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  1. This wasn't about gaming. It was an excuse to parade some poor devs on a stream to say how amazing the publisher is. "We pay for your game, tell the gamers how grateful you are."
  2. Is it over? I quit when she asked the poor Encased dev how living in Russia affects the perspective on game development compared to western countries (the norm of perspectives and gold standard of how people should develop games apparently).
  3. https://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Koch_Gastronom_Kuechenchef Scroll down and click the play button
  4. "Why did you decide to make King's Bounty 2 an rpg turn based tactics game like the original King's Bounty? Is it because if you didn't it would no longer be a King's Bounty game?" Dev: "I don't need to answer that question you already did. King's Bounty is a turn based tactical combat game with strong rpg elements. It isn't an rpg that happens to be turned based. Then it would be high fantasy Mass Effect. But it isn't, it is King's Bounty."
  5. I am commander Shepard and this is my favourite soap on the Citadel.
  6. God, that media person is an idiot. I can't take it anymore.
  7. Tali's - never take off this suit - sweat scented?
  8. Saber is making Painkiller. Yeah, soap. According to the guy from KC:Deliverance medieval doesn't smell all that bad. According to the Koch community person it's pronounced scotch... It i painful. I can't listen to her ask another helpless dev: "What are the benefits of having us as your publisher?" (best answer from the Scar Above (sexy looking game) Dev: "Not wanting to downplay the financial benefits, but the benefit it hanging out with you guys" )
  9. Basic news out of the Koch Media stream so far: Koch Media decided that Koch Media isn't a sexy label, so they now will publish games under the label Prime Matter. New Pain Killer announced. Kingdom Come Deliverance brings out a physical version of the dice game that is played in the game. They also are going to sell Kingdom Come Deliverance soap. Dolmen is described as a Lovecraft meets Giger hardcore RPG soulslike. (I think in obsidian forum talk that translates at: a game @Mamoulian Warwill play, enjoy though not being all that good at) Koch couldn't teach thei
  10. Yeah, the Encased Devs mentioned that Koch media would do something
  11. Yeah, more of a consultancy thing. I doubt the game will have much actual text by him.
  12. Dunno. Tuff Voyage is some of the most boring, pointless scifi I have ever read.
  13. Cult are the true good guys though. Even if her followers don't know it, she knows what she is doing. The most problematic dlc is the ancient weapons. The dig sites become very repetitive. And at least when I tried it, it wasn't guaranteed that you get all resources in your playthrough.
  14. @Hurlshotyou laugh. But it literally keeps me up at night
  15. Here you are worried about people your age who played the boardgame for 30 years and this for years
  16. I still feel guilty playing against Hurly. I should have taken time beforehand to give him a tutorial game. The digital game is an exact copy of the tabletop game. So for people who play the tabletop game and want to play against people online, it is a good buy. The AI in BB2 is abysmal. Think of the worst AI you have encountered - this one is worse. It is not just the problem the first game had, that the AI is not aware of game length, so on it's last turn will not go for the hail mary pass to maybe score, instead turtling up to slowly move down the pitch, it actually does ra
  17. Not sure this should go here or in the random video game news discussion. My MechWarrior 5 savegames: ...
  18. He's an easy lover. He will take your heart but you won't feel it He's like no other And I'm just trying to make you see
  19. I really dislike the main character's face. The monsters looks cool, but that protagonist is why I will not play Griftlands
  20. Alt-F4ed out of the latest Troubleshooter mission. I really dislike the new monster and since both the violent case from last update and the mission from this update future it exclusively, I guess I am done with the game at least for now. I have 0 interest in fighting the same exact enemy I don't care for 35-100 times exclusively on maps.
  21. Have they improved pathfinding for the AI mechs? When I played it got annoying that, defending a base, my mechs would do the opponent's work for them as they'd ignore the existence of buildings.
  22. The Secret Government. I hope to be more successful at running the world than I was at running a cult in cultist simulator.
  23. Did anyone ever play Amazing Cultivation Simulator?
  24. Important news for a change: Next character for Troubleshooter is confirmed. Article in Korean, but image at the end (though she had been teased in an image in the game)
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