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  1. The weapon with the highest damage per hit is Stalker's Patience. Upgraded it does 15% dmg per tick (3 times with 10int). The dot doesn't stack with itself, but for riposte it doesn't matter.
  2. Even if all faction have flaws, I consider siding with Huana the most satisfying ending because it solves most of the problems (Neketaka/Gullet improved, huana's life&traditions preserved, VTC continues research in a reasonable manner, trading continues with RDC and pirates become a transit company). Not the best ending for Tikawara, but not the worst either...
  3. The rogue has Gambit which allows to recover the spent Guile and spam it multiple times. The ranger has nothing comparable. Another possibility would be to change Twinned Shot to get back the resources on crit, like the rogue...
  4. The encounter ends when Auranic AND all the sigils are destroyed. If you kill Auranic and some sigils remain closed the encounter wouldn't end.
  5. For rangers I consider Distraction Training complete garbage (only weak enemies miss the pet and you don't need more accuracy against them). My idea was to change it to restore 1bond when the AC is missed by an enemy.
  6. He asked what are the most beneficial stats... Constitution won't save you from gunners, defense and armor do. Instead of spreading stats between mig and con it's better to max might - same fortitude but more dmg and healing, as you level up you'll have more than enough hp. Shared Flames/Lay on Hands have very short duration and investing 5int just for 1-2 more sec isn't worth it.
  7. I wouldn't put more than 10con on any character and I'm very generous... Also if you don't plan using exhortations I wouldn't recommend more than 10int either (with auras/Brand Enemy/Flames of Devotion you don't need int). Personally I would recommend to start with 18mig/res and the rest at 10, but in the end stats don't matter very much and your character won't be ruined either way.
  8. Not really... The duration/damage/number of projectiles doesn't scale either. The less affected by all this is Pull of Eora, but it comes late and is pretty expensive. The only thing that makes all these drawbacks feel less painful is the ability to trigger a spell 2-3 times using Driving Flight or/and weapons with bouncing attacks. But, if I remember well, every bounce reduces the damage not only for the arrow, but also for the spell... PS. I'm not sure if the Imbues get the hidden accuracy bonus/lvl like casters spells, because if it's not the case then you're forced to invest in Arcana just to keep their accuracy viable at higher levels...
  9. The best class is obviously the bloodmage who can achieve higher PL and can cast unlimited fireballs (or any spells) compared to someone using a necklace. You just multiclass him with a paladin (Exalted Endurance + Lay on Hands), a chanter (Ancient Memory + Old Siec) or a priest (Barring Death Door + Salvation of Time) to be able to sustain the damage from Blood Sacrifice...
  10. Semi-permanent bonuses: - Nature's Bounty - 10acc - Alchemic Guile - 2per - prostitutes - 1per - resting - 3per Permanent effects: - Savage Cunning - 1per - Cauldron Brew - 1per - Berath's Blessings - 2per - Effigy - 1per - Racial - 1per - Background - 1per Items: - gloves - 3acc - necklace - 2per - ring - 1per - helmet - 1per - cloak - 1per - pet - 3acc Depending on the weapons it's possible to reach even 140acc...
  11. I haven't found a method to stack them reliably either. Sometimes it just works and sometimes you can do whatever you want and it gets suppressed. There is some glitch that happens during the play that allows them to stack, because normally they don't stack...
  12. There's Magran's Blessing - the shield and Magran's blessing - the buff (but I'm not sure it's implemented). Irwena gives +1 to all skills, maybe they changed the name...
  13. Sun and Moon gives +2 fire/cold PL... However I don't think it affects all the damage, despite the tooltip. Just like using the Ring of Focused Flame with Sun and Moon, only the fire part is affected, despite your displayed accuracy.
  14. Wounding Shot was fixed (with the other dots) and does 20% dmg per tick and with high int it can add more than 100% dmg overall...
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