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  1. Wonder how much Denmark would charge for it. Saw one estimate for $553 B but that ignored resources.
  2. Did the SWAT 4 mission with the child graveyard, have to redo it as apparently I blasted a lady in the legs with my MP5 that I shouldn't have. Not very good at judging when they are acting in a threatening manner. Sort of funny to deal with such a strict RoE when I'm in the ersatz NYPD, heh.
  3. Someone once stole my identity. They returned it eventually.
  4. Good to see BI still working, at least. Did enjoy DoK.
  5. I'm more surprised due to the fact of what happened to the AH-66 Bannerlord in glorified beta in March 2020 (haha, right)
  6. Hey, that'd be a unique path to victory. Seduce the villain!
  7. Might just be a case of him trying to leave in a courteous manner.
  8. Ready Or Not, stupid name. Alpha build is being released tomorrow, I think, to supporters.
  9. SWAT 4 needs a "Plant evidence" option. Still, pretty fun game even when I play it rather simplistically. Will have to take flashbangs away from my AI teammates.
  10. Finished JULIA, that reveal was so obvious for so long I'm not sure how the PC didn't notice it. Not a bad game overall, I guess I have low standards but found it serviceable, or maybe Moment of Silence lowered the bar too much in my mind recently, hah.
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