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  1. Another amazing build by one of the GOATs! Do you think it’s viable for POTD Solo? About to wrap up BG3 EA and have to scratch the crpg itch.
  2. Looking to complete my second solo POTD run as an Arcane Knight build that consists of Gold Pact / Blood Mage. My main question is regarding stats. Do stats hard / soft cap at 20 or 25? As it will impact the build. (First solo POTD run was with Powerottis Doom Fist build which was amazing) Stat Spread including taking into consideration Berath's Blessings 8 might + 2 BB = 10 11 con + 2 BB +2 from Girdle of Mortal Protection = 15 16 Dex +2 BB + 2 Fire Thrower Gloves = 20 18 perception + 2 BB + 1 from Serpents Crown = 20/21 (20 w/o Serps Crown 15 int + 2 BB + 2 Charm of Bones + 1 Thaos Helm / Serps Crown = 20 10 Resolve + 2 BB = 12 (wanted to get 15 Resolve for higher resistance to Arcane Dampener 1 floating stat point from location choice which has not been allocated yet. This is all under the assumption that I should be aiming for 20 to top off my stats but if I am wrong and stats don't hard cap at 20 and I should push as high as possible should I then dump resolve and max int / dex with starting stats? Any info you professionals can provide will be GREATLY appreciated.
  3. I am approaching 600 hours in this game but still have not finished it. I've tried many builds : Lore Master, Thaum, Inquisitor (honestly love this build), Geomancer, and a few others but this build…...this build right here is finally going to allow me to beat the game on POTD Solo. I waltzed into the Fampyr cave last night to get my Giftbearers cloth and utterly tanked and beat their asses to a pulp. I don't even perform Naval combat anymore, I simply board and beat them down.....I am the Captain now! Face tanked the dragon in the Watershapers guild hall (did it at 19 I think, may have been 20 so I might have been over leveled for this). Powerotti, thank you for sharing this. Completely unrelated but I really hope this amazing community does all the amazing things here for BG3 :-)
  4. Hi all, I'm new and in need of build help. I've had the game since Wednesday and have been stuck in reroll hell. Here's what I am trying to achieve: A solo build that's either Cipher or Wizard with multi class. I've checked the build thread (this thread) but some of the builds are very out dated/nerfed. I've checked Youtube, I've seen Sin Tee's solo Wizard video, it's awesome . I"m trying to do this but with a multi class of either Priest or Chanter but need a build layout and cannot seem to find one for multi. I've also seen RPG Divisions Ascendent Seer build which I'd love to try but don't know if it's still viable nor do I have a layout on what skills to choose Basically I'd like to run a multiclass ranged spell spamming Ascendent or Psion Cipher Wizard that's built for solo. Any info would be GREATLY appreciated.
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