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  1. Okay, I'll mention in the spoilers below. It doesn't ruin the story though. Edit: btw, the second season is slower, but with shorter episodes. The third season gets better.
  2. Watched all three seasons of Future Man. I liked it a lot, despite some nonsense included for fun (the effects in some time travel jumps). I wanted to recommend it to a few friends, but the last episodes might be offensive to some religious people.
  3. An example of a "murder hornet" attacking a mouse. These things are serious. WARNING: graphical violence.
  4. Don't worry. If the asteroid this month doesn't hit, we still have the comet on May.
  5. Today's episode was tense. If you watched Breaking Bad, then you can't help but wonder what will happen with some characters.
  6. Oh no, not movies about staying at home, but movies happening during this time, like a heist movie, for example.
  7. Why people believe in conspiracies? Well, I think I have a clue. Some are talking about the "world shadow government" creating the pandemic to control people and whatever. Here in Brazil, the governor of São Paulo state made a deal with cell phone companies to check people's location through their cell phones so that they can act when many people gather together. Imagine how the crazy people will react to this lol
  8. Also, imagine all the movies taking place in 2020 we'll see in the future.
  9. I haven't checked the other thread, but I assume somebody already posted the news about people burning down 5G towers because they were causing the disease? Edit: here it is UK mobile carriers politely ask people to stop burning 5G towers "Multiple cell towers were targeted in the UK last week in apparent arson attacks, after online conspiracy theories have been falsely linking the spread of the coronavirus pandemic to the roll out of 5G. There’s no scientific evidence to suggest a link, but the theories have been spreading widely on social networks like Facebook and Nextdoor."
  10. Surprise! The universe's expansion rate may vary from place to place
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