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  1. Yeah, but leaving aside the fact that that's a point no one has made (yet), that's the difference between ancient and recent history. Discrimination of sexual minorities in US academia didn't happen 2,500 years ago and enslaving each other is no longer an accepted form of dispute resolution in present-day Greece. As for the skeletons, perhaps the process of name selection needs to be re-evaluated if that's really the outcome that you keep getting. Because the alternative is a more critical examination of -recent- US history, and every time someone proposes that, orange man gets one vote.
  2. Not really applicable though. Many of the people affected by what's discussed in the SciAm piece are likely still alive today and remember what happened. And to a degree it seems to be happening still even if it's no longer official policy. It's not really "canceling" either -- banning speakers from events and SM is one thing, but I don't think there's anything in the Constitution that protects an individual's right to have a space telescope named after them. Seriously, I don't think it's such a big deal. Is there a dearth of brilliant people with untarnished legacies to pick from?
  3. Live service generally entails a server-based architecture where your progress isn't stored locally. You must connect to the network to have access not only to the regular new contents and updates that are supposedly the upside of a live service, but simply to access your stuff and play the game. That's different from a DRM scheme like Denuvo which may need to dial home, even though the authentication mechanisms in live services do double as a form of DRM. Fundamentally you can strip or sidestep a DRM layer to get the game to work, but there's no way around a live service's servers shutti
  4. I'm not sure why the "screaming left" would do anything after AJ launches a new TV channel. I mean, AJ simply practices the same pragmatism as Qatar itself. If anyone from the left, screaming or otherwise, believes that Qatar works to advance anyone's interests but the Emir's, they only need to be reminded that Qatar is hosting the forward headquarters of USCENTCOM... while simultaneously providing funding to a variety of Islamist groups throughout the ME. In short, Qatar gon' be Qatar. So AJ launching a new product to fill what they perceive is a niche left untargeted by the rest of the
  5. Nah, I see what you mean. "States" is certainly pushing it and the report doesn't really 'state' as much as it insinuates. Even if they have found someone to take over (big if), seeing the project to completion has to be a monumental task. Otherwise they wouldn't have replaced the whole studio in the first place. I'm curious who would even want to take the project on, who can also be expected to finish it with any certainty. Can't be many candidates.
  6. Their year-end report states that another studio has taken over. However the decision not to name it is certainly eyebrow-raising and it could be corp-speak for "we asked XYZ to take a look to see if it's salvageable" rather than work on the game in earnest. It stands to reason that the new studio wouldn't want to have their name associated with this dumpster fire until they are confident that it can be turned around. Refunding preorders made on a game that's basically riding on nostalgia and name-dropping is probably not something PDX want to think about and the decision not to cancel it
  7. Report: Techland Is Bleeding Talent Due To Autocratic Management, Bad Feedback, And Lack Of Direction sadge
  8. I have to say, I'm surprised. PDX have developed a bit of a reputation for releasing broken stuff so this is not in character for them. I wonder whose lap will this hot potato land in. Harebrained?
  9. I tried playing XWA with a PS4 gamepad not too long ago. Getting the axes to map correctly was a bit of a nightmare but once that was out of the way it worked pretty well. Aiming with the analog stick was tricky, but that's probably more down to my own lack of skill with a controller than a problem the setup itself. I didn't find the lack of buttons to be an issue, honestly.
  10. Zor beat me to the punch. Thank the flying spaghetti monster for real-time notifications. I like that you're name dropping behavioral science and confirmation bias and ****. Makes you look real smart-like. But the real kicker is that you're doing it while showing your own confirmation bias by parroting some ZH nonsense when data from an org that can spell shows that, in this case, renewables weren't the problem and they couldn't have been because they weren't relied on to pick up the slack -- gas was. It's really great because I'm not even a huge fan of wind myself and have spoken ag
  11. Haha. So "data" from market watch and financial types to counter official data from ERCOT (you know, the bunch ****ing running Texas' power grid) and the US Energy Information Administration? Much financial. Such informational, wow. I mean, it's not just that some random financial douchebags are being misleading with those charts -- the ~50% wind drop figure is from feb 9, before the storm even started. You can clearly (to the extent the pictures allow) see that there are similar decreases before, storm or no storm -- this is why the nominal reliable capacity for wind is rated by ERCOT at
  12. No. https://www.eia.gov/beta/electricity/gridmonitor/dashboard/electric_overview/regional/REG-TEX http://www.ercot.com/news/releases/show/225369 "As of 9 a.m., approximately 46,000 MW of generation has been forced off the system during this extreme winter weather event. Of that, 28,000 MW is thermal and 18,000 MW is wind and solar." It wasn't "wind farms failing" because wind provides a small fraction of Texas power (under 10% compared to about 65% for gas in total dependable capacity). It was, in fact, mostly natural gas pumping systems freezing because Texas NG
  13. I don't know what to tell you. I don't play on console but I think the option should be there?
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