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  1. Hi all, I'm new and in need of build help. I've had the game since Wednesday and have been stuck in reroll hell. Here's what I am trying to achieve: A solo build that's either Cipher or Wizard with multi class. I've checked the build thread (this thread) but some of the builds are very out dated/nerfed. I've checked Youtube, I've seen Sin Tee's solo Wizard video, it's awesome . I"m trying to do this but with a multi class of either Priest or Chanter but need a build layout and cannot seem to find one for multi. I've also seen RPG Divisions Ascendent Seer build which I'd love to try but don't know if it's still viable nor do I have a layout on what skills to choose Basically I'd like to run a multiclass ranged spell spamming Ascendent or Psion Cipher Wizard that's built for solo. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated.
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