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  1. Fallout 76! Got the Nuka Quantum X-01
  2. Bloodlines 2 should run unoptimized and stutter on modern PCs, to give it that "Bloodlines feel" ya know
  3. w00t! Preordering Bloodlines 2 on Steam while it's available. Supports ray-tracing also! RTX ON!
  4. I always leave GE unchecked during driver install. It’s useless and tries to tell you what settings you should run your graphics on a game, umm I’ll do that myself thank you. Also suggests you login with Facebook. Haha FB linked to my video drivers, very funny
  5. Epic build needs epic case
  6. New work pc build coming, featuring 32-Core AMD Threadripper
  7. Moar pixels! https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/display-makers-more-8k-tvs-will-be-released-in-2019.html
  8. Got a PS4 Pro for Xmas, so catching up on the exclusives; Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man, God of War, Uncharted 4, Infamous Second Son, Detroit: Become Human, and can't wait for Last of Us 2
  9. Turing is faster at rasterization than Pascal, I know since I have a pc with 2080ti and a pc with 1080ti, and 2080ti more fps in pretty much all the games
  10. Lol Zotac just sent me an RTX 2080 Ti holiday cookie
  11. Hitman 2 on pc and Fallout 76 on Xbox X (since I heard the pc version is pretty bad)
  12. It's hard to go back to any other open world game after Red Dead 2
  13. Just finished Red Dead 2.....wow game of the decade imo
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