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  1. Stupid question : I want to use 3xxxx ID for my Text Description Entries since CP used 2xxxxx. Just wanted to check you don't use these.
  2. Well, I think a Disoriented is hard to balance. When it works it is almost too strong, but you have so many ways to inflict Perception affliction that it also feels redundant. If I were you (or if you allow me to tweak your change for my mod ), I would keep the old -10 deflection debuff, but set it to base 10s (it gives another reason to cast bonded fury). 20% Melee resistance is enough. Pet also gets Superior Camouflage, so it has fairly good defenses vs every weapon attacks. Even at 15s% I would consider it enough since it is only a part of the ability. The ability should not become a must-have pick, which is a risk because it fits any ranger build. For your information, my next Steps are Barbarian then Rogue.
  3. Well, you can still override the whole Progress Table without modifying the original file, bt it is indeed ugly since you have to copy the whole table. It's ~200 ko override to change anything... Ah ah sure. My mod is indeed less conservative.
  4. Yeah, I thought about it. But the #2 is not a problem. If it applied to AoE weapons, it might be too strong. For #1, I would consider it, but the main problem is to clear the accumulated stacks when the invisibility breaks. I don't think it is that bad if you consider that the bonus comes from the target being studied rather than the ambush itself. If I find something, I'll improve it.
  5. 1) My new version of Shadowed Hunters (tested and working, I only have to change to description text) : - Stay at 3 Bonds - Healing buffed to 10hp/s - Added a new effect : while Shadowed Hunters is active Ranger and Pet stacks "Shadowed Hunters stacks" every 3s. On next weapon attack, the stacks are released to add 10 raw damages each. It is basically a backstab prepared over time for 10 raw damages/3s, for each member of the duo. Note 1 : it works even if the attack is after the breaking of invisbility (would be very complicated to code otherwise) Note 2 : Only applied once for AoE weapons and multi-hit weapons. I'm pretty happy with this idea (it really feels like Hunters now), but the numbers can be tweaked easily if it feels too weak or too strong. 2) I also changed Hastening Exhortation & Upgrades (all cost 1 zeal) : - Hastening Exhortation : Nimble for 15s - Zealous Exhortation : Swift for 15s - Hastening Command: Nimble and Strong for 15s
  6. Nay, it won't . Distracting Training applies Pet's Intellect. So unless Bonded Fury is active, 9s would be reduced by default to 6.75s. Furthermore, be aware that the -10 Deflection from Distracting Training stacks with similar effect (cause it comes from a passive). Even if on paper it looks worse than Distraction, but at high level, you'll have tons of way to inflict Perception Afflictions and many foes with Perception Immunity/Resistance. I think a "hard" -10 Deflection is better than the Distracted. EDIT : oww, it's Disoriented, not Distrated. Well that feels a bit strong too. Of course, your change makes sense because of the name of the ability (EDIT a bit less if you choose Disoriented). And the added 25% Melee Weapon resistance is strong enough on its own as a Passive Ability. It might even be a tad too strong. I would even consider decreasing it to 20%.
  7. Nice, one thing I can remove from my TO DO list I think you also cleaned the Penetration non scaling problem, aren't you ? As you know, I went further. But I didn't plan to clear restrictions for other 2 upgrades for Pallegina. WotFS adds a recovery and doubles the cost of initial effect. You really have to make it worths it if you don't plan to clean these 2. Good ! I also though that reducing a bit Doru Resolve (like minus 3) and maybe lowering his Perception Immunity to Resistance would make the fight... more interactive ? However, I don't think the fight should be easier. Maybe you could give him something to compensate such as some Fire Blight summons. At least Blights would open more possibilities to manage the fight than the current "immovible block of stats".
  8. Sure, but I'm designing and testing my mod with CP installed so it's good to know what is planned. I'll probably revert to what I initially planned for distraction training (extra duration), and I'see what I'll do after tout release
  9. Indeed, that's the Root of the problem. That means you have to bring ressource regenerating classes for such fights, which is annoying, especially for solo (but the game isn't balanced for solo anyway). I don't plan to change this for now, but I had it in mind as well. Dorudugan will be harder to beat after my planned SoT tweak...
  10. I think it might be nice, indeed. But I overbuffed WotFS a bit because of the upgrade restriction. Fearly easy to tweak down if needed. Got it. Somehow I thought that the self buff was applied to the ranger, which was interesting to get bond back. Anyway, the idea is nice. I'm not a big fan of the Distracted Part because it is close to Rogue's Persistant Distraction and stack poorly with various stuff. But I have never checked if Distraction Training itself stacks (it's a passive, so maybe). Of course, it goes well with the name. Melee Resistance is nice, for the reason you say. It doesn't have to be very high as long as it guarantees to walways provide a chance of distraction. Be cautious with the Debuff Duration because it uses the Pet's Intellect. Do you plan to include it on a Mod ? CP Update ? I was considering adding a Passive to ranger to recover some bond. One easy option would have been a very slow bond recovery (Something like 1 bond every 30s - 60s) called "Survivor Bond". This goes well mechanically with Shadowed Hunters and the "Survivor Aspect" from SSS DLC. It's not much but could be nice for boss fights. But if anyone has a better idea. Or maybe Rangers are fine without Bond regen... ?
  11. Oh, nice ! How is it done ? Wrath of the five suns upgrades can't be picked in-game, even if they exist in the gamedata files (which is another reason why WotFS is Bad). It doesn't hurt to update them anyway, just in case someone want to mod this too.
  12. Well, I've tried to implement this a few times and I ran into some problems : What you describe is a Pet passive that would, under certain circonstance, "auto-target the ranger" to restore 1 bond. The problem is that "auto-targeting" a particular target isn't easy to implement. There are a few ranger abilities, that auto-target the pet (so there is a way to auto-target the pet with a ranger ability), but the contrary isn't true. I also tried to implement a % chance of bond restored on ranger Crit if sharing the same target as the pet (based on Stalker's Link code). This didn't work either. Not sure why, but maybe combining the "share target" condition with the "% Chance on Crit" wasn't suppose to work. I would like to provide a way for ranger to get Bond back with a passive, but I don't want to competely change the Distraction Training icon (made by Boeroer) or its link with the pet. Unless I create a new ability ? What should it be ? Problem is that I would have to reuse an Icon for this, which would be meh. EDIT : I can use the old "Ranger generic icon" for a new passive, as it isn't use for any ability after CP icons have been installed. Feel free to suggest !
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