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  1. Not that necessary because : - It is great but not broken. It is just one more Tier of MIG inspiration for all non zerks subclass (that zerks can access anyway). - It requires weapon swapping several time, so it costs a lots of time and initiative for each battle. Mitigated only as a Fighter, negated if going Black Jacket. But in the later case, the combo is only for Black Jacket / non zerks Barbs... at which point you can even consider it as a validcombo. - It requires intentional activation. Don't like it, you can avoid doing it (I've patched several game changing stuff that requires intentional activation, but only if they really breaks the game such as strand of favor). - It is quite lategame
  2. Either it has a substancial effect and it shift the balance while it is unnecessary to do so. Or it has no substancial effect and it is not worth the effort. Well at least for me, it doesn't sound too bad if you want to go with own mod. Just it is not aligned toward BPM initial objectives. I've worked a lot on the mod already and I feel it is pretty complete now.
  3. If it ain't broken, don't fix it. I don't think it would be in line with BPM purpose, since Ghostheart works well as it is and the engagement immunity is fine. But if I wanted to do it in a balanced fashion. I would personnally do it this way : halve the Summon HP (with a -50% health penalty) and add the veil resistance. It won't increase much durability, but would grant much better benefit from healing (that is harder to access as a Ghostheart) as -100% damages taken would make regen more valuable, all at the cost of firearms vulnerability.
  4. New minor version available on Nexus : Deadfire Balance Polishing Mod at Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Nexus - Mods and Community (nexusmods.com) Fix a couple of items and descriptions. Also should be fully compatible with @Noqn 's Apotheosis (not documented though since it could have been confusing there's already a bunch of stuff in the mod description)
  5. Base game : Soul Mind paused on damages CP : Soul Mind paused on being crit BPM : Soul Mind paused on being hit (so bit less good than CP)
  6. Weapon summons do not benefit from added PL. Monk fists (and unarmed Monastic training fists) do. Woedica fists do not. A SC Monk with Prestige can benefit from every other PL. You'll get +2 from Potion of Ascension (best source for active, but does not stack with other active). So even with Nature's Godlike +1 PL passive, you'll need another +1 PL. Hey, good luck then, because I do not know any other source of passive PL sor SC Monk fists. Food gets +1 PL, but is usually considered as active unless the save/load random bug cause it to become passive.
  7. It reminds me of my previous build : [CLASS BUILD] The Unstoppable Wave (Siege Breaker Fighter) - Pillars of Eternity: Characters Builds, Strategies & the Unity Engine (Spoiler Warning!) - Obsidian Forum Community Abyddon Hammer is great because you can use it once per encounter (not technically a spellbind but fullfill the described purpose)
  8. Thank you for this great report. The 1 Zeal Exhortations have been the corner Stone of BPM pal rework so it's good to see them fulfilling their purpose. Healing Chain has been somewhat of a headache to find its right place so I'm kind of releived if it works well. Divine Retribution might still be a mostly mandatory pick, but the intent was to make it (and the whole SC Pal) rely less on summon sacrifice. Great feedback, many thanks!
  9. I would plead -66% reload time for 10s then. Why ? Cause Pistol reload is 5s and min animation time is 1.67. So -66% would lead to reaching exactly the floor when no further modal/speed modifier is involved. I think it would be a good compremise between coming the closest possible from actual intent in most case and having a description that match reality. No reason not to do. It could have been broken indeed, if it hasn't been bugged.
  10. Meeting the floor would lead to making the pistol modal irrelevant. I mean, if it was actually instant reload, then it would be OK to make it irrelevant, but since it's "just another speed buff", I prefer it would stack normally. Also, because of the pistol modal / dual wielding / whatever speed buff, -50% reload has a good chance to be actually what it states (see that Obs ). Meanwhile -80% would hit the ceiling quite often and would sometimes be only-54%, -73%, etc...
  11. Exactly, and the floor animation time can't be changed. So the weapon probably can't be tweaked to work as intended? It can't be done. The number of shot before reloading is actually a parameter of the attack (which you can't replace for x second by another "attack" for X seconds). You could make the weapon fires n shot for x seconds... but that's a bit too close from the other mod option of the item. So the cleanest I can think is to set Bullet Time to do -50% recovery for x seconds, x being much higher than the current 5s value. Would still fill like "bullet time" and with less immediate results than the other mod option. Probably 10% chances -50% recovery for 12s. Allows about 2 more shots for its duration so similar power level compared to 15% double bullet and 5% triple bullet. Less immediate results, but synergizes with INT and stuff like Wall of Draining (and not ideal synergy with Pistol modal and dual wielding due to additive speed bonuses stacking, albeit Arcane Blaster does come with a slowing modal through Imbued bullets).
  12. Does the bonus persist even above 50% health ? When removing the weapon ? Does it increase by +10% exactly each time under 50%. Does the accuracy bonus correctly apply normally (under 50% health, then removed above 50%) ? The only difference I notice between the acc and bonus damages is that the bonus damages is filtered to work only on weapon damages. Some hard bug might cause it to become degenerate, but not the acc bonus because reasons. Any further testing would help finding the bug cause/fix.
  13. And the stag passive bonus to all defense isn't wasted anyway. Still a powerful form the rest of the day even if less focus on DPS.
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