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  1. why I play D:OS (more the second, though) graphic are amazing - not everyone loves black and white asthetics the story is funny in entertaining approach combat - it got better once you learn how to take advantage of enviroment and further you go thing is with this two games - I really dig graphic
  2. truth to be told, do I even have to get something back in return? if I'm backing something real prize should be project that happened not the project that arrived at my address.
  3. We all know kickstater is fancy scam, so it's not unusual to see people actually scammed. but some games didn't have kickstarter, yet they are totally in infinitive development: Eitr for example other put on store page and demo on steam, like Forsaken Castle devs other games are still fooling around like Hearth Forth Alicia dev(s) or that Psychonauts 2 it's coming next year! scenario at the end of every year Is there any chance these games are not a scam? Why simply not run with money? Why devs (or maybe scammers) open a store page that cost actual money or simply post any update?
  4. Yeah, but people get work out if reliable company wants another kickstarter like it's something bad. Something like Trine 4 EU funding "Will Trine 4 be free if you got EU money" was one of the questions on steam forums at the time.
  5. dunno, probably means they want more money, more input or first one gave them money just to finance the paychecks.
  6. https://steamcommunity.com/games/Pathfinder_Kingmaker/announcements/detail/1715242454869034987 Pathfinder 2.0 Kickstarter
  7. Neverinth Islanders Kelipot Plague tale + dlc Cat Quest II Wonder Boy the Dragon's Trap Atelier Ryza dlcs Ori and the will of wisps preorder Hades Atelier Firis, Atelier Lydie and Suelle and I believe that's it. All steam.
  8. I finished NWN2, NWN1, and other RPG games.
  9. trying to 100% Pathfinder, but that may be futile.
  10. I actually finished Pathfinder on dec 29.
  11. Which makes me wonder why should I continue DOS2 - I do not find combat particular good, so it's personally on my backlog.
  12. You can play female in Nioh 2 and I seen gameplay that looked beautiful, so hope it gets ported to PC.
  13. I was kb+m only gamer back before I got my trusty xbox. I'm still a pc gamer, but I like how some games are now open to me because I now own quality joystick. I considered purchasing Switch, but I can hardly justify that since it cost lot of money - like low end laptop, even thought it's not popular console here. So I totally understand poorer gamers who can only play on pc with kb+m or those older gamers - it took me time to get used to some moves with joystick.
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