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  1. "sell them, don't sell them whatever," don't mesh with earlier gd posts, and you don't seem to realize the disconnect. if you can't recognize, am not sure how to help you. and am not angry precise 'cause is no government entity telling the seuss estate what to do or how to do it insofar as the six box in question. is why you ain't seeing Gromnir posts analogizing the seuss estate actions to nazi book bonfires. btw, claim no pure ideology is hardly a free pass for transactional defense o' liberties, eh? HA! Good Fun!
  2. is our understanding the kerfuffle is 'cause the seuss estate has chosen not to continue publishing the six identified books. gd is once again on the wrong side o' this from where he should be if he were maintaining intellectual integrity, 'cause what is the solution if you decide the seuss books must not only need remain on shelves, but must need keep being published? do you force the seuss estate to publish? does The Government take the six books from seuss and publish themselves? the issue in question is actual one which clear threatens bedrock libertarian principles. we just hop
  3. well, good news: hidden path entertainment has announced they is hiring as they is current developing an open world d&d rpg. so perhaps you get a neverwinter nights game in the near future. hidden entertainment's most recent game release is racoon lagoon. ... *shrug* HA! Good Fun!
  4. is ok not to be sure. given the lack o' specific evidence o' overt bigotry presented by the opinion piece, am thinking is ok to question whether webb were good or bad or the kinda banal mix o' both which is all too common in 2021 and no less true in the 60s and 70s. not have a good answer is reasonable. our problem is the folks who reflexive see consideration o' the question as offensive. the suggestion o' a name change o' a bridge, park or satellite should not result in some kinda partisan divide over the appropriateness o' cancel culture as a matter o' principle. case-by-case. if after
  5. function o' zero remains same whether you call it a number or a poodle. engineers is tending towards practical, so understandable non-issue. am not recalling much debate re:0 in physics department, but we were only undergrad and student athlete trying to graduate in three years, so esoteric were not our focus. babylonian/sumerian sexagesimal makes a whole lotta sense particular from an astrological pov, and for the tween kids you get to say "sexagesimal" and be complete legit doing so. go home and when parent asks what you learned in school you can tell 'em 'bout the sumerian preocc
  6. the point is you did not get in a twist over melania, and specific observed that her plagiarism in the context o' a political speech were a non-issue. nevertheless, four years later you brought up biden speech plagiarism as proof he were pond scum... after making a joke about biden being pond scum, which you then had to defend and would likely do so again 'cause you have difficulty restraining self. biden being pond scum were a joke, right up until we questioned a few o' your comments. sound familiar? can dig up the disparate melania and biden posts if you really wanna relive. HA!
  7. y'know, frakes wasn't a terrible actor, but the tng episodes where he were the pivotal federation character were having a tendency towards terrible. nobody were ever gonna mistake picard for kirk. didn't need have picard make sure the audience knew he weren't kirk. after farpoint, you knew the enterprise captain were gonna be different than tos kirk. in the pilot episode, q parodies an over-the-top 20th century us military commander bit o' cliché jingoism to mock humanity. picard gets to be the rodenberry idealized opposite o' the military commander q is mocking. picard is specific desig
  8. seems we have struck a nerve. if you wouldn't defend your humor and amusement posts for multiple pages 'cause they is also true, then you wouldn't have us responding. wanna do the joe biden plagiarism thing again? we can dig up your old post where you laughed off the folks getting in a twist when melania got busted for her copy-paste o' michele obama, but then you sudden find jesus insofar as intellectual integrity when is biden? was funny, right up until Gromnir questioned, eh? that aside, we got no opinion on the current gd "humor" submission other than to exercise parliamenta
  9. is from the aforementioned potop. keep in mind, the actors almost got serious hurt a few times during the filming o' this scene and they even added football style cleats to the combatant's boots to give 'em better footing as they kept falling. genuine realistic woulda' had fight end much quicker and likely with both combatants rolling around in the mud, but if the movie is called "deluge," then you are gonna have wet. HA! Good Fun!
  10. midwestern cole slaw tends to be heavy on the mayo... and sugar. if the slaw sits for even a little bit of time, the water from the cabbage makes the mixture a bit wet. not our preference, but is kinda what we would expect from heartland slaw. HA! Good Fun!
  11. passover is still a month away, so why post? HA! Good Fun!
  12. we had a bad case o' the flu this year. literal only time we were exposed to people the ten days before contracting the flu were when we went to a pharmacist for a shingles vaccine appointment. were supermarket pharmacy location during the middle of the day. such an appointment were exact kinda thing we had been avoiding for months, but we knew we should not ignore shingles vaccination neither and we knew shingles vaccination would impact when we could get vaccinated for covid-19. so, a few days after our shingles vaccination appointment, we got the flu. not covid, but flu. ...
  13. in our estimation, the most realistic and arguable best movie sword fight. the duelists included multiple fantastic sword fights. off the top o' our noggin, polish films zrodzeni do szabli and potop is also among the bestest sword fighting movies. rob roy is good, but you got two combatants with vast different levels o' skill and tim roth is toying with his opponent for most o' the duel scene. is only 'cause o' arrogance roth loses, which is more than a little cliché. spend 90% o' a film, book or whatever building up a villain as unstoppable, but the villain ends up falling victim t
  14. TikTokers pushing conspiracy theory that snow in Texas is ‘fake’ Some are convinced the strange phenomenon is the work of tech forefather and environmental activist Bill Gates, who recently backed a Harvard-led project to stave off climate change by snuffing out the sun. “Thank you Bill Gates for trying to f - - king trick us that this is real snow,” said one TikTok user, whose video was later shared on Twitter and since amassed more than 138,000 views. “Snow don’t burn, snowf - - king melts.” okie dokie HA! Good Fun! ps the "snuffing out the sun" bit is also misleadin
  15. "It may be difficult to believe, but per the Guinness Book of World Records, Klingon is the most widely spoken fictional language in the world. " other than elvish, or perhaps australian, we couldn't think o' a likely challenger to the klingon guinness title, so not a surprise at all. and don't tell us australians predominant speak english. have listened to a group o' australians speaking more than a few times and we need a freaking translator as often as not. HA! Good Fun!
  16. kinda the point. look at moon and consider what the earth would look like without atmosphere, not to mention no oceans or plate tectonics. moon should makes more apparent that large and small bodies, hurtling at speeds ~40kmph or more, is also threatening earth. on a millions and billions o' year scale, we just don't see the evidence as we do on the moon. HA! Good Fun!
  17. curiously, jupiter may be partial responsible for the extinction o' the dinosaurs. https://www.cfa.harvard.edu/news/2021-03 snowball earth, super volcanoes, asteroids, comets and a dozen other extinction level events has come and gone. nevertheless, you may be right 'bout jupiter. then again, looking at the surface o' the moon, one wonders if the defensive catcher skills o' the gas giant is more in line with mike piazza than the molina brothers. HA! Good Fun!
  18. gd ain't getting what am saying. in every state in the US, electricity and water is subject to regulation because they is identified as public utilities, even in texas. doesn't matter who is doing the selling, water and electricity is subject to public utility limits. observe that texas has not chosen to impose limits on particular sellers does not change the fact water and electricity provided to consumers is subject to legal regulation as a public utility. texas makes a distinction 'tween sellers o' electric service, but all such sellers is providing access o' a public utility. again, t
  19. obviously there were sarcasm in our post. am not certain why anybody would be surprised that disney is trying to squeeze more outta their intellectual properties. the maleficent movies, which were similar to cruella as they were live-action reimagining o' an older animated feature, made considerable profit. prequels, sequels, live-action remakes, toys, computer games, theme parks, and tv shows based on movie releases, not to mention careful rerelease o' previous released titles, is only a few o' the ways in which disney maximizes the value o' their ip. tough to argue success. is folks wh
  20. exactly. there is no such thing in tennessee, or ohio, or arizona or anywhere else in the us, save texas. electricity falls under the umbrella covered by puc/puct. electricity and water in texas is "regulated" by puc. the thing is, texas has chosen to functional not do regulation. electricity and water are public utilities from a legal pov and they is s'posed regulated. as an individual in texas, you may take comfort in knowing that electricity and water is indeed public utilities with the legal status such provides consumers, but if texas won't actual regulate, what then? the reaso
  21. trying to reimagine a failure o' government regulation is what we would expect from gd, but after the recent faux pas with suggesting the victims o' the recent texas cold weather and resulting power failure 'coulda better prepared if they had 5-gallon propane stoves (*snort*) we woulda' expected at least a short period o' restraint from misguided championing o' free market forces. in this country, public utilities is not subject to same contract law gd suggests controls. is precise 'cause the consumer has few reasonable alternatives to the utility providers in their area that the governme
  22. am thinking people are undervaluing the possibilities o' doing disney prequels HA! Good Fun!
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