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  1. Worked for 'pac. Well, until he decided to fly on MH370.
  2. I guess Jared was playing Cities Skylines.
  3. In reality it tends to be the other way, I think. People tend to wait like 10 seconds before declaring a hard lock and trying to kill it. Happens with our frankly low performance DB application all the time.
  4. What's the big deal if someone does mention it, barring them making things up or something. All parties should expect it, although not sure the feelings of people whose sole interaction with Bryant was watching him play matter much.
  5. I am still convinced Pompeo confused Belarus for Bangladesh.
  6. Does remind me of how low the bar is to label someone an 'elite'. See that in the Tory campaigns here, I guess geting a B.A. makes one so
  7. Got a new washer and dryer, an LG model that was on sale at Home Depot. Can't shake the nagging feeling we picked a lemon, but I feel that way any time I spend more than $50. Will be nice to do laundry at nights though, have been pretty bored at home without having that to do.
  8. "A Florida pastor " is all you need to know.
  9. Time to create an IGN account then!
  10. Good song for a wedding. That or "Hey , Joe"
  11. You say this as if this is a bad thing. Disrespecting thugs isn't all that bad. Am sort of surprised not seeing more people mentioning his case, though, honestly was expecting to see places like NPR or The Guardian with something related to that . Apparently a reporter was put on leave for mentioning it, which is a bit ridiculous : https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/jan/27/kobe-bryant-reporter-suspended-over-sexual-assault-case-tweet-washington-post
  12. Got The Division 2 on sale, in hindsight it was a poor purchase, but can play with my friend so is useful that way. Prefer the NYC setting and winter rather than DC and summer, although did have a fun moment of fighting Hyenas with the sun at their back - shame the reverse would not matter.
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