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  1. am suspecting you are joking, at least in part. 'course we spent today figuring how to unload one o' our cars. am genuine getting rid o' our x5 in part 'cause o' a flat tire. front tire went flat and we now need two new tires. decent tires would cost us ~$1k. we also got a recurring self-leveling suspension issue, which is endurable but would cost ~$3k to fix. is time to throw in the towel. am not current in need o' a replacement, but will likely get one o' the new ford ranger pickups, and then make it more dog-friendly. am down to two dogs, but history suggests we will have more sooner rather than later. HA! Good Fun!
  2. am kinda with numbers on this. we didn't see a need for the sequels, so we sure don't recognize a good reason for a 4th short o' a cash grab. alternative: perhaps is a sunk-cost fallacy issue? wachowskis is so invested that they cannot get themselves out of the matrix. just one more movie (or one more trilogy) will save their vision? and one more. and one more. HA! Good Fun!
  3. can do a search if you want, but we noted at time of draft how in spite o' possibility jaylon smith would never play a down in the nfl, he were also the guy from the class we thought had the best shot o' being a hall of fame inductee in the future. jaylon smith is also current one of the cowboys four best players, regardless o' position. high character. high motor. high intelligence. but yeah, pick early second round were a risk, albeit less so when one considered the upside. people is talking 'bout elliott and dak, but getting smith and lawrence inked this year were, in our mind, more significant to long-term success. good news getting him locked up. now, get byron jones signed, though am suspecting jones slows this 'cause o' health concerns... 'course he will need pay for such caution. HA! Good Fun!
  4. https://www.49ers.com/video/mitch-wishnowsky-with-the-huge-hit-vs-broncos two observations: 1) love to see a kicker getting into the mix. 2) somebody needs to teach mitch how to tackle. lower head when making contact is so wrong, and may lead to serious injury of the guy tackling as well as tackled. lead with the shoulder is great. wrap up is great. unfortunate, drop helmet is dangerous and is stoopid regardless 'cause as a tackler you do not take eyes off target even for split second. love the tackle and hate it at same time. sad thing is, mitch is not alone. seems like proper tackling technique is not taught at any level these days. sure, mitch is a kicker, so who is wasting time coaching him up on tackling, but is not just mitch. see this in pro, college, high school and pee wee. https://qctimes.com/news/heads-up-tackling-the-wrong-way-can-lead-to-catastrophic/article_21e7df67-2a0c-5ac1-a152-099a16802868.html kevin everett never played another down o' football, but unlike many others, after years o' therapy, he was able to walk again. lower head increases odds o' complete avoidable injuries and also makes for less effective tackling. bad on multiple levels. *leaves soapbox* HA! Good Fun!
  5. last two for a bit am able to overlook the "fusion" label and enjoy good blues guitar. and something a little different kinda feel bad for brittany howard's bandmates. those guys, a bunch o' high school friends, had made it to the Big Time seeming yesterday, and then the band's headliner announces she is going solo... and the rest o' the band was never heard from again. anyways, am not certain how we feel 'bout the new stuff, but getting terry crews to lip sync the video were fun. HA! Good Fun!
  6. one more from purdie HA! Good Fun!
  7. *snort* we stole Gromnir's identity in 2005... and you have no idea how exhausting it is posting like this just to keep up the charade. HA! Good Fun!
  8. elliott is a premier rb. the thing is, recall demarco murray's final year with the cowboys. the guy averaged 4.7 ypc and he totaled +1800 yards rushing on 392 attempts. last year, elliott averaged 4.7 ypc and he totaled +1400 yards rushing on 304 attempts. the cowboys ol, as long as they stay collective healthy, is gonna make most nfl calibre rbs look good, and they is gonna make good rbs look like they deserves to be in the conversation with the likes o' barry sanders, jim brown and walter payton. pay elliott and you is actual paying the wrong guy if you is most concerned with maintaining rushing totals. again, am agreeing elliott is a premier rb. if one ignores all the off-the-field headaches, then elliot would be deserving to get paid... by somebody. the thing is, the cowboys ol has actual been underrated the last few years. the cowboys, in part we suspect to cover dak shortcomings, runs the most vanilla offense in the league. one step removed from leather helmets. defensive coordinators has lamented how everybody knows what the cowboys is gonna do, but the chess game move and counter-move planning is wasted if you cannot prevent even what you know is coming. the cowboys offense functions 'cause the ol is overwhelming good. from a pure football pov, may nevertheless be worth paying elliot in spite o' our observation. the cowboys ol is good enough such that if any one guy goes down ('cept maybe zack martin) the line is nevertheless gonna continue to perform at a high level. the thing is, count on the cowboys line to stay relative healthy all year may not be the smart bet. what happens if travis frederick and zack martin is injured for an extended period o' time? somebody is gonna need step up, and am not believing dak is able to be any better than what he is today: a mid-tier qb. have elliott on the roster means season might not be complete over if a couple ol go down with injuries. 'course all this ignores how elliott is a headcase who is always one after-midnight story away from a multi-game suspension. has gotta be a dollar amount jones attaches to immaturity and stoopidity, no? perhaps is a small number, but... HA! Good Fun!
  9. maybe show movies would help 'cause have every USA high school kid read 1984 isn't working. HA! Good Fun!
  10. gonna disagree with you on this. post-mortem were discouraging for us 'cause josh recognized insular problems as 'posed to cultural and/or systemic. keep in mind, am not looking for the silver lining. am not looking at this like an obsidian fan. am looking at this like a cold-blooded and heartless ombudsman o' doom. ship combat were a waste o' resources and shoulda' been killed sooner. ... duh. recognition, after-the-fact, that ship combat were a resource sink is less helpful for future game design than one might hope. if the folks 'bove josh's pay-grade had recognized ship combat as a resource hog with little benefit v. cost, do you think obsidian genuine woulda' pushed forward with the feature? so, josh recognizes how important it is to not invest resources in features which is offering little payoff compared to massive expenditure. no quicksand features. even looks a bit like josh... at least when he has the beard. late addition o' vo were problematic? again, duh. as a post-mortem point, am finding this one to be o' dubious merit. josh reflected 'pon a disproportionate expensive feature added late in development which functional forced immediate content lock. would josh do it again? no, but he admitted it weren't his call in the first place. so, a relative unique situation which were complete out o' his hands, but he admits it were a bad choice... a bad choice by somebody else. uh, well, ok then. also, am thinking josh almost complete whiffed on the real issues with companion shortcomings and narrative flaws. could go into writing problems further, but am recalling we already kinda did so when post-mortem first were shared. etc. josh looked at isolated problems and came up with specific solutions. is actual a terrible approach to a post mortem, or rather is the way an ameteur approaches. learn not to make same and exact mistake again? ez. josh didn't address process or culture which led to problems in the first place. what changes coulda' been made so similar unexpected problems would be avoided or marginalized? nothing. no reflection. am knowing am sounding harsh and am gonna cheese off more than a few folks by being so critical, but am hopeful somebody at obsidian takes the next step, the hard step, and figures out how to change process and culture so as to be better able to respond to the inevitable unexpected crises which will plague their next title. HA! Good Fun!
  11. dak is (maybe) the 10th best player on the cowboys roster. this observation admitted ignores the disproportionate importance o' the qb position and also recognizes just what a talented group o' players the cowboys current have at their disposal. nevertheless, is one o' those brain-freeze kinda moments to consider the possibility that a guy who bare breaks top ten on the cowboys roster should be getting paid $40 million. reflect 'pon what a $40million dak means when the contracts for other young cowboy players, more talented players, is gonna need be renegotiated. the aaron rodgers contract calculus were criticized by some pundits 'cause paying the qb big money limited what the packers could do with the rest o' their roster. the thing is, the packers qb were a legit mvp candidate. similarly, given how young is the bears roster, paying to get khalil mack were criticized by few when the bears managed the trade accompanied by a historic contract. dak ain't the same guy and the cowboys got more than a couple guys who is gonna need get paid in the next couple years. what is the 31 other owners thinking o' the possibility o' jones actual paying a mid-tier qb $40 million? any other team who has a qb entering free agency or facing the last year o' their K is likely contemplating how to discourage jones from making a league altering decision. HA! Good Fun!
  12. you do realize your approval is akin to wod linking supporting articles from joshua goldberg, or sharp one linking alex jones stuff, yes? skarp blunt capacity to be wrong on any issue from law to bumblebee aerodynamics is gonna undercut gifted position, and he sure don't need that kinda help. as to current issue o' trump chances o' winning, am admitted uncertain. while we don't necessarily agree with gd list o' candidates and their chances o' success 'gainst trump, am admitted concerned 'bout democrats, 'cause while democrats talk a good game, they so rare show up in november when it counts. am knowing trump is as unpopular as ever, which has been a near constant since short after the election. am recognizing how poorly trump is polling 'gainst the field. https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/457645-fox-news-poll-shows-trump-losing-to-biden-warren-sanders-and-harris am admitted baffled by how trump is actual polling below his approval rate, which is kinda counter-intuitive for an incumbent President. 'course nothing much has made sense 'bout trump polling since he became nominee. folks talk 'bout the economy as if is a positive for trump, but is core trump voters who has actual seen their situation become worse these last few years. if democrats become enthusiastic 'bout a candidate, they win whether is moderate or far-left, but go ahead and try and predict such a thing today is gonna be mostly the result o' weak-arsed conjecture. have mentioned this before, but obama did not look like anything other than an also-ran until after iowa. is better for democrats if a candidate, moderate or far-left, energizes the historical torpid and indolent democrats. is tougher for a moderate to create groundswell support given the endemic disappointment many/most voters have with washington status quo. nevertheless, am not discounting the possibility o' a moderate finding an issue or signature proposal 'tween now and february 2020 iowa caucus to elevate their game, so-to-speak. is far too early to predict. yeah, only way trump gets reelected is gross incompetence by democrats, but such were the case in 2016. one thing democrats got going for 'em this time (other than trump incompetence in office, which should make the election moot but don't) is the fact clinton ain't the candidate. weren't simple fact clinton were so overwhelming unpopular 'mongst almost all non-democrats and even a few democrats which made her a bad candidate. the cronyism which marred the democrat candidacy is not an issue this time 'round. far too many demo bosses owed the clintons decades worth o' favors such that her candidacy in 2016 were foregone unless jesus christ returned to run... though am suspecting even jc would have a hard time with both party voters in the south and parts o' the heartland given fact he is not european white. last time around, many democrats justifiably believed clinton were forced onto them. made far too many fainéant democrats actual bitter rather than ordinary indifferent. ain't a candidate like that in the current field. HA! Good Fun!
  13. am knowing hall and oates is a bit o' a punchline nowadays also, for more smooth pretty purdie drum effort, purdie shuffle for the win. HA! Good Fun!
  14. unauthorized border crossing is illegal. ain't criminal. if gifted builds an extension on his house w/o such improvements being to code, his actions is violations o' law. illegal. however, such actions by gifted ain't criminal. government decides a good way to deter folks from doing home improvements w/o proper inspections and/or in violation o' code is to separate families who engage in such behavior. show up to a younger gifted's wrong-built home and take his wife and child away... temporarily. "so sad"? such silliness is ok though, 'cause folks is convenient forgetting how building code violations is illegal. multiple administrations has faced border crossing problems, though rare has they been so self-inflicted. nevertheless, previous administrations managed to muddle through w/o a general policy o' child separation. regardless, regarding gifted's poor coyotes, if you can somehow convince enough like-minded folks to pressure their Congressmen into changing law, then perhaps you may get your wish regarding the end o' manifest unfairness being delivered unto coyotes. am suspecting a long wait. 'course most o' us realize how similar actions may provide different levels o' criminal punishment. take identical male twins as an example. twin 1 is releasing measurable amounts o' carcinogens and toxins into the air daily. twin 2 is doing same. twin 1 is a 2-pack-a-day smoker. twin 2 runs a large chemical refinery and he is knowing polluting in violation o' law. pretend there is no difference 'cause they is fundamental doing same thing is absurd, but here we is somehow. HA! Good Fun!
  15. smuggling people across the border is a crime and violates the immigration and nationality act. Congress passed a law, and the President signed and the Court has upheld the Constitutionality. you genuine need a review o' how this works? fines for violation is considerable and prison terms is up to 20 years if multiple undocumented persons is knowing being transported across the border at locations other than designated checkpoints. is two relevant code sections with only major difference being if smuggling took place at designated checkpoints. oh, and if an undocumented person dies as a result o' transport, prison for the smuggler may become life. so, gifted now knows enough so he can go out and pressure his Congressman to change laws? maybe he gets enough citizens to pressure their Congressmen regarding the manifest unfairness faced by human smugglers to get laws changed? am not gonna hold breath waiting. but perhaps you wanna do reverse and make the immigrants actions criminal? that would be more fair and equitable considering the poor treatment the coyotes is receiving? criminal trial for current and backlogged immigration cases? all +850,000? yeah, that is the change we should be demanding. however, you are right 'bout one thing, we should get more use o' the following: duh. which brings us to skarp's typical blunt comprehension fail... a fail that admitted started earlier with chill comprehension fail. the detainees is not being arrested pursuant to a suspected criminal infraction. duh. in the US we do not separate parents and children when a person is served a parking ticket. doing so would be ludicrous and am not thinking needs be further discussed. that being said, the Courts is aware o' the reality o' the situation at the border and the difficulties o' detaining large numbers o' persons w/o even certainty o' their identities and countries o' origin. is a logistical nightmare to process and adequate detain people in the current situation, which is why child separations has been ok'd when is necessary, but such separations need be for no longer than absolute required. again, these ain't suspected criminals who is being detained. child separations did happen under previous administrations, but such were limited and not part o' a general policy. we previous mentioned at least one child separation event which happened during obama's administration, and the government defense o' the separation were cringe-worthy indeed, so is plenty o' blame for everybody. nevertheless, discover the wh purposeful made child separation a policy to discourage immigration? well, that is what caused the brouhaha regarding child separations. and to be blunt, am thinking you would look like a world class idiot if you went before judge atsushi wallace tashima and told him, based on his exhortation regarding soap, toothbrushes and blankets for minors, he had "obviously" never had to endure "harsh conditions." yeah, his ww2 experience provided the judge with experience regarding detainment camp conditions. is the kinda first-hand experience very few o' us could claim. nevertheless, chill calls out one o' the few judges with such experience? and you agree with him? HA! but again, this is a blunt comprehension fail and strawman to boot. judge tashima were addressing "safe and sanitary" requirements o' the flores settlement. harsh conditions experience were complete irrelevant in the present situation. ... already explained this previous, and given blunt instrument am dealing with, am as optimistic now as hurl were earlier when he edited his post in recognition o' a presumptive fail. nevertheless, we endure. the flores settlement, whether you like or not, is controlling law regarding what is standard for government insofar as the care o' minor detainees. flores, as is often the case with such directives, is light on specific guidance. "safe and sanitary." in a recent case a fed judge determined that, at a minimum, "safe and sanitary" required the government to provide minors with soap, a toothbrush, a blanket and conditions conducive to sleep. judge ordered that facilities be inspected to make certain these bare minimums were being provided. government wanted to appeal the judge's actions, but they couldn't. weren't possible to appeal clarification o' the already existing settlement. so government tries a different approach-- claim specific enumeration o' soap, toothbrushes and blankets by the judge fundamental changed the meaning o' the flores settlement. chill's "obviously" statement were kinda pointless in the present context, but judges found what were obvious were that in the case o' minor detainees, many o' who were being held for significant periods o' time, access to soap, a toothbrush, a blanket and conditions conducive for sleep were part o' the "safe and sanitary" requirement from the flores settlement. sisyphus at work, eh? HA! Good Fun!
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