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  1. Fun fact : you can "counter" (replace) a Low Tier high duration Inspiration with a High Tier low duration inspiration. Similarly, you can "counter" (replace) a Low Tier high duration Affliction with a High Tier low duration Affliction. I don't know if it can be done intentionally in some cases, but I'd rather be Stun 3s than Dazed 20s Which makes Relentless Strom sort of annoying when cast after Dazing Shout
  2. Just a bit of comments about the classes I have choosen with reference to BPM changes : Enchanter is pretty meh in the base game. +2 enchanting power levels isn't going to change your life since they mostly apply to duration (high level echanting spells are also a bit meh) and the passive is a one-shot that you can't even control. (Of all wiz subclasses, I consider that only base Wiz and Evoker are balanced. Blood Mage is too strong, and other specialist has meh special feat. ) That why I tweaked the subclass so the Dexterity affliction immunity is always applied when under the effect of a Dex Inspiration. Perfect combo with fleet feet and DAoM. Since the bonus is a bit situational I added a small +10% beneficial effects duration as a small but universally useful bonus. 2 bonuses isn't too strong compared to what Evoker gets and given how meh PL bonus is for Enchanter. The reason I picked SC Enchanter is because I initially wanted to pick SC Conjurer and use summoned weapons. I felt it was sad to pick SC Conjurer while I can pick Fassina in a future run so I went with SC Enchanter. The main benefit for it is the access to the powerful Tier IX evocation spells. Nothing special about these class. Debonaire is great vs kiths and benefit a lot from having a Cipher in the party. BPM only allows a bit more variety viability when it comes to Rogue's special attacks. I wanted a Kind Wayfarer Barbs. BPM's Mage Slayer has a -25% beneficial effects / -25% hostile effects. It removes the random factor on friendly spells (because random failure on a critical healing spell is the nastiest thing) and makes it more universally useful than vs casters only. The hostile effect reduction is good with pallies for Sacred Immolation, which BPM makes more attractive by halving the zeal cost (you're already paying with your life) Good old Whirling Strikes dual wielder (most likely weapon + gun), viable without BPM, but BPM provides more tools for SC Rangers (viable Bonded Fury, Heartseeker with infinite duration Enfeebled, and infinite Vengeful grief so you technically can ignore your dead pet). I think I like my version of SC ranger No big changes from BPM, but using Community Patch Psion makes the subclass a bit easier to use.
  3. I spent a big chunk of my life alone (bar friends and colleagues) while trying to find "the right one". Played a lot of video games, probably partly for this reason. I had also had time to read and write. I don't really want to come back to this time. It was a little sad. But it is still part of what made me into what I am. Sometimes, I look at this time with pink-tinted glasses for this reason, but that's an illusion. I'm happy with my family, even if sometimes I would appreciate a little more time for myself (but the girls are going to grow up, so...). (I would appreciate time with my spouse too, but that's another story. It seems that our planned dream trip to Uzbekistan isn't going to be soon ; I'll ask @Boeroer advices when it would happen ) Being on my own for a while is basically a way to actually live again this phase of my life without experiencing the main drawbacks. In addition, I spent more time on creating the mod than actually playing lately. Which is also an issue since I have to use the mod to check if everything feels comfortable with it. Somehow, I can say that I have a kind of "responsibility" to play I would like to find time to write a bit, but to be honest, even if BPM is not the most popular PoE2 mod, it has still a far wider audience than anything I wrote
  4. I faced Dorudugan this weekend, with a quite standard party, without any cheese involved (BDD + Brilliant + SoT doesn't work with my mod anyway). Without a Cipher, with ressource-limited casters, etc. Everybody glouped a Potion of Enlightenment. It was satisfying to have my SC Druid casting Pollen Patch every 30s or having my Rogue able to flee after magnetic overdrive without fearing ressource depletion. Really kept all party members relevant. Satisfying experience. Dorudugan is still a hard and technical fight. It still lasts arguably for too long. But overall, it was an epic fight. What Megabosses are intended to be (not some sort of party forcing conundrum or slow death by attrition).
  5. Rods are sweet indeed. I already picked the proficiency with my Debonaire/Helwalker, it's not like you can't switch. Mortar range is a bit tedious. Better for applying an affliction or to get the refund to a single target. So slightly less situational. And that range is convenient. I haven't checked, but i see no reason why it won't work. Mind Blades would be a good backup. True DoT won't work. The good thing with Ectoplastic is that it is foe-only and has 1s pulse (so hard to top vs few targets). I won't be too sure, as a spell is usually an "ability cast by a caster". The actual "Confusion" ahahahah EDIT : Ninja'd, but I was right. I start to get a good intuition about these mechanics works.
  6. I'm currently planning to give my Debonaire/Helwalker Frostseeker and my Psion/Priest of Wael a Whale of a Wand for "free charms" here and there. Any caster with a Whale of a Wand would work for it though (but Psion is even better because of his own charm, and Ectopsychic is good to generate some spell hits for the wand). But thinking about this Froseeker + Stunning Surge crits in advance is delightful (even without Debonaire Hits to Crits, Frostseeker gives you 3 chances of crits for stunning surge instead of 2 for a DW Full attack).
  7. (at least for me) New PC with SSD Hard drive : Maniacally modded the game for more than 1 year, to prevent any gamebreaking combos and encourage maximum party building diversity : Wife and daughters far away at grandparents' for vacatations while I'm working at home (at least during week daytime ) : New party built for the occasion : (expect a bit of Balance Polishing Mod self-promotion here, since some of the choice below are justified by it) - Main Character as a SC Enchanter - Beguiler / Helwalker - Kind Wayfarer / Mage Slayer - SC Stalker with bear - Priest of Wael / Psion The past year has been complicated on a personal level. Not really sad but often stressful. Now it's time to relax. Just reached Neketaka
  8. Mod updated wto Version 1.4.5 with the companions & sidekicks slight attribute buff, constitution changed to +6% health (once again, couldn't do much better) and a couple of other minor changes : Deadfire Balance Polishing Mod at Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com)
  9. To be honest, you don't have to dedicate a party slot to make SC Paladin good enough. With summoners here and there will be enough zeal for an at least functional SC paladin. Beckoner's Animated Weapons are probably the optimal setup of an useful party member who also feed paladins's zeal. Agreed on this. The problem is even somewhat deeper with Paladins because they get most of their best tools (bar stoic steel and divine retribution) at low level. Even their mid-level tools are a bit meh (cough cough exhortations) To be honest, I've modded the game in my own ways to address such issues (sorry for self-promotion, but I even thought about tagging you at time about my paladin's change, given how much you love the class since goo'ol' PoE1 times). Deadfire Balance Polishing Mod at Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) My conclusion is that Paladins in PoE2 are... freakingly well designed, basically having a distinct playstyle (not just fighter/cleric hybrics) as battle commanders/tanks, with both classical (Kind Wayfarer/Shieldbearer) and original (Goldpact, Bleak Walker) paladin fluff... Apart that the tuned numbers of their abilities were just so poorly adjusted. Simply adjusting the numbers make the class feel perfect IMHO.
  10. I still have the opinion that SI is super meh though. Not because of the self damages (at least one can build around them), but because 4 zeals is as overcosted as it could be. Maybe it's tolerably good on SC Paladin with Divine retribution and some Summons (this one won't lack Zeal, and you can also upgrade SI).
  11. I found a similar conclusion, but a bit too tedious for my own modding taste. Let me know in case you want to do something, I know you're quite capable in such situation.
  12. I guess potion of miraculous healing with a decent alchemy, a bit of might and various healing done / received can be interpreted as a full heal. Max con martial could get more than 600 hp and won't wait 1hp to drink the potion, so I guess this could be quite interesting in this case. A bit narrow maybe but still... At least it means high con should probably go for High Alchemy, because it's hard to top potion in term of single target heals.
  13. Nowhere precisely. I was just adding this as an example of an indirect way of buffing CON. Thelee mentionned % based healing. This is basically it. You can't code a true percentage based healing, but as you said a ridiculously high amont mimic 100%. Sacred Sacrifice is an example. I think this (and Feign Death for pet) is the only example in the game. I have no clear plan about it but I thought it was interesting to mention. Maybe someone could have an idea. This is hard to explain because very technical : Basically you can have triggered conditional sub effects on : - An attack* (but having a CON based effect on an attack feels weird. Maybe on a pseudo-attack occuring when knocked out ?) - The initial application of a status (you can't have a status applied until the condition become false, and the re-applied when it becomes true again) - An "gamedata item called Ability" : this one enables a status tobe applied and de-applied when conditions changes dynamically (for example : Blooded bar ability works this way). Each "Ability" can only have 1 condition (with possible AND or OR) to activate and 1 condition to de-activate. This means I would have to use 25 different "Ability". Now the reason I write it "Ability" is because a pickable Ability can (in rare cases) be linked to several different "gamedata item called Ability". A good example is Resonant Touch : picking the ability actually gives you 1 Active "gamedata item called Ability" and 1 Passive "gamedata item called Ability". So technically, I can have Tough direct to 25 Ability in addition to the original one. But this "pointer" is a component of the Progression Table. So I will have to add the pointer to all Progression Table which uses Tough (fortunately, there is a way to append a Progression Table rather than to replace it, but I will still have to append it n times for each Progression Table using Tough.). This would be horribly tedious in addition to be potentially buggy. There's a limit to what I'm willing to do
  14. I had this idea too. The thing is effects based on health loss are based on percentage of health loss. So with lower health, you'll get higher damages reduction faster than with higher. With sustained regeneration, it would benefit lower health more. I'm not 100% sure of overall benefit but it would be very indirect buff if any. What would benefit higher health more would be "full healing" effects. Unfortunately there aren't (except Feign Death for pets which basically grant full health back).
  15. There is an unique parameter for all attibutes contribution to the secondary defense (Fort, Will, Ref) Yeah, it would have too. That's why I'm only rising it a little bit. Megabosses are basically the only case where it will be really significant. And all the abilities I've buffed will help in this case. Anyway, I've put this change in the optional "nerfs and rework" package, not the buff one for this reason. Thank you. I hope this could be the last change I try. I might change the game too much if I continue in this direction.
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