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  1. Not really... The only video where a guy killed a mega boss fast was because he had something like 20+ resting bonuses stacked using an exploit (and he was playing also in fast mode).
  2. I think you don't understand the problem here. The issue isn't about not being able to craft of them, but about not having enough of them for an encounter. You can have at most 30 scrolls per encounter which means you can cover about 20min of a fight. All mega bosses fights last easily twice as long...
  3. Not true, because you won't have enough scrolls of withdrawal for mega bosses... Also you can't cast it again before the previous one expires which means there will be always a small window of vulnerability for Vela even with scrolls.
  4. I see bloodmage/troubadour being another good candidate - use the summons to tank and the spells for damage. You have infinite healing and resources and for tough fights you can use last stand potions + wall of draining and even trigger brillance on yourself with the cloak.
  5. People should instead focus on finding ways to solo the mandatory fights with Vela. Once you found a class that can do it, then it's just about finding the critical path to lvl up to 20 and getting your gear in the most peaceful way (which is the simplest part by the way). Killing mega bosses with summons won't work (lack of penetration) and using weapons might be also impossible because of Abydon's challenge.
  6. Voidwheel+Voidward is another combo that allows infinite Whispers of the Wind. If the enemies die fast then the heal on kill is enough, but vs strong enemies the self damage can add up quickly.
  7. Yes, I like to solo, however for me the Ultimate is not fun... But maybe I'll try to kill some bosses with Vela. You're right, it might work with IoP.
  8. The forbidden fist won't be able to beat all the megabosses. VS Hauani, the other monk types can have infinite wounds (thanks to the symbiote), allowing them to spam WotW and perma stun the oozes (while building also resonance stacks very fast). VS Dorudugan you won't be able to tank him and your only source of wounds will be the dance - which won't be enough to maintain the Dichotomous Soul all the time.
  9. I don't have much experience with Vela, but if she stays at the same spot during all the fight you should be able to withdraw her at the beginning and then move as far away as possible from her to prevent any monster from aggroing her. If you don't rest I don't think the time limit is a problem, but of course you have to optimize your travels. Anyone knows how fast your equipment is degrading with Abydon's challenge? If it can break during a mega-boss fight it might be a big problem...
  10. For me those are things not intended or exploits - using Gouging Strike and hiding for 1 hour until the boss is dead without fighting is probably one of them. But I think Obsidian should clarify that.
  11. The hardest part will be to keep Vela alive. Priest of skaen/bloodmage with Shroud of the Phantasm is a solid candidate. You just have to figure a way to deal with the cleansing obelisk of the Sigilmaster which can't be resisted (don't know if invisibility helps), but if you manage to destroy it very fast I think it's doable. Anyway, I think the SC monk is the best candidate for the Ultimate because of the way resonance can be stacked, making hard fights much easier.
  12. I think the easiest way is to give them bonuses when used in the offhand and from stealth. Balancing them as main hand weapons doesn't seem very intuitive for me. For example with a dagger in the offhand you would benefit from both one handed and two weapon styles.
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