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  1. If one goes the route of increasing the number of non-priest spells among the free spells, I would tend to think that all subclasses should have 0 priest free spells (except possibly on Tier IX). Woedica could be given Bigby Concelhaut crushing doom on Tier VIII (with a rename ?). I don't know what to think about removing the deity Tier IX for other priests since priests wouldn't get many abilities on this tier. Barring "rival gods" spells could be a compromise.
  2. Small comment on Noqn table : Tier IX God spells are not unique spell for their deity, contrary to Symbols. Every priest can get them.
  3. First of all, thank you for your support to the mod ! One thing to consider is that... my second child is half her way to this earth, so I've only a couple of months left before my free time get super crunched for a handful of years (yup, I sleep more than 5 hours a night). That is to explain I won't have too ambitious goals about the mod. I'm currently working again (well since yesterday) on version 1.3 about a couple of changes (passive abilities scaling - especially their PEN because it's currently a pain , making godlike race fully satisfying and a couple of bugfixes). I would also like to... well... play a little. 1) To be exact, it's 2 priests with sickles. The priest with staff does not work properly in the game, so I had to replace her bya second priest with sickle I guess it would make sense to give this option to Xoti, but Xoti gets lashing vine as a replacement. It's not ideal, but I think it's enough. At least the Vine is controllable, does not penalize Power Level and has beautiful 14 PEN attacks. The reason why I don't think it's too much necessary for her is that priests have good tier IX options anyway (at least since I've tweaked most of them). 2) Yup, slightly beyond what I defined as the mod's scope. Also take into account that I basically balanced the strength of Incarnates around the quality of Free spells. (Wael ~ Skaen > Berath ~ Magran > Eoatas, reversed for Incarnates) So changing the auto-spells would also require me to rethink about Incarnates, which were possibly the most complicated ability to balance of them all. But there's mods around that probably do this, and if they only change Progression Tables, they should be fully compatible with my mod. I avoid touching Progression Tables.
  4. Apparently, @MaxQuest has sneakily updated a 1.02 version on Nexus with a couple of changes. I had contact with him on reddit a couple of weeks ago, so I was aware he didn't completely disapppeared .
  5. Sure, but it might have other purposes, such as putting your Island Aumaua Tank in the middle of your own wizard's Slicken. I'm hesitating between +10 and +20 by similarity with Paladins/Fighters resistance Abilities. I guess +10 would be more conservative, especially for a secondary effect.
  6. But how much is it for Wurms ? (that is a good basis) Something around +10 is probably OK. It is aligned with the old PoE1 Talents against specific attacks.
  7. That's a good question. I did not plan to update non-godlike racials cause they are overall quite weak and mostly here for fluff. Still Island Aumaua felt a tad weak albeit unique and and I wondered about it a couple of times. I discarded changing it because of conservative approach until now. I like the idea of Ground Attack resistance cause it is thematically consistent with Slog Zone resistance and still make Island Aumaua racial a bit less situational. Won't be OP I presume. I think it would worth including. How much is the bonus exactly ?
  8. Just an idea @Noqn do you think you could the same for Clear Out and its upgrades ?
  9. To some extant, but that still cost money to buy. Godlikes also enable you to prioritarize other party member for helmet. Also they would be more powerful on Port Maje if they came already scaled. And Port Maje is really significant in term of tediousness for a given run. Damages and healing from Moon and Fire Godlike are also better to scale as for similar effects from abilities anyway. But if other people think like you, I might consider removing the scaling from Death Usher and my new Nature and Moon godlikes passive. Well, not everyone seems to agree : https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/117267-death-godlike-vs-human/ Yup, Pallid Fate is great, but it requires a lots a building around to work. That's why I plan to buff Death Usher a bit instead. In the right conditions, Death Godlike would be great, but at the cost of a lots of efforts, so it's normal if it is rewarded a bit. It would have been a good idea but I specifically wanted to add a Passive to Moon Godlike so they stay relevant once Tidal Waves are consumed. By the way 5-25% raw damage resistance eventually felt a tiny too situational (better for some classes) for my taste, so I plan to also add a +4 Corrode AR on top of this.
  10. Yup, in the initial post I added that the bonus could only apply to Hurt or ABOVE (so not to bloodied or near Death). +10% healing received +0.5% per lvl when Hurt or above would fit I think. I'm also considering 20% +2% per cl lvl for Death Godlike against Near Death so it won't start too much lower from current version.
  11. Sure, I'm not 100% sure about this one. Still the +1 PL bonus feels a bit dry, especially since it's not guaranteed (even if it isn't too conditional either). Compared to a Stone of Power (since we're speaking about equipment slot), it feels meh. Sure stone of Power only works for a fight every day, but it is still more convenient for boss battle and add INT on top of PL. Healing received felt okay fluff wise but I agree it is a strong bonus. I tried to give it a value comparable to the healing done talent, even a bit more since healing done is arguably better on a healer, but I guess +15% healing done is simply a very good talent. I think the idea that it heals less the less health you have fits Nature Godlike fluff and is interesting mechanically. I still have to set the "right"values. I'm even considering up to 25% healing received but only for Barely Injured characters.
  12. Well, the pb here is that PL scaling for non class ability may lead to Monastic Unarmed training oddness. Between 2 evils, I'd rather go class level scaling. There are some cl lvl scaling in the game yet, such as Cipher Focus or Tough talent. Possibly. The fact it is low early on isn't a Big concern for me because it competes with early headgear. At lvl 8, you'll already be higher than current value. I really think that scaling passives help balancing Godlike traits with headgear. A finishing blow style bonus would fit, but "Near Death" effect sort of mirror Pallid Fate which is good from a fluff point of view I think. Also an effect which would scaling with both level and target health loss would be complicated to describe. Yup. But I agree that the values currently in my mod are too high for this. I plan to go back to 2-4 damages 7 PEN with +20% damages and +0.5 PEN per PL scaling. PEN would be quite good but endgame damages still low (comparable to Darcozzi fire Shield in endgame rather than a true fire Shield). I really think that a Godlike race that does almost nothing while health is above 50% has too narrow build possibilities. That is what I want to change.
  13. I am currently thinking about tweaking up Godlikes for next patch. I think they should have powerful effects to compensate the absence of helmet. As a general rule, I think all of them should have 2 effects (to avoid Relying on only 1), one of them should not be too situational, and these effects should preferrably be scaling since no one has helmet in the early game. So my ideas : Nature Godlike : PL bonus is quite strong but a bit lacking compared to endgame helmet. So my plan is to add them a passive "Evergreen Vigor" that adds 5% + 1% per cl level to healing received. +25% in endgame would feel nice, maybe a bit strong when combined with the PL bonus. Maybe limited to Hurt or above, so would favor constant regeneration over critical healing ? Moon Godlike : I might consider tweaking to change bit their tidal waves a bit, but I also wish to add a passive "Crescent Purity" 5% + 1% cl lvl to raw damages resisance (as voidward do). This would combine well with tidal waves for classes that inflict themselves lots of self damages. Death Godlike : Pallid Fate is fine but very combo relates, so my Idea is to tweak Death Usher up to 10% +2% per cl lvl. +50% in late game feels nice but considering that there are insta Death effects when a foe is near Death, so I don't think it would be too strong. It would have good synergy with On Kill effects though. Fire Godlike : a little trickier since it already has 2 conditional effects. My mod already set fire AR to +4, AR under bloodied to +2 and buffed the fire Shield damages. My plan is to make the fire Shield effect unconditional (so less situational...) and tweak a bit my current buffed values so it won't be strong early game. What would you think of these changes ?
  14. Np, I had no Time to play either. Mod patch 1.3 is probably going to be releases in september, and I am still wondering about some godlike tweaks.
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