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  1. I'm deep into Crusader Kings 3. Trying to make my character die as fast as possible.
  2. I'm looking to play some games, but I feel awfully confused I'm looking for unique game that has concept that differs from other in the genre and short, and fun to play, under 40€/40-45$ I played many games that I loved and liked but I ultimately loved the most: Atelier Ayesha Thea2 The Shattering Pathfinder Kingmaker Crusaders Kings 2 Kynseed Mages of Mystralia Ghost of a Tale Trine franchise with Nine Parchments and Shadwen Divinity OS2 Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom and of course I like RPGs, but I also love turn based, real time, strategy, casual, platformers and many more tags........ it's difficult to pinpoint what I wish to play now, but I wish to play indie game.
  3. Nah, I participated and shared my stats.
  4. What do you think of giveaway that caused lots of controversies on GOG? Apparently sharing your gaming stats is intrusion of privacy, but I think GOG users wants to hide their pirate side.
  5. Nah, although this notion is slightly funny I'm asking for other users to share their tactics how they deal with backlog.
  6. So, I want to play something and have titles installed. I have games I'm genuinely interested and installed on my machine.... and bunch of games I don't want to remove from account, but somehow won't be playing and those I might just install, but once installed I won't even touch them. Problem? I have really good memory when it comes to games. I know every nook and cranny of Divinity's Fort Joy from third playthrough and I know Pathfinder step by step deep into the game... Partly because I used to rely on guides very much so when I start new game, partly because I'm good at memorizing things. I don't have photographic memory, just somehow got weird sheet in my brain able to memorize useless things. So, basically, I want to play that or that, but get utterly bored the moment I start remembering things. /rant over.... Any suggestion?
  7. I preordered CK3 base edition... I too hope base game is decent, and hope for free patches to sort things out for the better.
  8. Some of games I find pretty: Kynseed, Ghost of a Tale, Bastion, both Ori and the..., witcher 2&3, neverwinter nights series (despite blocks), Deadfire, Tangledeep, Regalia of Men and Monarchs, Trials of Mana, Minoria, Kingdoms of Amalur (early game)... basically there's more, but some games are ugly to me what I do not find pretty Braid, Skyrim without mods, Bloodstained ROTN, Dust (too much old), Noita (too much pixels) what are games that are pretty to you?
  9. I could do more, but consider it done for now. TY
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