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  1. Minsc was meh, but the NPC i really disliked, and I went to great lengths avoiding her at all cost in both BG1 and BG2, is *drumroll* Imoen. I didn't like the VO and I didn't like her plastic, clingy, but still "cool" persona they're trying to sell.
  2. A slightly different streaming tip here, but this South African documentary below, released in August on Netflix, is IMHO a masterpiece and one of the best nature documentaries I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot, as part of my daily work - the astonishing photography, the surprising knowledge it conveys and the emotional personal man-animal-storyline shown are all outstanding achievements in their own right. Phenomenal stuff: My Octopus Teacher https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12888462/
  3. Perhaps not related to anything more than Trump sending federal troops to Chicago among several other US cities (Operation Legend is certainly legendary... *Oof* ), but how cool and brilliant isn't this mayor? Lori Lightfoot. I can see why so many people voted for her. And yeah, her surname has a comforting ring to it, for sure.
  4. Hans Blix is a well-known Swedish lawyer, and he's been writing extensively on this subject - books as well as a plethora of articles in both English and Swedish. This article, an opinion piece, in the Guardian is but one tiny example: https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2008/mar/20/iraq.usa Gromnir is in fact indirectly quoting it, by him saying "brits and US were reading intelligence and where question marks were implied, the folks were acting as if were exclamation points". In the same article, link above you, Blix claims: "The contract that George Bush held up before Congress to show that Iraq was purchasing uranium oxide was proved to be a forgery." If this is true; Who made the forgery and why?
  5. Our flat PS3 is still running hot here, and still cool. It's holding up very nicely indeed for something used extensively over a decade (doubling as a Blu-ray player and a device charger). But the best item, no comparison, 3 of them in our household, is the Nintendo Switch - fantastic - and several games have cross-platform compatibility. I have no intention buying anything newer at this point in time. PC for the win!
  6. Do I sense a bit of defaitism here? How about a superprism to cheer you up? A superprism has a light dispersion strength that is 500 times stronger than a normal prism, which already is a fab gadget.
  7. Bolsonaro got covid-19. The irony runs deep in this case. I'm not saying anybody deserves an illness, 'cause that would be absurd, but at least it seems fitting without any schadenfreude on my behalf: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/07/americas/brazil-bolsonaro-positive-coronavirus-intl/index.html
  8. Also late to the party: As somebody who hadn't played any Assassin's Creed - the Odyssey, it's latest incarnation, felt to me, like a 3D CRPG of the type you seem to be listing here. I had hundreds of housrs of fun with it - I'm still not done. Pretty great game for the most part.
  9. ^What Gromnir wrote above: I just watched Trump's tirade about China and Covid-19, and his popularity just baffles me. He's like one of them primary school bullies talking smack with the few brain cells he can muster to deliver a limited number of short and still barely intelligible sentences. And his entire body language, his tone - disgusting - is the word I'm looking for.
  10. Given the state of things in the US atm, I'd expect that anybody approached by police will be even more nervous and on edge. If you were intoxicated and part of an exposed minority group, there is a clear possibility of you making panicky moves and simply put yourself at risk of the officers violent responses they've been taught and told to perform according to US law. In short, this situ must be a powder keg. Avoiding the police altogether is your safest bet, that's for sure.
  11. Thx for filling me in on some info the article I read didn't account for. Yeah, then it makes a bit more sense, given him attacking them etc., but yeah, the pursuit was where it all went south fast. Was he really that big of a danger to society when he ran away in that instance? Why not just call for backup and catch him, using more manpower and safer tools for that kind of job (catching him - rather than stuff that might kill him)?
  12. One would think that police forces all over the US would be extra careful exercising any force involving hand guns and resorting to such violent solutions to their policing duties, but sadly this doesn't seem to be the case everywhere. I just read about the Rayshard Brooks case in Atlanta. How could a sleeping intoxicated fellow blocking entry with his car and a few officers escalate into such excessive force and even risk a lethal incident? It bogs my mind in so many ways...
  13. I'd like to add a few other factors: The kind of work you do would heavily affect your energy depletion. For a deep sea oil rig diver or an Alaskan crab fisherman, 40 hours is back breaking, sometimes even deadly or impossible. But my work as a script writer, 40 hours is pretty much nothing to me, and I'm far from young, and I have a bad back. And I recall when I was much younger, I had a couple of years, where I needed to juggle three part-time jobs a day 5 days a week to make ends meet (on paper, like 50 hours a week), and still today, this is probably one of my worst work-related ordeals, especially in a big city and hours of commuting (which I didn't get paid for) using various kind of transport: buses, the tube, rail cars, you name it.
  14. I had no idea that y'all think of it as a big time turkey! I'm older etc, so I do identify with Picard and Troi and Riker, but I also like the old grumpy old fool tone of it all! On top of that, it had all I like: Romulans, ancient myths, secrets, bloated egos, evil siblings, synths, a bit of Borg, some weird Romulan Ninja of Lost Causes (Does it get better?). I found myself siding with that Romulan cult and the synths and even the Borg (minus Seven). If only those gargantuan tentacles had slipped out of the portal and carnage ensued... Liked the photo, music and some of the effects as well.
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