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  1. I guess it is, for the first few weeks? I don't really follow sales numbers much, so wouldn't know.
  2. I bought Andromeda for 7,99€ or something like that. Thinking, "it can't be _that_ bad...". We'll see.
  3. "Why do people live", or "what's the meaning of life", etc. And the name of the game. I've never played a Dragon quest game, are they generally worth playing? I played the Steam demo of the previous one, and it felt just too cartoonish and pastel for me.
  4. Looks like Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available in 2 days... 59e on steam, for europe.
  5. Wow, that's bad. I watch ESL, but only their SC2, but I imagine this reflects there at well.
  6. That's not really that much for big board games these days. Depends on how much stuff there is in it.
  7. Never play anything by Key. Their games tend to use half their length for the intro.
  8. Well, their resume certainly has variety...
  9. But... that sounds like a completely reasonable and intelligent response. How's that possible!?
  10. Neither of their 2 remakes so far, SCR and WC3R, have been fully in-studio, I think. Just hope they learned from that experience. SCR was pretty well received, WC3R... not. On the scope of the changes, D2R seems to be more similar to SCR.
  11. Yeah, they're aiming at fixing more with the next bigger patch, which I think you were reading about. Also fixing the sector-auto management AI, include auto-migration between planets, etc. And yeah I agree, the 2.2 patch was kind of a one step forward, two steps back -case. Most of the problems in the current game stem from it. I personally only get end game lag when I try something ridiculous, like beating the 25x end game crisis on Huge galaxy, so I'm making fleets worth of 10M fleet power... If you play on smaller galaxies, don't go for ridiculous end-games, and/or have a good comp, the end-game lag should be about non-existent.
  12. If you haven't played recently, they fixed a lot of performance issues in a recent patch. It's a lot better currently. It can still get really laggy in the end game, depending on game settings etc. But less than before.
  13. I went to uni with one of the guys who's making it, probably the main designer since it looks just like the stuff he used to do back then. My impression was that he can be pretty inventive when making platformers. So if you like the genre, I'm sure Noita will deliver.
  14. They pretty much said that they're not doing more Battletech. They originally had a bunch of stuff they said they would do if it gets popular, but none of that happened. Can't remember the details or exact wordings, it's been a while.
  15. This is pretty big news, so putting it here as well: https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/cyberpunk-2077-refunds/
  16. I didn't mind the cheese wheels in Skyrim, but the (human) skulls everywhere in people's houses was a bit weird...
  17. In a single-player game? Wasn't CDProjekt supposed to be the last bastion of the single-player game? Oh well, gotta get on with the times I guess...
  18. I'm kinda disappointed CP is looking like it turned out good. There was so much hype, I was hoping it'd be crap. Nothing like schadenfreude, after all.
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