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  1. Doesn't Hobbling Shot also subsitute Wounding Shot since it is the same ability with an additional effect ? I pick Accurate Wounding Shot instead so I don't know if it does...
  2. Also 20 stacks of Scordeo's Trophy should lead to 0 recovery. Of course it is more complicated to combine with Salvation...
  3. By the way, how would you rate robes of the Weyc ? AoE Brillant sounds like god tier provided one has a priest in his party and other bonus aren't too bad either.
  4. It could be easily checked with Borrowed Instinct, since it's a Deception ability that doesn't inflict a status. If it is true... well... I supposed it could be seen as a "liberal" interpretation of the rules more than an actual bug. Still won't proc on resistant/immune foes or with the couple of Deception Spells that don't inflict conditions. It won't prevent me from playing Beguiler for "ethic" reasons even if it's not corrected (even if it should )
  5. What was your PL ? 7 Focus corresponds to PL 2. Sneak Attack also applies the first 2 seconds of combat and from steltg. It might be the same for Beguiler refund (although the ability text is not 100% clear).
  6. Bonus: All Deception Cipher spells have +20% range. +5 Focus (+1 more for every Cipher Power Level) on scoring Hits with Deception spells against Flanked, Body Affiliation, Mind Affiliation targets. => Working also on Graze is also a bit surprising, it's significantly better this way.
  7. Wow I thought Beguiler was a better Psion than the Psion. I didn't suspect how much. I think even Mind Plague should be easily refunded.
  8. Another option could be Sure Handed Ila. It's a very powerful chant, much more efficient for weapon DPS than Aefyllath, but also more conditional and can't usually be applied to all party members. If your chanter goes firearms/crossbow and you have another shooter close to him, it's enough to justify Sure Handed and the chant range won't be detrimental at all. I think Bellower/Rogue or something like this could be a good combo.
  9. Bellower lacks a bit of adaptability for my own taste due to almost wasting additional phrases. You have to time your invocation with the right number of phrases. Skald doesn't have penalty to chant which makes him better at fullfilling a part of traditionnal Chanter duties. However, I'm realizing I have no idea how Thrice she was wronged actually work and how many bounces are caused by its upgrade and PL.
  10. Which is better for damages ? Per or Mig ? I think they're pretty much equal. Per is obviously better for Debuff and Mig for Healing. For a Barbarian, I would recommand Per anyway because it's really good with Spirit Tornado. It's even more true with a Berzeker because Mig means more self-damages.
  11. I've made an interesting find : Upgraded abilities usually use their new PL for scaling. A PL1 ability with a PL3 upgrade will usually count as PL3 and thus will only benefit from PL above 3. However, there are some exceptions to that rule. It does make a difference, but not so much because usually there are a couple of PL difference between the initial ability and the upgraded one. Both Barbarian Shout-line and Frenzy-line do apply the initial PL1 though. And that makes a HUGE difference since their ultimate upgrades are PL7 and PL9. It is basically a +30% and +40% bonus to the PL scaling of these abilities. Now I understand better why Spirit Tornado and Driving Roar are my Favorites Barbs abilities
  12. 1) Doubling phrases generation comes at the cost of linger. 2) Skald is still strictly better at casting 3 base cost offensive invocations. Which includes very handy stuff such as Killer Froze or Shield Cracks. 3) Starting phrase pool depends on the highest cost invocation. If your Skald highest cost invocation is a non offensive one, both Skald and Troubadour would start with the same phrase pool BUT skald will have a discount on many Invocations which makes Skald able to cast more invocations with his initial pool. A level 20 MC Skald can cast 3,5 Killer Froze with its initial pool. Empowering an invocation with Sasha's Scimitar with the complete refill upgrade doubles this advantage. 4) War Caller has a specific trick : Clear Out, which is able to generate several crit in one action. Overall, Troubadour is the better subclass, the most versatile one and the one to pick if you don't want to commit toward heavy crit build and (low level) offensive invocation. But Skald has its perk if you want to specialize a bit more. I don't really like TB which is insufficiently balanced for my tastes, but I'm thinking about 2 points which could make Skald a bit worse in TB : - You tend to attack less in TB due to 1/action per turn... except maybe when Dual Wielding ? - The very best weapon for Skald is Sun & Moon, since it hits 2 times and generates twice more crit (+2PL bonus to Ice Spell is also very nice for Chanter). It is a fast weapon which makes it even better in RTwP... and quite underwhelming in TB. Maybe pairing it with Sasha's can be considered ?
  13. The good thing with War Caller is that you can use weapon modal + clear out to debuff a defense in an AoE, then use one of the Invocations targeting the same defense on the same AoE, such as : - Flail + Thunder Rolled/Seven Nights, - Club + Killers Froze, - Morningstar + Eld Nary. Obviously, Black Jackets make it even more convenient and the use of Offensive Invocation leans toward Skald (but Troubadour is always a good option).
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