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  1. When is Bloodlines 2 getting pushed to 2022 or turned into a FPS?
  2. Star Citizen... it is a game I keep forgetting about because it seems to just not want to die. A continuous death rattle and every time you think that's it is dead, it coughs up some more blood. As if we were in the gaming industry's version of a morbid slapstick comedy.
  3. Paradox killed Runemaster before it got released. I had been looking forward to it.
  4. Show me a conclusion, I'll find a way to get there.
  5. The Platinum Trophy requires you to play different games as well? Whoah!
  6. Three things Werewolf the Apocalypse: Heart of the Forest is Great Very Short Worth Playing
  7. Hey, @Skazz, @BruceVC used the word boring in reference to Majesty. *goes grabs pop corn and waits* Two forumites enter, one forumite leaves.
  8. All the companions would be amnesiac prisoners who don't know you are actually their jailer, so the tutorial quest would be you tricking them to help you kill the rats, who know who you are and could, being rats, rat you out were they to live.
  9. Heart of the Forest is well written. The Rage and Willpower resources work quite well and you do feel it when you lose control and you have to hang on and ride it out until you calm down.
  10. That looks like a severe case of buying without even looking at the store page
  11. We should make our own rpg and have the player start as an omniscient prison guard!
  12. Same thing really. Shadows apparently has two endings. Coteries has three characters who all do exactly the same thing with only a few flavour scenes different. Heart of the Forest has, according to the devs, 3 playthroughs in it with quite different experiences. I have played Chapter 1, which has two separate branches that change what locations you see and who you meet. And the order you do locations can also change minor things it seems. And all that affects who you already know when you start Chapter 2 and what they think of you. Also your Rage and Willpower affect what cho
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