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  1. for any interested https://www.c-span.org/video/?70097-1/judge-nathaniel-jones-tribute begins at 1:58 and we would recommend listening to at least 8:30ish. should be worth the effort. judge jones speaks at 34:00ish. HA! Good Fun!
  2. a few days ago spent almost 24 hours stuck in a room with a talkative republican with no way to escape. pretended to sleep for a few hours were our only relief. regardless, were a surreal experience and we thought the poor guy's head would explode when we observed how criticizing obama to make trump seem less mendacious and impotent were a waste o' time 'cause: 1) obama flaws did nothing to diminish trump's inability to get anything substantive requiring meaningful executive action done in three years save for a tax cut for rich and relief for small business owners... and we admitted the small business owner thing were actual a noteworthy positive. 2) as Gromnir didn't approve o' most obama policies, foreign and domestic, constant railing 'bot obama were less effective than he appeared to believe. we felt a little sympathy for the fellow as we could tell he had no idea how to respond to somebody who were not polarized in the way he expected. were likely outside his experience. however, am not subscribing to the notion o' a choice 'tween the democrats and republicans is wasted. is a false dichotomy and the kinda lazy binary thinking which only makes another four years o' trump more likely. HA! Good Fun! ps to be fair, we also observed how trump stepping in to direct the atf to prohibit bump stocks were a positive and warranted given the disgusting reluctance o' Congress to do anything 'bout the issue... a view which offended our temporary roomy's purist second amendment notions. go figure.
  3. doesn't much concern us how long somebody has been here, but factual misrepresentations as well as a misplaced desire to inject race into a topic is unfortunate regardless o' a poster's national origin. in the short time skarpen has been posting (HA!) he has made a habit o' logic and fact fails which is disproportionate plentiful relative to post count. unrelated, but on-topic and curious relevant, sad news o' the passing o' nathaniel r. jones got much less press than kobe.
  4. just noticed we didn't elaborate on the caramelized tomato paste option. is a slightly more labor intensive way to get umami flavor into the sauce as 'posed to worcestershire. 2:1 tomato paste to oil ratio. for amount of sauce you are looking at 'tween 2ish tablespoons o' caramelized paste. 'course as you are caramelizing, vegetable oil is a better choice than extra virgin olive oil. add oil to paste in pot/pan over medium heat for a few minutes. you still use 1/4 C o' extra virgin olive oil for the sauce, but use veggie oil to caramelize the paste. we buy the tomato paste in a tube, but if you purchase in a can, caramelize the entire can and then freeze whatever you do not use. saves well. am not sure what kinda joke is the tomato paste can sizes from processors, but is always too little or too much... and then what do you do with maybe 1.5T o' leftover tomato paste anyways? make little tablespoon sized balls or cubes o' paste and then freeze. use as needed whenever. as you mentioned crock pot, we will mention our typical cooking receptacle for marinara is actual a porcelain coated dutch oven. as we noted earlier, no metal contact with tomatoes is ideal. tomatoes have enough acid to stain the porcelain a bit, but c'est la vie. a splash or two o' worcestershire is a bit easier and if you tell folks you caramelized tomato paste to get extra depth o' flavor, chances are they won't realize the difference. HA! Good Fun!
  5. marinara is meatless, but throw in some sausage is not gonna ruin any marinara. marinara "recipes" is almost pointless as there is maybe a handful o' ingredients and nothing particular complicated. is little tricks individuals use which may (or may not) improve. 1/4 extra-virgin, best quality you can find, olive oil 4-6 cloves garlic... sliced thin like paulie does don't need actual razor, but smaller is the mince or slice, the more flavor with less bitter you get. 1/2 large onion fine chopped. a couple 28 oz cans o' plum/pear tomatoes (crushed by hand in a glass bowl) small handful o' basil. chop or tear or even mince. salt & pepper red wine optionals: dried spices... forbear maybe a bit o' sugar 1/2 teaspoon worcestershire caramelized tomato paste heat oil and add onion. we add salt pepper and whatever dried spices we may fancy at this point. using dried basil and oregano? not our thing, but we have done so and some folks like, so... whatever. add dried spices to onion and oil as will suffuse oil with flavor. stir onion 'til well and good translucent but not caramelizing. add garlic and cook 'til noticeable fragrant. maybe a minute. likely less than 2 minutes for garlic. add tomatoes and bring to simmer. (can add your meat here as well.) cook for at least an hour. add 1/4 o' good dry red wine when adding tomatoes never hurts and is part o' our ordinary operation. tomatoes, particular if you cook in a metal pot/pan can take on a sharp and, well, metallic kinda bite. add 1/2 teaspoon o' sugar if you notice any metallic bite. the tiny bit o' sugar will not alter flavor o' sauce other than to counter the acids. last 10-15 minutes or so o' cooking, add your fresh basil. add at end will impart basil flavor but herb should remain bright green, which is aesthetic appealing. is actual better to cook in glass or nonstick pans/pots 'cause tomatoes is highly reactive. can strain the seeds outta the tomatoes if you really want to. is curious, but while we live in the sacramento valley, which boasts arguable the tastiest tomatoes on the planet, we prefer canned tomatoes for marinara... if nothing else. no doubt there is some arcane science which would explain, but we cannot say what is reason for superiority o' canned. many folks swear by san marzano tomatoes. most stores carry san marzano variety. can always order from amazon. a small splash o' worcestershire (small) will add a bit o' welcomed umami flavor, but if you add sausage is likely unnecessary. bolognese is a classic italian meat sauce and is not served with pasta. traditional bolognese does not include any tomato. a ragu, on the other hand, will include tomato, but not much, and may be served with pasta. as tomato is a minor addition to ragu, am not thinking it is not what you were looking at building. HA! Good fun!
  6. you shouldn't. 'course you are paying for all the unfortunate and broader economic side effects which come with students en masse unable to pay off their student loans. becomes a pragmatic question o' which costs to you is less in the long run. gd shouldn't need pay either way, but he will. need make choices. these are adults making the mistakes with student loans, but we do sympathize a bit. dangers o' student loans is a bit better communicated today than when we were going to school, but only slight. more than once we were told by school and family members how invest on education were never a waste. Ha! you got schools and parents and freaking society pushing the notion University is a need and if you don't go to college you will be a failure. heck, might only be slight hyperbole to observe how if the med school student in the example 'bove had gone to a trade school for hvac, they could be thinking o' early retirement 'stead o' looking forward to another $350k o' payments. observe how there is nothing wrong with trade schools is so weird, 'cause it rightful presupposes many people believe there is something wrong with trade schools. so stoopid 'course we cannot complain. low interest (relative) student loans is how we were able to get started in real estate investment while in school. work near full-time while going to school full time were difficult, but a few years o' pain were worth it in the long run... worth it for us. other than loan sharks, how else would Gromnir, with no assets, get tens o' thousands o' dollars in loans for three consecutive years? we owned multiple properties before graduation. HA! Good Fun!
  7. not to put words in shady's mouth, but that isn't what he said. if were just kobe who died, shady woulda' been ok with critique o' kobe, yes? maybe not fair to lump him in with you and hurl and skarp on this. and how long is enough o' a grace period for fans o' an accused rapist? we waited a day. how much time do you need to grieve before it becomes kinda horrific not to mention kobe's 2003 issues? kp raised example o' harvey weinstein. imagine harvey dies today. if hollywood sudden pretended not to recall #me too and we got Presidents and celebrities pouring out their heartfelt sorrow at harvey's passing, would you be surprised? why? if somebody did a "whoa. hold on a sec," and pointed out that harvey were not a swell guy, would you be annoyed by the critique coming a day after his passing? if the internet, following epstein's suicide, gave us non-stop adulation regarding all the charity works in which jeffery were involved while ignoring the darker subject matter, would you not have been a bit shocked? if kobe died september 2003 in similar circumstances, would we be having this same conversation? if kobe's victim were your sister or mother or close friend, would you feel same? am not gonna change hearts and minds on this, so am quits. that said, mention kobe's death didn't bother us 'til we had a day's worth o' weeping and laments w/o any recognition o' 2003. found such accidental and/or willful oversight to be disturbing. what does such oversight say 'bout the living?
  8. if were an issue o' recreational drug use or unpaid taxes or something similar, we would agree. sexual assault? rape? am unmoved by the feelings o' fans and well wishers at this time... or anytime since 2003. how reflects on living? imagine how his rape victim(s,) a living person must feel. she is no doubt conflicted 'cause she took the money rather than forcing trial and now must needs listen as celebrities and Presidents lament the passing o' a great person. btw, one o' his lawyers, jeffrey scott shapiro, wrote a book and claimed other women were willing to come forward with "me too" stories right up until team kobe started attacking the the victim's reputation in public. how do the other women, most whom we assume is living, feel? am indeed moderate disturbed by how the outpouring o' grief for kobe reflects on the living. as gd mentioned, he forgot 'bout the incident. were 2003 after all and after 'bout a year, most o' kobe's sponsors returned and very few people bothered to mention the unfortunate incident in CO. fact so many forgot is understandable, but is all the more reason to be mentioning... to remind the living. o.j. is in a different wing o' the gallery. different kinda wrong and were a generational kinda trial. ben and kobe never made it to trial, but every few decades we have a court case which polarizes a nation and facts become secondary. stuff such as lizzie borden, o.j. and trump is curious. 'course lizzie and trump ain't athletes, but if not for the bone spurs, who knows what kinda sports giant trump mighta' become. HA! Good Fun! ps as for gd recollecting michael vick and not kobe, am not gonna criticize. have mentioned once or twice how we worked county probation for a few years-- juvenile hall. we worked mostly security and intake, but also we were in j-unit, where the high security "kids" were held awaiting trial. j-unit kids were being held for such stuff such as multiple homicides and/or rape. odd, but we discovered we didn't care what a person were being held for as we were able to treat 'em all the same. or rather, we were able to not care. were surprised how easy it were for us to kinda encapsulate crimes and make the offenses a non issue. when a new resident were added to the population o' j-unit, we would read file. seemed responsible. unfortunate, we read file o' a person who had, in addition to a carjacking, done unspeakable things to multiple dogs. literal unspeakable for us as we refuse to ever discuss details. we mention 'cause we realized after reading file, we did not treat the resident same as everybody else. we were no longer unbiased and fair, though were more subtle than overt. nevertheless, we could not forget what we had read in the file. for us rape and murder were water off a duck's back, but graphic animal cruelty were different? might say something wrong 'bout Gromnir, but am sharing 'cause we never forgot how easily our impartiality were undercut, and were result o' harm to animals.
  9. hmm. is indeed tragic that others died, including his daughter. we also take no pleasure in knowing kobe died-- he had a long life ahead o' him and perhaps he coulda' atoned. nevertheless, is hard to forget june 30, 2003. even if you are utter convinced kobe were innocent o' accusations, he were a complete d-bag during his interviews with cops. threw a **** stained shirt at a female cop. mentioned how shaq had already paid over a million dollars to disgruntled women and that in retrospect kobe shoulda' done the same. told cops his rough sex antics, which left bruising and vaginal tears inconsistent with consensual sex, were just his thing, and cops could ask his mistress for corroboration. serious? criminal case were already at jury selection when da dropped 'cause victim no longer were willing to cooperate. victim and kobe had come to a settlement in their civil case. somebody had leaked the victim's identity and the 19-year-old were getting death threats. kobe's defense team were already making public the victim's prior sexual partners/encounters. colorado literal changed their rape shield law a couple years later 'cause o' the kobe case-- couldn't bring up prior sexual activity o' victim during trial, but the kobe team (obvious with kobe approval) did pre-trial, so... false rape accusations do happen. they is statistical rare by almost all estimates, but it does happen. we tend to give folks benefit o' the doubt until there is more than he said, she said. even so, there were considerable physical evidence, a quasi confession and kobe were just such an a-hole during the hole kerfuffle it were difficult to keep pretending he were a swell guy. got a portrait right next to ben roethlisberger in our rogue's gallery o' athletes who seeming got away with it. is unfortunate kobe died, 'cause a lifetime o' good deeds is what it were take to balance the scales.
  10. didn't have shady pegged as a who fan. today were a bad day for our dogs. the little ones got attacked by two dogs (labs... lab mix?) that were loose while a housesitter were distracted. ... just a bad situation all the way around and am knowing Gromnir is gonna look like the bad guy even though our dogs were on leashes and needed medical aid for their injuries. nothing life threatening. thank goodness. when situation escalated (which were immediately) we took off our hoodie, wrapped it around our arm and beat the two attacking canines away from our dogs. am suspecting we injured the dogs and the poor housesitter, who showed up on the scene just as we were finally dislodging his (sorta his) dogs from ours, clear were unprepared to handle his new problem. he likely needed take his dogs to the vet for more serious aid than our dogs required as we were not gentle. we got the panicking fellows name and phone number and a brief explanation as to why his dogs were loose before we ran off, carrying a bleeding dog under each arm as we trotted to our car. our vet bill ended up being an altogether reasonable $612... $11 were for one o' those stoopid cones which am aware is a waste o money but we were not in a mood to haggle or argue over $11 and tax. one of our dogs were given methadone and he is still in an altered state. am hoping the buzz lasts a few hours more 'cause the take-home meds they gave him for pain is gabapentin, which given our personal pain issues am aware is a nerve pain medicine. the dog is not suffering nerve pain such that gabapentin would be prescribed if were a person suffering same injuries. so why gabapentin? dr. explained to us how 'cause o' strict ca controlled substances laws, he couldn't give us anything stronger, so point o' the meds appears to be to keep the dog groggy and listless as 'posed to pain free. we took a few scratches in the kerfuffle and a rather nasty bite/puncture which looks ugly but don't seem to be infected. should go to the hospital as am knowing how easily dog bites is getting infected, but we did the first aid bit as best we could and am crossing fingers. go to hospital is problematic 'cause we would need ask somebody to look after our injured dogs. there is people we can call, more than a couple, but will hold off unless we develop a fever. we do feel terrible 'bout injuring a couple o' dogs. full stop. am not making excuses.
  11. am knowing it is a joke, but reminds us how old we are. HA! Good Fun!
  12. so a dismissal o' any and all washington post journalists for their newspaper efforts is your defense o' bias regarding the efforts o' two writers with post credits who penned a book. gotcha. lord knows we didn't say a statement must be true if author isn't sued. horrible logic. just because tendency not to sue makes truth more likely, absent o' legal action doesn't guarantee truth. never said or implied such but am not surprised you would logic fail your way into that blunder. HA! Good Fun!
  13. our current dogs don't dig much, except to get free o' our yard. 'cause o' the small dogs, we needed put chicken wire 'round all our fencing 'cause they could easily squeeze 'tween the bars. the little dogs were not diggers, so we thought we were golden with the chicken wire solution. came home one day and the dogs were loose. after a moment o' panic, we resolved to set out to look for 'em before it got dark and then noticed they were standing right behind us. clearly they were close by and saw us come home... followed us from the garage to the back gate w/o us realizing. the dogs dug their way out o' the yard at the gate, so to discourage future escapes we broke up a bunch o' unglazed ceramic tile and placed the shards at the gates where the dogs had so recent made their way out o' the yard. before the chicken wire were up, the dogs could leave the yard at any point along the fence line, and did. inexplicably, after adding the chicken wire, the dogs has never attempted to get out o' the yard by digging anywhere but at the gates. lucky for us. the busted-up ceramic tile solved our digging/escape problem, but is just weird the dogs has never attempted to dig anywhere but at the gates. clear doomed to never reach the top o' the food chain is our dogs. HA! Good Fun!
  14. not paying attention. it were a book excerpt. not washington post. writers o' the book are journalists at the post, but editors and owners of the paper didn't contribute to the book and do not receive credit. unless you are indulging in transparent bias, you dedicate a bit more effort if you are gonna criticize authors for habitual fails o' research. unnamed sources is common in such books. woodward has used unnamed sources and trump has praised woodward's efforts... right up until woodward did a book 'bout trump. however, credibility is often more easily discerned when folks such as trump do not sue the authors for libel, 'cause then there would need be discovery. last time trump tried such it did not turn out well for him. trump: a true story if trump, who is notorious for bringing lawsuits 'gainst people (and also for being taken to court) doesn't sue authors for libel, is lending substantial credence to the claims in the book. truth is a defense after all. even so, am agreeing overreliance on unnamed sources is bad. am understanding from a recent npr review that while more than a few unnamed sources is utilized by the authors o' the book, which should make a person leery o' claims, is also a large number o' named and corroborated sources... more than enough such that we predict trump will be setting twitter ablaze when book is released. HA! Good Fun!
  15. the headlines were extreme misleading. said stuff such as covington catholic boy who brought $275 mil against cnn win settlement. these cases are tough to win. standard isn't different for the press than it is for you, which is probable a relief, eh? you may post stuff on a messageboard 'bout public persons and/or events which is untrue and not fear any legal reprisals, right up until is shown you knew something were untrue. prove such knowledge is difficult. 'cause is a timely example, we will mention how the one richard jewel case which finally made it to court and were not settled were determined in favor o' the newspaper. a news media source settling for some amount to avoid more publicity is unsurprising even when law is actual on the side o' the press. is an excerpt from a book which were extensive researched. doesn't take much imagination to figure out how the journalists who wrote the book might glean the impressions o' folks contemporaneous with a few o' trumps more bizarre and hostile comments. "general kelly, when the President referred to the collected military leadership as a dopes and babies with whom he would not go to war, what was your reaction?" HA! Good Fun!
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