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  1. pallegina only makes sense complete insulated from poe. as such you must mean deadfire pallegina's devotion makes sense, 'cause in poe1, she were able to consider a greater good beyond the Ducs. infact, she might even eventual go off and join the kind wayfarers who obviously welcomed her following her disgrace and exile by the Ducs. nevertheless, with the kind wayfarer end, pallegina felt like an outsider (insert sad-face emoji) and eventual groveled her way back into the Duc's good graces after a few years, a fate she blames on the watcher. pallegina's devotion in poe were to the Ducs, but more important were dedication to ideals. the paladin made a choice knowing the likely consequences. the possibility she would choose to betray the trust o' the Ducs were specific written into poe. kind wayfarer pallegina, after suffering a couple years o' loneliness, came to regret her choice and her devotion to right and justice. poe2 pallegina, embracing the zealotry o' a convert, abases herself before the Ducs and then becomes the Republic devotee you describe. blame the gods. blame the watcher. bah. the Ducs are the one's who exiled pallegina for doing what she believed were right, for following the code she were taught by the Republics, but is the Ducs to whom she crawls seeking salvation and mercy. ... is nothing wrong with writing pallegina as an overt contempt-worthy lickspittle. woulda' been intriguing if josh did such. instead, he writes pallegina as one confident in her honor in spite o' fact she is clear an irresponsible hypocrite. josh took conflict outta the character. amputated the potential for growth. worst deadfire companion. HA! Good Fun!
  2. for the star trek fans (who may already know) and anybody else curious 'bout origins of mary sue label. The Women Who Coined the Term 'Mary Sue' “Science fiction fandom, in general, was like 80 percent men,” Ferraro ballparks. “'Star Trek' fandom was the exact opposite; at least 75 percent women.” had no idea. HA! Good Fun!
  3. constantine? am admitting it would be kinda kewl, though am s'posing he looks a bit too much like emo-edér. tough part would be deciding if the trench is khaki or ecru. HA! Good Fun!
  4. the real lesson from this: it is almost always better to order the larger pizza, regardless o' the s'posed deal offered on a medium or small. HA! Good Fun!
  5. fyi, if you wanna pass the patriotism portion o' civics test which would be part o' trump's new immigration plan, you would need know washington's farewell address or jefferson's letter to the danbury baptist association. not familiar with jefferson's letter? is maybe a few thousand americans who is gonna recognize name w/o context. is where jefferson introduces the "wall of separation" language into the constitutional lexicon. https://usconstitution.net/jeffwall.html the wall were, for the most part, abandoned in 1947. is some few who hold to hard line drawn by jefferson, but most on the Court, particularly textualists who is often identified as "conservative" or right leaning, adopted less severe readings. vast majority read establishment as admoning preferential treatment for religious groups. those in la may wonder why 'round christmas there is dozens o' different religious displays on the la courthouse lawn... or maybe you don't wonder. regardless, reason is 'cause current popular reading o' establishment clause makes so if a nativity display is ok'd by State, then menorah, statues o' baphomet and the kwanzaa bot also deserve space. is also a few, such as clarence thomas, who claim the establishment is mere a prohibition on the fed from creating a state church. ironic, but has been right-leaning religious groups who is the most common and ardent opponents o' wall of separation. want private religious schools to benefit from a voucher program? wall o' separation is language gonna be used by opponents. HA! Good Fun!
  6. gd has been more than a little self-contradictory lately. talks specific 'bout what pete can and cannot do... then says he ain't speaking 'bout what pete as a presidential candidate "can not" do. is confusing. nevertheless, am doubtful even he would suggest those evil democrats, bent on changing history (a scenario made more plausible by pete dinner comments) would attempt such bold changes. the cries o' anguish over changes in history rare revolve 'round the kinda stuff you speak o'. date of gettysburg? text of magna carta? no, the stuff getting changed is the details and the conclusions historians draw from accepted facts. in the south, for example, history books has had a tendency to teach the causes o' the civil war different than in the north and the rest o' the planet. is not southern history books changing names and dates o' established events. nevertheless, the history o' the civil war is considerable different based on the authorship, regardless o' consistency o' established facts. were robert e. lee a great man? dunno. is not really a history question. he were an effective general (though have suggested elsewhere how south woulda' benefited if longstreet were in charge) but greatness ain't necessarily a matter o' selected uniform accepted facts and dates and events. dunno. am not sure what gd means as he is kinda all over the map, but am doubting he would suggest even the unholy democrats who "a lot of people" are worried 'bout is trying to change fundamental stuff you reference as history. HA! Good Fun!
  7. our reading comprehension and memory is the problem for gd. you clear misinterpreted and/or misattributed pete comments. you then pointed out your " a lot of people" silliness, remarking how the knightmare fantasies were more believable 'cause o' comments like pete's dinner comments? oh, and your self defeating defense is problematic precise 'cause o' our reading comprehension. private groups and communities who is made happy by changing name from jefferson to ________ is stupid and ill considered, while siding with folks who is made happy by current flags and statues is obvious the course o' wisdom? unless gd actual is arguing the name changes in indiana were done unilateral and w/o support o' members and voters... which would be a wacky assumption. as with your curious discriminating libertarian views, you keep trying to have both ways. am knowing you indulge in hyperbole, and you clear didn't bother to read pete comments before commenting, but are you genuine gonna fight this? HA! good Fun!
  8. as an aside, gd should know very well that history gets rewritten all the time. history is art more than science. read confused and conflicting first hand accounts o' civil war battles and events then figure out how historians decided historical truth. why not endeavour to correct mistakes which is plentiful in accepted history? is no sin in rewriting history. it is a sin to rewrite religious dogma. so let's not treat history like bible or koran or talmud, eh? HA! Good Fun!
  9. bang on the table 'bout individual liberty, right up until folks use their liberty to do stuff you do not like? but hey, "a lot of people" worry 'bout the comedic slippery slope o' nightmares spawned 'cause a private group is exercising their liberty rights. change name of a dinner is one step closer to complete tyranny. patrick henry's ghost weeps for your soul. HA! Good Fun!
  10. isn't quite the "take his name off everything" as breitbart and fox suggests. question were specific 'bout jackson and jefferson dinners. regardless, is a democratic process kinda thing. is nothing particularly holy or sacred 'bout jefferson and tendency to deify a few o' the founders is, we believe, a mistake. is few founders who were not deeply flawed. they should be honored and applauded for their accomplishments, but shouldn't be un american or un patriotic to question whether such men as jefferson deserve the place o' honor they got. some local school district decides, democratic, to change name o' thomas jefferson middle school to bronson pinchot safe learning collective? so what? dinners? if pete suggests bulldozing monticello or jack hammering images o' jefferson off every fed building, am thinking we got a problem with pete, but dinners? 'tween the extremes is gonna be a grey area where democratic process should get to decide what is and ain't appropriate insofar as continued glorification o' jefferson is warranted, no? HA! Good Fun! ps so is clear, is absolute no reason for gd, as a libertarian, to be concerned with a private group o' folks changing the name o' their dinner. am assuming he agreed, so we didn't even bother to address. if a private group in indiana changes name o' a dinner or building or statue they own or provide, then there is Zero government interest to be concerned 'bout... 'less amounts to fighting words or child pr0n, or a couple other extreme limited situations which is so unlikely as to be non-factors in the real world. is only a real issue if is state owned or provided.
  11. thanks for input. that said, am looking for "neutral oil" alternatives. olive oils is decided not neutral. many o' the neutral oils have short shelf lives. sunflower and safflower is notorious and will go bad quick unless stored special. example: sunflower has a proclaimed shelf life o' two years, but what the sunflower industry folks don't often mention is how such is attainable only at low temps (40F) and in a container with no extra air. am living in an area where summer temps is frequent 'bove 100F, and am using ac less than most o' our neighbors. am suspecting our pantry is not the ideal cool and dry place one might expect. have avoided grapeseed for cooking 'cause o' the fatty acids created when heat is applied. might give it a try for applications w/o heat but where neutral is demanded. am curious how gd stores sunflower, or if he goes through fast enough such that storing is a non factor. have used in past and lasts us three or four months 'fore we begin to notice early onset rancid. am considering avocado oil for meat cooking 'cause o' high smoke point, but now that am on a fixed income we should probable be more frugal. HA! Good Fun!
  12. have been avoiding this thread 'cause o' spoilers, so hbo's adaptation o' phillip pullman works may have already been mentioned. apologies in advance if am repeating. books were fantastic even if the movie adaptation soured more than a few on pullman's homage to milton. the series were marketed to kids, but were nothing childish 'bout the books. series is on Gromnir's list o' best fantasy w/o any need to qualify as kid's fare. almost as much as gaiman and pratchett's good omens, am looking forward to at least first episodes o' his dark materials. HA! Good Fun!
  13. curious is a large % of recipes we got which call for canola "or other neutral oil." the thing is, Gromnir ain't a fan o' canola, but all too often we use anyway... just 'cause? well, real reason is canola has a longish shelf life and am usual using tablespoons or teaspoon quantities so a decent sized bottle will last us a bit less than eight months, which is a few months short o' when canola goes rancid. still, we don't like canola and am considering experimenting to broaden our horizons. we have, infrequent, tried a few other options, but nothing seemed like a particular improvement over canola. folks got input on their alternative "neutral oil"? if you got multiple options (e.g. one for cooking a steak v. a vegetable dish) do not hesitate to share options. thanks in advance. HA! Good Fun!
  14. am thinking data mining revealed to obsidian how infrequent sidekicks were being used. one suspects players who used companions wanted real companions, and the people unconcerned 'bout companion v sidekick differences were just as likely to create custom party members as to use sidekicks. were also a way to give players more new content which would feel genuine new. a couple extra lines from eder or aloth might go unnoticed, whereas sidekick additions would be more obvious. is nothing more than a guess, but am thinking obsidians made an effort to give players a reason to use sidekicks. ... furthermore, gotta suck as a developer to add something to a game you think is kewl and then have nobody recognize your effort. why not, given an opportunity to make post release changes, improve chances for under explored content to be getting recognition. personal pov and in the spirit o' full disclosure, is no way in hell Gromnir bothers with ydwin in party if not for fact we were told by developers the sidekick would have considerable input during dialogues/cutscenes o' BoW. HA! Good Fun!
  15. wanted to like new blade runner. didn't. weren't as if first installment were free o' angst laden introspection, but 2049 were like a tom stoppard play, but bloated, w/o any humor and absent any likeable characters. by the middle o' the movie, we wanted the movie to end, soon rather than later. HA! Good Fun!
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