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  1. Haha it wasn't me, it was these guys using bots https://twitter.com/BounceAlerts
  2. I think the 3090 replaces the Titan X in this series, has the extra price premium and the VRAM
  3. Some reviews are up on the 3080. Seems like a 4K champ https://www.tomshardware.com/news/nvidia-geforce-rtx-3080-review
  4. Jet Set Radio, first cel-shaded game. Impressed me 20 years ago, looked like an actual cartoon
  5. Starlancer - Early predecessor to Freelancer and Star Citizen
  6. 9.9.99 - 9.9.20 Dreamcast was the first next gen console after PSX and N64! It then was Sega’s last console. It is now old enough to drink! I’ll post some old emulated games here soon
  7. Wondering if 8700K will bottleneck a 3090 card
  8. https://www.twitch.tv/nvidia Livestream
  9. Been hooked on Flight Simulator all week. I mean gameplay is pretty boring but the graphics though...
  10. Yes the Steam Controller is a lifesaver when I play pc games on the TV. I’m not limited to only games compatible with the Xbox controller, I can play RTS and old school FPS games, or any game requiring mouse and keyboard
  11. Makes sense not to play until you can experience the games properly
  12. Crysis came out on the Switch today. Crysis on a handheld
  13. Don't mess with spy chicks BONUS - FIND CIRI RETURNS
  14. Never thought I'll be posting Half-Life screenshots again! Half-Life Alyx in 2D 8K (thanks to console commands) part 1
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