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  1. Excellent movie that I've seen a couple of times. Its one of the best superhero movies and this is coming from an X-Man fan. WW surpasses those movies IMO. When she battled a certain someone, I didn't believe for a minute that individual was Ares. You're talking about a god who's portfolio is war after all. In Batman vs Superman, she's very reluctant to help out against Doomsday at first. Her attitude was like, I don't want to get involved in human problems again, I don't want to get burned again. Then she finally gives in and helps out after all. Now that we see her past, now I know why she was reluctant.
  2. Clunky third person shooter woman instead of clunky third person shooter man? Would be nice if there was a first person option so I don't have to see their sloppy character animations.
  3. Mass Effect: Andromeda for the second time. I didn't finish my first game, I was close to the end but I wasn't satisfied on how I had my character built. Now that I know more about the game and its mechanics, I'm going to build the character I want.
  4. Mass Effect Andromeda. Good game, my first of the ME games.
  5. Taking a step back in time, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Finally made it to Dantoonie and became a Jedi. Forgot what a bore Taris was.
  6. I like how Rogue One casts the heroes as not being these sparkling white knights, they have their flaws, they have their demons, they do what ever it takes for the cause. Plus not all heroes get to go home, some times the whole lot of them have to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.
  7. Did something like that. Made a new profile, copied everything over and it works. Everything is now on my laptop.
  8. Well I see Windows 10 and 8.1 can't live in harmony with each other. Each OS is on a different physical drive. Some where down the line the Win 10 OS did a scan of my Win 8.1 drive and made a "fix" to it. It fixed it alrght, it did something to the boot sector of that drive so I can't boot up and running repair gets no results nor does a system restore. It nuked the OS on that drive basically. I can access everything on that drive still, so the drive itself is functional. My main concern is all of my bookmarks/passwords on that drive, I need to get access to them.
  9. When she arrived to help out Batman and Superman against Doomsday, that's when the movie started to kick off for me. Now I'm intrigued to see her movie when it comes out. What made her turn her back on humanity? From the brief info that was shown, she appears to have helped out the Allies in the first World War. She was reluctant at first to offer any help until Doomsday arrived.
  10. Found my monitor that I bought on Newegg a year ago is on sale around $400 off its original price. Couldn't pass up on that so I ordered it and I'll have dual monitors in a couple of days.
  11. Dragon Age Inquisition. Wanted to try this out on my newly upgraded system.
  12. I don't know if its the SSD drive or Windows 10 or both, but it starts fast and shuts down fast. It buries my Windows 8.1 SATA hard drive in speed.
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