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  1. This was their biggest mistake. If they'd have announced it at some other time, people probably wouldn't be as angry as they are now. Instead they went "Here's a game on the same IP, but for a different audience! Aren't you excited!?".
  2. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/7/13/new-california/
  3. Too bad Obsidian probably just wants to use their own IPs. :/
  4. I used Kamea as the spotter and to tank the damage, all my 3 others were missile boats :D To be frank, I played every mission with LRM-boats + a spotter/tank/melee. Seems like the best team, imo.
  5. Posted a rant on reddit about my main complaint about the game: https://www.reddit.com/r/Battletechgame/comments/8hnrjo/why_does_the_player_character_even_exist/ Basically, how the player character is a non-character.
  6. Hey, one laser is one ton less ammo.
  7. My lance was one scout mech with only small lasers and 3 missile boats with only LRMs... The Scout mech was down at this point, unfortunately.
  8. I lost a mission because I had to destroy some buildings, one had 3 hit points left, and I was out of ammo. Can't melee attack buildings, apparently. :D
  9. A base defend? I've never found them that hard, though the enemies will destroy some buildings unless I give them easier targets...
  10. A bit late, but: - More armor. Get 75%+ in most cases. - For weapons, try to at least go for a similar suite. Variance in weapons is useless early on. - Useful weapons early on tend to be Medium Lasers, and any kind of missiles. If you must use a ballistic slot, try to go for AC/10 over AC/5, AC/2 never. - Best mechs early on are Firestarters (for melee), or almost any medium mech (except the Cicada). Helpful doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fnaqQv8nnYpy9gtQm75-D6fmYfNJ5u3OALSIe8ckOuo/
  11. Reddit AMA summary: https://www.reddit.com/r/Battletechgame/comments/8g7dxm/hbs_developer_update_ama_summarized/
  12. Regarding loading times, someone on reddit says delete extra saves: https://www.reddit.com/r/Battletechgame/comments/8fw0id/psa_number_of_saved_games_affects_load_times_and/ Regarding weapon balance, it is generally **** in the Battletech tabletop game. They're just not balanced, when compared by tonnage. If this game didn't use hard points, it would be sooo easy optimize mech builds. Now it's at least a bit interesting. And they did some rebalancing, mostly buffing up the ACs, and changing the way missile hits are rolled. But mostly it's just copied from the tabletop game.
  13. I'd love a Catapult C1, but I keep seeing K2s I've mostly had a similar experience to Oner, but it's mostly just due to doing a whole lot of missions. While there's a whole lot of RNG, most of it is manageable.
  14. If you think your pilots aren't getting enough injuries, there's apparently a debug button left in the game: https://www.reddit.com/r/Battletechgame/comments/8fi4tc/psa_dont_hit_f6_in_the_barracks_menu/
  15. Yeah, that's true, you might get into a position where you just have to wait a month without doing missions. You can always take less than 4 mechs, if the mission is easy. 3 Meds on a 1 or <1 skull mission is often enough.
  16. Yeah, 2 skulls with 3 meds and 1 light is dangerous. I think I did one, faced 3 medium mechs, and it was quite hard and my mechs got damaged a lot. I don't know what you guys are fretting about the pilot damage. Just get 1-2 extra pilots and rotate, you rarely need more.
  17. 0. Armooooorrrr... most default builds have way too little armor. Go close to max.
  18. Refitting the mechs is a good idea. The default builds tend to be crap.
  19. Everyone seems to lose Dekker. I didn't, but I've had pilots incapacitated a couple of times. There's some randomness involved, I guess.
  20. re: tactics, movement is important, you get Evasion blips which make you harder to hit. Get those, and/or cover, and you'll be harder to hit.
  21. So I just started reading about the game, and apparently they put some Unseen Mechs in. Why did they do that? Seems like asking for a lawsuit.
  22. Is this the age old licensing issue about some of the mechs? That never goes away. They've fought about it since the 80s.
  23. The padlock means your character can't use that item. Maybe they're level 70. If the game UI shows that number of people playing, then you should be able to join them. It should only show players at approx the same level as you. But I doubt there are 357 people playing <70 lvl games. If you start a game and make it public, it always takes a few minutes before the game lets people join.
  24. Most people play public, but generally only specific difficulty levels. But only at max level really.
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