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  1. I went with the middle ground and got jurisdiction for the district the lady who runs the bar in Shooter Street lives. I think Sion has a bit of a crush on her and she had hired us to do a mission there before. Gameplay wise it isn't the most income I could get, but it means I am not at 3/5 Residential jurisdictions and havea presence in 3 different sectors.
  2. Why should they learn? People have gone more crazy over Skyrim than they had Oblivion. Other companies are learning from Bethesda that this is the way to go.
  3. Bah, can finally buy a troubleshooter license to get jurisdiction for a third district and can't decide which. Make an RP choice or make a gameplay choice...
  4. So I said to myself yesternight, Let's do one quick rescue mission before going to bed. You'll sleep better knowing you haven't left these NPCs in a state of terror. It will be quick. You have a strong team. Started the mission with my team of 6 and was joined by the VCPD Inspector and SWAT. Loads of SWAT. Rushed the first terrace easily enough and took out the villains there. Was thinking how controlling 13 units in turn based combat was a bit of a drag as I made to rush the next group. One of them was a boss. Hand't encountered him before. Took out my main ranged damage dealer an
  5. I think she is on the spectrum as kids would say nowadays. She will run past a crime scene because she is concentrating on running towards the crime scene. She can't remember faces - when everyone else says "Hey, we saw you at that crime scene," Irene is thinking "Have I seen this person before?"
  6. Your daily dose of the Hero Irene: Now for the pop-quiz to see how well you understand being a hero: Question 1: Fear is the cowardly method of what kind of person? Answer: Question 2: Who's common weakness are rage and conceit? Answer: Bonus Question with possible story spoiler:
  7. It is my superpower Just note, Troubleshooter needs a bit of patience for the first 10 hours as you slowly unlock access to the basics. I saw some negative reviews on Steam, and having played the game a lot now, my first reaction was "Did you even finish the tutorial? You only played 10 hours..." Then I took a step back and realized that reaction may be a bit unfair.
  8. I haven't tried out all the options, but there is an option to set non-ally or ally unit speeds from Normal to Fast, Very Fast, Super Fast or Absolutely Fast.
  9. It doesn't get better. I chose to watch something else. Started Duck Tales yesterday. Season 1 Episode 1 from 1987.
  10. As I am possibly reaching the halfway mark in Troubleshooter, it may be time for that long impression-review post, with the added bonus of giving people something else to read outside the Cyberpunk discussion. Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children The game is a tactical jRPG in the vain of Final Fantasy Tactics, Tactics: Ogre, or more recently Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark. It stands out from these in using Firaxis XCOM like combat. Furthermore it stands apart in the same way as XCOM: Chimera Squad did from other XCOM games (and UFO: Afterlight before that) in having only a se
  11. Well, the npcs in Troubleshooter every so often say I need to give them a day off. Then they go and get involved in some side mission that is worse than a day at work.
  12. Troubleshooter wins best writing in any game for the simple fact that Irene calls the main character a muppet.
  13. The writer for Troubleshooter must have had a great laugh writing Irene. They also must have had some very annoying experiences with RPGs that give you dialogue options that all lead to the same result anyway.
  14. 44 hours into the game, my Troubleshooter company now has its 4th employee, giving me a party of 5 people. Though the ladies are feeling a bit awkward around the new guy because of his fashion sense. Irene is not convinced that he isn't a villain.
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