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  1. The world would ignore it like it is the Ethiopian conflict.
  2. "In the complaint, the former lawyer also asks the court to protect him from being taken into custody for his actions during the insurrection." Article saved the best part for last
  3. Have to run a training session for some team in India. Given what was given to me, I'm tempted to just present them a config file and
  4. This supposed palace of Putin's does look pretty nice though.
  5. 1999 I was still using a 33.6 kbps
  6. Check out this guy, 1999 and he had that fast internet
  7. Probably more Waco than Jonestown, if anything
  8. Apparently from complications with West Nile Virus - https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-55763658
  9. I need to finally get around to watching Jormungand, I enjoyed Black Lagoon. And really need to add more decent anime to my list as there's stuff like Ikki Tousen and Killing Bites on there
  10. Well, I guess the person that said it was one, but the sentiment behind it is still pretty valid - fixing symptoms is great, root causes is too uncomfortable. I hate this ****ing prosperity gospel bull**** I always see peddled.
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