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  1. That's the problem with those rich people. They give their kids all the money to buy whatever they want, but, as the Beetles know, money can't buy 'em love. (edit: mind you, the Beetles dude still worked like a dog to get her money to buy her things (but that's OK because the things she do, they make him feel alright))
  2. On that note, say what you want about those shows, but I wouldn't have gotten my diploma without them. Spend so many nights working on projects for uni with those shows playing on late night TV.
  3. You just know that he'll get dragged in for questioning in some Law and Order episode. If he is lucky, not SVU. Benson and Stabler would hate him. Then again D'Onofrio would have been all clever on his ass. Of course it could be a Cold Case. Then Lily Rush would keep seeing his young self as flashbacks.
  4. Does he belong to a fraternity and gets drunk all day instead of going to classes?
  5. Did you see a dog while arguing about these camshaft things? If not, can't beat Skazz's day.
  6. Hey, I have that wishlisted. It's just that I am broke and Shady hasn't put it on the giveaway list yet
  7. Old flame called me on the phone after four years. Computer throws up a BSOD. Don't worry PC, she called for something work related. No, I will not double my fee as a broken heart tax
  8. Total War: Troy will be free for 24h on launch day on the EPIC store (13th August)
  9. Skazz likes Civ6, so he is saddened that nobody else here seems to do
  10. Age of Wonders: Planetfall has a new expansion. It adds a new race, the Shakarn. The lizard aliens have an Infiltrator who can copy enemy units, becoming that unit for the duration. In one battle my Infiltrator copied a Heritor Drained. Drained have an ability Mind Possession, which allows them to enter and take control of other units. And the Infiltrator copied the Drained, he also got this ability. Which he used on the Drained, possessing it. Now I no longer have an Infiltrator. Looking forward though to possess some cool unit.
  11. Oh, it's your mouse-hand that's broken? That sucks even more
  12. They are launching with Goliath (vat-grown bodybuilder foundry workers), Escher (scifi amazon gang with a DNA defect that leaves the men of the bloodline feeble and weak), and Orlocks (pretty vanilla biker gang without bikes). They left out Cawdor (garbage collectors and religious zealots), Van Saar (high tech but wearing suits because of weakened immune system due to constant rad poisoning), and Delaque (bald spies with goggles and trench coats). That would have been the core gangs. The new tabletop version also has: Chaos Helot Cult (average chaos cultists who do rituals in their spare time) Corpse Grinder Cult (workers at the Soylent Green factory turned to Khorne worship and cannibalism) Genestealer Cult Enforcers Venators (bounty hunter templates for people who like to convert miniatures) Ogryn Slaves The original tabletop had (and those will not make it into the new) : Spyrers (rich kids with super advanced alien tech hunting poor people for sports) Ratskins (native Americans wearing giant rat pelts) Scavvies (the poor scavengers living below the bottom of society, and often mutating in the refuse) Ash Waste Nomads living outside the hives were teased for the tabletop game. So were Brat gangs (the original rich kids gangs with hoverbikes in Confrontation and Ian Watson's Space Marine novel)
  13. In other news, Necromunda (read: scifi Mordheim) went up for pre-order for a launch 28. August, then had the date changed to Summer 2020. The news is: @melkathi isn't buying it (at this point in time) as they are launching with just 3 out of the 6 core gangs of the setting, even less than the 4 initial warbands of the Mordheim launch. Game Devs: Because last time we launched Early Access and that gave people an incomplete experience which impacted reviews and sales negatively, we will not do so again. Also Game Devs: We will do a full launch, not Early Access, with perceived less content than our previous Early Access release.
  14. Breaking the Vodyani blockade at Ghykra: Bomber squadron on attack run on Vodyani Ark in the Sirius system: Invading Dursay to force the Lumeris to pull back from the invasion of Hissho space: The Vodyani trying to break through at Rigel: The battle marked the end of Vodyani significance, as they were left with two small colonies hidden in Lumeris space.
  15. There are quite a number of small breweries here in Greece now as well, and apparently they are good.
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