?
  3. Right now, Norma Torres is certainly making a case for getting rid of DT ASAP. Well spoken - she really drives home the severity of everything that happened on Capitol Hill and before that fatal moment.
  4. This just hit me: The Trojan Horse scam - that simple trick possibly used like 3,000 yrs ago - it would work for any foreign power trying to storm Capitol Hill. Simply dress up as trumpists and wrap yourself in American and Confederate flags and bumble right in. Most likely, the guards won't make a serious effort stopping you. I still can't believe it was this easy and on a day like that, with all of the warnings and info already out there.
  5. I've been wondering about that dork - I'm pretty sure that he's masquerading as Jason Kay in Jamiroquai, based on one of their music videos.
  6. @BruceVC That's prolly true. I feel like blurting out: The line must be drawn here! (Bonus points for identifying in which TV-series you hear that very line and the actor who delivers it!)
  7. That's true, and IIRC, I'm pretty sure that yesterday's storming is pretty much the way A Handmaid's Tale starts, and Donald Trump's son, the bearded one egging on the morons with his father earlier yesterday, looks like the evil leader in that TV-series.
  8. Ransacking and pillaging and basically taking a dmp on USA... Incredible that these things just could go on. And that window cleaner lift, perfect for assaulting people on the next level. Really nice of them having those hanging around.
  9. Yeah, I had no idea that the Capitol cluster of buildings were this easy to assail. Good to know for ill-willed organizations and such, I suppose. Some head of security needs to be sacked ASAP, that's for sure.
  10. First breach of the US Capitol since 1814 and the vengeful Brits.
  11. Perhaps the events unfolding today can make quite a few republicans turn their back on trumpism if you formulate it in some economic argument: Image-wise, this is costing the US a ****load of money, and even more cold hard cash won't be generated any time soon because of this.
  12. Best speech I've ever heard from Biden going on right now. In some ways, his voice reminds me of Ronald Reagan.
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