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  1. It's for Attuned Channel. It's not necessary for spreading Brilliant, but it's part of the build (as is also Least Unstable Coil).
  2. If you want to stay bloodied (under 50%hp) as a berserker you will need Reckless Brigandine upgraded with Into the Breach - it gives armor bonus based on your health and you can always check your life that way. The rogue street fighter benefits also a lot from being bloodied and has great synergy with the berserker, if you decide to multiclass. PS. The best method to stay bloodied is to use potions (you can control their potency with alchemy) and the AI (when near death use automatically a heal potion) - and every time you go under 25% hp heal back restore just under 50% of your life.
  3. For a single class barbarian I think the best choice is the Fury Shaper - Blood Ward being arguably one of the best abilities at his disposal. If you want to benefit from the human racial ability it's probably a good idea to max constitution to have a very high health pool and be able to play with your life under 50% without fear. (I would dump RES and increase CON for that)
  4. And Unbending isn't healing? How isn't healing useful for tanks when all your theory about fighters revolves around healing? Guess what, armor and defense help reducing damage meaning you tank requires less healing which, by the way, is also a part of the paladin's kit and has no duration. The point is the paladin doesn't need to be high level to become effective or require a cipher/priest to stay relevant in harder fights. Everything is subpar compared to BDD (BDD+SoT+Brilliant to be correct), even Unbending. BDD alone is subpar compared to stacking defenses, armor and passive healing, just like Unbending because the limited duration. And finally, who needs priests and ciphers when you can just use Strand of Favor? Anyway I won't bother arguing anymore because you're not here for advice, but to defend your tier list even if it means twisting my words, contradicting yourself or denying the obvious.
  5. From a party perspective, if you make a list with the most powerful combos for each role (tanking, dps, support/CC) you can see pretty well which classes appear more often and how should look the tier list. The paladin is the top of the list for tanking because he has the highest passive defenses, armor and also infinite healing, basically being the most desirable class for that role; the forbidden fist can be also considered a good alternative. For dps the rogue, the monk and the bloodmage come easily on top. For support the chanter, the priest and the cipher have many desirable tools for any party. The fighter, the barbarian, the ranger and the druid suffer because of weak passives or the inability to restore their own resources. In the case of the fighter, besides the devoted bonus and armored grace, his passives are mediocre. He has indeed some very good active abilities (Unbending Trunk, Clear Out, Disciplined Strikes, Mule Kick) but their high cost and his limited resources cripple their effectiveness in medium/long fights.
  6. What criteria do you take in account for your tier list? I don't really understand why the cipher and the fighter are so high, while the paladin and the chanter are so low....
  7. I think that beckoner is overkill because too many Chillfogs make the game unplayable. Personally I would pick troubadour because he can summon more often (if needed) and later he can summon a skeleton every 3s and have 10+ chillfogs running all the time without doing anything.
  8. If there's no challenge anymore and if there's no meaningful purpose/reward, then it gets boring very fast...
  9. You can do a script to switch to Lethandria's Devotion and back as long as you're under 90%hp which is very effective if you have good defenses. However if you can't heal over 90% fast enough you will be stuck in switching mode without attacking.
  10. If you accept her offer, Berath will give you the possibility to import a final save from PoE1 (to track some choices you have made), not your character (you will have to start a new one). If you pick the wheel the game will end abruptly...
  11. It seems the PL bonus is not displayed because chain lightning does 30-50 base damage and with just 10% dmg bonus it's not possible to reach 61.6 dmg.
  12. It depends if you want to remain stealthed or not. If you remain stealthed all the time then INT, DEX, MIG (for the healing) maxed and the rest in CON. If you want to be active from the back then increase PER instead of CON. Bardatto, Evasive Roll or your invocations (you can use non-offensive abilities without breaking stealth). With items you can already have 27INT. Couldron Brew, resting bonuses and INT inspiration from Set To Their Purpose... will help you reach 35. PS. With this build you can also use the Sasha/Thundercrack switching trick
  13. Besides the tricks Boeroer mentioned, the proc is affected by the same damage/accuracy/penetration bonuses as the weapon (becoming much stronger than the original spell) and can be increased further with sneak attack, deathblows, etc. Since the proc is considered a weapon attack it will also replenish focus for a cipher allowing a rogue/soul blade to chain kills very easily.
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