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  1. That makes sense! I have read posts saying that Berath has a lot of great nuking power and so that's what's been fueling my hesitations about missing out on the High Level Priest spells. Are there a lot of tactics with high-level Priest or would all of their tactics boil down to buff and then cast Symbol of Berath? I do like the amount of options in combat the Contemplative allows.
  2. Thanks @Kaylon and @Boeroer for the tips! Funny enough, the Berath Contemplative was my first character before I started second guessing my choice and restarting. I’ve just started a new Contemplative build with high MIG/PER/INT and it has been sooo satisfying so far (the extent of micromanagement needed for a monk is actually pretty fun imo). In terms of overall power, it sounds like the +10 MIG and INT could be stronger than Priest’s scaling PL to their spells. Would you guys say the versatile damage output is worth losing access to the Symbol and Incarnate spells? Just wondering
  3. Hey folks! I just got POE2 and so far have been having the worst choice paralysis with all of the new customization options and gameplay changes added to the series. I must have played 20 hours and have barely made it to the Engwithian Digsite just because I keep restarting. Thus I am hoping to get some guidance through the experts on this forum I would like to continue with my POE1 Berathian Priest (a la Boeroer's build). She was tons of fun, dicing through foes with a Greatsword as well as nuking with Cleansing Flame. Main issue with transferring her to Deadfire, however, has been that
  4. Ah fantastic! Thanks for that. I just started the playthrough and very excited to get into the thick of it
  5. Hey @Boeroer thanks so, so much for the welcome and the help! This is exactly what I was hoping for! it's a shame that the Deadfire DLC Pack doesn't seem to be ported to consoles since there seems to be some cool items I'm missing out on . But all the builds are so helpful! Would the paladin stats be a bit more balanced or should I try to max Might + maybe high Perception? Thanks again!
  6. Hi everyone, first post here! I’ve recently just finished my first play-through and had such a blast. Now I'm about to start another playthrough and wanted some help planning my party for this round. I was hoping to make a 4 godlikes party for Normal or Hard difficulty, with one for each subrace since I just love the lore around the gods and godlikes. The main issue I’ve been running into has been planning the builds for the party. I'm afraid I am not as versed in Pillars' gameplay mechanics to create builds that balance: thematic coherence with each subrace + synergy to their passives +
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