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  1. The only upside I can see to this is old D2 maybe possibly finally showing up on GOG. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a D2 remaster but it's almost a certainty that they will **** up by making it always online or something. At the very least, it'll require yet another launcher.
  2. I only played Space Empires 5. The way it was handled there was similar to how it worked in Darkest Hour, with budgeting and high-level objectives. Less micromanagement and a layer of abstraction above Rebellion but little impact on the game overall. And on the other side of the spectrum you have the hacking mechanics in Endless Space 2 which is a constant chore you need to deal with but adds nothing except aggravation. They do seem to be listening to what people ask for in terms of systems, so I have little doubt that espionage mechanics will be added not too far down the road. But with the AI coming apart at the seams as it is, I'm not so sure the game will be better for it...
  3. Yeah, that sounds like the kind of micromanagement that is actually fun to get busy with. Heh. It's kind of sad that Star Wars Rebellion had much better espionage/covert ops mechanics than whatever is on offer twenty years later.
  4. My only experience with espionage in Paradox games was back in HoI2, where it went from useless chore to lolwtf in the course of a die roll. Couping the Soviet Union was hilarious, until you realized that it completely broke the game. I'm not sure what it would even do in Stellaris. Perhaps something mechanically similar to how criminal syndicate megacorps operate now? Personally, I'd much prefer they focused on fixing war -different combat computers still do nothing beyond flat % bonuses- add variety to the victory conditions, and some much-needed depth to the internal politics aspect of the game.
  5. Two announced. A species pack with mechanics (Lithoids) and what seems to be the diplomacy overhaul that was long overdue -- Federations. Stellaris DLCs announcement is at the ~15:00 mark.
  6. I can PM you my link, but you may want to consider selling that in-game instead. Often people will offer up to 10 mil to click on their referral -- though I'm not sure how you'd avoid being scammed.
  7. Nah, not the world. Mostly just "journalists" and their social media cohorts. The dumber they are the louder they moan, is all. In other (vg related) news, another DLC was officially announced that will probably not live up to its name: It'll include the Marauder and Warhammer in the free patch, so at least there's that.
  8. Yeah. Be refreshing to see a goddamn sexual tyrannosaurus running rather than the bunch of slack-jawed fa**** around there.
  9. Yes and no. You are right that this was not a PDS (the team that designed the megacorp in-jokes) ****-up. This is, however, very much a PDX ****-up. They chose to sub-⁠contract the game to what is likely the cheapest and fastest Chinese alternative "Game Bear Tech" -- who promptly delivered what is, according to accounts from people who have tried the beta, simply a reskin of their own Nova Empire MTX trash heap. So yeah, even if Martin Anward or Daniel Moregård didn't have any hand in this dumpster fire, the board most definitely did, but somehow expected it to go over well in a typical example of executive disconnect.
  10. This in the broader context of them releasing a mobile game laden with MTX is nothing short of hilarious considering they went out of their way to ridicule shady business practices by corporations in the last major expac for Stellaris. Anyone who's read their 2018 press release containing the two magic words (investors, mobile) knows what to expect, though. So...
  11. Another 11D chess masterstroke.
  12. Yeah. Never having used ScummVM, I guess it's much easier to set up than say, VirtualBox.
  13. And most importantly, is it illegal since they are technically dead?
  14. It's likely the store warns you that you're purchasing an Epic Launcher key at some point before making the payment. I assume you didn't actually try to purchase the game?
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