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  1. So for Godlikes, what I am thinking about : I'm trying to make the effect weak at low level, since you don't get good helmets at this point. Moon Godlike : 10 health +2/PL (I think it's pseudo-PL like Monastic Unarmed Training) so it would sit around 30 at max level. CP made it 10 health +1/PL This would be comparable to restore (except for PL scaling) but with much greater AoE. This 3x per encounter would feel enough, even if you don't control it. Maybe even a tad strong. It's around 100 party health for the price of a Helmet and Racial. Fire Godlike : (I have already set ashen skin to +4 Fire AR to match Pale Elves) +1AR under 50% -> +2 Base Damages 2-4 -> 4-5 Damage increase : +20%/PL ((I think it's pseudo-PL too), so ultimately close to fire shield. PEN scaling (from base 7) : +0.5/PL (so it would be comfortable at high levels).
  2. Thanks for your feedback. However, I still feel that these abilities may be useful at low level but could be less significant later on. Do you guys think that a bonus based on class level (to end up around 20-30) could be OK ?
  3. Yup, but as you say, it changes only for a couple clevel, mostly for SC because Greatest Focus is Tier 4, and is basically the only use for it. Do you actually use or for your builds ?
  4. Also, I think that guns mechanics in PoE2 are very generous for getting starting focus. When you can double hit with Red hand or a Dual Mortars Full Attack and cast immediately after, I don't think that +10 Focus is going to make a relevant differance. Do somebody actually use these Abilities ?
  5. Now that I'm thinking about it, all Cipher Focus talents are pretty bad. Complete Self isn't even the Worse. How much focus worth ? I usually consider following equivalence : 1 ressource pool point* <-> Tier 1-3 spells 2 ressources pool point <-> Tier 4-6 spells 3 ressources pool point <-> Tier 7-9 spells *bar special cases such as Focus and Phrases So given the focus cost of Cipher spells, I'd say that 1 ressource pool point <-> 20-30 focus. There are Abilities that provide +1 ressource. So Greater Focus and Keen Mind should provide around 20-30 focus instead of 10. 10 is bad. I would consider Something like this : Greater Focus : +20 starting and max Focus Keen Mind : +30 starting Focus Complete Self : (minor buff) 50% +5 focus on Crit. This one should be enough.
  6. Well, Writ of Healing provides Enfeebled, so CON malus is redundant too. I don't say it's a bad idea, I'm just saying that for me it has the same number of problems of my current version (reduncy between 2 tier 9 spells vs redundancy between a spell and a given Equipment). I knew I had to make this spell foe-only (which would be a solution, I could even revert back to previous range) so we wouldn't be re-opening this topic
  7. Death's Usher isn't great on its own, but since you get it in addition to Pallid Fate, I like it. It helps mitigating sitiuationl issue of Pallid Fate. Moon Godlike 3 procs healas much as a Tier 1 Priest spell. Even with better PL scaling from CP, it is still not much. 10 health per proc is OK at level 1, it could get +2 per level without feeling too strong I think. Fire Godlike : I'm hesitating between rising the health threshold to 75%, adding +1AR (for total +2) below the threshold and/or simply increasing damages. I have to check the PEN too, since passive usually doesn't scale. 12 PEN at level 20 would make sense, and if it requires 12 PEN at level 1, I'll do it (low damages could compensate). I've already set Fire AR to +4 instead of +2 (this is minor but logical, so they have as much fire AR as pale elves).
  8. Don't know. I loved Skaen priest in PoE1 ("subversion, the scapegoat cousin of justice"), then I was disappointed when Skaen suddenly decided to SERVE Woedica. Yup, serving a Queen. I don't have much esteem for him since then Also, there is this description from Effigy's description : If the offering is accepted by the god - which is not guaranteed - Skaen will manifest in the effigy and become an utterly unstoppable and pitiless vessel of the god's power, immune to pain and imbued with a monstrous strength. Not very sure about reducing Healing, since it feels quite redundant with Woedica's Writ of Healing on same Tier (and taking Skaen spell as part of a Woedican priest would make sense...).
  9. That's a fair consideration. The problem is that a Tier IX spell that feels redundant needs a bit more than just extra duration to be right (except INFINTE duration, but I start abusing it a bit too much). Even a 10m radius AoE would still feel a bit lacking... There would still be a lower level spell that does the same job even if less conveniently. For now, I'm leaving it as it is. I'm just going to pretend that is another manifestation of Skaen treacherous nature (you though you were protected, my fellow priest ? uhh no). But don't hesitate to suggest alternate ideas, because you're right about the slightly sad flavour of this issue.
  10. Does going Fire Godlike worth it though ? Even with CP added scaling, it has a weak base of 2-4 damages and I'm not even sure PR scales...
  11. Well, it's not worse than the other focus talent. Free focus is still free focus. Granting +5 focus here and there is still giving you free casts. You can't really compare an ability with a subclass feat that comes along drawbacks. Low priority, not mandatory, but probably good enough.
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