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  1. Technically, no, it isn't possible. I tried. It failed. That's why it is the way it is. Why would have done such a weird design if there were an alternative ? Edit : to be more specific, it is because Spiritshift is a modal that it works. Holy Radiance is the holy class bound ability that isn't a modal and should be given infinite use : this specifically doesn't work, hence the x999 uses per encounter which mimics its gameplay.
  2. BG1 feels way more dated than BG2 somehow. Encounter design is the most dated thing in BG1, with a lot of dumb foes and is overall quite repetitive. That being said, BG1 still has a few unique perks : - It's a low level experience. You have no money, overlevelled foes and even your weapons sometimes break. - You will free to explore, more than many game of the sub-genre, comparable to an Elder Scrolls. These area are reallistically depiscted as pretty empty from interesting stuff. The game is quite immersive because the city of Baldur's Gate is literally fully included which is quite rare for a city of this size in a videogame. Even the Witcher series won't let you enter most buildings. That makes a lot of these area not so interesting, but there are still surprises here and there if you search everything. So you're more likely to reject BG1 than PoE1&2 or BG2. But I still cherish it.
  3. Sounds great ! Did you start from the current version files ? Don't hesitate to tell me when you start working on these files, so we don't work on them in parallel.
  4. New biting Whip compared to Draining Whip : +20% raw lash damages Only 62,5% of focus per damages compared to DW. But since you do ~120% damages, you generate 75% focus. Soul annihilation bonus damages get x1.33 special multiplicator. Which compensate lower focus generation. So in a nutshell BW vs DW : x1.2 weapon damages x0.75 focus x1 soul annihilation bonus damages. I your case, BW feels the better choices, but DW would give you more versatility.
  5. To be honnest, Dorudugan has always been the easiest Megaboss. Provided you have half a priest and a source of Brilliant for them, it's over. Even Belranga still need a bit of Injury management to be an auto-win.
  6. And you can't eat them with your corpse eater either. There was something so dumb about a Corpse Eater / Ranger eating their own pet that I had to try.
  7. Okay no acc or PEN PL scaling makes sense for consistency matter. I get why Damages scaling is a bit too good, but it still requires a bit of work and is consistent with other active abilities.
  8. It doesnt' take Dual Wield into account, so PL compensate for that. Favors Sword & Boards but that's FF concept to be more defensive anyway. It has a pseudo cooldown which limits its use but rewards High RES. I won't nerf something that favors RES. Honnestly, I think it is fine granted how harder it is to generate wounds with FF (not that hard, just harder).
  9. Consider using Eager Blade that you can buy early and starts as Superb. You could transition to Engoliero later.
  10. So basically a melee ranger can have random stats. (a ranged ranger is still very suboptimal with high RES/CON)
  11. Yeah, this is normal with BPM. Actual HoT of Unbending has fixed duration, can't be extended or reduced.
  12. Worse than before due to what ? Hard CC ? But there has always been hard CC, ney ? Or worse due to having to wait for 3s for the first spell regen and 15s for the first high tier regen ?
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