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  1. Not looking good for the employees at Acti-blizz.
  2. That Black Geyser thing looks so much like the IE games that I almost feel like checking if they stole art assets.
  3. For a more serious answer, I don't think the Antivan Crows are intended to be a secret organization, but pretty open as a political force. https://dragonage.fandom.com/wiki/Antivan_Crows
  4. What kind of bad guys organization would they be if they didn't have uniforms?
  5. Why is everyone suddenly making old school D&D RPGs?
  6. They're currently in a bundle with -22%, that's 75€ for me at the moment. That's still pretty steep for a 20+ year old games. I'm hoping I'll get 5 and 6 for free, since I got the old versions they're apparently removing...
  7. Also, looks like they're removing other versions.
  8. I guess it is, for the first few weeks? I don't really follow sales numbers much, so wouldn't know.
  9. I bought Andromeda for 7,99€ or something like that. Thinking, "it can't be _that_ bad...". We'll see.
  10. "Why do people live", or "what's the meaning of life", etc. And the name of the game. I've never played a Dragon quest game, are they generally worth playing? I played the Steam demo of the previous one, and it felt just too cartoonish and pastel for me.
  11. Looks like Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available in 2 days... 59e on steam, for europe.
  12. Wow, that's bad. I watch ESL, but only their SC2, but I imagine this reflects there at well.
  13. That's not really that much for big board games these days. Depends on how much stuff there is in it.
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