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  1. Shining a spotlight on their nonsense cause was likely their main goal, and they actually did a very good job of doing so. Presumably damaging world famous art (but not really doing so), and then attempting to glue yourself next to it was a pretty ingenious attention getting ploy. Hopefully they eventually apply their thinking skills (if it was even them that thought of this, and they weren't pawns) to further exploring and researching the issue they that they are championing. Of course the billionaire/foreign owned media helped them get the word out, but that's to be expected, as the cause these girls are ultimately championing is the greater empowerment of the billionaire/trillionaire class.
  2. Pretty much everything Musk ever does in view of the public is part of a dog and pony show. Make no mistake, he's on Team Evil. Or in other words, the people you unwittingly usually cheer for Bruce. Like Trump, Musk does an excellent job of talking the talk, but generally not walking the walk. Like Trump, he's a pied piper, controlled opposition. Both are entertaining. Both are billionaires. Both talk out of their ass a lot. Neither are sincere in much of what they say to the public, though they both do touch on some truths that most of the mainstream won't, hence many are fooled that they are fighting the good fight. And both have what amounts to a cult following. Trumps lies and nonsense are a bit more objectively easy to prove, but that's because he made a lot more promises. Musk lies, a lot. You don't become a billionaire by being honest (the lone potential exception is if you're born into it).
  3. A number of possibilities come to mind.... a) Staged propaganda b) Training c) Durability and/or mine efficacy testing, that's later taken out of context d) Legit video.... You can't really see well when you're in these things. It's not like driving a car. Your field of vision is limited. At best you have some cameras. What you see through cameras does not equate to what you'd see with human eyes through a car windshield. Something to note: many people (soldiers included) think it can't happen to them. So much so that even when faced with a threat that would be obvious to someone else, they'll think.. "eh.. that's not really that dangerous thing I think it might be". Decoys are not an uncommon thing. Get used to rolling over fake mines enough, and you just might start throwing caution to the wind and roll over a real one. .... and I'm sure I didn't think of all of the possibilities. Please note: a huge amount of stuff that you find on Twitter and the like are bogus. One should be especially suspicious of short videos, that are likely missing context. Twitter is a propaganda machine and a lot of people are bamboozled by it, especially those with short attention spans (which it was designed from day one to cater to and foster).
  4. Don't think he's forgetting, I think you have an extreme bias against Russia & Russians, and at least a moderate bias against reality. Even if what you said is true (for the sake of argument), money disappearing doesn't necessarily translate into inefficiency. Not all thieves are bureaucrats, and many of those that aren't are often still proficient at their jobs. That said, the fact remains that Russia built this bridge in a relatively short amount of time for such a large project. This fact, like all others, doesn't care about your prejudices or misperceptions. Insofar as build times in the USA v Russia, I could write a short essay, but it is indeed apples and apples. Corruption and inefficiency sadly dominates much of the United States at this point.
  5. One of the very few people in Congress in recent times with some integrity has finally left the communist party. Better late than never!!
  6. The President of the United States and the executive branch has zero power to do this. The 'scheduling' of drugs was created by an act of congress. It will take an act of congress to reschedule or de-schedule any drug. So yea... Biden just making noise to make those who don't know any better think he's doing something. All that said, I don't disagree at all that it should be lowered. It's just not something the POTUS has legitimate authority to do.
  7. Not tinfoil hat. What you say has a lot of truth to it and Taiwan being annexed by the CCCP is a very highly likely scenario before this decade is done. The entire thing is being floated in the billionaire/foreign owned media again and again to get the plebs used to the idea, so it's more accepted by them when it happens.
  8. Don't get too excited BruceVC. This move by Biden is 99%+ just theatrics, aimed to get the gullible to think he's doing something on their behalf. Similar to his student loan forgiveness decree (though pardons are actually within his legal powers, where forgiving student loans in the manner he is attempting to, is not). The reality is that no one has been in Federal prison for 'simple marijuana possession' in many decades (if ever even). One would be hard pressed to find a single person in jail nationwide solely for marijuana possession in the modern era. Even in states where it remains a criminal offense, in practice it's an offense that is either completely overlooked or results in a small fine. This has been true throughout most of the USA for decades. Generally speaking, when it comes to any drug, if the Federal government is involved in the prosecution you've exceeded a statutory threshold which gives them jurisdiction. Example: In the 1990s you could grow 49 marijuana plants in your house without running afoul of the DEA. You certainly might run afoul of your local or state police department, but 50 was the magic number to get you indicted on Federal charges (it might still be the magic #, I haven't kept up on it since the early 00s). The legality/illegality of drugs is all sorts of wonked throughout most of the world, but Biden isn't the marijuana users friend, and many of them realize it. One of my biggest stoner friends who despised the Orange Man and voted for Biden blew up my phone the other day bitching about this, because he at first thought it was great thing like you, and then he realized it was yet another manufactured lie.
  9. I live on planet earth, and so do you. So if you know nothing about the world I live in.... well.. you're in the majority. And because this majority exists, evil people are able to flourish. Says someone who either can't be bothered to use a search engine or doesn't know how to... Don't worry, I won't do your homework for you again.
  10. https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/senate-bill/4848?r=1&s=1 https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-resolution/1205 https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/8568?r=13&s=1 These bills are generally just floating around. They probably won't be voted on, at least not without a massive escalation from what we've already seen. There's fortunately not the political will for this nonsense, and the tide is moving in other direction (more and more people are beginning to catch up with reality). Generally you can just search the web for the name of bill X, and you'll get information on it. Congress.gov a great place to see just who the Evils and incompetents are. Tip: Most anything Lindsey Graham ever champions is evil, especially when we're talking about international politics. This treasonous lackey for the banking cartel has a penthouse reserved for him on one of the deeper planes of hell, likely down the hall from McCain and Bush Sr.. Like a broken clock he's right sometimes, but usually even then he's just pretending.
  11. Relative to most 'leaders' on planet earth in the modern era, Putin is a great leader. But the bar is very low considering no small number of 'leaders' in the world have been actively selling their nations out for many decades now. Putin is many things, but he's not treasonous. He generally represents Russia and Russian interests very well at the international level. Would I support Putin if I lived in Russia? In his actions at the international level of politics, generally yes. In his domestic policies, I would certainly part with him on at least a few major issues. I am not Russian, nor do I live there, nor do I have enough good solid information regarding the internal politics of Russia to be able to say with any certainty if there's anyone there that I would support at all. In my own nation, the politics of which I am very familiar with, there is almost no one in politics at the national level that I support even a little, let alone fully (as it's almost invariably nothing but corrupt, evil, incompetent, and/or naive people in that game at this point, unfortunately). Ugly truth: the Russian media is generally at least as 'free and independent' as most of the media in the west is. Putin isn't really responsible for eroding any freedoms there, as there wasn't too much freedom to begin with. I'm frankly a bit more concerned with the censorship and lies in the western media than I am with such things in Russia. I don't support such things anywhere, but I'm not going to concern myself too much with what goes on in someone else's backyard when the **** is piled high in my own backyard.. To add to my previous post, here is a decent conversation that touches on some of the inherent problems with 'embedded journalists' (long story short, they are generally very untrustworthy sources of information).
  12. The idea that Ukranians aren't afraid is nonsense. Everyone I ever communicate with in both Ukraine and Russia is afraid, whether they're for the war or against it, for Russia or against it. About the only people who aren't afraid at this point are the armchair quarterbacks mindlessly cheering for the war to escalate. Anyone thinking that a few dozen missiles being lobbed their way for the first time in a significant manner by a nation that has many thousands of them on hand is evidence that they're winning is a special kind of delusional. Stop getting caught up in the day to day propaganda, and go look at a map. Ukraine already lost....
  13. The conflict in Ukraine predates Russia moving troops in earlier this year, by many years. I don't know of a single politician that is a head of state of a nation that isn't a liar, though Putin is objectively a lot more honest and competent than most, at least when commenting on anything at the international level. This has been true for well over a decade. Insofar as where I get my information. Primary sources whenever possible. Example: I don't take CNN's word for what Putin or whomever says, I actually take the effort to find the speech/interview and read/watch/listen to it myself. (warning: if you do this, you'll discover that most of the western media lies, all the time, about everything) I also check a large variety of sources, including some which I'm sure you read. However when I check such publications as the WaPo, CNN, NYTimes, et al I'm more interested in what lies they're telling the gullible serfs than using them as reliable sources of information. A very important question to ask yourself whenever you're consuming any media is 'Why am I seeing this?', 'Why is this being shown to people?', or 'Cui Bono?'. Few seem capable of asking this question objectively, and instead take almost everything they see and read at face value (if they bother to learn anything at all). An incomplete list of information sources (on a variety of topics) that I've used within the last week or so (in no particular order):
  14. Untrue. Nations with large militaries are very capable of waging offensive military actions of a relatively small size without the support (or even knowledge of) most of the populace. The US and UK especially have done this innumerable times over the last ~120 and ~300 years respectively. Moreover, those who control the levers of power on/in a nation can even wage large offensive wars in that nation's name without the legitimate support of a majority of it's populace. A good case in point is the US and World War 1 (If a nation has the legitimate support of a majority of it's populace for war, conscription is not needed). In the case of Russia v. Ukraine, it's fairly safe to say that most Russians who support the war do not look at it as a war of aggression, but a war of liberation. This aspect being largely ignored and obfuscated in most of the dishonest western media outlets. The more astute realize this war is much larger than Russia v Ukraine, and has been going on for much longer than since February 2022.
  15. You''re offering nothing objective here. It's a picture of a destroyed building, with zero context. There's no proof of what this building is, no proof of who destroyed it, not even any proof this building is in the vicinity of Ukraine.
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