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  1. Are Protests Dangerous? What Experts Say May Depend on Who’s Protesting What yeahsciencebitch.jpeg
  2. Hate to be "that guy", but that shouldn't put worries to rest if that worried you to begin with. Bubonic plague is endemic in areas of Central Asia and elsewhere. It's under control, but there's a chance that an antibiotic-resistant outbreak could get out of control. Note "get out of control" rather than "appear" because IIRC, they already found cases of antibiotic-resistant plague bacteria a few years ago. Misuse of antibiotics is one of those potentially catastrophic risks that don't get nearly enough attention. But hey, at least it's not Corona.
  3. Kanye tweets he's running for president
  4. https://www.gilead.com/news-and-press/press-room/press-releases/2020/6/an-open-letter-from-daniel-oday-chairman--ceo-gilead-sciences but muh fiduciary duty
  5. Also Chapo and some TERF subreddit. YouTube also banned that insufferable clown Molyneux and some others yesterday. Galaxy brain centrism going on the offensive, not surprising considering they are megacorps.
  6. We can't not have Rammstein embedding correctly. edit: retroactive double post!
  7. Why. Why do they insist on demoing FPSs with a ****ing controller??? Looks fun otherwise. I doubt it'll have a substantial amount of content like The Following, but if it does well, it could convince Techland to do the standalone it could have been. Maybe?
  8. Indeed. It occurred to me that Twitter is the best argument that could be made to illustrate why no one should want the ability to read people's minds.
  9. Yeah. I mean, everyone knows that the solution to dysfunctional public services, especially those involving the monopoly of violence, is more opacity.
  10. Not sure what you're referring to with "Obsidian". Boeroer is not an Obsidian employee to my knowledge. He posted it here, but given Avellone's profile, the conversation would have been brought up by someone at some point. Have Obs replied or reacted in some way? Otherwise, please try to refrain from making baseless insinuations.
  11. While no doubt great around the ladies, I'm sad to say that probably works against you with cops. You may retain some ability to handle a weapon under stress from your time in the Corps, but perhaps not as much as you think. And in any case, you're more an exception than the norm in that regard, among the CC community. I remember having a fairly sobering experience myself at the firing range when working towards private security certification (never got any use of it, the hours were terrible) shortly after being cut loose from the army. I also remember being downright terrified at how bad other people were. Granted, this isn't the US and it may be different over there. But in my experience unless you impose extremely stringent proficiency requirements, no matter the subject, people are going to be garbage at it. When it's guns we're talking about, that's dangerous.
  12. It is going to have a single player campaign. But Battlefront 2 did too. They may be trying to cover all bases and that's never good. A bit too early for pessimism, perhaps.
  13. I was interested. I've been interested in a SW sim like the ones by Totally Games since, erm... 1999? Guess I'll have to keep waiting. The silver lining is that since it's probably a different kind of game, XWing VM won't be seen as a threat and maybe they won't get C&D'd to oblivion.
  14. Looks more like a Rogue Squadron successor than XWA. It's EA Motive too (of My Face Is Tired fame), so...
  15. As discussed here, it seems there is no way to clear old content from attachments to make room for new pics. Or at least, I haven't figured how.
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