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  1. You can do a script to switch to Lethandria's Devotion and back as long as you're under 90%hp which is very effective if you have good defenses. However if you can't heal over 90% fast enough you will be stuck in switching mode without attacking.
  2. If you accept her offer, Berath will give you the possibility to import a final save from PoE1 (to track some choices you have made), not your character (you will have to start a new one). If you pick the wheel the game will end abruptly...
  3. It seems the PL bonus is not displayed because chain lightning does 30-50 base damage and with just 10% dmg bonus it's not possible to reach 61.6 dmg.
  4. It depends if you want to remain stealthed or not. If you remain stealthed all the time then INT, DEX, MIG (for the healing) maxed and the rest in CON. If you want to be active from the back then increase PER instead of CON. Bardatto, Evasive Roll or your invocations (you can use non-offensive abilities without breaking stealth). With items you can already have 27INT. Couldron Brew, resting bonuses and INT inspiration from Set To Their Purpose... will help you reach 35. PS. With this build you can also use the Sasha/Thundercrack switching trick
  5. Besides the tricks Boeroer mentioned, the proc is affected by the same damage/accuracy/penetration bonuses as the weapon (becoming much stronger than the original spell) and can be increased further with sneak attack, deathblows, etc. Since the proc is considered a weapon attack it will also replenish focus for a cipher allowing a rogue/soul blade to chain kills very easily.
  6. Personally I consider Engoliero do Espirs one of the best 2H in the game, but it also depends on the build you're using (works great especially on a soul blade/rogue). Eager Blade has also a great heal on crit with Battle Unending, but you also need to be able to enfeeble your targets (a great choice for FF/berserker). Overall I would say the estocs have good enchantments compared to most 2H weapons and their modal is also better than other piercing modals, however their lower base damage puts them a little behind other obvious dps 2H.
  7. Dorudugan has huge fortitude and Skyward Kick targets fortitude... The easiest way to disable him is with Grave Calling.
  8. Arcane archer/ascendant with Frostseeker/Essence Interrupter has hreat synergies and is both powerful and fun. It has great AoE dps which keeps ascended all the time - can be used as caster or ranged dps.
  9. Riposte is just a way to add a little free damage, it shouldn't be your main focus. Works better on tanks because they are attacked by multiple opponents and can trigger more ripostes. Probably a forbidden fist/trickster is the best candidate because he's tanky enough and ripostes can also chain trigger Swift Flurry/Heartbeat Drumming with Mohora Tanga.
  10. Pallegina heals using chants and auras, not Lay on Hands. Her Zeal is best used for Sworn Enemy, Shared Flames or Inspired Beacon. Pallegina isn't a damage dealer, she's a support tank. If you build her well she becomes almost unkillable and can carry your party through the entire game by herself.
  11. Without Blade Cascade you'll be always slower than someone using medium armor. The Patinated plate is meant for tanks because it really cripples your dps - Pallegina would make better use of it.
  12. Eder doesn't need heavy armor if he's not the main tank. The best for him is Devil of Caroc's armor which, combined with Armored Grace (and Nalvi if you unlock his pet slot), removes the armor recovery penalty. Works Well with Fair Favor, Tarn's Respite and gloves with procs on crit.
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