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  1. I am guessing the money's going to go to some new agency Jared will concoct.
  2. Nah, going to boil down to "**** you, I got mine".
  3. Well, the casual threat to start shooting is that. And they attacked the CNN building in Atlanta, for some reason. Well, Trump will approve of that.
  4. I don't imagine the NG is going to deploy with some insane RoE and only have lethal force. US troops didn't operate that way in Iraq (in theory..). So may not result in matters being worse. As for your scenario, no good is definitely coming out of that and I don't believe that is legal in Minnesota - deadly force is only permitted to save a life, rather than a TV. I guess what you could do, is shoot the stuff they are looting. If you were a good shot. Or if you want a reasonable idea, you could just announce the weapon and people will just stay away.
  5. But is deadly force warranted here? And his comments are pretty casual, they really add nothing useful to the situation - I guess other than for his image. They arrested the cop on his neck -https://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2020/05/29/derek-chauvin-arrested-george-floyd-death-minneapolis-police-officer/
  6. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/05/5g-conspiracy-theorists-sell-350-usb-stick-to-fight-electric-fog/ I am shocked that this USB stick is a fraud.
  7. Heh, maybe Lee was on to something about the ending to Do the Right Thing Cops arresting the reporter on air is proof that the MPD has very high recruiting standards.
  8. Sort of funny to put up next to some cops sitting on a guy and killing him that way. But I suspect the case is a bunch of outside people have found some cause to go break stuff behind. Easy to go bust up an area when you don't have to foot the bill. Trump as usual chimed in with nothing useful
  9. So they burned down a police station in Minneapolis, apparently people looted riot gear as well. Amazing what one bunch of idiot cops can set off.
  10. The Skaven hordes gather, it is the End Time.
  11. Released in 2014, which is a surprise.
  12. They should relaunch that, but with Lil' Jon on the cover https://www.vice.com/en_ca/article/n7wb78/we-asked-canadian-anti-lockdown-protesters-what-their-deal-is Some of the anti-lockdown protestors on why they are doing so. Only a couple are out there - thinking this is slavery (somehow) or a plot to control population growth (cue NSF Leader at the top of the statue).
  13. Plodding along in Disco Elysium, I guess I am doing a boring run as I am playing it like a plain old cop sort of like Kim I guess - well, other than RP'ing a US cop and blowing away a kid for being lippy. Not sure why helping out some old lady got me marked as some sort of pathetic 'sorry cop', but whatever.
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