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  1. Yeah, from what I've read, AI and spawns are just not up to snuff. Giant stompy robots shouldn't just "spawn on the other side" of a base. Reinforcements should be seen coming from miles away, giving you time to circle around to meet them. I thought Mechwarrior games were supposed to lean more towards simulation than arcade shooter. I guess if you're not constantly blowing **** up people get bored and nobody will stream your game, or something. I really hope modders will come through as they did for BATTLETECH and by the time the EGS exclusivity thing is over the game will be well on its way to getting to where it should have been.
  2. So... turn-based Dragon Age 3? I'm hoping it'll have stronger role-playing systems, at least. I'm not so concerned about the combat itself, unless they decide to copy the worst aspects of both the BGs and more recent RPGs, namely tons of filler encounters that one can get through mostly on autopilot. Can't wait for the announcement of the announcement of the countdown to being delayed indefinitely.
  3. whynotboth.gif I don't know, seems to me that more and more discussions get bogged down in interpretation of data and methodological technicalities because every tom, **** and harry on social media can always come up with statistics to "prove" that average temperatures in Alaska and Florida are about the same. So it's not just getting at what's technically true that's an uphill battle, but also deciding whether it's significant. One should only trust statistics that they have doctored themselves and so on, but I'm pretty sure that solipsism is an intellectual cul-de-sac. TL;DR: At times I wonder why I have given up drink.
  4. Funny that the US doesn't have a nominal historic landed aristocracy, and yet, social mobility is worse than in many countries that do.
  5. I didn't know whether to post this here or in the weird thread. Reason 53,246 why Russia > America: corrupt officials just off themselves then and there as the guilty verdict is handed down
  6. Sorry, I'm tired so I may have missed something. But where does it say they are willing to license the SW IP? Currently they have an exclusive licensing agreement with EA (exclusive being the operative word and probably the only reason EA gives two ****s about the IP), which means only EA gets to make SW games. I'm also less than convinced by their supposed carefree attitude wrt licensing their IP when just this week it has surfaced that two Alien game deals fell through directly as a result of the FOX acquisition. Much as I'd like Disney to take a page from Games Workshop's book, I just don't see it happening.
  7. The Spanish translation was added just a few days back in a patch. The PC version does have a Portuguese (Brazil) translation, so my guess is that its absence in the PS4 version is an oversight that will be corrected in the future. I'd try shooting the publisher an email at SUPPORT@VSEVIL.NET, see what they can tell you.
  8. Hold up. In which capitalist dream land the law is an opt-in? All law is coercitive in nature, which means that there is a person with a gun who will happily kill you for non-compliance. Even if you could truly live off the grid, the only way to stop someone from exercising their free market "rights" over the land you inhabit and kick you out is to claim ownership of it yourself. Which means you are forced to participate in the capitalist system and abide by the laws that it's built on. You are free to *pretend* that you aren't participating, but that's about it. I've mentioned this in the past, but the only place where you could really be "free" is Antarctica, and guess what, it's illegal to settle there.
  9. You aren't wrong. But you can also paint the so-called free US in the worst possible light: an economic divide so insurmountable that makes it so class is more strongly inheritable than intelligence, the world's largest prison population both in relative and absolute terms, staggering (and possibly deadly) healthcare inequality, a structural obesity epidemic, long prison sentences for exposing the state's crimes, and the star of the show: unelected special interests which are slowly but surely turning the world into an uninhabitable trash dump, and which in effect exert more influence over the state than the people it's supposed to serve and represent because the only value is dollar value. I don't know man, sometimes I think you're so high on "freedom" as apparatchiks were on the workers' paradise utopia. I know you're going to retort that you went from nothing to a degree and a home thanks to your service, and then I will counter that some nobody kid from a poor peasant village in deep rural Russia went on to become Premier of the Soviet Union and bring it down from the inside thanks to its equal opportunity policies. So let's skip that part. in The fact remains that for a majority of the population, neither the US nor the Soviet Union are the hellholes one can make them out which explains why so many people still rate them highly over uncertain dreams of a better society.
  10. It's clearly not. It's an attack on Trump distorting facts. But your mendacious attempt to spin it as an attack on a poor kid (will no one think of the children?!) perfectly illustrates the obtuseness of the 30% who will support Trump no matter what. "Background check"? Yeah, never let silly facts get in the way of perfectly good political bull****.
  11. So a new KS update dropped, which feels a lot like a sendoff letter, announcing a patch later this month. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/webeharebrained/battletech/posts/2752749 They also say that's going to be the last free update, after which the game will remain on life support "customer support". And they are moving on to something non-BT related, which hopefully means Shadowrun. It's been a good run, but I was kinda hoping they would announce a bigger, badder sequel, based on lessons learned from this game.
  12. Red Dead Redemption 2. I mean, it even had realistic horse testicles! The drug-addled, Exploited by the Patriarchy™ and possible victim of abuse or human trafficking portrayal is a dime a dozen, no doubt. Try to go a bit deeper and the twitter slacktivist hordes are going to fall on you like a ton of bricks. I think it's also useful to distinguish between games in general and AAA titles with hundreds of millions invested in marketing efforts that can be undone by (social) media hysteria. You aren't going to find many groundbreaking counter-cultural achievements in the latter category, for obvious reasons.
  13. "The new report shows the EU already has the capacity to bring in almost twice as much gas as it uses. So why expand gas infrastructure if they’re already oversupplied? The report says it’s because industry representatives with the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Gas (ENTSOG)—a trade group of pipeline and gas companies—are leading gas infrastructure planning." something something free market efficiency
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