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  1. And once that's found the entire city is to be labelled thusly ? Hm, seems like something tailor made for rural people who think every urban area is a warzone. Also belatedly noticed how funny a term of "anarchistic jurisdiction" is
  2. Time to find some video of NYC, Seattle and Portland to see how much like 90's Mogadishu they are.
  3. Guess Gamepass is going to be more attractive, and maybe none of these games on PlayStation ?
  4. I am reminded of my favourite line from the Mars Trilogy about libertarians being "anarchists that want police protection from their slaves"
  5. In California in WL2, think my squad is ok - regret picking up Ralphie, but so far he can swing a blade....sort of ok.
  6. Talking crap is easier at the office, no paper trail Was nice to just change scenery as well as have a good delineation between when the work day ends - I find myself working from 8 am to near 8 pm some days. Well ok, I am logged in, working some of the time.
  7. Just that have seen their petulant reactions over the years to any criticism, heh, our local PD pretty much trots out "Don't give us a budget increase and there'll be crime!". And have read comments by cops and in news of cops resigning due to the apparent demonization of them. As usual Americans find it too hard to think on why something is rather than react to the thing. So it's pretty believable that cops would start dogging it on the job, being upset that some set of individuals are not giving them the reverence they seem to need to operate day in day out. Funnily enough, according to the usual cop forums I read this, too, is part of the Marxist plan to destroy America
  8. People buy Budweiser still. Don't give people too much credit
  9. The sooner they learn the way the world works, the better, though. Also we need to start teaching kids mathematics better, like Calculus by Grade 10.
  10. Well, everyone has different views of things from everyone else. I don't really see the issue with a bunch of Black people in the US looking at history from their perspective, the project is referred to as a starting point for discussion by the people behind and even people critiquing it say it's a good thing to discuss. No one's going to look at how California will incorporate it and how it will turn out, checking details is too much work. As for adding to his support, ehh, I think people who'd get so outraged over this crap already are drunk on the Kool-Aid (given Jones used Flavor-Aid why don't we use that...), I'd certainly hope Americans would take things more seriously than get upset about some people in another state learning things "the wrong way". Heh, how is the Civil War taught in the South, anyway ?
  11. Was this ever the case ? Sounds like they were going to incorporate it not replace, uh "normal" history. However, yet another Marxist plot to have White Genocide, no doubt.
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