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  1. Still, even if it feels like they wanted to go too many directions at the same time, they ended with a pretty consistent game without major flaws except… well… the ending. Another big flaw was original difficulty level. Main story and difficulty level might have been the 2 main cause of bad reviews which lowered sales. If one wants to point a rotten development, just have a look at the fiasco that was Tides of Numenara. For me, PoE2 has a couple of problems, but the team managed to deliver a rather complete and consistent game. When they started to go off the road (probably because of over-enthusiasm due to PoE1 success), they managed to motivate themselves to correct the major flaws, I sincerely hope that the Pirates setting wasn't the cause of low sales, because it would mean that RPGames are really narrow minded. It is still fantasy with the usual monsters, ruins of ancien civs and magic...
  2. IWD2's writing didn't receive enough praise, especially for such a combat-driven game. Isair and Madae are my favorite villains of all RPG, just too bad they don't have enough "screen time", and even some of the secondary antagonists had great backstory (espically Sherincal and Saablic Tan) In addition, it has arguably the best soundtrack of any classical fantasy game ever, together with the original IWD, (Planescape not counting as classical fantasy IMHO).
  3. I'm not sure all classes (even only every martial Single Class) should be provided a way to regain ressources (except Brillant and that Tier 9 Invocation). A couple of them can already do it, that's fine but I'm not sure we need all classes to be similar. I feel there could be something wrong with a "Sustainable" Rogue or even Ranger, who are supposed to be ambush warriors that deal their damage quickly. That's why I was simply suggesting to increase their initial pool, but of course there might be other more interesting ways to do something (such as +2 ressources bracer avaiable to all martial classes). Take into account that Rangers and especially Rogues don't have tons of good high level abilities. If going this route, a small percentage of chances (5% ?) to gain ressources against afflicted ennemies or pet's target (or bleeding target) is the most straightforward (and best ?) way to go IMHO. I also like the idea of tweaking Toughened Fury to work on Hit rather than Crit (with smaller percentage of course… 5% too ?) because current version, even improved by Community Patch is anti synergetic. Tweaking Blood Surge so it works as current Toughened Fury could be a good idea then.
  4. I have low expectations about BG3. I don't believe it will live up to its legend and I fear all the innovations we had un PoE will be discarded in favor of Nostalgia. The trailer is about Illithids mostly because they we're arguablythe most memorable ennemies in BG2. Maybe I'm wrong and the game is probably going to be at least okayish anyway. On the other side, even if I have a slight preference for RTwP, I have nothing agains TB as long as t is well made (notgood enough in PoE2).
  5. I've always found that Single Class Martials lack a bit of ressource pool, especially Rangers and Rogues since don't get Wounds/1 rage wondershouts/zeal on downed summon. Fighters had toughened Fury improved with the Community patch si I think they're ok too. What would you think of improving their ressources a bit through something like a PL8 passive giving +2 ressources ?
  6. Sure, but changing the current TB system to an ATB one would easily make it quite balanced. It might have been too complicated for a mere PoE2 optional mode but it would be doable for PoE3.
  7. Maybe the easiest way could be to change the numbers from Best Defense specific attack upgrade, so bonus would have nothing to do with quality.
  8. Do you think something could be done about Best Defense and Magran's Shield with the Community Patch ? Not really a priority but...
  9. Doesn't Best Defense benefit from Legendary weapon enhancement ? It should be as good as Tuotilo's for non-monk (and does not require specific talent)
  10. I didn't try either but a couple of days ago I had a long discussion about Durian with the waiter at a Thai restaurant. My wive did try, and I want to try at least once in my life. There are a lot of asian shops in my neighborhood so I could try easily, but I still sort of fear it.
  11. Gain for Cipher isn't a big concern since it's unlikely to put Brillant on a Cipher anyway (since Ancestor's isn't self target). Also, too much gain would result in Infinite Brillant casting with 2 ciphers while fuelling their possible multiclass with Infinite ressources. Still not a big concern but worths mentionning IMHO. SoT not applying to Brillant would help, but even without it I still find Brillant OP on casters. With a single cast of Brillant one Can fuel 3+ Greater Maelstrom which feels a bit too much. I don't have a better suggestion than yours though... Except combining your idea with a random effect such as Blood Mage's ?
  12. This is an excellent point and one of the reason why changing that much brillant sounds weird to me. I fear similar side effects. Minor stuff : Blood sacrifice works with only 3 categories for spell tiers (1-3, 4-6, 7-9), so there would be 1/3 chance of restoring SoT, which would be consistent enough with 2 priests. So restoring a completely random spell level with 1/n chance where n is the number of spell level would be the most straightforward way to change Brillant. Upsides : - encourage using various spell levels which I find interesting, - prevent SoT abuse, - change nothing for martial classes, which are fine with Brillant IMHO.
  13. It seems so. Both have very strong smell. Koiki is described as corpse fruit. If you googleize corpse fruit, you find Durian.
  14. Still sounds like an overzealous change to me. I don't think that Community patch should remove all these slightly OP feature that makes the game fun. Brillant is fun as it is, even if I ubderstand why meteor swarming every 6s is a problem, especially with SoT involved. About this one change I would humbly suggest to make a poll with different solutions before patching Brillant. Consensus is the reason why I think your mod is so great and why I consider it legit or even cannon
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