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  1. There is a mod that give upgrades to each items for companions; https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/260 Did you download and install the mod on the override folder?
  2. I read the previous page and saw the discussion about Corpse-Eater. @Boeroer Said universal PL bonus for the food would be better than huge PL bonus for Corpse-Eater only, and I felt it's very much reasonable. In theory, my suggestion of Fury's Pen bonus were same, making the bonus from Fury only to Universal so that some multi-classing with Fury would be more attractive. But, yeah, if you felt it's OP it would not need to be changed...
  3. No, what I meant was that the Fury's Spiritshift form has its own Ranged Two-Weapon Style, and the weapons have an ability that bounces +1 time. This is not spell, and is a right-click auto attack.
  4. Oh, I forgot the Monk/Druid multi-class... I was thinking of Devoted/Druid and just wanted to remove the penalty of the Devoted.
  5. I understand what you worry about. The issue, however, making SC Martial Druid being useful, is not simple imo. The change which adds the corresponding Elements to Wildstrike abilities in Community Patch is not only for SC Druid but also any multi-classes with Druids, so SC Martial Druid is still less attractive than the multi-classes. Even if Wildstrike Frenzy remains at VIII PL, it's barely worth being Martial as SC Druid as it is now. As far as I know there is only one advantage of SC Martial Druid; Avenging Storm. The other Druid spells are mostly for Caster type, rather than Martial. Unlike Wizards or Priests, Druids have very few Martial-related spells so that SC Druid is really hard to be it without some "Big" changes, like adding several self-improvement spells imo. I'm not sure keeping Wildstrike Frenzy to VIII PL would really make the SC Martial Druid shine...
  6. OK, here are several suggestions for Druids what I've thought. I've felt there are some spells that need to buff, but listing those in this thread seems to make this post complicated and be out of scope so I won't write down about the things. Before starting discussion, I've note that most of my suggestions are for a diversity of playing game, especially when multi-classing with Martial Classes, since Druid has very few self-enhancement spells unlike Priests or Wizards, which makes Druids less attractive for the multi-classing with one of those. 1. I don't exactly remember, but as far as I know the ability of Fury's Spiritshift, which bounces +1 times, is not cumulative with Driving Flight. It seems like a bug. 2. Another Fury's ability, which provides +1 Pen for Elemental Druid Spells, would be better to be applied on all Elemental keywords. 3. Shifter’s ability, healing after Spiritshift ends, should scale with character's Level or PL. 4. Spiritshift form's attack type has to be Unarmed attacks in my opinion. They actually don't "equip" their teeth, claws, or horns... It's their natural forms. 5. Lowering Wildstrike Frenzy's required PL from VIII to VII would be very cool for Druid/Martial multi-classing. I think it's acceptable because 1) the passive ability itself is not so powerful as much as the other PL VII passive abilities such as Blood Thirst, 2) SC Druid is barely able to be martial-oriented because of lack of self-enhancement spells or related passive abilities.
  7. Oh, I've noticed this thread now because I've been leaving PoE II several months ago. Is this mod still ongoing for further updates, or is the latest release final version? May I suggest a few things related to Druids?
  8. Hello. I applied this mod, and the icon sets seems broken to me. I turned off all the other mods and placed this mod set as the description; set icon mod to load last / at the bottom of mod list. How could I solve this problem? I solved the problem. I just did mistake when extracting the file. Sorry for bothering you.
  9. Actually, Corpse Eater has an additional implicit feature that can eat two unique foods providing PL bonus without penalty. This is still not enough as a trade off for the heavy +1 Rage penalty though.
  10. This is really great mod which had to be implemented into the base game! Could you consider uploading your mod on Steam Workshop in the future? And I have a small request; there are a few items that increase PL for Poison Keyword, but many spells and abilities seems missing the Keyword now, as discussed https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/107002-alchemy-poison-pl-for-druid/ and https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/106043-30-missing-elemental-keywords-in-abilities/. I would like to see this mod tweaks the missing Keyword in addition to the current updates.
  11. The current Keyword system is a mess and broken. Many, many keywords have been missing, like Plague of Insects, as you mentioned, doesn't have Poison keyword while this spell is perfectly blocked by Poison Immunity.
  12. You might be right, and I agree with this. What I've been afraid of is/was nerfing hard and making the things completely being ordinary and featureless, like the previous 1.1 patch did though.
  13. I know that's imba, but I'd rather say to change the Imbued spell from Death Ring to something not AOE, instead of nerfing or changing the mechanism.
  14. Does Ancient's unique 3rd level spell, Wild Growth, affect to either Animal Companion or Spirit Companion of Ranger? As far as I know, Plant and Beast domains are mostly for Druid, except Binding Root of Ranger, so if the Wild Growth can be used for the Companion Ranger would be good candidate for multiclassing with the subclass.
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