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  1. Probably knew what to expect, given Kingmaker.
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/GamingLeaksAndRumours/comments/pncvo0/unlocking_geforce_now_reveals_god_of_war_2018_for/ ..And a big bunch of other games. Final verdict according to poster: hard to say which are real and which aren't.
  3. You have to make the right choices to get the real ending, where they reveal just that.
  4. So, not a full slap in the face, maybe just a creepy caress?
  5. https://www.pcgamesn.com/crusader-kings-3/paradox-survey-gender-discrimination-mistreatment
  6. Humankind is out. Someone play it and tell me if it's good.
  7. It's free on steam this weekend. And -70%, so that probably counts as "cheap".
  8. This is also a problem mostly with the Hinterlands, and the desert oasis area with the shards where you have to go through the same place several times. In the Hinterlands it's completely possible to end up fighting the same group two times in a row, because you didn't move away from their spawn point fast enough.
  9. The trick is to leave the Hinterlands and visit the other areas ASAP. They're much more sparse. And to not take quests from the requisition people at camps. They're infinite.
  10. https://www.realmicentral.com/2021/08/04/blizzard-confirms-that-two-mobile-games-of-warcraft-are-under-internal-development/amp/
  11. Not looking good for the employees at Acti-blizz.
  12. That Black Geyser thing looks so much like the IE games that I almost feel like checking if they stole art assets.
  13. For a more serious answer, I don't think the Antivan Crows are intended to be a secret organization, but pretty open as a political force. https://dragonage.fandom.com/wiki/Antivan_Crows
  14. What kind of bad guys organization would they be if they didn't have uniforms?
  15. Why is everyone suddenly making old school D&D RPGs?
  16. They're currently in a bundle with -22%, that's 75€ for me at the moment. That's still pretty steep for a 20+ year old games. I'm hoping I'll get 5 and 6 for free, since I got the old versions they're apparently removing...
  17. Also, looks like they're removing other versions.
  18. I guess it is, for the first few weeks? I don't really follow sales numbers much, so wouldn't know.
  19. I bought Andromeda for 7,99€ or something like that. Thinking, "it can't be _that_ bad...". We'll see.
  20. "Why do people live", or "what's the meaning of life", etc. And the name of the game. I've never played a Dragon quest game, are they generally worth playing? I played the Steam demo of the previous one, and it felt just too cartoonish and pastel for me.
  21. Looks like Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available in 2 days... 59e on steam, for europe.
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