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  1. I really would as the story is awesome and the hacking people and seeing stuff about them is cool but one point sometimes the combat is annoying as its not really geared towards combat. I would actually recommend the first one more than the second as better story but the second one has better combat and soundtrack
  2. I am also super interested in Watchdogs Legion and also if the character switching works as good as it does in the gameplay trailer
  3. i really need to play the Amnesia games heard so much awesome stuff about them
  4. Its just a weird feeling cause sometimes when a game as so much hype like Cyberpunk has it doesnt live up to expectations from people but i agree it defo will sell well
  5. Im same im not really that interested in Cyberpunk but i also wasnt into the witcher series either im just hoping it wont be a flop because im getting a weird feeling it will be
  6. Which games are you excited to be released and which games do you want to have a new release? Like i want a new Splinter Cell game and im looking forward to Watchdogs Legion
  7. whats your thoughts about the Prince Of Persia remake whats coming out soon?
  8. i really want to play fallout and fallout 2 havent had the chance yet
  9. Dont know if it has been said yet but Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Awesome soundtrack and story and between 5-7 hours to complete
  10. the last tomb raider i played was on my Game Boy colour never got in to any of the others
  11. Which game or games which are old or classic do you still play and enjoy to this day and how many hours you have on that game or estimated hours
  12. I am currently playing both of the Watchdogs games they are solid fun games and how awesome Watchdogs Legion looks i am super excited to get my hands on it and play
  13. If Fallout New Vegas happend in real life which faction would you join and why and which weapon would be your workhorse
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