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  1. Death end reQuest + all dlcs POE II Deadfire Obsidian second time CK2 two dlcs Fable Anniversary Night in the Woods all steam keys/steam also druidstone, but it was preordered a way back on GOG I bought Thea 2.
  2. Of course it is.
  3. They steal their parents cards, though. Example in my country, miserable dad asked for help on steam & local forums, since bank rejected to help him, no returning money for him.
  4. Iconoclast (second time) Them's Fighting Herds Age of Wonder III (if it counts) All Humble Bundle Store.
  5. https://store.steampowered.com/app/605610/Dawn/ 1) it's wonderful 2) I had fun playing singleplayer 3) it's free!
  6. Nothing really. It might have been just premature review. I might enjoy it more once I actually try it for more than few minutes.
  7. Humble mighty kindly refunded my yearly plan (minus the months I take advantage of) in form of wallet funds, so I got Atelier Arland trilogy of their store.
  8. Fell Seal Arbiter's Mark - instant regret & I can't do refund.
  9. Bought Unruly Heroes few minutes ago, it's pretty as hell, but man it's brutal. I don't think I will have 100% of achievements at all.
  10. La Mulana 2 Okami HD bunch of videogames gifts early access add on for Realms Beyond Calico magical girls running cat cafes 30$ pledge kickstarter.
  11. I am completionist. But I use walkthroughts extensively for my playthroughts, so...
  12. I would prefer to buy only Lulua, since game's perceived cost & cost & time consuming nature of previous jrpgs in arland series.
  13. https://atelier.fandom.com/wiki/Atelier_series This is what I'm talking up about I plan to buy Atelier Lulua. It's so pretty! I haven't played any Atelier games before thought.
  14. Seems Humble Monthly isn't selling as hot cakes anymore, since they revealed another "early reveal" - Wandersong. Not bad game, lovely, positive, but more niche. I'm happy because of Wandersong, it was on my wishlist... but I don't know how often would I play it.
  15. Feudal Alloy - I was eying this one for a while and now that it has trading cards, I bought it.
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