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  1. Or alternatively, have you tried playing Majesty instead?
  2. Speaking of Soviet Russia, I enjoyed playing Republic: The Revolution. Never finished it, but it was like Gangsters, just with political parties.
  3. I liked how different classes interacted. Rangers backing up Barbarians. Healers following Paladins and Monks around. Cultists of Fervus... doing whatever the mushroom induced hallucinations and 4th wall breaking told them.
  4. Which basically means the three of us will sit down together and make Majesty.
  5. One day I'll make my own game. Then, instead of the player gaining reputation with factions, the factions will gain reputation with the player.
  6. I think I am pretty far along in Outer Worlds. At least it feels that way - all companion quests done, no other side quests available in any of the areas I have visited so far.
  7. I grabbed it as well. Keyrock had been playing it a lot when it came out.
  8. imgur will offer different versions of the link. I prefer the BBCode version.
  9. You should feel free to move the discussion to this thread
  10. Yeah, if you own it you own it. If not, due to music rights you can't get it anymore Damn Brayko listening to Autograph.
  11. I feel no ill will for projects where I know people honestly tried but failed. And if they have been persevering for years and are still trying to do right by their backers, I admire them. The Mandate seemed pretty clearly to have been a scam. And non-gaming kickstarter wise I was a Grimrock webseries backer, where the creator basically then sold the project and decided it wasn't his fault it failed, since by that time he had abandoned it.
  12. Psychonauts is Double Fine? They already abandoned that space station simulation. So they do have baggage of not following through on a project. I'm unfairly biased towards Forsaken Castle as the name is too similar to Forsaken Fortress Then again I backed: The Mandate - proper scam Dwarven Delve - Devs said they ran out of money and have slowly been working on it while having returned to proper day jobs. We'll see if we will truly get it this year (instead of February 2014). Unwritten: That Which Happened - Dev said he had a health family emergency and used the money for that instead, if I remember correctly. Haunts: The Manse Macabre - Programmers left. New programmers joined and couldn't understand what the hell the old programmers had done. Game died because they couldn't get it to work. Reincarnation: The Root of All Evil - Dev lost his team, tried to find a new team. New team left... was due August 2013. February 2019 the creator gave backers a link to the dropbox with the beta version of the game they had managed to get to. Basically a project by a person who had been doing little flash games for fun and thought he'd try to do a "proper" game with help of a small team and Kickstarter. It didn't work out, but it does seem that he gave it his all.
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