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  1. At low-mid level you should use good armor to reduce the incoming damage and don't stack too much wounds... You can also play as a ranged character in the beginning. The constitution makes very little difference in the beginning and becomes useless for the end game. As a monk you should in fact avoid being hit by using CCs (Efficient Anguish -> Stunning Surge/Raised Torment -> Whispers of the Wind) too much and generate wounds in a controlled way.
  2. For a monk in turn based mode you can dump con, dex and res to 3 (or as low as you're comfortable with). After that Int>Per>Mig, but don't let your might under 15 because it affects healing, fortitude and it's the only stat that can increase directly your damage (also you won't be able to maintain max wounds once you get WotW).
  3. There are too many holes and you assume too many things. Without seeing a video I have a very hard time to believe it can be pulled off.
  4. Not true, he can't kil the ooze and I doubt he can kill the water dragon either. A psion/assassin could kill them (use Disintegration vs Hauani), however he will also have a hard time against the water dragon. But waiting 2hrs for a boss to die from bleeding isn't very fun. (And in theory all classes can exploit this trick using Lover's Embrace/potions of invisibility.)
  5. Go with DoC breastplate and pick the health regen bonus because with your crit chance you can keep it up all the time while the AR bonus can be triggered only twice. Also don't forget to buy Voidward ASAP.
  6. Two hits is enough. If you can Mule Kick both oozes at the same time and get your discipline back you can prevent them from merging.
  7. In my video on youtube I already kill him in something like 25min. You can improve the dps by changing some items (pet, armor, belt) and use Marux Amanth when he's under 25% health - all that would cut the time by more than 1/4.
  8. Hauani takes 1 hour... With optimized gear Dorudugan can be killed in less than 20 min by a herald. The monk becomes OP when he gets WotW, until then he struggles and has to skip many fights... Another strong solo class is the bloodmage/paladin - he performs better than the herald against Hauani, but he has a harder battle against Dorudugan. The tactician/assassin is probably the most OP class, save vs Hauani. It's the most effective as a sniper, but it works very well as a melee too (infinite Unbending helps). I never tried using Wahai Poraga with Mule Kick, but if the knock up is applied to all the targets it hits while giving your discipline back, it might be a solution... PS. Forgot about soulblade/paladin using Sun and Moon/Tuotilo's Palm. He can kill easily Hauani - when less than 25% health left cast Disintegration and finish him with Marux Amanth. In theory he can kite Dorudugan or use Nomad's Brigandine to avoid his attacks in melee. I'm pretty sure you can also tank him because you can reach 21 melee AR as a paladin, reducing his damage by 75%. The only problem is the AoE fire attacks will heal him back and I'm not sure the dps will be enough to kill him (the herald can also tank him in melee, but can't kill him because of that).
  9. Bloodmage/assassin is very strong because at high level you can have unlimited invisibility. Losing health to restore your invisibility spell isn't a big problem because you can use infinite vampiric touch to backstab and heal back (on top of regen/heal on kill items you can have). But until then you can play like a regular assassin/mage.
  10. Even if it's 15% dmg every 3s, it's not a 30% lash because it doesn't stack - it will just add 15% more dmg every 3s, no matter your attack speed. Voidwheel (without the proc) will add 20% dmg with every attack which even with an average 3s delay will outdps Effort easily.
  11. Maiming does 15% total damage, not 15% more dmg every 3s... In fact it does 5% raw dmg every 3s (3 times with 10INT) and it doesn't stack, which means adding more INT won't increase the total bleed damage (if you hit always the same target). If you attack every 3s it's like having a sword with 5% lash, if you attack faster it's even less - not even close to the dps Voidwheel can produce (20% lash and 25% chance to proc Necrotic Lance)...
  12. The reason to play the pale elf are mostly the elemental resistances which will help at higher difficulties. But you can pick any race you want, the most important are the items and the abilities.
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