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  1. Melkathi: I vote for an old female esoteric performer.
  2. I'd hazard a guess, and say at least a few are, and some of them are even more old school than WoWClassic Vanilla day 1, ie, Everquest and NWN MMO RPGers. I can easily see myself doing the same thing.
  3. Almost my first humble steps in WoW ever, and definitely my premiere in WoW Classic. I know absolutely nothing. I recognize that it's a MMO, that big world-famous one , and bits of the lore I have accidentally picked up via my love for Hearthstone, the card game. Since I like the Ravenloft setting in D&D, I felt compelled to pick an undead, that's a relatively rare class in CRPgs, at least. Next thing was my choice of class, and I settled on Warlock, since I have a thing for summons, like for instance Druid in NWN1. Having played ridiculous amounts on PvP NWN servers, I opted out on the possibility of griefing and such, but still I wanted to get a reasonable RP feel, so I picked a RP PvE server, and so far it's been pretty great. Deathknell is a nice starting area, and due to my doing some hill climbing, I accidentally fell helplessly into a zone next to it, when I was lvl 3, and the baddies was like 8-10. Whelp! I had to run and run intil I saw a road, and then I found a way back to my starting village. The graphics aren't that great, but the VO and the music and sfx are quite good, for the most part, and my co-players have been nice to me. The server is reasonably full, Medium, and those on it seems to be more chilling and RPG lite guys. Perfect. My pristine undead warlock at lvl 1: My first quest: Getting my imp: (which has really funny barks): The starting place on the map: My first mini-dungeon: And my warlock at level 6:
  4. Hmm, as I've never bought any Wow box/game, will it be enough if I just subscribe to get access to Wow Classic, or do I have to buy one of them expensive boxes (most likely the latest)?
  5. Except for some free 20 levels many years ago, but still not at all WoW Classic, I have never even tried Wow. I just soloed around. For the first time, though, I'm seriously considering trying this game out, and among the reasons for that is Hurlshot's point just above. I love me some good slow-cooking!
  6. 2020 is shaping up to be a fantastic year theoretically, for me, at least: Baldur's Gate III? Yes, please. I'll try some of that! Realms Beyond! I was an avid backer, Josh Sawyer will design the lich tower. Who doesn't want a turn-based massive SP 3.5 galore CRPG? and now, Amplitude has announced Humankind, as a true competitor to my beloved Civilization series. They did a fantastic job with their latest 4x game. Here's a little teaser:
  7. I really like it, but the skills introduced are pretty much copy paste of skills in Dishonored 2, a game I adore!
  8. Yeah, you're on to something there, that's for sure. I do recall it being the second worst aspect of PoE1, the worst being the last quarter of the game (well, it's less if you are playing the XPs). And in PoE2, I'd say that ship combat is the worst part, and once again, the end of it all, unfortunately. Otherwise, two very entertaining and content rich CPRGs.
  9. Well, loot boxes inserted into upcoming games will clearly have to present your statistical chances of winning various stuff: https://www.polygon.com/2019/8/7/20758617/ftc-loot-boxes-policy-ps4-xbox-one-nintendo-switch
  10. From the Gamespot interview with Swen Vincke June 9: "SV: The previous Baldur's Gate games were based on Dungeons & Dragons 3.5. We're now Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition. " Why...? I never...!
  11. Yeah, this is my view in a nutshell. It's like the correct CRPG immersion dialled in for my taste. I have a gazillionth playthrough in the works right now, and I'm utterly hesitant at even entering Baldur's Gate. Ever since my first playthrough, I always have been. We've heard from Swen that the game will take place in a few sections of the city initially (I wonder for how long, though).
  12. Hmm, Octodad is the vision that pops into my mind, reading about this mindflayer romancing speculation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJKtJG7bDME Hmm, how to post a Youtube-vid? My old format doesn't seem to work... And here's a snippet from PCGamer's interview a week ago: 'Vincke suggests the game will be heavily systems-driven and Larian will be creating its own D&D-inspired ruleset. "We'll stay true to our roots, so we'll give players lots of systems and lots of agency to use these systems and try to accomplish what you need to on your personal adventure and your party's adventure. That's not going to change; that's the core of what we're doing. But then there will be an interpretation of D&D, because if you port the core rules—we tried it!—to a videogame, it doesn't work."' Will this be Sword Coast Legends all over again, with a few skill trees and skills on timers? Since that was a pretty huge mistake on their behalf.
  13. As do I. This is why I hold BG1 in higher regard than BG2. I really liked the scarcity of magical items, and also the whole deal of everything being threatening from the get-go (at least before you realized that you could cheese your way through via ranged weapons, etc.) Swen's statement certainly has me worried.
  14. One thing has been confirmed, though. Brian Fargo didn't lie. He knew that BG3 was in production when he wrote his little message last autumn.
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