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  1. Yeah, I was thinking icepick. That works too and I don't have to go to the hardware store. Thanks!
  2. Going through my thankfully small backlog, I've been thinking of trying to get into DA Inquisition, for the story. But every video and review I watch keeps reminding me of the impression that I got and led me to uninstall after two hours -- that it feels like a single player MMO. I have neither the time nor the energy for that, as I'm already busy with one MMO. Help?
  3. You expect something worse than a teacher being beheaded in broad daylight by a teenager to happen in the next few days? Heh, I hope not. It is 2020, though.
  4. Special powers allow the government to largely bypass the straitjacket of, uh, the rule of law. Contrary to the version the media are peddling, the government is not bound to respect the stated intention and self-imposed limits to the powers granted by the state of alarm declaration. They claimed it's only to be applied to certain regions, and only to impose certain restrictions, but legally that's hogwash. There are no such limitations. The last state of alarm saw the government abuse its special powers to push through decrees and rules that had little or nothing to do with 'rona — which was
  5. Yes, we don't know. And that's what the study ultimately admits -- more research is needed. Until then I'd suggest keeping your shirt on. Where the NYT hack says "78% present signs of heart damage", the study actually says: "A total of 78 patients who recovered from COVID-19 infection (78%) had cardiovascular involvement as detected by standardized CMR, irrespective of preexisting conditions, the severity and overall course of the COVID-19 presentation, the time from the original diagnosis, or the presence of cardiac symptoms. The most prevalent abnormality was myocardial inflammatio
  6. Well, yes, but... As KP said, Brooks is retired, from TV at least. Has been for like 20 years. Not sure if he does theater anymore. His Rutgers profile still lists him as a professor, but that's likely out of date. I don't see him going back to a role that he saw as well closed at the time. Fingers crossed, they can bastardize other characters like Fleet Grand Marshal Wesley or whatever.
  7. It's surely shaping up to be a 2/10 game at least...
  8. Aliens: Crucible. East vs West. Fallout Tactics 2.
  9. Sorry for the Razer plug, didn't find a news item (heh). Finally coming to GOG, though I'm not sure anyone here even cares anymore. I might check it out after researching the mod scene a bit. The co-op is basically all I'm interested in.
  10. I'm so glad I cut my losses early. I guess there's room for some pseudo-profound metaphorical commentary about the state of Trek writing and current times, and how ironic this is considering the writers' politics, but I'm perpetually tired so here's a silly gif instead: OT: I binge-watched Cobra Kai. Can't wait for S3.
  11. I believe the logic goes: if they aren't freedom* lovers, that is necessary and sufficient to make them commies. People vigorously argued that Hitler was actually a socialist in these boards, and I'm sure they will again given the cyclical nature of these threads. * unless exercising freedom bothers me personally, in which case, please please state power crush them! (and they were commies abusing freedom anyway, so it's not really authoritarianism, it's just that the boys sometimes get a bit carried away upholding law and order) When it's the essjaydubyoo hordes defining the b
  12. Exitium. ****posting since ca. 2000. He's a bit of a joke over there IIRC. Gotta hand it to him though, the rest of us have to work for a living. His focus on US politics is self-explanatory -- no one gives two ****s about Malaysian politics outside of Malaysia and he's always been a colossal attention whore. Essentially an improbably successful troll. It's profoundly depressing that people still read the garbage he posts.
  13. Haha, I don't think I ever found all secrets in any JK map. Hell, I remember being confused enough by the path you were supposed to take to finish some missions to even think about going for secrets. As for Velen, I think you may have missed an objective. IIRC you could go search for the daughter after asking the fisherman, but before finishing the Baron's quest so you'd have a more complete picture by the time you got back to him. But yes, it's not great design that you can't tell him what's what afterwards if you decide to tell him what you know before heading out -- which is a perfectl
  14. What? I don't remember this. Granted, even my first playthrough was heavily modded, but I don't remember the game permanently locking me out of content that I couldn't do at the time natural progression would take me to another area. Are you speaking of Velen? And I don't remember actual checklists, but I have very bad memory for games. Is this a task list in your log, or in the interface? Can't you disable secondary quest tracking so that it's not in your face all the time? I definitely see your point that designers shouldn't be overly concerned about balance in single player games.
  15. I stopped ticking checkboxes in games and found I enjoy them a lot more if I play organically and avoid anything that feels remotely like a chore. I believe it also breaks the game less because I'm not going to be hitting the XP cap by the mid game or ridiculously outlevel bosses if there is no cap. This also ties with the merchants thing -- if you don't turn every stone for a copper and take every rusty sword back to the vendor, you won't have a huge bag of gold to throw in merchants' faces as you clean their inventories out. Not saying your complaints are invalid, of course. It's just t
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