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  1. I found another speed buff (it stacks with Tempered Fury and Bolting Strikes) - Spirit Siphon (15% action speed) from Less/Least Unstable Coil.
  2. It took when I tried to beat it with the herald... With the assassin I gave up pretty fast because I tried mostly to prevent the split since the phase 2 seemed impossible without hard CCs. I remember I tried interrupts also, however I didn't try Overbearing Shot because I thought it was too slow. Lately I was thinking what would be the best weapon to interrupt the merge if I had Blade Cascade. Once I figured I can shoot fast enough even without Blade Cascade it went pretty fast.
  3. Another must have buff is Bolting Strikes (15%spd & shock) from Lord Darryn's Voulge. There's also Highwayman (20acc with ranged weapons) from Scordeo's Edge (stacks with Adaptive). I confirm that Attuned Channel from Weyc's Wand works and is great. Empowered Being (all lvl3 inspirations) from Least Unstable Coil works great, however if you're hit by afflictions your inspirations will degrade if you're not immune (that's the case for all inspirations buffs).
  4. I finally found a reliable way to beat Hauani-O-Whe. The missing part of the puzzle was the unique arbalest Mechanical Marvel which attacks in a line (max 3 targets) and can be enchanted with 25% recovery reduction. With Acina's Tricorn, Sharpshooter's Garb, Abraham/Cutthroat Cosmo and Captain's Banquet it's possible to shoot every 4.1s with Overbearing Shot activated. Overbearing Shot knocks the oozes prone interrupting them and gives you enough time to shoot them again before they're able to merge. How it works: Step1: Kill the first form (like in the video) Step2: Use
  5. You can also apply a long confuse to yourself using Fugue Spores poison, however you need items with health regen to sustain the dot damage.
  6. You should know that soloing encounters at low level is very hard even for the most experienced players. Only a handful of classes don't need to skip fights at the beginning, the others have to gain experience without fighting in order to become strong enough. Chanter/blood mage and paladin/blood mage are both solid, but don't expect to destroy everything from the beginning. Stats make very little difference, don't focus too much on that.
  7. Assassin/Tactician gains Brilliant while invisible and can restore his resources at any time. You can play it like a sniper but also as a melee dps once you have Unbending. You can restore your resources either by becoming invisible, either by flanking all enemies - you can apply gouging strike in an AoE with a mortar or flank passively all engaged enemies with Persistent Distraction.
  8. Assassin/Bleak Walker with Flames of Devotions and arquebus has the highest burst damage from stealth and can easily kill enemies one by one. He's also a very solid melee character with good defense and damage. It's also the only combo able to stack 3 infinite dots.
  9. If you import your old MC as a hireling with the highest level maybe it's possible to keep his abilities.
  10. That's nice - then you don't need to switch grimoires anymore. Maybe that's the easiest way to get every spell - use a hireling with only the spell you need learned and steal it from him.
  11. The spiritual weapons won't have the increased lash, but Firebrand and its fire damage is nice.
  12. Well, since you can just spam some powerful wizard spells and kill really fast I don't think those would make a big difference. Also you should keep in mind that you will use them as a PL0 priest/druid and they will be less effective than usual (less acc/dmg/pen).
  13. Some spells are harder to obtain than others, don't know if it's bad luck or the chance is not the same. However I managed to get the best ones and I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be possible to get all of them (besides the unique ones). Anyway it's not an easy task if you want to get everything.
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