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  1. I don't know if there is. However one is a heavily scripted experience with a focus on jump scares, and the other is a more sandbox, free-form, atmosphere based game. I was frequently frustrated by Exodus' faux-open world, in the sense that levels don't even try to conceal the fact that the player is being constantly funneled to where the designer wants them to be in order to trigger the next cutscene or QTE. I'm not saying it's bad design, just that it's not for me and not what I was expecting when going in. Not sure the chart you posted is on point regarding the fans, but it kinda is wh
  2. I didn't call your thread garbage. I called the greater issue of culture wars garbage, and asked why you believed that that particular story merited its own thread outside of the politics thread -- for which no adequate answer was given. Regardless I did not take any action as the thread did not break any rules per se. As I recall, you admitted that you had fundamentally misunderstood your own story and admitted it could have been posted in the politics thread in the first place. And that's as far as I'm willing to take take this tangent about moderation in public. Any further questions,
  3. I see your "triggering" and raise you some "projecting". I simply pointed out selectiveness and seemingly arbitrary thresholds for accepting something as "science". Your reactions and obsessive editing betray way more "triggering" than anything I've said.
  4. To be honest, I don't have an issue with the paper in general. However, that last bit seems to be both a tangential footnote, and poorly substantiated, seeing as how it's entirely based on a rather suspect application of the transitive property. The paper cites another paper to support this, which says PR remains "a salient factor" for psychopathy. And this study shows PR plays an important role in anti-mask attitudes, therefore anti-maskers are psychopaths. Neither paper does actually study the correlation between psychopathy and anti-mask attitudes. Seems like someone went fishing
  5. That's a laugh, coming from you.
  6. Good to know that the official threshold for science is 10 citations. It's a pity that the paper we were discussing at the start of this thread only had 9. Just one citation away from being science -- alas, it will instead languish next to the likes of phrenology, the luminiferous aether and bloodletting, forevermore. I mean, I guess I could dismiss it out of hand because it could be argued that that one sentence is meant to draw headlines, but I'm not going to do that. Because it's science.
  7. Wait. Is this science now? I'm asking because I can't tell, what with all the cherrypicking going on regarding scientific papers.
  8. The designer's penchant for taking control away from the player to force Artyom through increasingly predictable and contrived situations was detrimental to fun, imo. Too much Resident Evil, too little STALKER. Also, QTEs were getting old by 2010 already. Do we really need them? I did enjoy the world building and story quite a bit, though.
  9. https://thepostmillennial.com/father-who-was-jailed-for-violating-gag-order-about-childs-medical-gender-transition-pleads-guilty "a) CD shall be restrained from: i. attempting to persuade AB to abandon treatment for gender dysphoria; ii. addressing AB by his birth name; and iii. referring to AB as a girl or with female pronouns whether to AB directly or to third parties; "b) CD shall not directly, or indirectly through an agent or third party, publish or share information or documentation relating to AB’s sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental or physical health, medical statu
  10. Way to miss the point. He was found in contempt for disobeying a previous ruling which compelled him to use a certain pronoun and, more to the point, shut up about it. Heh, "heavy on the bias" alright. edit: why is this not in the politics thread with all the rest of the culture wars garbage?
  11. Yeah, I remember reading that one of the two swtor.exe processes the game runs simultaneously is actually an instance of something called "Awesomium" (yeah), a Chromium-derived framework that provides browser-like capabilities for applications. In SWTOR's case, the UI. Awesomium has actually been discontinued by its developers and I couldn't even find when it was last updated. Heh. Barring the newest two instances, Storymode ops are completely brain-dead now -- after 4.0 was rolled out, any checks (including mechanics) are trivial. Which is a good thing for the reasons you stat
  12. Endgame content in the game even now is pretty much standard fare for the genre, as well -- either raiding or 4v4 ranked PVP. If you aren't into either, once you are done with story content, the game holds little for you because "Conquest" or the new battle pass aren't content, just strategies to keep players busy grinding the Tatooine heroics 32456624 more times. Which is a bit weird because people are going to be dragged in because of story, but then find an endgame that is completely different. It's not a bad endgame either, just not what people looking for a story-driven experience w
  13. The game's engine is its biggest problem currently. Things like nameplates causing the framerate to tank (as with flytext, it's almost mandatory to disable them in 16m instances) preclude features such as speech bubbles which are common in MMOs and a long time request from SWTOR players. Desyncs keep getting worse, as do deaths by map. I suspect even the current dev team don't really know how to fix it as evidenced by several failed attempts. In KOTFE/ET, you are the companion. The player is a secondary actor in the Valkorion family soap opera. For that and other reasons it's regarded by
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