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  1. quick notes: westmark is best book in the trilogy and am most ambivalent 'bout the final volume. is always disappointing when the final volume o' a series is least memorable. am actual envious o' kids these days 'cause they have a chance to read gaiman's the graveyard book while still young. and to bring back to movies, miss peregrine's home for peculiar children is fun and excellent books which may be ignored 'cause o' a forgettable movie. HA! Good Fun!
  2. somehow missed an enoch blues submission. first steps on his personal road to damascus? HA! Good Fun!
  3. we have championed lloyd alexander more than once on these boards. when we mention how the best and most often overlooked fantasy authors is those who crafted books for a younger audience, lloyd alexander is getting frequent mention along with the likes o' madeleine l'engle, norton juster, and neil gaiman, to name only a few. that said, while we do much enjoy the prydain books, am gonna observe our favorite lloyd alexander series is actual westmark. is fantasy, but perhaps not in the way folks tend to think o' fantasy. no magic. regardless, if hurl has not read westmark, we highly recommend. HA! Good Fun!
  4. *chuckle* didn't realize obsidian implemented parliamentary procedure. medicineD may respond or not as the spirit moves him. that said, we will once again echo others and observe how trump promotion o' hydroxychloroquine ain't 'bout drug efficacy anymore than were the kerfuffle over inauguration regarding crowd size were 'bout the number o' people who came out to view trump's inauguration. yet again, it is the double-down strategy shady mentioned which has the trump loyalists falling for 3rd-rate sleight o' hand. as for solution worse than the cure schtick, we may turn on fox news to get that bit o' curious punditry from any number o' opinion personalities. is a roiling quagmire o' bs we do not care to enter w/o a hazmat suit. only curious aspect is where folks need be on the bs receptivity scale to embrace this noisome bit o' pseudo-profound nonsense. however, for those who ain't seen yet, U.S. Could Have Saved 36,000 Lives If Social Distancing Started 1 Week Earlier: Study because testing were an early fail, containment efforts were effective taken off the table as possible solutions. mitigation became focus o' any solution and social distancing were recognized as kinda the only viable response 'cause alternative woulda' been to do nothing and rely on development o' herd immunity, which at the time had an estimated cost in US lives o' 'tween one and two million with vast majority o' those deaths being 'mongst elderly and/or poor. might be worthwhile to consider mistakes of past to inform solutions for future, yes? surge were the great nightmare during early stages. good news is the curve were, in most places, flattened. therefore, with recognition o' at least momentary flattening, it makes sense to reflect 'pon easing o' social distancing restrictions. that said, the concerns regarding easing o' social distancing restrictions has remained constant 'cause the obstacles to reasonable reopen has never actual been addressed. prerequisite to any informed reopening scheme is dependent 'pon implementation o' basic widespread safety measures to protect returning workers, adequate access to ppe for everybody who needs, as well as a robust scheme for testing and contact tracing supported by necessary manpower and resources. even the white house recognized such prereqs. reopen in spite o' absence o' such prereqs being met is what concerns the science folks. is not a matter o' people rejecting reopen but is rather concerns 'bout state and fed once again mishandling pandemic related efforts. current solutions adopted by many states appear to ignore history and are dependent on a gambler mentality more than science. don't meet most/any o' the science informed prereqs? well... uh... the alternative is worse than the whatever? fauci and other genuine experts has observed how every major viral pandemic has had a second wave occur approximate six months after start of the initial wave. doesn't matter what time o' year the first wave began neither. assume a return o' covid-19 by september is the safe money bet. is no surprise china is starting to see resurgence o' covid and we expect their infection numbers will increase throughout may, june and july in spite o' their willingness to take draconian measures to contain the disease. in other words, we got a very short time to get our $%&@ together and would be ill-advised to risk spikes 'tween now and fall. is all well and good to consider easing social distancing, but should be informed and guided by the science and the data. more important, just as the US had time from mid january to early march to prepare for covid-19, the US now has time to prepare for the inevitable second wave. a return to normalcy is not and should not be the goal given the certitude o' a viral resurgence. history will not be kind to the US and our initial efforts to confront the pandemic in spite of early warnings. to compound early foolishness with criminal obtuse indifference to certainty o' a second wave would be unforgivable. ease current restrictions contemporaneous with state and fed plans and resources to address spikes 'tween now and inevitable second wave? is anybody actual rejecting such? try and convince us with campaign worthy slogan that such prereqs is worse than the cure is less than convincing.... and again, we can get such silliness from tune into fox and drinking the kool aid... or perhaps bleach is your beverage de jour? repeat cause is important: containment of covid-19 were impossible in the US 'cause we failed to appropriate respond to multiple warnings which began surfacing in january o' 2020. such failures, while tragic and regrettable, at least have value if they serve to educate and prepare us to better handle the inevitable return o' covid-19 this fall. misguided efforts to return to normalcy w/o simultaneous preparing for a second wave is both dangerous and stoopid. HA! Good Fun!
  5. trump loyalty baffles us. the double-down on stoopid or wrong is shrugged off by trump loyalists, while responsible journalism is derided. whether is injecting disinfectant, cancer causing sound from windmills or sharpie altered hurricane forecasts, is the media which is at fault. what? the media didn't immediate vilify hydroxy championing by trump, 'cause honestly, how many folks in the media knew anything 'bout hydroxychloroquine? journalists did what they were s'posed to do-- they interviewed/asked actual experts to figure out what is hydroxy and why it would be a treatment getting Presidential approval. so when indisputed medical experts such as fauci suggested it were too early to advocate hydroxy and that it were arguable irresponsible to promote such a drug w/o more rigorous and controlled testing, journalists questioned trump 'bout his advocacy. blame on media? why? 'course predictable, trump doubled-down and suggested plots and conspiracies in addition to making claim the drug were perfect safe and people should take for covid-19. weren't a major issue until trump made it an issue. nevertheless, is somehow media's fault. btw, in case medicine dan missed it, we had the hydroxychloroquine discussion earlier in this thread and personal we can see some arguable optimism for use by young and healthy patients. for older patients with comorbidities unlikely to be facing cytokine storm scenario from covid-19... nevertheless, 'cause has been known for decades hydroxy has positive lab results on viruses in lab situations, every time a new virus appears, hydroxy gets tested, as it should. has never proven effective in the past outside o' a lab, but is no reason not to at least test. regardless, a reasonable person might question why trump were so dogged advocating hydroxy in spite o' expert cautions... just as a reasonable person might be concerned 'bout trump's windmill crusade and his willingness to alter weather maps. a reasonable person might... trump loyalists abandon reasonable. blame media. blame democrats. blame religious minorities such as muslims and jews. blame immigrants. this kinda endemic obtuseness wouldn't bother us save that on a national scale is dangerous. is dangerous when the leader is 'bove question and his followers is so quick to cast blame elsewheres. am gonna remind medicine dan and others how this double-down behaviour were a day 1 (and earlier) issue. inauguration crowd size were not a big deal, until the administration lied 'bout it. the press weren't dogged 'bout crowd size-- crowd size were meaningful to few save for trump. media kept asking 'cause the administration were gaslighting and were attempting to force parks service and other nonpartisan bureaucrats to lie on behalf o' the administration. shoulda' been a warning to the trump loyalists that their champion were willing to gaslight and come up with "alternative facts" bs to defend what shoulda' been an issue o' limited consequence. if trump would lie 'bout inconsequential, then why not the important stuff? oh, and medicine dan, seeing as how he is now a medical professional, should be particular concerned 'bout the President's irresponsible advocacy o' hydroxy. 'cause o' the President advocating w/o legit scientific basis, there is now a shortage o' hydroxy for people who suffer from lupus... unless you are rich and wealthy and have connections. understandably, and for what should be obvious reasons, lupus patients who use immunosuppressives has had to alter their medication regimen during the current pandemic. so for lupus patients hoping to manage their condition, hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine are the options. am suspecting some in media do take perverse pleasure at seeing every new study which supports notion hydroxy is as ineffective regarding covid-19 as every past virus. unfortunate. no doubt there is more than a few media folks who, understandable, want trump to fail. go figure. is no surprise some take personal being labeled as enemies o' the state for reporting. fact some in the media want trump to fail is unfortunate, but such bias don't make their reporting o' trump blunders wrong. however, it don't take any kinda mental gymnastics to recognize media bias while simultaneous admitting trump is a mendacious and skeevy huckster who will invariably double-down on every falsehood and mistake no matter how minor. HA! Good Fun!
  6. ... am such a nerd 'cause we immediately thought o'... HA! Good Fun!
  7. the thing is, involuntary servitude is legal a bit different than seat belts, drinking age and speed limits, which is why we mentioned abortion. the US already provides all kinda advantages to those who serve in the military with va loans and gi college benefits. is not taking too much effort to functional expand such programs for "national" service while simultaneous diminishing benefits for those who forego such service. make fed funding programs contingent 'pon fulfillment o' those programs which aid those who served is gonna presumptive pass Constitutional review. best way to make a national service program work is with private and social pressure as 'posed to government. convince all the private universities and most major businesses to voluntarily adopt a policy whereby those who complete national service is given preferential treatment and you wouldn't need worry 'bout the Constitution. however, broad cultural/social change takes leadership as well as a nation far less polarized than 2020 USA. HA! Good Fun!
  8. as well as a minimum age for alcohol consumption. no fed highway construction funds for states unless they set minimum age for alcohol to at least 21. south dakota, previous, were 19 minimum. HA! Good Fun!
  9. Gromnir has no defense from people in supermarkets ignoring social distancing. again, a bunch o' folks may be maintaining social distancing and all it takes is one idjit to infect all the people being reasonable. with asymptomatic people spreading, we may never know who were the person who infected us. handful o' obtuse libertarians is actual a common problem we face when shopping. am personal maintaining social distance when a jackarse comes up from behind, brushing past us to get at yogurts or a box o' facial tissue, coughing w/o wearing a mask. wtf? is a story that chris cuomo might o' been out o' his home during his self-imposed quarantine, and you know he ain't alone. quarantine means different things to different people, or so it seems. is stories, more than one, o' infected people going to grocery stores and gas stations 'cause, y'know, they have to get gas and food. infected person touches a gas pump handle and six hour later Gromnir might get the virus 'cause we used same gas pump? wtf? seen those images from how a single infected person in a restaurant in china infected nine people 'cause o' air conditioning? wtf? sorry, but this is just so wrong. the guidelines has been communicated and these folks is doing anyways. who doesn't know guidelines and reasons for guidelines at this point? heck, guidelines don't matter if the libertarians clowns genuine believe the current situation is a panic-driven hoax and that covid-19 is no worse than the flu. so wrong. HA! Good Fun!
  10. fed prerequisites on funding which encourage or discourage behaviours is commonplace and established law. example: no fed tax payer dollars to fund abortions is okie dokie even though it disproportionate affects women who need medicaid. takes only a little creativity to prevent money from going to those who avoid service. HA! Good Fun!
  11. history and recent photographic evidence suggest otherwise. "i wouldn't be doing..." is irrelevant. as we noted, takes one libertarian who knows covid is a hoax in a supermarket to infect many. takes one libertarian capitalist dumping toxic waste on his own private land to poison an entire community. takes one drunk driver to cause an accident resulting in death o' a woman and her kids. assume most people is responsible is nice and swell and maybe even accurate, but it don't matter. the costs o' having a minority o' folks acting like ignoramuses is too high in too many cases. yeah, the argument that no cost is too high when human lives are at stake is also bs. like it or not, liberty does have an attendant body count. sounds callous but is unavoidable. we wouldn't have a reasonable person standard in law if people were invariable reasonable. would be no point in identifying behaviour as reckless if such recklessness never happened. a large enough sampling o' people results in a functional gurantee o' stoopid and selfish. people is predictable stoopid and selfish in enough numbers that it is irresponsible to ignore the need to protect innocent citizens from the stoopid and selfish. the costs is too high. HA! Good Fun!
  12. 13th amendment prohibits slavery and, o' more immediate significance, involuntary servitude. is a whole lotta positives regarding national service, but 13th amendment makes this a non-starter 'cause while such service don't confer ownership rights o' your person to the government, it does most definite involve involuntary servitude. need a new amendment to implement practical national service. there is ways to implement national service, but wouldn't be national so much as state and would be voluntary but nevertheless prohibitive to avoid. examples: fed government only provides funding to universities which require students to have completed "national" service or fulfilled requirements for an appropriate waiver. banks benefit from fdic and other fed programs only if they comply with lending practices which overwhelming favor those who has completed "national" service or appropriate waiver. etc. hardly straightforward. am not denying there is positives to national service, but from a pure practical pov such service is legal problematic. HA! Good Fun!
  13. "cover" is vague. deductible for an office visit could nevertheless cost considerable coinage in some locales, and the presumed tests @Azdeus would need for kidney issues might not be covered... period. is not as if all insurance is created equal. in CA, for example, we got this covered california thing. ca, which is better than many states, will go pretty far to help folks meet costs o' health insurance, but there is tiers o' coverage which is representing vast gulfs in the level o' care which is actual covered. for example, if you got bronze tier, only the first three dr. visits in a year (not necessarily tests) is encheapened to $65 per visit, after which you pay full. we got nyc EMTs who cannot afford health insurance. after the recession, businesses changed to confront new realities. post 2011 employers found ways to fill labor needs and reduce full-time employees. so your part-time nyc emt, who is an essential worker, may need make choice 'tween rent and health insurance. 'course maybe you were lucky and were a full time employee with health insurance through your employer, so when you get fired from your now non-essential job, you may maintain health insurance through cobra, which is s'posed to allow recent unemployed to maintain health insurance coverage. unfortunate, cobra marketplace is not cheap. even with the threat o' covid-19, if you gotta make a choice 'tween feeding family and paying for health insurance, food is the likely winner, and such is the reality all too many is facing today. Hundreds struggling during COVID-19 pandemic line up to receive food at distributions across South Florida am thinking us health insurance is more terrible than many make it out to be, 'cause many don't realize just how bad it is for far too many people. however, am also recognizing is not a magic wand situation which is easily fixed. pretend as if medicare-for-all is a no-brainer is also a mistake. still, situation is pretty f'ing terrible. HA! Good Fun!
  14. all too often the libertarian explanation is requiring a level o' selfish stoopid untenable by most people. is why we speak o' personal liberties when we mention our libertarian streak. smoke in a crowded restaurant and describe as the smoker's choice is false, 'cause is every other proximate customer who will also suffer, and smoking is hardly a unique example. drunk driving. worker safety. toxic waste removal. etc. say is a choice for private citizens and business owners ignores fact we do not live like jeremiah johnson alone and independent. a libertarian's stoopid choices has costs for other people and is no financial or liberty punishment which will make those others whole. dump toxic waste and a bunch o' kids get cancer? depend on market to balance is obtuse. even a fine or imprisonment is hardly balancing the scales. free speech? the cost to community is typical that individuals may need hear a message they don't wanna hear. covid-19 is hardly as ez as free speech. how much liberty is you willing to give up to save lives? how many lives? social distance as a choice is aspirational but ignores realities. got five people genuine maintaining social distancing in a supermarket and all it takes is one libertarian making a (bad) choice to result in six people becoming infected. and yeah, all laws which is written facial neutral is gonna have injustice at the margins, which is why we don't have hal 2000 dispensing justice. sure, some overzealous cop may levy a citation 'pon a citizen for an innocuous behaviour which nobody ever contemplated would be punishable. human judges is s'posed to be able to recognize the place where injustice and the law inevitably overlap and make a ruling which protects citizens from law. regardless, depend on libertarians making choices or market forces to save us from covid-19 or secondhand smoke is an auto fail. HA! Good Fun!
  15. worse, people are gonna face financial hardships such that they lose their home. predictable. when a large number o 'people face financial hardship it means many pets will suffer, 'cause like it or not, the calculus o' tragedy needs have bob making a choice between mr. whiskers or his daughter. live in your car 'til you find a new place to live? lose home and move into a hotel or apartment with a no pet policy? mr. whiskers may not be supportable save extreme short term in such scenarios. during the recent recession, pets suffered. abandoned in droves. believe this financial crisis is gonna be different for pets is not ratinaol or reasonable. good for shady... though am noticing he said "most." with family, including the mother-in-law, forced to live in close proximity, perhaps there were also an investment in a pair o' top shelf noise cancelling headphones? many folks is making unanticipated adjustments o' some kind. good luck to you all. HA! Good Fun!
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