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  1. I have 2,6k posts Thelee has 3,1k posts And both of us are pretty big posters here, I think. Fun to consider than Boeroer is basically a bigger poster by an order of magnitude. And still manages to build a Patio in his garden.
  2. If you're open about mods but are affraid of running something that could break the game, I would suggest to have a look at the changes from my Balance Polishing Mod. It is more conservative (and with less creative feature) than the mods quoted above : https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/438?tab=description I had quite positive feedback from @Jayd (if I remind well) specifically about how the Shifter feels with it. Specifically : - Shifting duration scaling with PL - Animal forms slight rework (Wolf & Stag especially, since they felt a bit meh) - Wildstrike Fre
  3. So @Boeroer, are you going to release it as your own mod ? (Maquest and Phenomenum have not been very active lately.) I will probably use the final version in my set up
  4. I remember all these stupid jokes we laughed together since PoE1 : Ramirez, lord of gilded vale Direballs SPIRITCAPSLOCK Minmaxer anals
  5. Leaving apart the fact that many people don't like Ranger as the "pet class", the issue is that their ability tree is mostly about "various little perks" (such as Binding Root or beneficial effect purge) and pet abilities rather than raw power abilities to focus on. Pet abilities aren't bad, but that's usually something you want to do in parallel of a build "main focus". That's why Multciclass often use the other class as "main focus" and the ranger part as "support" rather than the other way around, outside of the obvious ranged attack part. That said, Rangers do have a few synergetic p
  6. Ishiza's build : Photo libre de droit de Perroquet Pirate banque d'images et plus d'images libres de droit de Faune - iStock (istockphoto.com)
  7. Also good with Predatory senses. +50% damages for the pet is neat. Scordeo's Edge is good to stack accuracy too. I don't think another weapon can go that high. A secondary reason to use Scordeo's Edge on SC Ranger is Stunning Shot. Once you have accumulated accuracy from whirling strikes with Scordeao's Edge (and possibly Blade Cascade if you're lucky), you have up to +40 acc (+50 vs foes under 50% health) and interrupt on Crit. With Dual Wielding you attack fast and can poke a lot. And now I learn that you can easily stack additional accuracy with Hunter's Claw for those boss fights
  8. Wait, Hunter's Claw and its upgrades work with Melee + Ranged ? I would have thought melee Full Attacks only lead to 1 melee attack with melee + ranged combination !
  9. OK I get the point about the yellow circle with friendly fire. Anyway, the pull part is fun and in line with the weapon fluff, so it's nice to have it too.
  10. I will only give my personal opinion : I tend to value the most simple design, even if it changes a bit the initial intention (as long as it keeps the spirit). I have bad experience with combining sub effects, and even if the (hardcoded) programming (behind the gamedata files) works, sometimes the combination of the effects lead to unexpected consequences. And I somewhat distrust pull effects. I would probably have gone for applying secondary hit to every target (including friendly, but excluding wielder and main target) in the 1,5m AoE and would not have bothered with bo
  11. I haven't found yet. I haven't modified item mod description, the automatic description update was enough for my mod. Sure, I was just trying to identify what are favorable vs unfavorable scenarios. Hitting main target + another one was sort of balanced one vs normal Pollaxe. Yes, no contest about that. I'm just thinking about it for now, I haven't made up my opinion. Eventually finalization can go through a round of discussion about number tweaks. But I trust you about the general solution
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