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  1. Is it possible to have One-Eyed Molina's... added to the PoE1 Speed Calculator?

  2. Oh, it's great if possible) As for +20 focus... the workaround could be: trigger resource replenish twice if it is a cipher.
  3. With CP changes to Shroud of the Phantasm and Rakhan Field Boots it's already not that easy to abuse it in solo games. And in full-party, what there is besides Ancient Memory and Brilliant Tactician? ---- Personally I do somewhat like the ongoing regeneration of resources from Brilliant (especially because of some overly-high hp enemies present in game). What looks meh to me is: 1). the possible abuse with Salvation of Time. 2). the gain inequality between different classes. (+10 focus for cipher being the biggest offender; followed by +1 martial point compared to 1
  4. I'm fine guys Sorry for radio silence) It's been a busy summer, and still is an ongoing pile of RL stuff that requires my time and attention. @Phenomenum, You mentioned you have a list of tweaks for CP. PM the details, and I could upload them to Nexus.
  5. Thank you) And oh, we made a change to Turning Wheel - the bonus damage now should work with ranged weapons as well. This is included in Extra module. I think this could be going back to backers beta, when many things didn't graze/crit, but only hit. Also, making carnage able to crit, could potentially have some hard to evaluate balance side effects. I would be very cautious touching this)
  6. You and dunehunter both made valid points. I have mentioned 3 attacks, as arbitrary value to start the theorycrafting going. The initial reasoning was: Tempest provides 10% chance to skip next recovery. Blade Cascade has 5% chance, and since it is less reliable (cose it's lower) it could provide a triple benefit compared to Tempest proc, hence three skipped recoveries. But you've mentioned the fun-factor, and dunehunter that nobody picks Tempest. So I guess a compromise would be 5 attacks limit (in addition to 5s time limit)?
  7. Not much. We are thinking about making CommunityPatch - Trinkets - a mod that will add several trinkets for priests and druids. Additionally I am looking at Haunting Chains suggestion for cipher (it's a bit tricky, and will require a lot of testing). As for items: - there were requests for "do something" with Crimson Helm. And I think it could have some synergy with Crimson Panoply and One Dozen Stood armors. - Bauble of the Fin: 3% -> 4%? - Blade Cascade proc (from Scordeo's Edge) could also have a limit of 3 attacks (in addition to 5s) IF (this is pos
  8. No need to rush) I have seen 3 requests about Steam Workshop by now, so I am considering it. But first I want to make sure that everything is stable. As you have seen, even after beta period, there were 3 minor day-1 hotfixes. And there is little joy in duplicating all the urgent uploads. I want to give it several days, and undergo an extra proofread pass, first.
  9. Pheno has sent me the updated Backstab (with onDealsDamage instead of just GrazeHitCrit), and I have re-uploaded the Extended package.
  10. Uhm. Ehh, can't do that. This is a limitation of current mechanics. Avenging Storm was only checking for it's source (which had to be "weapon"). Phenomenum has changed the AttackEnemyOnEvent event type to OnDealsDamage. And I think that's all we can do here, since Avenging Storm indeed considers that that Chillfog has weapon source. Oops, a value of 10s (that was used for testing) has slipped through. I have set it to 1.5s now (according to the poll) and re-uploaded the mod as v1.0.1. You will have to re-download the Extended version now. (note: delete the v
  11. After a lengthy period of gathering players' feedback, theorycrafting and balancing, we have come with a Community Patch Mod - a community based collection of tweaks and improvements. Community Patch consists of the following stand-alone modules: Basic - includes a lot of suggestions from the Deadfire Polishing Poll´╗┐ - a poll made by players for players, in order to pinpoint the possible balance problems and address them. Basic mod - is a conservative patch, it includes only those suggestions that have twice more votes pro than votes against change. (note: in case of suggesti
  12. Weapon Mastery change is included in CommunityPatchExtra. I have added it to the changelog list As for wands - that will be in a future update. I will think about it) Meanwhile have added a few screenshots of the icons you made. Thank you again, for investing into them) Bingo! That's why I started that initiative with polishing thread and poll in the first place. Because I'm in the same boat)
  13. Hey hey everyone! We have uploaded the pilot v1.0.0 version of Community Patch on nexus!: https://www.nexusmods.com/pillarsofeternity2/mods/335 P.S. If you spot any inexactness, or have any suggestions for the presentation of the mod page, feel free to write it here. P.P.S. I'll be mostly afk tomorrow, and will address them on Monday+
  14. I've seen this mentioned on a couple of forums. And will add a few source links: - stutter related to garbage collector (usually minor hookups every 3s): https://support.brightrockgames.com/communities/1/topics/850-stuttering-every-10-15s. And additionally: one, two, three, four - micro stutter related to Unity's VSync: one, two - general performance issues in Unity: https://learn.unity.com/tutorial/fixing-performance-problems#5c7f8528edbc2a002053b594 - inherent problems with smoothness in general: https://medium.com/@alen.ladavac/the-elusive-frame-timing-168f899aec92
  15. A. I'm ok with this approach. The idea that you would cast a specific upgrade depending on situation is nice. But I don't yet know how to make the OR part in: "ou could either cast Inspiring Radiance OR Aggrandizing Radiance at one time" B. Indeed, doesn't feel right. Unless the trinket provides just 1 radiance upgrade. C. I'm ok with this approach. But I don't know if this is possible. On the other hand can imagine some sort of upgrade where the trinket itself is substituted with a better version; although... don't know how to trigger it. Edit: if Pheno knows how to implement it: gr
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