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  1. Got to the point in Necromunda Hired Gun where you can farm reputation with the different factions. I think it is funny these include a Genestealer Cult, a Helot Cult, and the Corpsegrinder Cult, with the devs not having bothered to give any of the three some cover name.
  2. Art Fair was a disaster. Embarrassingly few visitors. For me it went well on the networking side. A number of people from the art scene now know my face. And at least one person, influential in the local art scene made a point of telling everyone that my art is what they should be checking out. Also, I think a lady may have been flirting with me. But I am slow on the uptake so I am not certain. She said we'll go for coffee though once I am back in Athens so I guess we'll find out.
  3. Bruce has a point in saying it is disingenuous saying we are all equal but based on colour/gender/sexuality you are expected to have opinion XYZ. As Die Toten Hosen said in a song (before they jumped onto the warmonger train of German hysteria) "Auch lesbische, schwarze Behinderte können ätzend sein". That said, the specific judge is apparently part of a church with strong ties and funding from Israel, so not necessarily unbiased.
  4. Do not see the arm and leg as a sacrifice, but as a chance to replace the weak flesh and come closer to machine perfection.
  5. Azdeus, make sure they aren't just victims of budget cuts, using the same x-ray since November for all patients. LC, I take post-its with me to dentists, with pre written answers that I can hold up. It totally breaks their chattyness flow.
  6. I have not committed murder today. Heading to an art fair and apparently the company the art gallery had transport the artwork, managed to break the glass on all frames. It looks like a €450 damage. Obviously they hadn't insured it. There is a slight chance the person who made the frame had left a slightly too large gap for the glass, allowing it to vibrate too much. My experience with transport companies is though that if in doubt, it is they who messed up. After all, when I moved to the new apartment, the company my parents had hired then, snapped the legs of my desk in half, wrapped them together with tape, to better fit in the truck...
  7. Found some time on the train today to continue my slog through Children of Ruin. I'll finish the book eventually, but it is not filling me with desire to read the third book once I am done.
  8. Turns out, Necromunda Hired Gun let's you replay old levels, so you can go and search for things you missed and you can go back with a grappling hook, so you don't need to do the super tricky jumps.
  9. I am trying to play Necromunda Hired Gun, but I have two traits that do not mesh well in this game: I am a completionist and I suck at jumping/platforming. I can't get to one of the five loot chests in the first area
  10. Still, it is a fun little indy game.
  11. God, this Fall Guy movie is dumb. It doesn't help owning the DVDs from the old show.
  12. Also, because they add things for every new release and things don't always fit neatly into existing canon
  13. With the real name I'll have to revisit my notes on all female veterinarians in that area. I mean, when you first mentioned her I did check all of them online for red flags. You gotta vet vets ya know
  14. Burning incense may appease the machine spirit. Reciting the proper litanies is also always advisable.
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