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  1. am not a marxist, but am attempting to consider how to teach history w/o addressing basic economics, and failing. for a world history class we could devote 50% of a jr. high/high school semester to the inclosure acts alone. however, can't imagine doing so w/o some fundamental economics. 'course we have mentioned all too frequent how we believe history is taught all wrong in US public schools. we might give hurl some slack if he were a music teacher. maybe. in ca nowadays you folks is s'posed to take a holistic approach, no? even the music teacher, in the few schools still teaching musi
  2. These Billionaires Want The Ultra-Wealthy To Pay More In Taxes we mentioned earlier how it is the ordinary and sadly uneducated americans who balk at higher taxes for the rich. current income tax rate for states and fed combined = over 50% in many states, but as you can observe from the luntz link, americans see anything over 50% as unfair and most think that 50% would be an increase. the immediate fixable stuff is not unknown: hedge fund exception, inheritance tax and capital gains. is a reason why buffett, benioff, gates and others is all appearing to plagiarize each other when sp
  3. sigh is same folks making same comments ad nauseum. groundhog day all over again. the rich and sooper rich is not making the bulk o' their money from wages and income. is a reason we keep talking capital gains. duh. don't know how many times we need repeat self. we could relink a dozen or so posts. also, there is no fed property tax, and state property tax is frequent a deduction on fed taxes. increase property tax affects ubi not at all 'cause is freaking state/local. again, duh. want multi trillion ubi while further cutting taxes on ultra wealthy. brilliant.as you say, stuff writes
  4. cut taxes on the rich and create multi trillions o' dollars in ubi simultaneous. yeah, that makes sense. *insert eye roll gif* @Hurlshot mentioned bill gates when taxes were the topic dujour in past months. Bill Gates Urges Lawmakers To Raise Taxes On America’s Billionaires am recommending the following: https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/show/922041.Wealth_and_Our_Commonwealth is bill gates senior and is 2004, but is relevant as much today as it were when written. HA! Good Fun!
  5. is like groundhog day... again. and on the funny/not funny edge o' the political maelstrom, https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/375?q={"search"%3A["boebert"]}&s=7&r=11 will be interesting to see who co-sponsors. HA! Good Fun!
  6. alexey navlany https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/23/world/europe/navalny-protests-russia.html
  7. if by "anymore" you mean in the last few months, then you are correct. am admitted curious to see what happens when/if the two most vocal obsidian proponents o' flat tax read your comments. HA! Good Fun!
  8. the problem being that possible the only thing ordinary americans agree 'pon is that taxing people at a rate higher than 50% is bad. not kidding. is an endemic education fail. have democrats and republicans talk 'bout taxes and an overwhelming % agree that tax more than 50% is bad. the hurls in this nation need do a better job o' explaining to kids how taxes actual current work, 'cause most people, in spite o' decades o' paying taxes, don't know what is the current situation much less what were the standard in previous decades. example: earlier we shared a link to a luntz focus group. a s
  9. personal, we only got ~1/2 through the clip, so perhaps we missed something. video guy is in favor o' setting precedent o' using impeachment as a public inquest with much more frequency. nevertheless, clip guy makes such an observation in context o' greene's attempt to impeach President biden while recognizing biden were already investigated by senate and house republicans. fbi investigated. multiple IGs had an opportunity to investigate biden. impeachment don't get better investigation. is arguable that impeachment pre-trump at least would force the executive to provide documents and wit
  10. q1) dunno. there is a jet black chicken breed which produces black meat. is a few thousand $ for a breeding pair. growing up, we mostly had buff orpington, which were kinda unusual in our neck o' the woods though our grandmother insisted they produced the most eggs. plymouth rock were popular with the neighbors as they handle the cold weather like champs. our infrequent visits to the feed store in wilton, ca tells us that chicks for most future egg layers cost between $4-$5. unsure how much an adult breeding pair costs. no doubt much less than the jet black variety. q2) possibly, bu
  11. A Giddy Anthony Fauci Says It’s “Liberating” Not to Work for an Ignorant Moron Who Lies About Everything All the Time HA! Good Fun!
  12. is a decades/centuries old debate, so hardly requiring ad hoc. is not a novel problem requiring an immediate response sans possibility o' reflection or study. just 'cause you cannot find a solution at zerohedge does not mean the issues is new. nevertheless, is noteworthy you mock what you see as a self perpetuating cycle o' welfare, but then concede you got no idea how to fix the gratuitous handouts "problem." and you cannot be serious with the chicken and egg bit. which came first, poverty or the welfare state? serious? is nothing chicken or egg about the problem. 'cause poverty is too b
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