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  1. The new monster type may be interesting. The Drifter Clowns were a good addition for human enemies, though annoying with their Final Resistance. Destrons are scary and force you to go in with a specific anti-destron strategy worked out in advance for when they show up. So waiting for the weekend to find out how the beasts differ from what has come before.
  2. And to bring some cheer into this discussion about villainy, a sad note, though not that sad, because what is three days? The Troubleshooter update got delayed and will not be released tomorrow but on Friday.
  3. Yup, that is quite promising. I finished Shadow and Bone today and really liked it.
  4. Next Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children content update scheduled for May 4th at 5 p.m. (GMT + 9) I think that will conclude the White Lion and Black Witch DLC.
  5. Anything important? Or is this the opportunity to replay Titus the Fox and James Pond from the start?
  6. Anyone else still wondering if this thread is an elaborate April Fools joke by Amentep? I keep expecting it to get locked with a "haha, fooled you!"
  7. Age of Wonders: Planetfall Oathbound expansion makes it all about robots battles.
  8. Paragon walkers forming up to defend their city. Let's see if they notice my commander having infiltrated their defensive line in her Blackguard Tyrant.
  9. In space, nobody can hear you fire a railgun (also because the video has no sound).
  10. Same darkness is in FF6. Pretty much every FF up to 7, the Ogre games. Heck, Ogre has tracks alignment and choices to such extend, it is super easy to be forced into conflict with every person you do not want to fight and wind up in a downward spiral to darkness. One game isn't a genre, it is an example.
  11. Grittier? The Shinra raid on Corel. The Nibelheim Incident. The Sector 7 plate collapse. Wedge? Dead in the Sector 7 plate collapse. Biggs? Dead in the Sector 7 plate collapse. Jessie? Dead in the Sector 7 plate collapse. Dyne? Presumed dead. Then too crazy so killed by his best friend. Barret's right arm? Shot to pieces so Dyne would fall to his death. Aerith? Dead. Zack? Dead. Under all the big eyes and cuteness and Mogs and Chocobos, jrpgs are darker than most western rpgs would dare be.
  12. You want that England scenario. It is the closest the game has to a tutorial. Without it, it's a bit like diving into Crusader Kings saying "I need no manual!" though it is still more forgiving than Dominions
  13. Other than that, playing the waiting game. Raithe bought Secret Government (screenshots of me playing during the free week are somewhere here on the forum). It is a better game than Evil Genius and far better than Necromunda (granted, most games are far better than Necromunda), so waiting for Raithe to get around to actually playing. I am not in the mood to buy games right now as my purchases over the last year or so included Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars, Necromunda, and Evil Genius 2. They also included XCOM: Chimera Squad and Troubleshooter: Abandoned Children, but Chimera
  14. The right direction for Spiders would be to pick up that Faery game again. I want my sequel
  15. What difficulty are you playing? I gave up and can't find the energy to try again. Just writing it off as wasted money.
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