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  1. Got me some 96GB of DDR5 6600. I got room for 192 gigs, but 4 sticks of DDR5 is still a bad idea
  2. Nah we waiting for the 5090 now
  3. No new hardware this year (like nothing good even came out) but got the 5000T case which keeps everything cooler
  4. 14900K looks like a letdown, like literally just a higher binned 13900k with some slight oc
  5. Yeah I see new graphics drivers are out today as well, so I'll do more testing. I do like Frame Generation, but it does introduce weird side effects sometimes so maybe it will look better with it off
  6. New update is out but I still think the DLSS 3.5 is not much improvement, still see ghosting and looks like painting
  7. Yeah this 6400 G.Skill set was one of the first DDR5's to be made with Hynix A-Die, so it turned out they can oc pretty far. Could boot 7600 with them, but stability is another story...
  8. I can't even run 7200 on a z790 board rated for 8000. I mean it boots and runs all day, but y-cruncher stability tests fail. I back it to 7000 and that was working. I ended up refunding the Vengeance 7200 and just oc'd my 6400 sticks to 7000, and that has been my daily driver for the past few months
  9. 14900k better beef up their imc
  10. 13th gen is literally an over-volted alderlake, with all it's power efficiency thrown out the window. Not the most ideal upgrade over 12th gen
  11. I know FSR 3 going to get frame generation. It's a game changer in Hogwarts and Cyberpunk
  12. Update: So my DDR5 7200 Vengeance sticks quit being stable at 7200 after a couple days, I tried various voltages and even put a fan on it, but it just errors in Testmem after 5 mins. I'm sure the magic voltage combo is there somewhere but that's going to hours of trial and error. I'm currently running them at 7000 but with much tighter timings (good compromise?). I've been stable for 2 weeks so far. I think Raptor Lake marketing has been way too optimistic with the speeds you can reach, it should be marked with a disclaimer of "under very special circumstances." Next gen I'll probably go for a 2 dimm board for better oc chances to 9000+ My XP retro build is going to be wild tho. I'm going to use my Core 2 duo, 7800 GTX, and 2 gigs of DDR2 800. I'm curious about how well the 7800 GTX can perform without being constrained by a Pentium 4
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