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  1. The hunting bow modal isn't viable on the first island, but later is just as reliable as melee attacks. Hunting bows come with +5acc, add the Ring of the Marksman and Acina's Tricorn and you have the same accuracy as melee weapons. The Essence Interrupter is nice for the shock damage, but Aamina's Legacy and the Red Hand have better dps overall If you don't have penetration issues.
  2. Yes, other abilities can work too, but are less reliable. Force of Anguish targets fortitude, Torment's Reach isn't sustainable and Forbidden Fist can't be easily spammed.
  3. The most offensive shield builds are soulblade/trickster or soulblade/monk using Sun and Moon & Tuotilo's Palm. They allow you to spam Soul Annihilation with the speed of a dual wielder.
  4. Of course you can play a melee cipher, but you won't be a very good caster. To be tanky you need good armor and defensive attributes/items which will make you a mediocre caster. If you want to be a good caster it's better to play as a ranged character because you can focus more on casting and less on defense. The best multi-class for a caster is obviously the helwalker which adds mig, int, speed, penetration, accuracy and summons, but makes him even more squishy (which forces you to become even more defensive or to play in the back to avoid damage). PS. If you stack reflecting items on yourself (head, neck, chest, back) the Dichotomous Soul can be used to reflect back to you spells that work only on allies (Pain Block, Ancestor's Memory)
  5. The unity console hasn't be officially updated and doesn't work with the actual version of the game. You need some modified files to make it work - you have to look for them in the posts about the mod (on the Unity Console page on the Nexus site).
  6. Since there's no complete list of unique spells I thought about actualizing this thread: Weathered Grimoire lvl 1 - Arcane Assault Jernaugh's Careful Calamities lvl 6 - Jernaugh's Equalizing Burst Zandethus' Dragon-Scaled Grimoire lvl 7 - Zandethus' Draconic Fury Bekarna's Celestial Grimoire lvl 6 - Arkemyr's Brilliant Departure lvl 7 - Bekarna's Midnight Daydream
  7. Yes, for some encounters Gouging Strike might cause such problems, but you're not forced to use it. Sometimes enemies also get stuck and can't reach their destination which keeps them in combat forever, preventing Brilliant from triggering - then you have to aggro them and become invisible again to reset their state... Sometimes it takes a little testing to find the best approach because strange AI behavior can cause some quirks.
  8. No, only Hauany is resistant to might afflictions. That's why a monk spamming WotW has no problems dealing with the merge - the oozes are perma stunned. (You never watched the videos of monks soloing Hauani?). The hardest mega boss for a monk is Auranic (but a monk can also stay stealthed and send unlimited Dichotomus Souls do the job for him).
  9. If there was a reliable way to prevent the splitting of the big ooze then we would have a strong candidate here. A thing I don't understand however, is how the monk can stun with every hit of the WotW, while the rogue can't do it from invisibility.
  10. Using other abilities will leave you visible and exposed to attacks - you might kill faster, but you can also be killed... The Trollhide belt is indeed very useful in long fights (or if you play with Woedica's challenge) to heal the self damage from Dragon's Dowry, but you can have also Lethandria's Devotion in another slot and switch to it when needed.
  11. Another surprisingly good weapon is St.Droga's Skull - it comes with 20% burn lash and also 20% chance to proc burn dmg (50% dmg of the sabre) in a large AoE. Overall it's like a 20% lash weapon with 10% AoE dmg.
  12. A Nalpazca monk with Hylea's Talons can regenerate easily 5 wounds every 6s. With the adra ooze pet (which will prolong your invisibility for another 3s) you can basically spam WotW while staying invisible all the time. If you don't want to play a Nalpazca you can also use a scepter with modal activated + Aldris Blade which will generate a wound with every hit (from self damage) and heal you at the same time (heals on crits) or Voidwheel+Voidward (generates wounds on hit and heals on kills, the ring prevents taking too much raw damage). Also if you don't play godlike you can also add the Mask of the Grotto Deep which adds another powerful dot on hit from invisibility. PS. Keeper of the Flame can also help with wound generation but the AoE damages friendly targets and adds resonance to them (yourself included) which is a bad thing if you plan using Resonant Touch..
  13. It doesn't matter if Dorudugan can hit you from time to time. In PoE2 armor is more important than defenses. If he can't penetrate your armor he won't be able to kill you if you stack enough regeneration.
  14. I never felt the need to have a tank engaging multiple enemies, but I always make sure nobody is squishy in my party. If you already have a chanter in the party then unbroken/shieldbearer is one of the best tanks you can have - but without a chanter he will need a pocket healer to be able to tank the megabosses. If we eliminate the priest with the BDD/SoT cheese, then my final top 3 is: 1. bloodmage/paladin 2. troubadour/paladin 3. bloodmage/tactician
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