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  1. to be fair, this same exact issue came up a few weeks ago and were an embarrassment for fox news and other conservative leaning sources. the thing is, at the time it were virginia as the "woke" state which were gonna get rid of higher math for high schoolers. a bunch o' news organizations had to walk back that claim. ca were just the next in line? only difference will be this time the news organizations won't go so far as claiming calculus is being eliminated in some kinda misguided wokeness campaign. will illinois or colorado be next? probably. given this is just the second s
  2. perhaps one o' the new brand o' trump brand republicans can explain why gaetz and others find section 230 relevant to trump's continued (albeit temporary) suspension from facebook. is irrelevant to our query, but it is worth noting the independent facebook review board agreed the initial suspension o' trump were appropriate, but they pointed out indefinite suspensions were not envisioned in terms o' service and rules o' facebook. so now is up to facebook to ban permanent and forever w/o the suspension silliness, or they should reinstate trump... by november. again, the suspension stuff is
  3. @ShadySands am personal trying not to use mods 'cause am not wanting it to impact our feedback. however, am not above asking shady to do so. there were a curious "bug" in the previous build which involved the sacred hunstmaster inquisitor favoured enemies feature and the demonslayer ranger fe. IF your sacred hunstmaster hit level 5 and chose outsiders as his/her fe, then a subsequent level of demonslayer would effective stack, resulting in +4 to-hit and +4 damage v. those nasty outsiders so prevalent in the game. did not count as a progression o' the sacred huntsmaster's fe feature,
  4. the lack o' self-awareness, particular given how the issue started and where and how you is discussing the topic, is exact what we were dealing with while in europe. HA! Good Fun!
  5. *sigh* so now 50k (statistics) is not useful. year in europe (anecdotal and used in comparison to europeans making similar conclusions regarding americans w/o benefit o' anything like a year in the US) were not useful. becoming kinda clear any observation which don't match your preconception will not be useful. and since you have obvious never posted here previous, welcome to the politics thread, but be aware that a significant % o' posts in this thread will be focused on US politics and not only US citizens will be driving the abundance o' contributions in the thread. sure, all tho
  6. you do realize how this issue came up yes? is particular funny as multiple non americans on an american game developer message board were discussing the relevance o' results o' a poll posted in an english paper which found, "In perhaps the most startling finding, nearly half (44%) of respondents in the 53 countries surveyed are concerned that the US threatens democracy in their country;" you cannot hear us, but assume we is chuckling. HA! Good Fun!
  7. *sigh* again, one o' the generalizations euros had 'bout americans were our obesity and lack o' physical fitness, so observing how we were in far better condition than literal any student or faculty with whom we interacted over a considerable period o' time is misplaced why? and am not sure how large a sample size would have been necessary to convince you or anybody else with their tight held preconceptions 'bout americans. Gromnir spent over a year in europe, predominant dealing with university students. am guaranteeing our sample size were a hell o' a lot larger than the one the e
  8. we shoulda' gotten into the collections side o' the legal biz. on average, two hours billable equals three hours actual work, and that is in spite o' the ordinary 1/10 hourly increment shenanigans which may be exploited when some associate is facing a billable hours crunch. beware the 30-second phone call. even the enormous firms able to handpick clients never collect all fees billed. nowhere near all fees is collected. gd is in part paying for all the other folks who will never be able or willing to pay. a couple guys we knew from school got into collections almost immediate after they passed
  9. when we were teaching in europe, near everybody we met wanted to talk US politics. sure, those same folks all complained 'bout bankrupt US culture and the ludicrousness o' the US being so important to world events, but they just wouldn't shut up about the US. americans were fat and stoopid and the way minorities were treated in the US were reprehensible. am sitting there, literal arm length away from these undereducated, chain-smoking socialist brats whom we could embarrass in any physical contest you might invent or imagine after having experienced more overt racism in a few months than we h
  10. downside is previous saves do not work with the new build. HA! Good Fun! ps the hunter outfit includes a dead racoon suspended from your belt. am all but certain nobody in-game will ever comment on the corpsfied procyon you have dangling at your waist, which is a real shame to our way o' thinking. so many joke opportunities wasted.
  11. we never bother to read dp links-- fool us once. however, am guessing from reading the link verbiage, this has something to do with keeping kids o' different abilities in the same class until some point in high school. freshman or sophomore? whenever has been suggested, is a freshman or sophomore thing. makes a whole lotta sense from an educational pov. kids learn as much from fellow students as teachers, and has been discovered students learn more when they explain problems to other students. is one o' the explanations as to why special needs kids and esl students is now taught in r
  12. Judge orders release of DOJ memo justifying not prosecuting Trump https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.dcd.207679/gov.uscourts.dcd.207679.27.0_1.pdf "And of even greater importance to this decision, the affidavits are so inconsistent with evidence in the record, they are not worthy of credence. The review of the unredacted document in camera reveals that the suspicions voiced by the judge in EPIC and the plaintiff here were well-founded, and that not only was the Attorney General being disingenuous then, but DOJ has been disingenuous to this Court with respect
  13. is no reason you shoulda' noticed. to any casual observer, Thomas appeared to be the lone voice o' justice and integrity on a Court devoid o' humanity and decency. is exact how his dissent were meant to be viewed. this kinda posturing is new(ish) from Thomas. last few years. disappointing. HA! Good Fun!
  14. am gonna admit, there has been some upside to the pandemic. pre pandemic, we never shopped at soopermarkets. however, the whole "ecart" option we have from the local belair/raleys has us doing a considerable amount o' our grocery purchases w/o ever needing to get out o' our car. no dealing with rude fellow customers. don't need chat with the checkout people and make obligatory small talk. didn't brush our teeth and we stink from our morning bike ride? no worries. our pandemic suit is a hoodie, baggie knee length shorts and some kinda slip-on footwear. slight variations almost every single day
  15. Thomas is being a hypocrite... again. 1) is a couple similar cases with exact same basis for granting or denying relief involving government employees and prisoners in which Thomas went exact opposite. 2) the Court has no business handling this case. most significant, this is not a Constitutional matter (unlike the prisoner situation), so let Congress fix. it sux that Congress likely won't fix anytime soon, but Thomas o' all Justices should be advocating judicial restraint. we don't like the current situation insofar as the feres doctrine is concerned, but is not actual the jo
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