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  1. skald/monk with Scordeo's Edge: +20acc buff, long blade cascade buff and more criticals due to double hits.
  2. Yes, a simple/nalpazca monk would work better because you benefit more from the self damage. The forbidden fist benefits from the helm and is healed when hostile effects expire, but in the end can have more downsides overall. PS. Not sure if a forbidden fist monk can get heals/wounds fast from chillfog.
  3. You should add also Frostfur Mantle to the mix. I would pick berserker too (chillfog is unreliable ), but combined with forbidden fist. Pale elf's frost resistance will negate nicely the frost penalty of the armor and fits well with the theme of the build.
  4. Yes, but Blightheart works only for wizards and the Chromoprismatic staff is good only for elemental damage. Druids have also the Lance of the Midwood Stag and The Spine of Thicket Green. Ciphers have only Griffin's blade...
  5. Yes, but you have to hit them during their attack phase (not during their recovery)
  6. Tuoutilo's Palm is the best bashing shield because it uses Transcendent Suffering/Monastic Unarmed Training penetration and accuracy, but don't expect a dps increase from it if you just auto attack (even with full attacks the dps increase is probably minor). Bashing shields are interesting for characters able to spam main hand abilities - it this case you attack with the speed of a dual wielder, with no damage penalty, while benefiting from the shield's bonuses at the same time. The potential candidates are monk: (Efficient Anguish is easily sustainable with the damage taken), soul blade (Soul Annihilation with Sun and Moon refuels focus with the second hit) and tactician (Knock Down generates discipline on interrupts).
  7. Well, it's for the long fights that matters the most. Anyway, the cipher can cast Ancestor's Memory twice in the first 10s which is plenty for the easy fights.
  8. It's nice, but any cipher can do the same. The best part is when you bind the robes to a troubadour and then regenerate phrases every 1.5s with Brisk Recitation activated.
  9. Usually I'm able to craft the potion only in Neketaka and there the bonuses stack consistently. But in Port Maje (sometimes I get the all the ingredients there) the bonuses are suppressed no matter what I try.
  10. Sometimes I manage to stack Hylea's Bounty with the Luminous Adra Potion - is there a way to make it consistently or it's just a random bug?
  11. Maybe Belranga is doable with the beguiler - you charm/dominate the little spiders who will end by killing her eventually. For Dorudugan you can try to run around and shoot him with a bow. For Hauani it might be possible to charm the small oozes from the symbiote and use them as distractions while you shoot the boss with the Essence Interrupter.
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