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  1. The site seems to be back Deadfire Dialogue Options Report | Let's Play with Fire Wiki (fireundubh.com)
  2. The site is down right now, but it listed the highest skill checks found in the game files. Some situations also give you the choice between multiple skill/stat checks and it might not be required to have everything maxed.
  3. I enjoyed Tyranny more than PoE2. NG+ and the choices you have to do at the beginning added more incentive to replay compared to PoE2. However it takes some time to adjust to the gameplay and understand the intricacies and the synergies. The best build is duelist with a combination of all the trees which makes you basically invincible with the right items and skills. Each companion can become good enough - Barik can become basically unkillable, Verse is a great dps, Sirin is a powerful CC, etc. but in the end you don't really need them because the MC can go alone and destroy anything in a few seconds (comparable to what monks can do in Poe2).
  4. If you use summons (chanter and monk can have infinite summons) to keep him away from your party and attack him from range using Essence Interrupter and scepters he goes down pretty fast.
  5. The point was the herald is able to achieve better melee AR (which is what matters because you encounter all of them in almost any fight) than the votary, the resources are irelevant here... In practice the herald can do very well just with Magnera's Chain and doesn't have to spend any resource or cast any buff. In a party the herald also provides more support and can carry easily his companions easily from the start to the end, compared to the votary/arcane knight who are more solo centered. Magnera's Chain can be obtained very early if you desire but, until then, Devil of Caroc Breastplate/Patinated Plate are superior to anything else. With brigandines I wouldn't bother unless I can cover the pierce weakness (or else you feel like wearing robes against ranged enemies) and the Bloody Links is a very bad armor overall, not even worth upgrading in my book because when you get it you don't want to be bloodied at all and latter it becomes obsolete. Regarding the Reckless Brigandine, it requires 4+ enemies engaged just to compensate the slower recovery over medium armor. It's very good for berserkers because you can also monitor their health at any time based on their armor, but for a thank who rarely gets bloodied there are armors with more desirable bonuses. Nomad's Brigandine is much more desirable because +10 deflection and immunity to disengagement.
  6. What matters are the lowest melee resists (the elemental ones being covered easily with items), which is basically 10 in the case of plate/brigandine. For that reason, Magnera's Chain is the best armor overall for a votary/arcane knight, with 12 as its lowest resist. The herald has basically the second best AR because he can cover the pierce weakness of the brigandine with ...Nor Flame...
  7. Corrupting Beauty comes from a weapon and is probably considered also a weapon attack (like all weapon procs), thus triggering also Avenging Storm. Since you empowered Avenging Storm, all the bolts coming from it are considered empowered and will trigger the effects from Sasha, Weyc, etc... when hitting a new enemy (there's a long thread about empowered abilities triggering these effects multiple times).
  8. The weapons you mention don't allow to refill your wounds during WotW. With the right items you can stay invisible even between WotW and usually you just have to use Resonant Touch on the last enemy standing (while still invisible). The Stalking Cloak is of course a major piece of the ultimate SC monk build. You kill Serafen on the boat. (Or wait until he dies during a ship boarding)
  9. As a max level monk, against multiple enemies, you will use WotW and the best weapon combo is Keeper of the Flame + Hand Mortar. Against single enemies it depends on their defenses - if you can crit easily then Mohora Tanga. Against very strong solo enemies you can spam FF but often is preferable to stay at range with a multi hit weapon and let the Dichotomus Soul do the tanking. During WotW you generate wounds with the help of Imagined Pain, at melee with FF curse and at range with Dance of Death.
  10. Going SC FF won't add more power because the benefits you get from extra PL are far inferior to the benefits from a second class. The enchantments on the best weapons and their synergies are simply superior to the fists. The bonuses you get from 1PL are not worth losing the benefits you can get from head gear. The +1PL is more suitable to casters, martial classes get little benefit from it...
  11. Llengrath's Teachings directly destroys a friendly target and gives to the caster robust and 100% spell reflection for a limited time. Rekke was probably charmed first and then destroyed. If your party is using Captain's Banquet/Modwyr you should be safe.
  12. In your case the fix isn't difficult - you just have to switch to Aamiina's Legacy (or a plain hunting bow) when you encounter shock immunes (unless you play also an Arcane Archer).
  13. Yes, it's a known issue with elemental weapons. They have an elemental keyword attached to them and if the enemy is immune to that keyword you will do no damage even if the weapon can do other damage type. An even more ridiculous example is with Dragon Dowry which is tagged as "fire" and, even though it does only pierce damage, it is completely ineffective against fire immunes (which are vulnerable to pierce). PS. When using weapons with two types of damage you should pay attention also to enemies able to heal from elemental damage - if their armor against the damage absorbed is the lowest, your weapon won't switch to physical damage either.
  14. Pallegina will always be a tank/support anyway - having access to Brand Enemy gives her even more utility because using her zeal for something else is pretty underwhelming. She's a healing battery for the entire party and can become a walking fortress with the right equipment (Nomad's Brigandine+...Nor Flame, Nor Thrusted Blade, Death and Taxes (from Bardatto's Luxury) + Many Lives..., Stoic Steel, Akola's Apex Ward, Bracers and Cloak of Greater Deflection,... ) - she can achieve 20AR, very high defenses and healing without any external help. Fighter/monk with dual sabres is a great combo - Scordeo's Edge gives 20acc, Grave Calling will freeze on crit giving more hit to crit, add also Fair Favor, maybe Ring of Prosperity's Fortune and you can easily achieve 50-60% hit to crit. Or you can try fighter/monk Rekke with one handed Mohorā Tanga and Bolt Catchers/The Left Hand of the Obscured. With a 2h you won't crit very often and Karaboru without high crit chance is pretty mediocre. You don't have to do something special as a debonaire - just using Ring Leader as CC from time to time will grant you easy crits and focus refill. Mirke with dual mortars and modal activated will trigger the streetfighter bonus. Place her behind a tank with Rekvu's Scorched Cloak equipped and she will heal him rapidly with Powder Burns while doing great AoE damage and applying bleeds and afflictions in an AoE. For Konstanten try instead shooting Blightheart and spamming Her Revenge... from the second line. With Sure Handed..., Frenzy, Bloodlust and items you can attack very fast and every kill you do will add a phrase.
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