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  1. I don't want any problems, so I made it age restricted.
  2. This is my video, made due to the fact GOG Galaxy don't take screenshots in IWD2. I apologize if video is of bad quality, you should be able to twinkle the settings manually,
  3. It's not my video, I just share it. Unfortunately, no access to combat beta, just Early Access.
  4. Black Geyser's backers don't mention this anywhere?
  5. Black Geyser started sending backer surveys regarding the computer specs, but not actual keys yet.
  6. I like that - when done good. Think Trials of Mana or Atelier Lulua.
  7. I do have Breath of the Wild on my switch, but I'm looking only for PC games. Ys VIII is tropical, is it not? Not to mention rather ugly....
  8. Not exactly, in Vesperia it is semi rotatable, but with fixed perspective.
  9. Did not noticed that.
  10. I'm sucker for fully 3D fantasy RPGs, third person view and rotatable camera List of them follows: Atelier Ryza Atelier Lulua Atelier Shallie Neverwinter Nights duology Trials of Mana Drakensang duology Crystar Nights of Azure Nioh Tales of Berseria Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen Dragon Quest Heroes 11 Greedfall Ghost of a Tale Pine The Witcher 3 Decay of Logos Anyone has any other suggestions? For fantasy, 3D rotatable camera third person game?
  11. it only adds some class 4 tier, removed some stats and general rebalancing
  12. here we go Trials of Mana Unfortunately, I forgot to capture second hour of the game.
  13. taking pictures - 2+ hours install, 2+ time playing
  14. Pictures of Trials of Mana will go live in 1, 2, 3, .... when I download the game!!!! It's out bois.
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