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  1. PDXcon going on, so lots of announcement for their games. See https://twitter.com/PdxInteractive, not gonna list everything. One morsel: Crusader Kings II is free-to-play from now on (base game, not DLCs), III coming out next year. EDIT: Actually, a summary here: https://www.reddit.com/r/paradoxplaza/comments/dk0s4a/pdx_con_is_now_live_on_twitch/
  2. https://news.blizzard.com/en-us/blizzard/23185888/regarding-last-weekend-s-hearthstone-grandmasters-tournament
  3. So now they're dropping the number from the official English title, and using a direct translation of the Japanese name of the series as a subtitle just for this game? This is never going to confuse anyone at all.
  4. I only have the cat, but to use it, you have to equip it on your belt, and then activate it from your abilities.
  5. I kinda agree with cokane, in the sense that I always build parties, not individual characters in these types of games, and tend to separate them to more passive auto-attack guys who do nothing else, and active ability-using characters who do that more than attacks. And I usually fill my parties with the passive types, with as little active types as possible. I don't see a problem with games like PoE2 though, since you can pretty much let the AI do most of the talent usage, or just pick mostly passive talents. So I think these games cater easily to this type of playing, provided you're willing to learn and configure the AI.
  6. As long as you don't multiclass very stupidly, or distribute your ability scores badly for your class, yeah, I guess. And you can always lower the difficulty.
  7. It's very unfinished and buggy.
  8. I seem to have about 400 hours played, I'm sure about 200 of that is character creation.
  9. There's a subquest with Tenebrous Depths about killing some boss monsters in there, and there's some writing on items you can find there. But that's all there is, AFAIK. This is from playing it during the main campaign, completed 2nd tier. It's different if you just play it rogue-like, but I haven't tried.
  10. I think it's genuinely just bad. BTW, a word of warning, when you get to chapter 2, don't put mercs as advisors. This can lead to a common game-ending bug in the current version.
  11. The word is that it's a bit annoying, because it doesn't tell you that you can still fail by waiting on the main quests too much. But it doesn't make your kingdom fail in other ways.
  12. On my 2nd playthrough, hit a game ending bug, my last safe save is about 10 hours away. Very motivating.
  13. Sure, but they will probably eventually start putting in code to prevent that, or sue them for something or other.
  14. Somehow, I don't think the other companies will allow you to subvert their launchers so easily...
  15. Partially. There's number of spells/day, which you can use on any you prepared. Classes differ on how they know and prepare their spells.
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