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  1. easiest way would prolly be to create a custom progression table instead of copying one over/using an existing one, or copying one over, giving it a different ID and then editing it, if those resistances/immunities are tied to a single skill you'd likely also have to either remove said skill from the progression table, create a copy of the skill and edit it to have a different id and less immunities i'd suggest more that you create a new progression table, even if you just copy the contents of another one and just change the id, to avoid conflicts with NPCs getting nerfed/buffed by your cha
  2. so i've been using a mod for a long time now, the Channeler mod that adds a subclass for ciphers (https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/98 ) its really fun and all, but the author seems to have moved on, and as updates have piled in, it has run into issues one of them, is that its penalty of making you lose access to soul-whip isnt working properly, and i cant seem fix it what exactly should i add to the mods progression table file to address this?, i'd imagine i could just wait for unity console to be updated again(new 3.0 beta has made it stop working) to remove the a
  3. I do not have it installed. I reinstalled the game and still nothing is working. I am completely puzzled by this and have no solution. if u added any other priest progression table it would conflict, and are you SURE you arent in on the beta patch?
  4. ahh so its more an issue on the patch's changes messing with all subclass mods, gotcha, guess we'll have to wait for new beta updates or for the patch to come out of beta with new changes that address this
  5. i run way too many, seems like the main broken ones are just the 2 custom subclass mods i have tho https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/207 (lots of ranger changes + new subclass) and https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/98 (cipher subclass)
  6. shame, i'll try ur suggestion and see if it fixes the custom subclass mods im using, if it doesnt guess i'll just have to wait for them to be updated or revert back from beta i managed to fix my stringtables after some tinkering tho, so theres that at least
  7. since installing the new beta patch, the override stringtables i had beak the game(cant conitnue/load, lot of strings missing) is there a fix to this? to stringtables need a new folder structure? i checked the modding patch notes but saw nothing that could help edit: made an attempt by copying the mod stringtables's lines into a copy of the regular tables and putting those into the override folder(with the usual folder structure:override>localized>en>text>game) and still no success edit: seems like a lot more than just stringtables were broken, most of my mods if not
  8. i had used something akin to that mod as a band-aid fix, but is there no way to just allow custom companions to be named normally?
  9. so, with the use of a mod that allows me to get the gunhawk(gold/brown looking bird) as an animal companion for my ranger but, no matter what i try, i cant make their name work, they just get the name "Hawk" anyone got any idea?
  10. thinking it might have been some mod conflict i looked up the localization files for laxd and there really isnt a 528 string anywhere in there EDIT: ring of prosperity's fortune has the same issue
  11. this bug has been around since release, and if they wanted to nerf the dmg they'd do that, not make the elemental fists not be given to the summons theres a band aid fix on the nexus, but it makes the "clones" look like naked bald humans with their junk out
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