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  1. If this study is confirmed it will be even worse. The other side of COVID‐19 pandemic: Effects on male fertility “…all preliminary findings mentioned above suggest that the COVID-19 pandemic affects the male genital system in direct or indirect ways and shows a negative impact on male reproductive health, inducing spermatogenic failure.” If covid-19 causes male sterility, then what are they gonna do? Will they choose the vaccine to avoid sterilization? Or will they claim that the deep state globalist reptilian government overlords are forcing it with both the virus and the vacci
  2. Yes. Lula would have won, which is the problem I described above. But without him the rejection was enough to elect Bolsonaro. In the beginning Bolsonaro didn't have many votes in the polls, many people didn't even take him seriously. He was famous though because he was always saying horrible racist or sexist things. But his "popularity" increased with time as more and more people realized that Lula's labour party was coming strong. However, Lula's replacement wasn't as popular as him. I know many people that wanted to support other candidates, including a progressive right wing, that end
  3. I'm from Brazil so I can tell you what we had before. It was a leftist government that bribed the Congress to get things done and stole a lot of money. But, of course, each side of the political spectrum will only see the other as a threat to democracy. And yes, Bolsonaro got elected because of the rejection against the previous guys. Honestly, I don't have any hopes for the future of my country as people keep reelecting the same corrupt people over and over again. In Rio de Janeiro State they have arrested many former governors and the people still vote for them when they are candid
  4. Not to Brazil, please. We already have Bolsonaro. The regime in Brazil is not facist, though Bolsonaro certainly wants it. The Supreme Court has stopped some of his madness, so it is not that bad. Congress is in charge here. They allow what he wants until they don't, just like with impeached Dilma. Anyway, Bolsonaro is temporary. Even if he finishes his term, the next president will be a leftist and things will go back to what they were before.
  5. Spoilers for The Expanse 5E09 below. Things are gonna get interesting for Drummer. Edit: it is a short promo for today's episode.
  6. Imagine the shock when other countries confirm this.
  7. Attack on Titan Wow. The last episode was probably the best thing I ever saw on tv. And that means a lot considering how good this show is.
  8. In that case, don't own a cat like Hercules:
  9. I watched Knives Out this week. Very good twists.
  10. Can anyone who has a cat explain to me why they attack people like this? I'm talking about the second case. The first one deserved it.
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