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  1. No problem from my part) I am currently not even 1/10th as active as I would want to, and miss a lot of discussions, due to neck related health problems. P.S. Potion of Englightment = (ru) Зелье просветления.
  2. This can probably be done by adding to Arcane Dampener an effect (with onDurationEnd) that would briefly grant immunity to crash effects. But there will be a caveat: that AD will be come a cheap way to remove crash stuff. Ideally that effect would have to check if the character is under effect of any drug; and if yes: provide a momentary immunity to crash effects.
  3. It feels artificial to me too. Thus the question: if the resource regeneration would be allowed to go on (so long as there is Brilliant effect), would that be ok? Provided that we would also make changes to SoT, WoD and Shroud of Phantasm. ---- Re: another Brilliant effect: I like Boeroer's idea with restoration of Empower points. But I also like resource regeneration because there are fights were it is indeed needed. In case you need Russian translation here it is: (the names are in line with PoE1)
  4. I do agree that it's annoying, and thinking it would be great if Arcane Dampener didn't affect drugs (and maybe even food). They aren't that arcane after all. But I don't know how to implement it. There is a way to make Arcane Dampener ignore characters under drug status effect, but that's not what we want. We could make drugs to not count as beneficial effect, such that `SuspendBeneficialEffects` would ignore it. But then comes RES, Suppress Affliction and other related stuff.
  5. Do confirm that was the main intent) And the side intent: to increase attractiveness of DEX, and the ratio between using abilities vs auto-attacking in long fights. I was inactive for several days due to neck related problems. And see there was a misunderstanding between you guys. I have spoken with Pheno, and he knows that he had to direct that blame to me) We have concluded that some sort of very mild regeneration (for barb, pala, fighter, rogue, ranger) wouldn't hurt, but it should be most effective in hard fights (vs single or very few really strong enemies) and have mini
  6. The idea itself is nice. But it is unclear if let's say at 12th second, character restores only 1 spell usage of PL-2; or also 1 spell usage of PL-1. (and so on for each 6*n second) Also in order to restore 1 spellusage of rank-9, character would need to upkeep Brilliant for 54 seconds straight without resetting it. I was thinking about SC restoring up to rank 3, 6, 9 on each tick. And MC restoring up to rank 3, 5, 7 on each tick. But this really complicates things; so probably will have to discard such separation. That be great, but I also don't know how
  7. That's a quite laconic and exact way to put it That's exactly what I was thinking when planning my next party 2 months ago. One ascendant and four tacticians (one multi-classing with priest). Upkeeped BDD/Unbending/Driving Echoes/and other sugar; plus dedicated flanker/unflaker that can re-trigger Brilliant: via disengaging/reengaging (with Nomad's Brigandine) via being flanked by enemies (or using blunderbuss modal) and switching Squid's Grasp back and forth and in case of boss fights quickly repeat it ~10 times once in 30s; because one resource in 6s, is
  8. Makes sense) So far ""Backlash: stuns for 10s when attacked vs Will; has 30s refresh delay" idea appeals most to me. But a simple "40 base damage + scaling" every 30..∞ seconds for Brutal Backlash... Hmm. I think there will be runs when I won't be taking this talent at all, since I mostly play with 5-man medium-high dps parties. But it is easiest to implement, and is much better than we have at the moment. So it gets a pass from me) Isn't it already affected by MIG and Captain's Banquet? I was thinking about Wilting Wind vs Freezing Rake. One has low
  9. A helwalker troll Seriously though: hmm, aside from MIG and PL on Xoti, the only thing that comes to mind is: - damage bonuses on Xoti like: +3% from Baubles of the Fin, +5% Kuaru's Prize, +20% from Captain's Banquet - damage taken increase by Troll
  10. Definitely don't like putting Stagger. Cipher will be like: ok I can conditionally Stagger sometimes, now what? But really dig your DoT idea. How about: Backlash: stuns the target for 10s. Has a refresh delay of 30s Brutal Backlash: afflicts the target with a DoT that deals 30 dmg over 15s; While afflicted by this DoT the target takes +10% more base damage from all sources. ?
  11. I was thinking about delay for Backlash too And regarding Brutal Backlash: unless the damage is 60+, I see little use in it. Also need to check that it doesn't proc during Withdraw or Invisibility. How about Brutal Backlash: v1. inflicting some heavy defense malus v2. giving to cipher a hefty accuracy bonus vs that target; v3. terrifying and disabling spellcasting for 7s on target ? Re Echanter: yes, in it's current state it's lackluster. And partially because they lack access to Illusion spells. At the same time I don't really like giving permanent immu
  12. I think this is definitely worth it. Because it is weird that a lash from regular attack can penetrate, while lash from an attack that penetrates everything doesn't. And regarding Pen value, I think it should compare with high-pen spells. So around 8 or 9. My opinion on Brutal Backlash is that it is not worth a talent point at all. And regarding unupgraded Backlash that it is a bit weird: it's good in fast fights (but then you could win without it) and worthless in long fights At the same time I actually like that it triggers immediately; otherwise ther
  13. "BaseValue": 120, "DynamicValue": { "Stat": "Health", "SkillDataID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "ClassID": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "MultiplyBy": -100, "Operator": "Add" }, Sorry for misguiding you guys. I didn't initially check what exactly "Health" is, and got carried away by it's name Health Current target health percentage from 0.0-1.0 It is actually a percentage. So dmg = 120 - 100 * current_hp/max_hp Ed
  14. I have briefly checked related StatusEffectGameData. It looks that: as long the ability Grazes, Hits or Crits the attack applies a StatusEffect that deals (120 - 100 * target_health target_health_percentage) damage. So the "If the enemy is Bloodied or Near Death, they will receive significantly more damage from Blessed Harvest." part of description is technically incorrect against high-hp enemies.
  15. I do a bit. But would prefer to find time and compare the dps/benefits first. Yeah, the dps of bashing shield should be lower than of normal 1-hander, since it gives extra deflection and reflex) I think it should be like that: 1h+shield < 1h + bashing_shield < 1h+1h. And one more thing: what do you think if The Best Defense had 0.5 + 3.0 attack/recovery time? First association: something something about Blackwood and Durance's staff collection The no-shave quarantine Half of my colleagues (including me) are now with be
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