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  1. One of the highlights of last summer's tour, Runaway Jim (or Jimalope to some) as it's been dubbed is a threading of Runaway Jim → Run Like An Antelope → Runaway Jim → Run Like An Antelope → Makisupa Policeman → Run Like An Antelope with references to Thread thrown in. One need not be a Phish fan to appreciate the music, but if one is already familiar with these tunes you know this is one hell of a plate of exceptional awesomesauce. Thread, a song played only twice before this show, preceded Runaway Jim in what was already one hell of a second set. One can only hope that future Thread performances will mean similar awesomesauce is soon to be served. Unusually and fortunately, Phish has kept this whole show available, and it can be seen here.
  2. Caught up on the latest season of Better Call Saul today, then went on a Breaking Bad wiki adventure, which naturally culminated in this video....
  3. After 13 nights and 236 songs Phish began their final encore of the Bakers Dozen with an emotional rendition of... In 5 more days.... Summer Tour 2018 begins, hence LazyLightning55a's apropros post of the above today. I'm flying out tomorrow for the opener in Tahoe myself. If you know them, and you're even remotely on the fence about seeing them, do it. If you don't know them... well... I wish Phish upon you all.
  4. Suicide aside, one hell of a lot of people constantly engage in fooling themselves.... Fooling oneself is a prerequisite for delusion, cognitive dissonance, sociopathy, hubris, and more....
  5. Pop some psycotropics on a regular basis and that will change. Also, you're more grounded than most. A factor in a good number of suicides is one's imagined world crashing into reality in such an unpleasant way one doesn't want to deal with reality. That said, people kill themselves for a variety of reasons, 'depression' isn't the only one.
  6. Hey.. I've been to the Nevada desert too.... lots of people have.
  7. The opening: The closing: Two iconic songs many know that bookend a movie that these days many of those many haven't seen. Enjoy!
  8. Good to know. I couldn't get through Episode 1 of the new season. The overarching story has gone to 100% pure poo, but I loved the one offs last seasons.
  9. One of these? Grab yourself a good VPN if you can't see either of these video. and #@)*$ YouTube and the various record/movie companies that play the 'you can't see this in your country' game.
  10. Do you have the rise of the perpetually offended without the rise of celebrities posting self-important garbage on social media? Probably not, as the shallow thinking perpetually offended tend to look up to celebrities. We didn't get here without some propaganda leading us here, and celebrities are oft a favorite tool of those who would mold the minds of the masses.
  11. Knee jerk reacting morons, and Disney being Disney's usually evil self. That said, the show has a high chance of being picked up by another network, if enough of the key cast members are still on board. I'd wager all but possibly Sarah Gilbert or even Rosanne herself are. And that said.... holy smokes are we living in a poop laden world when someone's tweet (no matter how distasteful (a subjective thing)) gets a very successful TV show cancelled ~24 hours later. The increasing chilling on speech and the continuous rise of perpetually offended is going to yield uglier and uglier things should it continue. Unfortunately it seems like we're still pushing that petal ever closer to the metal as a society. The cliffs be yonder!!
  12. I wouldn't say guts. There's no bravery involved here. It's not an even remotely grey issue. More like pure ignorance or just being plain evil.
  13. 10/31/96 Musical Costume: Talking Heads Remain in the Light. One of my favorite bands covering another of my favorite bands. http://phish.net/setlists/phish-october-31-1996-the-omni-atlanta-ga-usa.html
  14. Acoustic Harry with Neil Young
  15. Yes, they've had prior interactions. Context is missing. As with other snips of things he's said in this thread. As I mentioned before in this thread, one really should read that thread, before commenting here. Certainly before offering criticism. It's an increasingly long read of course, and much of it is skippable (I mostly just scan for Chris's or other Dev posts), but I do think worth the read. A thread about an ongoing thread is kind of meh. I'm here as I'm curious for reactions and how much diehard loyalty there is here. Avellone is more than a little believable, and despite the insinuations of some in this thread, he's not inconsistent, nor acting out of drunkenness. The best that I can tell is that he'd had enough of being asking questions based on false assumptions, and hearing a false narrative of events. He'd kept a lot bottled up and one day he said "'**** it', I'm not keeping these secrets anymore, who wants to know what? I'll tell ya". That's something I and I'm sure others can relate to. As with all of the best writers Avellone has a deeper understanding than most of human nature, and in order to get that understanding one has to have to have a great appreciation for the truth, as well as to be very human themselves.
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