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  1. does anybody has link to reddit ps5 leak?
  2. Dev certainly sound unaware of event, which was my point. At least when he wrote that messages on kickstarter that were later reported back.
  3. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-10-11-harry-potter-accidentally-helps-kickstarter-game-become-huge-success He may got money, but I bet he's not aware people aren't that interested in his game and based on his story, that may be sad...
  4. Same goes for any kind of speech. Be responsable about your words. Although Blizzard got himself owned.
  5. what use is freedom, if you can be jailed.
  6. Spyro is in November's Monthly, like a knife in those who pre-ordered Spyro not two months before
  7. https://gematsu.com/2019/09/atelier-ryza-sales-top-150000-in-first-week-in-japan
  8. If by already, mean steam preorder page, yeah, it's already here. But everyone has to wait till OCT 29.
  9. Neverwinter Nights TotM new dlc Atelier Ryza The Gardens Between, Noita and Deck of Ashes - big regret, though Mistover Merchant of the Skies All steam above Legend of Grimrock 2 Stygian the Reign of Old Ones Neverwinter Nights TotM new dlc GOG, of course.
  10. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/boundbyblades/bound-by-blades-a-monster-hunting-action-rpg Bound by Blades with Kickstarter demo edited: good and bad points for playing the demo: dreamy artstyle crafting and fishing (not just boring fish) second boss is peculiar (not unique, but he jumped because you don't see that trick very often) combo attacks are in the demo demo is smooth and combat feels smooth (kb+m) yes, mouse and keyboard support text is easy skippable by going fast forward the bad automatic interactions with NPC (but may improve) light! on story not feeling player agency, but that may be just me playing few minutes easy game (but if you like it, then it's a plus?)
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