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  1. ‘The Wheel of Time’ Season 2 Has Begun Filming, Still No Sight of Season One Trailer. Actually, the trailer will come "before Summer's end".
  2. I'll definitely wait until next year. Maybe even replay the first one before doing my first WotR playthrough.
  3. Playing as a merciless Lich, demons, vampires, succubus waifu, lots of pre buff... Seems like the perfect game to play as Ainz Ooal Gown, from the anime Overlord:
  4. LOGH 41-54: Finished the second season. These episodes actually have some pretty bad battles with things like people forgetting space is 3D and not being able to go around debris, for example. They keep talking about how low the wages for soldiers are, even admirals. How bad is it? If even admirals don’t know if they can make ends meet, why is there so much military spending then? Big spoilers below: It was interesting when Yang said that people don’t realise when they are the bad guys. Not a good example in this case, since the alliance citizens who want war don’t really have another option (the empire never wanted peace), but it applies perfectly to the real world today. But let’s not talk about any examples since this is not the political thread... The way this season ended gives me the impression it will take quite a while for things to get interesting in the third season. So this is the perfect time to watch something else, like Violet Evergarden and Beastars.
  5. The Wheel of Time Is Getting a Movie Trilogy Now, Too. An Age of Legends trilogy. There is barely enough material for that so it could be good or another GoT S8. Ok, maybe not necessarily as bad as that, but three movies? Doesn't sound like a good idea o me.
  6. I didn't like the last two episodes of Loki. Also, wasn't the rule that you couldn't change the timeline, but only travel to another? Like Gromnir said, they will do whatever they want regardless of it making sense.
  7. Yes, not realistic. Even the most enthusiastic people about it would eventually get tired of doing it. Unless they had some way to drug everyone or poison the atmosphere, I guess.
  8. LOGH 38-40: No actual spoilers for the main story. Episode 40 told how the first Emperor rose to power. And it was not a nice story. It looked like some things we see today: politicians that don’t respect democracy being acclaimed by the people... The guy eventually was elected president and also premier, having all the power. Then he took over permanently, repressed what he considered immoral and before anyone could think about it, he went full nazi. The beginning of the Empire was basically The Man in the High Castle. "Euthanasia" was done to those with mental diseases and sterelization of the poor and disabled people. The parliament was dissolved, the republic became a police state and they had gulag planets. It even came close to a zombie apocalypse (not really lol), with people that were forced to ingest drugs or that were lobotomized. And that is why everyone on the imperial nobility has german names. The first emperor selected the descendents of the “arian race”. Mankind not changing really is a theme in this series. Unless the subtitles had a mistake, the population when the empire was founded was over 300 billion people and now, 500 years later, it’s just about 40 billion. I guess the sterelization idea was taken very seriously.
  9. Basically my party in Solasta.
  10. No, it is not. The day to day life doesn't look sci-fi at all, except for the fact that many characters will be on spaceships or stations, but even that is not predominant. The technology is not much different than what was available in the 80s-90s, when the anime was made. Although they do have video phones and spaceships. Some scenes in the Empire could actually take place in the 20th century or even earlier. Lots of people talking about politics or espionage while they drink wine. The plot is about war, politics, democracy vs. authoritarianism, etc. Even the battles are not much different than what navy ships would do in the ocean, if you ignore the 3D aspect of space. They even have some battles with axes for a reason that is well explained. Here is an example of the tech level (no serious spoilers):
  11. LoGH 26-37: No story spoilers here. They gave some explanations about how things work in LoGH. Battles cause massive electromagnetic interference and that is one of the reasons ships can appear “out of nowhere” and surprise someone in battle. They also mentioned warp drives for the first time, but said ships can’t go beyond the corridor. No idea how this system actually works. Interesting how things are when people actually consider a strategy before starting a battle. If the enemy seems to be doing something dumb, then the other side considers the possibility of it being part of a plan and gets cautious. Not something common in sci-fi. Maybe the best strategy in this universe is to have your fleet assume a strange formation just to confuse the enemy and gain some time. lol And more on the Emperors' behaviors: the emperor’s complex is formed by four buildings, one of which is “a building where beautiful women live”. Hopefully Annerose was an exception and these women are adults.
  12. More information on Black Geyser, probably nothing new, but I hadn't checked this page until now. Classes, races, spell system...
  13. Black Geyser Q&A, from their Steam page. Level 20, Stronghold, Pets, open world...
  14. I knew this game was beautiful seeing @Keyrock's screenshots, but it is even better when you play it yourself.
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