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  1. I thought Eneba is GMG alternative?
  2. Gotten BG3 for free on GOG forums:
  3. Good postmortem video. I watched it all and it brings really good points.
  4. I would like another 3d third person game like NWN2/NWN
  5. I personally dislike high difficulties, but people think they are fun. Difficulty isn't fun.
  6. from new Humble bundle I can definitely recommend Minoria. Visual style is stunning, combat is challenging in right way, story is creepy in mysterious way. I think it got slack for being short and Momodora being bit better, but that doesn't mean Minoria wasn't superb.
  7. I gamed so hard I avoid COVID 19. I think of that as accomplishment.
  8. For those who are NOT interested, it's Faerie Afterlight Demo
  9. it's possibly they are simply not satisfied with something else - like GOG forum's poor management or catering to more modern values in CP2077.
  10. I got key for Calico https://store.steampowered.com/app/1112890/Calico/ It's backer steam key it's up for grabs
  11. I heard you like random gaming news: https://www.gematsu.com/2020/12/atelier-ryza-2-lost-legends-the-secret-fairy-shipments-and-digital-sales-top-150000
  12. Decided to put spoilers since even though it's pretty as hell, it's also hell like so, game is Vigil the Longest Night
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